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"John, you can't possibly be serious here!" Mom exclaimed as she sat trying to cover her full breasts with one arm placed over her chest, the other...her hand now vainly trying to cover the dark patch of pussy hair covering her mound. Neither one of which, she was succeeding in doing very well. "I'm your mother!" She added to that as though the rationale of that would make further sense.

"Yeah, you are. My very hot sexy mother, and my very hot sexy Aunt! And I'm at least being honest was hot watching the two of you, obviously..." I said looking down at my own erection, though I had to almost chuckle as mom's eyes had hardly wavered from staring at my stiff-standing prick. So was my Aunt, but she was making no fuss about any of this, and had actually taken a seat next to mom on her lounge chair boldly looking at me, even going so far as to lick her lips. "Come on mom, what's the harm here? Obviously, you two were enjoying all this...just as much as I was enjoying watching the two of you. So don't try and tell me you're not excited, or aroused...even now. Wouldn't you enjoy seeing your own son beating his meat while the two of you pleasured one another? Doesn't the thought of me stroking this hard fucking cock of mine thrill you, excite you?" I pressed, purposely running my hand up and down my shaft while both my Aunt and mother continued to look on.

I was about as horny as I'd ever been. But playing this silly charade with them was too much fun. As easy as I believe it would have been to press the issue even further, I actually wanted to draw this out even more. Eventually reaching the point where it was mom begging for it...begging for me, which would make the surrender of her desires all the sweeter when they happened.

"But..." she drooled, not really going anywhere else with it. Her eyes still locked on my cock. I had squeezed it, knowing even without looking that a nice fat droplet of juice was even then beginning to string off the tip of my prick. Glancing down, I saw it lengthen, a clear little ribbon of pre-cum fuck juice even then starting to hang suspended from the tip of my hard, horny cock as she sat there mouth open taking it in. I glanced back towards her, the arm she'd been using to futilely cover herself with, was moving. Her fingers already scissoring one of her hard extended nipples, and I was sure she hadn't even realized it yet. My Aunt, pretty much put an end to whatever hesitation mom may have had. She simply crawled up further into the lounge chair, straddling mom.

"Here, move your leg over just a little. Yes...that's it!" My Aunt Susan said as she positioned herself directly over mom. As she did that, I took the opportunity to move over closer to the two of them, now standing beside the lounger they were sharing as my Aunt deftly positioned herself, one leg going over one of mom's and the other under, effectively scissoring one another in this fashion right there in the chair. Now pressed cunt to cunt...she began slowly gyrating herself against mom's widely displayed pussy. "There, that's better...don't you think?" Mom moaned, momentarily closing her eyes as she did, and then opening them to glance out towards me once again as I stood there actually slapping my prick, making it bounce up and down for her as she watched.


"Dirty mom? Horny? Naughty hot? You like that? You like watching your son playing with his dick for you while Aunt Susan's busy fucking your cunt?"

"Oh my god! Yes! Yes!" She responded back, totally succumbing now to the pure lewdness of the moment. The sensations of my Aunt's soaking wet cunt now grinding against her own, the slippery sounds now being made and produced as I added my own accompaniment of slick sweet juice to those they were producing. It was a symphony of erotic music being made at its best.

"That's it Susan," I urged her. "Fuck mom's pussy baby. Clit to clit...rub it and smear it with your hot sticky pussy juice. Let me hear it...ah yeah, perfect. Perfect." I vocally applauded.

Mom was humping back...grinding against her sister now. Reaching up, she placed her hands over my Aunt's breasts, molding and squeezing them together.

"Slap one!" I called out, seeing my Aunt's face take on a curious look, though it was already screwed up in a grimace of pleasure even as she looked at me. Eyes slightly glazed. "Go on mom...slap it, slap her titty!" She did so. "Harder!" I called out again, seeing her slap my Aunt's breast once more, harder this time, and seeing the look in my Aunt's face as she winced with the pleasure/pain of it. But this time she added her own hot wanton desires to my own.

"Again...even harder, slap it Max, slap it. Slap my tits!"

Mom slapped one, and then the other, and then back again. All the while the two of them humping one another wildly now, grinding...pushing, the sounds of two very wet, very slippery cunts squishing against one another was simply too much for me to bear any longer. I stepped forward, still fisting my cock, now aiming it downwards between the two of them. I could see by the look in their eyes they were as close as I was. Not even bothering to announce it, simply aiming...feeling, and then watching as my prick suddenly erupted in a torrent of cream that began spurting copiously, drenching the junction of where their pussies so wonderfully sat pressed together.

