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I decided to continue this one. There are are few surprises in this chapter
My Japanese Love Part 8: One Month Later

It has been a month since Amya’s death. Things really have changed. I’m happy to be with Akira and the idea of possibly being a father makes me even more proud. So proud in fact that Akira and I have fucked like rabbits over the past month. Sometimes we made love nice and slowly, other times we fucked like the world was going to end in 5 minutes. Its summer vacation for the kids right now, which means it, is one of my most busiest times of the year, next to Christmas that is. Everyone wants outdoor furniture this time of year and with Akira’s help and drawings I was able to make back what I lent to Yoshi and Hana to buy Amya’s freedom. All in all live is good.

“AJ you’re so busy I never got to see you” Alicia says.

“I know, I can never tell if I am coming or going. But it’s worth it in the long run. I have a nice nest egg started, cash for emergencies, and even some money towards Akira’s college tuition.” I tell her.

“Oh I know your always coming Akira says that’s call you do is cum and cum and cum. It’s no wonder she isn’t pregnant yet” she says as she starts laughing.

I join in laughing. “You’re just jealous that she’s getting all my cum and you’re not getting any”

“Choice those words carefully mister. If it wasn’t for the fact that it’s my body’s special week, I would strip you naked right here, right now and fuck your brains out”

“Oh Alicia, do you have to do that right now? I still have a use for his brain as well as his cum.” Akira says as she walks into the shop. “Granted after I get what I want you can have him. He is all used up.”

“You know when I pictured being tag teamed by two very attractively hot young ladies this is not what I was picturing” I tell them.

“Oh you are so abused. My poor poor baby can’t take being had by us” Akira says.

“He must be getting old and dried out. Most men would jump at the chance to be in your shoes” Alicia says.

“Only think old and dried out Alicia my dear is that sweet pussy of yours. It’s been little over a month since you had me inside you” I tell her.

“Akira I think this boy is going to have to be tied down. When this week is over I’m going to ride you till you can’t walk anymore then I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

Akira starts giggling. “Only if I can watch, I would love to see him all helpless and letting a woman have her way with him.”

“That’s so unlike you Alicia. I thought you were submissive?” I ask her

“I can be both, maybe you just need to spice up your sex life some AJ. Don’t want it to get dull” she says.

“Oh trust me Alicia. Our sex life is anything but dull. Last night he fucked my tight hole so hard I’m surprised I can walk” says Akira.

“Damn it girl send him my way next time. With Lee working nights and my period this week I am so horny I could fuck half of New York City.”

“And the other half would kill the others just to get a piece of your ass” I tell her.

“Damn straight” says she’s with a huge smile on her face.

Shortly after Alicia heads home leaving Akira and I alone in the shop. I just finished putting the final touch of stain on an Adirondack chair when Akira came up behind me and stuffed her hand down my pants.

“You know love, I have always wanted to make love to you in this workshop” she says.

“Oh really why’s that?”

“Because this is your own little personal man cave. I find it so manly it makes me horny.”

“Oh really, well you do know that this is the new age and women can be builders too.”

“Oh I know, but no women turn me on more than you.” She tells me as she starts undoing her pants and pulling them down.

I felt my cock starting to get hard. Akira had her pants around her ankles, turned to face the work bench and stuck her ass out towards me. She looked over her shoulder. “Come here and see how wet my pussy is”

I walk over to her undoing my pants and pulling them down. I kiss her sweet lips as I slide a finger into her very tight pussy. She’s right it is very wet. As my finger slide into her she moans into my mouth. I break out kiss to line my cock up with her pussy. I slide just the tip of my cock past her lips and stop right there. Turnabout is very fair game in my book.

“Oh Baby, you know Salt-n-Pepper had the right idea when they said ‘I want you to push it’” She says.

“Yeah well Eminem said it best when he said ‘I just don’t give a Fuck’” When I said the word fuck I shoved into her pussy as hard as I could. My sudden hard shove catches Akira by surprise. She literally jumped in the air as she screamed with pleasure.

“Oh you bastard, you dirty horny bastard. Make it up to me and fuck this tight pussy of mine”

I place my hands on her hips and bend my knees a little. If only I wasn’t so tall or she wasn’t so short, but oh well. My dick was back in his home and is going to get milked for all its worth. I ram her pussy hard and fast. I can feel her orgasm hitting. Her eyes roll into the back of her head. My cock is suddenly feels like a python is wrapped around it.

“OH AJ I’M CUMMING SO HARD” She screams.

I slow down to let her come down of her orgasmic high. As her breathing returns to a somewhat normal pace I speed back up. I so need to cum in this wonderful pussy. She can sit there with my cum leaking out of her pussy as we eat dinner.

“That’s it baby fuck my pussy. I’m going to use my pussy and milk your cock. Is that what you want? You want me to milk my favorite trouser snake?” she asks.

“Oh God yes, please baby make me cum.”

“Oh, it feels so good. Give it to me. Give me all your baby cream.”

I reach around and grab her small breast and hold on. I can feel Akira trying to meet my thrust with her own, her vice like pussy keeping a tight grip on my throbbing cock. Within a few minute I feel the lava in my balls that is my cum start to rise.

“Oh my love I’m….. going…… to…….cum…. AAAHHHHH” I say as I erupt inside this sweet wonderful Japanese pussy. Rope after hot rope is pumped as deep as I can get. Akira screams with pleasure as another orgasm is triggered by mine. We stand there for a few moments as we come down off our pleasure high. The sweat is dripping off my face, and my shirt is soaked but it was worth it.

“Akira hunny let’s get cleaned up and go out to eat.” I tell her.

“Ok” say Akira.

I pulled my pants up and decided I should take a shower to wash off all this sweat. I took a quick shower and get ready to go. Akira was already too. I see she just changed her shirt. Her jeans are the same one as before. The thought of my cum leaking out of her pussy in a restaurant is turning me on, but that’s going to wait till tonight. I get into my truck, and drive to Outback Steakhouse. What can I say I was in the mood for a nice juicy steak. All through dinner I could see Akira being restless.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

“Well if you must know your cum has leaked out. My panties are soaked and sticky, but it’s worth it.”

I laugh as we finished our meal. Akira not being a person who eats a big meal passed on