"Oh fuck! Fuck!" Mom squealed, watching me shoot. My Aunt as well thrashing and groaning deeply, now entering the throes of her own orgasmic relief as my cock continued to squirt, pumping out what felt like a gallon of fuck-butter as I liberally began hosing the two of them, now milking the last of it over their respective tits.

Almost immediately I became weak in the knees, collapsing down into a nearby chair in order to collect myself, though still watching as the two of them slowly wound down as well. Streamers of my cream along with their own, running everywhere.

"I...I can't believe," mom gasped still fighting to catch her breath. "That...that we just did that."

"I know. Fun huh?" Susan quipped. "Especially when John started shooting all over us like that. Oh my god was that hot!"

"Yes it was," I punctuated, standing. "Now...relax, catch your breaths. I'll go grab you both a nice hot towel to clean up with, along with some drinks. How's a nice scotch sound?" I asked already turning...not bothering to wait for an answer. I was grinning from ear to ear. And this party was just getting started.


Minutes later I came strolling back outside again, carrying two hot towels for them to clean up with, along with a tray of drinks. I of course hadn't bothered getting dressed yet, and though my prick no longer stood at full mast, it had remained somewhat lengthened even flaccid. I could only imagine the image they saw as I crossed the deck towards them, handing out the towels, and then placing their drinks on a table next to them, my dick only inches away from mom's face as I did. Even as she hurriedly wiped herself off, I noticed her looking at me. And then did laugh openly as she placed the moist towel over her breasts, covering most of them, though struggling with likewise trying to conceal her bare pussy. There wasn't quite enough to do both.

"Now you're shy?" I chuckled, sitting down in my chair, sipping from my drink, already feeling a renewed hardness in my dick as it began to firm up again.

Mom finally looked away, grateful for her own drink, giving her something to concentrate on besides my shaft though she nearly drank all of it in one gulp. She was now shaking her head, looking at her sister. "I still can't believe we did that," she said shamefacedly, her cheeks already coloring again, though her eyes briefly wandered back to my groin as my prick once more began taking on a full stand.

"Ah to be young again," my Aunt quipped, likewise noticing, though she was pointedly referring to my dick. "Would you look at that Maxine? Just moments ago squirting all over the two of us, and there it is again, already looking like it could do it again." I smiled at that, winking at her.

"Oh no," mom tried desperately in trying to pretend she had her wits about her. "None of that should have happened to begin with. It's just not right. John's my son...and to see what he, doing what we did..."

"Having fun. Erotic, hot fun," I interjected. "Come on mother, admit enjoyed it just as much as Susan and I did. Don't try denying it. And don't sit there and pretend you aren't thinking about it right now, seeing how hard I'm already getting again, just remembering how hot the two of you looked together. Something I have long fantasized about, seeing the two of you touching and playing with one another. And now I finally have, and have every intention of wanting to see you do again too!" I added to that.

It was obvious mom still couldn't believe any of this, even though in the beginning she had done so with the full knowledge that I'd be standing there watching her doing just that. It was almost comical knowing that, and seeing this effort on her part to use the excuse it was still wrong, even though she'd been willing to go along with it in the beginning. And of course my Aunt didn't dare say anything to the contrary, though her occasional looks my way questioned where I was no doubt attempting to go with all this.

"Ok, I admit was hot. Exciting. But it still doesn't make it right John, regardless of that. It was a onetime thing...and that's that." She said with some finality.

"Speak for yourself Maxine," Susan said finishing her drink. "I for one, have every intention of sucking this boy's prick. I want to see what it feels and tastes like in my mouth. But...first I need to pee, and then I need another drink. And then after that...I'm going to suck that nice hard cock of his. can either sit and watch, or do whatever, but you'll only have for as long to think about it as it will take me to do all that. So you'd best make up your mind." And with that, my Aunt stood, wonderfully naked...and walked back into the house. I merely smiled at mom as she sat there looking at me once again, no doubt contemplating the dilemma and challenge that had just been placed with her.

"So..." I said smiling.

"So..." she answered in response.

"You going to stay and watch Aunt Susan suck my cock?" Mom blushed at that, though I think some of it was her arousal too. She obviously still was, her nipples like my cock had begun to harden again.

"You're actually going to let her?" She asked, though her tone of voice immediately told me she wasn't asking it in hopes that I wouldn't...but that I was going to.

"Of course I am! What man in his right mind doesn't enjoy having his dick sucked?"

"Well your father for one," mom said not quite under her breath, though sheepishly laughing at herself shortly after that. "Though's because I didn't do it very well or something. Maybe...maybe I should at least watch how Susan does it. Then maybe one day, when I meet a man..."

"Ah huh...whatever," I grinned. "Watch...or do...up to you."

"I...I just couldn't John. This was bad enough. But actually doing anything with you, or two's just wrong, really wrong."

"Oh. But you and Susan is perfectly ok."

"That's different."

"Oh? And how's that? It's still considered incest if that's your reasoning, no difference."

"Well maybe it is...or isn't. Doesn't matter either way. It's a BIG difference to me. You are my son, a part of me...I see it slightly differently, right or wrong. So I just can't. I just can't."

"Suit yourself mom. But here comes your sister now. And right now, I really do want to have my cock sucked by someone who really wants too."

My Aunt had walked over now looking down at the two of us. " staying for this or what?"

"She wants to watch...see how you do it," I joked. "Thinks maybe she'll learn a thing or two at the very least."

"Ah huh..." Susan giggled. "Hell John, she's the one who showed me how to do it."

I openly laughed once again. "Figured as much. But regardless, I'm really looking forward to this," I told my Aunt as she scooted up between my legs as I sat there on the chair. In seconds, she was licking and tonguing me, pleasuring the hard swollen head of my prick, and then sucked me deeply inside her mouth, pleasuring me even more as mom sat next to us looking on. I wasn't at all surprised of course as only a few minutes later, mom was openly masturbating herself looking on while her sister pleasured her nephews cock.

"What?" she asked me though I hadn't said anything. "I never said seeing you...looking at you didn't turn me on. I already admitted to that, I just can' what my sister's doing. That's all."

"Well in that case mom, enjoy yourself then. I know I certainly am. And to be even more honest about it, I quite like watching you sitting there touching yourself. So what's say we just relax and enjoy this. Though I will say this too mom. If you are in fact the one who actually taught your sister how to give a decent blowjob, then you truly must be one hell of a fine cock-sucker yourself. Dad was an idiot if he didn't like feeling this!"

Mom blushed profusely, but said nothing more. But the shyness had gone out of her fingers as she brazenly sat there twiddling her clit.

But I had to give my Aunt a great deal of credit too, she knew how to pleasure a man's cock. Even though I had climaxed a short time ago, it wasn't long until I felt the beginnings of yet again, another glorious orgasm. I began spewing into my Aunt's mouth as she sucked, swallowed, and sucked some more, finally sucking out what had to be the last remnants of my spunk. Only then holding the last portion of it, grinning at me obscenely, showing to both me along with my mother, the spermy-white toothpaste she was holding inside there.

"Hmm, nice," she said loud enough for everyone to hear, and then lowering her voice whispering. "Better than drinking it out of a glass," she winked.

Mom had watched rather enthusiastically the entire time of course, unabashedly playing with herself, and even timing her own orgasm to coincide with my own. This time, it was her turn to pee, so she excused herself, though not before putting on her entire bikini again, which effectively told my Aunt and I, that the party for today at least...was over.

"You're a naughty...naughty man, you know that?"

"Yeah, I know. And from now on Aunt Sue...I plan on being a whole lot naughtier too. Watching the two of you was amazing. But I have no intention of leaving it there either. Mom might be a bit shy and apprehensive at the moment, so here's what we're going to do."

My Aunt Susan sat listening to my ideas, shaking her head from time to time as though wondering just how the hell I was going to actually pull some of this off, without causing mom to go running into the night because of it.

"Don't worry. I know she's acting hesitant, and is...she's obviously struggling with the notion and idea, but given enough time, and suggestive arousal, she'll come around eventually. Just you wait and see."

"Maybe, maybe not John. I do know your mother fairly well you know. And though this obviously did arouse and excite her quite a bit, she can be pretty stubborn and set in her ways too, as you well know. So don't push things too far, or too hard. Or she really will shut down if she's too emotionally distraught with her conscience and emotions."

"Yeah, but I know her too Aunt Susan. And I think, she just needs a bit more coaxing and stimulation, and that she really will eventually come around. You say that what seems to get her really aroused is the silly things sometimes, half-way kinky things that get her juices flowing? Well...let's start with that then, see how things go from there. Now...why don't you go inside, check on mom, maybe talk to her some about what happened here. In the meantime, I'll run to the store, pick up a few things for a nice BBQ dinner tonight, along with a nice bottle of wine, and we'll see how the evening goes. How's that sound?"

Though my Aunt agreed with me to some extent, she really was worried that I might press the issue with mom a bit harder than what she could mentally and emotionally handle. But I had no intention of doing that either. Once again, when and if mom did come around to my way of thinking, the moment when she did...would be all the sweeter indeed.


The rest of the evening went pretty much as planned. We had a nice relaxing dinner together along with a nice bottle of wine to mellow everyone out some. And never once was anything brought up or discussed about the afternoon's events. Though Aunt Susan had promised me that she would find a way to get mom to somehow talk about it, or at least share her thoughts to her regarding it after they had retired to bed. I wasn't about to sit back and let my Aunt tell me however...I wanted to hear first hand for myself what was said, and from that...I felt I'd have a better idea of where to go next in this subtle seduction of my mother.

I soon after said goodnight, heading upstairs to my own room, made some noise about settling in for the night, then quietly crept back out into the hallway a short time after that. The two of them just then turning off the lights and preparing to head down the stairs to their room. I waited until they had done so...and once more, tip-toed quietly down their stairs, until I was again just outside the door of their bedroom.

" certainly was an interesting day today, wasn't it?"

"You can say that again!" Mom breathed emphasizing her earlier excitement. "I sure as hell never expected that! Knowing he was watching us was one thing, but then having him actually come walking out when he did, the way he did, certainly wasn't! I mean good god Susan! Did you see the size of that thing? How hard it was?"

My Aunt laughed.

"Yeah I know...of course you did. You were sucking it for Pete's sake!"

"Jealous? Just a little?" Susan asked.

"Hell yes. Of course I was! And doing it in front of me no less! Of course I was jealous...what mother wouldn't be? And especially as it was my very own sister who was sucking on it while I sat there watching her do it! Damn right I was!" And then mom paused, lowering her voice a little as though fearful I might actually be standing outside their door or something. "And how was it anyway? How' know, how'd it taste?"

"Heavenly," Aunt Susan answered. "But seriously Maxine...if you really want to know, you should just go ahead and do it. You know damn good and well he'd let you. He loves you."

"Of course he loves me. I'm his mother. But mothers do NOT run around sucking their son's cocks!"

"Oh...but it's ok if an Aunt does?"

Mom was silent for a moment, and then burst out laughing. "Well in this case, yes. At least I got to see you doing it, even if I couldn't. That was fucking hot. But you never did answer my question. How did my son's cum taste anyway?"

"Tell you what," Susan spoke once more whispering as though she too was worried I might actually be listening in. If you want to find out what your son's cum tastes like...I think I know a way to do that, without his ever knowing that you did."

"And pray tell...just how would you go about doing that?" Mom asked...curiously.

"Well, I think I have an idea, and it's just naughty/kinky enough that I think even you would be willing to take it that far at least."

"Quit teasing me Susan! How?"

"How'd you like licking your son's cum out of my pussy!?"

There was a long...long pause. Even I was surprised by that one myself.

"Wow...really? You think you can get him to fuck you? And, and then squirt inside you? How the hell would you get to me then though Susan? I mean...I'd want it fresh, not like hours old you know...geesh! I know I have this kinky side to me and all, but even that's a bit too kinky for my taste!"

"Actually, I think it would be a lot easier than you think. What we'd do is this. You have your volunteer time at the clinic tomorrow yes?"

"Well after tomorrow."

"No...tomorrow," Susan waited.

"Oh...tomorrow, yes. Tomorrow! What then?"

"Well...I'll make sure my phone is on, so you can actually listen in and hear everything too. That should certainly get your motor running. What we'll then do is this. I'll concoct some story about making some sort of promise to you or something, about actually letting him fuck me. Tell him that even though you were ok with me sucking him off, you draw the line at actually fucking him."

"I was actually considering doing just that!"

"Fat chance sweetie! The moment I can get that boys thick hard cock into this pussy...I'm taking it! Anyway...I'll make sure you know it, hear it the moment he cums in me. After he does, you suddenly come walking in unexpectedly. I'll make sure to race downstairs in order to get dressed, something along those lines. Then you come down stairs to change clothes yourself, and of course...that's where you'll find me. Laying on the bed with a pussy full of your son's hot creamy spunk. How's that sound? Then you can taste as much of it as you like, nice and fresh...not to mention, giving my pussy a nice tongue lashing in the meantime."

"Fuck Susan, I wish it was full of his cum right now I want to taste it so bad. Think it'll really work?"

"I know it will baby. I know it will. Now come here. Just talking about you licking me has me all fired up again. And I know damn good and well, by the way you're standing there with those nipples of yours sticking a mile out, that your even hornier than I am just thinking about it."

"Yeah...thinking about licking my son's cum out of my own sister's cunt. God...I'm so bad Susan, so very, very bad. I can't believe how the thought of that actually excites me so much!"

"Well you do know Max...I'm sure that your son would be more than happy to let you taste his cum straight from the source, anytime...anywhere. "

"Yes...I know. But just because I want to. And just because he'd even let me, doesn't mean that I can ever really entertain the thought of actually doing that. Licking my son's sperm out of your pussy is bad enough."

"Yes it is...isn't it?" Aunt Susan giggled. Followed shortly after that by the sound of the two of them pretending to be eating my cum out of both of their cunts.

I shot a nice wad against the door, figuring if they ever wondered what it was, or what had gotten spilled there, that in time...maybe they'd figure the rest of it out. For now, it was time for bed. I was already looking forward to tomorrow, fucking my Aunt, and then hopefully, maybe even secretly spying on mom while she actually did that.

I had a few plans of my own to make.


In the morning, mom made a big deal out of having to go into work, especially when it was supposed to be her day off and all that. Aunt Susan likewise made up some pretense of doing some much needed shopping, but I knew of course that they had also planned on meeting someplace and killing some time together before she came home again. I waited until they had both left before heading out on a little errand of my own. An old buddy of mine owned and operated one of those security/alarm types of businesses, which included home security, nanny-cameras and the like.

I knew he could fix me up. I mean after all, if the two of them could scheme behind my back, I had no qualms about doing a little scheming of my own behind theirs. In no time at all, I had several camera's installed throughout the house, a few well-placed microphones as well, software easily installed on my lap-top...and basically, all good to go by the time I heard Aunt Susan pulling up in the drive way.

I was already hard just thinking about fucking my Aunt. For starters.


Although I was curious as to how she was going to go about seducing me, I needn't have worried. Having already set up my own camera's throughout the house, along with some well-hidden microphones, I had positioned myself in the den, pretending to watch some TV when she came walking in. She'd already removed her clothing in the kitchen area, making the seduction obvious...and easy. All she had on was a very lacy white bra, garters and white stockings, which had the effect of framing her still dark, neatly trimmed bush. It was a very erotic sight.

"Goodness Aunt Sue. I thought you were out buying clothes...not selling them!" She laughed at that and then purposely turned, giving me an additional view of her bare ass, stockings coming up to mid-thigh as she turned.

"Wanted to get some new lingerie, been a while since I've gotten anything new for myself. Thought I'd model what I got and see what you thought," she told me turning back to face me once again, now cupping her bra-clad breasts. "Not sure about the bra though...too small?" She asked as her tit flesh threatened to spill out of the cups the way she was holding them.

"Just right," I offered. "Very sexy look. Though I have to sexy as you do look, who were you planning to seduce in that outfit anyway?"

The answer was obvious of course. "You!" She smiled seductively walking over towards me, climbing up into the chair I was sitting in, and effectively straddling me. I had purposely worn loose-fitting shorts, and within moments, my Aunt could certainly feel my hard cock pressing against her soft fur covered muff. "I figured since I already had it on...and with your mom out for a while, might be a good time to show you. One thing though..." she paused with a somewhat serious look on her face.

"Oh? And what's that?" I asked already rubbing my cock against her through the thin material of my shorts. Hands having already reached up to capture and caress her breasts through the thin lacy material of her bra. Her nipples hard, pressing against the sheer fabric.

"Although your mother eventually came to accept me giving you that blowjob yesterday, she asked me to refrain from taking things any further with you. I have to confess, I told her I would. But now...seeing you, and sitting here like this, I know I can't possibly keep that promise to her. But...I don't want her getting angry with me either. So I'm asking you...will you agree to keep this as our little secret if we do go a bit farther than we did yesterday?"

I was smiling inside. "Of course Aunt Susan! I wouldn't want to do anything to upset or hurt anyone...but admittedly, I've been hoping that at some point I'd get to fuck you...and suck that delicious looking pussy of yours."

She smiled at that, obviously loving the dirty talk which aroused her even more as I knew it would.

"I was hoping you'd say something like that," she told me, though she once again slipped off my lap. "Let me get my phone before we do anything," she informed me. "Just in case your mother calls. She mentioned that since this was her day off, she might not have to work as long as she normally does. She promised to call in the event she was getting off early so we could possibly meet someplace for lunch later." With that, Susan headed out of the room briefly, entering a moment or two later setting her phone down on the coffee table next to us. One glance told me it was on, though I pretended not to notice. Mom no doubt listening in on the other end, and very likely some where's close as well. Close enough to make an entrance shortly after I had shot a nice thick load deep inside my Aunt's cunt. I had no intention of hurrying the process though. Bound and determined to once again draw this out for as long as I dared to. Doing that would hopefully have mom climbing the walls as she listened to us, in anticipation of licking my cum out of her sister's pussy later.

I had likewise removed my shorts, now sitting there with a nice stiff erection waiting for her as she came walking back over towards me, though she again turned, bending over slightly, showing me her well-rounded ass from behind, her swollen puffy lips winking at me. "So...what do you think?" she asked coquettishly. "Sexy enough?"

"Sexy enough to fuck!" I said standing up, once again having no intention yet of giving her what she wanted either. I did place my prick within the furrow of her ass-cheeks and proceeded to pleasure myself, teasing her as I did. Hands once more coming around to cup her breasts, though not before undoing the clasp on her bra, causing it to fall down her arms as she shook herself out of it. I preferred free-swinging tits.

"You really are a breast man aren't you?" She moaned as I pulled on her hard fat nipples, stretching them.

"Card carrying," I responded back. "I do love yours...and mom's nice full breasts," I decided to say knowing full well that mom was close by listening to all of this. "They're both beautiful. And don't mind saying, I'd love to be kneeling between the two of you...playing with you both. But for now...I'm certainly content to be playing with these. I love the way they hang down and swing Aunt Sue...and can just imagine the way they'll be wildly flopping about once I've slid this hard fucking cock up inside that hot wet pussy of yours and start thrusting in and out of you. Too bad we don't have a mirror close by I could watch them from the side while doing that. Or better yet, recording it for prosperity," I joked.

"Perhaps we can find a mirror another time then. I'd enjoy seeing that myself," though I was thinking that eventually we'd be sitting down and actually watching this at some point as I continued to rub the head of my cock up and down the crack of my sexy Aunt's ass.

With my Aunt still leaning forward, balancing herself on the end of the couch, I decided to have a bit more fun with her before moving in for the kill. I knelt down on the floor behind her. "Spread your legs a bit more," I instructed. "Yes...that's it. Just like that."

"What are you going to do?" She asked looking back over her shoulder at me.

"What do you think? I'm going to eat this nasty looking pussy of yours for one thing, and then I'm going to stick my hard thick cock inside it afterwards," I added to that, speaking up just a little to ensure that good old mom could clearly hear what was being said.

"Oh my hot, wet creamy pussy," Susan responded, likewise speaking louder than normally as well, which I inwardly chuckled at. The two of us vocalizing our lust for mom's benefit, though Susan of course had no clue I was onto their little scheme as we both did that.

In addition to running my tongue up into her wet juicy split, I surprised her by rimming that tight pink puckered ass of hers as well, spitting onto, and into it, where I soon added a fingertip..grazing and teasing that tight little opening. "Like that?" I asked. "Like me licking your asshole Aunt Susan? Like me to maybe stick my hard prick inside there and fuck you that way?" I was half tempted to do that, and dump my load inside there instead. Wondering if mom would still be up for tasting my cream that way. But Susan quickly headed me off of course, no doubt wondering the same thing.

"I would...but not today. I'd need a hell of a lot more lubrication before ever allowing you to fuck my ass John," she breathed hotly. "You're just too damn big and thick...but perhaps another time. Right now, I just want that gorgeous hard cock of yours pounding in and out of my pussy."

"I'll hold you to that," I told her, though I had now managed to ease one finger inside her cunt, another inside her ass, scissoring the two openings as I simultaneously sat there fingering her that way. "Ever been double-fucked?" I now asked.

"No...never," she groaned deeply, enjoying the sensation of my fingers smoothly and easily spearing her twin openings.

"Maybe...we should get mom a strap-on dildo or something. Then one of us could fuck your cunt, and the other one your ass...and visa versa. Bet you'd both enjoy doing that, don't you think?" I teased still working her openings with my fingers, though simultaneously flicking my tongue against her hard little clit, making her squirm and thrash against me even more than she had been doing.

"Oh fuck...she'd...she'd...your mother...would, she'd never...oh fuck that feels good!" Susan gasped as I surrounded her clit with my lips drawing it in, gently sucking and chewing on it.

"You never know, maybe someday she might," I teased further. "Maybe the thought of me fucking her ass and pussy, while you are too...might be something she's never experienced, and would like to try."

"Oh fuck...maybe, god John, I don't know. But what I do I need that cock of yours inside me...NOW!" She cried out. I stood up, once more placing my shaft against her ass for a moment as though I still might ass-fuck her instead. But then I adjusted the angle, reached down, and placed the head of my cock within the slick-slippery folds of her mushy, dripping pussy.

"You want it Aunt Sue? You want my cock?"

"Yes! Yes! Oh god yes John! Give it to me!"

"Tell me where you want it," I demanded, still teasing her neither lips with the head of my dick.

"In my cunt!" She quickly responded back. "Stick that big hard dick inside my cunt!"

"And then what?"

"And then fuck me. Fuck me nice and hard...and fast."

"And where do you want me to shoot my cum Aunt Sue? Want me to pull out and squirt all over your back and ass? Or do you want me to finish off in your face...or..."

" my cunt. I want to feel it squirting off inside me John. I want you to cum inside me. I want to feel your cock pulsating inside me, squirting...spurting...filling me up."

I shoved all the way in, hearing Aunt Susan gasp loudly, audibly as I hilted myself fully into her. "You mean like this Sue? You like the feel of my prick buried balls deep inside this hot nasty pussy of yours? You like the way it stretches this tight little cunt? Fills you up?"

"Oh my god yes John! Yes! Fuck me baby. Fuck your dirty Aunt's nasty pussy. Squirt that hot creamy sticky juice inside me baby...make me cum with you while you do!"

I began thrusting in and out of my Aunt's cunt like a runaway freight train. For several long moments, the only sound we were making was the slap of flesh against flesh, her well rounded ass acting like a buffer as I slammed into her there from behind. Her breasts as expected, gyrating wildly beneath her as I glanced over, looking on...enjoying the erotic spectacle taking place there in front of me.

"God I love the way your tits bounce!" I cried out hotly. "And I love the way your wet pussy feels too Sue, the way it slides around my prick, how hot and nasty wet you are. I am so looking forward to spurting off inside you baby. Filling you up with all my hot juicy semen!"

Most of the sounds my Aunt was now making were unintelligible. I could sense she was already hovering on the edge of orgasm, only seconds away now as I continued to thrust in and out of her. Finally she cried out as the dam burst. "Oh John! John! Give it to me...cum with me John! Cum with me!"

I grabbed my Aunt's ass cheeks firmly in hand, thrusting as deep into her as I could, holding still for a moment as the first delicious spurt of my semen leapt from the head of my cock, followed by another and another. "Feel that Sue? Feel my prick squirting inside you? Feel all that nasty spunk bathing the inside of your cunt?" I asked as I began moving in and out of her again, milking out what remained of my still ongoing climax.

"Oh yes John yes. I can baby. I can. I can feel you squirting your juice inside my pussy!"

Though I had of course been expecting it, I had gotten so involved in how good this really was feeling, and how sweet my Aunt's cunt felt wrapped around my dick, that it took a moment for me to realize that the sound of my mother's calling out, informing us she'd just walked in, nearly ruined everything. Even Susan seemed to have forgotten about that for a moment as well.

"You who...anybody home?" Mom called out having entered through the front door instead of the back door like she normally did.

"Oh my god! It's your mother!" Susan exclaimed worriedly. "Quick John...quick! You run upstairs to your room, I'll run downstairs and pretend I was just getting ready to take a shower. Now hurry, before she sees us!"

Playing along. I quickly gathered up my shorts and ran up the stairs as quietly as I could, easing my bedroom door closed. The best part was, I had my laptop on, with the security program running, so it was a simple process to simply sit down, bring up the camera I had in the kitchen area, and then look on...likewise listening as my Aunt Susan met mom in there.

"Well? Could you hear everything?" Susan asked her.

Even from this vantage point I could see that my mother's face was flushed as she barely nodded her head yes.

"'s, John's cum?" Mom asked barely able to speak, looking down at my Aunt's pussy as she spread her legs open briefly for a moment, one hand reaching down, and then coming back up with what was obviously a dollop of cream sitting on it.

"You mean this?" She asked holding her finger up in front of mom's face. "Go ahead sis...have a taste," she grinned at her mischievously. I was a little surprised when mom actually drew her sister's finger into her mouth, sucking it like a small tiny cock for a moment. "Come on sweetie. There's more. A LOT more!" She said cupping her mound, gingerly descending the stairs as mom followed her.

"So where's John?" Mom asked as she began following her down, out of sight of my camera now, though I could still hear the two of them through the hidden microphone.

"In his room, pretending to take a nap," Susan giggled. "Now come on...I have a very full pussy just waiting to be licked," she said, as I now heard the two of them giggle together. I switched views, now bringing up the hidden camera in their room, a ceiling shot from well above as the hidden camera I'd concealed in the light fixture seemed to have been the best overall placement, which it was proving out to be.

Mom all but tore her clothing off as Susan stood patiently waiting at the side of the bed. Now naked, mom crawled up into the bed, as Susan once again climbed in with her, only this time purposely straddling and sitting on her face. "This what you wanted?" She laughed as she slowly lowered herself down.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck yes!" Mom moaned, "Let me taste my baby!" She said finally as Susan effectively silenced her for a moment, her cum-filled cunt suddenly sealing itself over my mother's face. I sat...watching, not at all surprised when my cock once again began to harden. Leaning back slightly, Susan quickly found mom's widely spread pussy, slipping a finger inside, finger-fucking her while mom gorged herself on her sister's cunt. I only wish I had had a much better, closer look at what was happening there. But even at this angle, it was quite a sight as I began stroking my cock, wishing I was now filling mom's cunt with a nice thick load of cream.

"Eventually," I said to myself. "Baby steps," I grinned. And then took pleasure in watching my Aunt and mom spend the next half hour pleasuring one another until they had both had several very intense looking orgasms. I switched off the video recording. I was already looking forward to the day when I'd end up showing it to them. Hopefully by then, balls deep inside mom as we did.


I decided to come downstairs from my "nap" not bothering to put anything on. I was in the process of making a sandwich when I heard the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs. Turning, having just taken a bite, I was pleased to see it was mom as she entered the room.

"John! For gods sakes! Put something're naked!" She exclaimed, though her tone of voice expressed surprise perhaps at seeing me standing there like that, there was also an element of pleasure in it too.

"Why? Not like you already haven't seen me naked. And I was hungry after my nap. Didn't expect you home so early today anyway," I shot back, reminding her that she had her own dirty little secrets that she was still trying to keep from me.

"Still..." she half whispered as she walked over pouring herself a cup of luke-warm coffee from the pot, taking a seat at the kitchen table, though her eyes were once more locked on a certain dangling appendage of mine. "What if someone were to suddenly drop by and see you like that?" She asked.

"Like who? Aunt Susan?" I laughed. "Where is she anyway?" I then asked.

"Taking a bit of a nap herself," mom responded. "She was very tired." I walked around behind mom, placing my fingers on the back of her neck, rubbing her shoulders.

"You look a bit exhausted yourself," I stated. "Bet you could use a nice relaxing back-rub," I suggested as I continued massaging her neck and shoulders.

"Oh that would feel good," mom freely admitted. "I really could use one of those," she added to that. "Been a while."

"How about I set up the table for you then?" I offered, seeing her brief hesitation. Years ago when I had toyed with the idea of attending massage school and doing that for a profession, we had set up the kitchen table with the extended leaf in it, so she could lay down on that. With a foam padded cushion, we'd managed to make it work as I practiced on mom, though back then she had always worn a two piece swimming suit. "Without the bikini this time," I added. "No need for that either, and besides...I can do a much better job giving you a massage without it."

"A massage..." mom said looking at me. "Just the massage right?"

"Right." I grinned. "Now...finish your coffee, I'll go up and get some clean sheets, the foam mat and baby oil. When you're ready after that, I'll give you a really nice relaxing massage."

Mom soon after headed downstairs to remove her clothing again as I headed upstairs to gather the things I needed, not to mention turning on my video program so I could record all of this. My mind already deviously coming up with an entirely new idea as I did that.

Things were about to get really interesting, and I wasn't about to let this golden opportunity pass by without taking advantage of it.

All credits to Many Feathers-Original writer.Prince Leon.Plz do read Part 4.
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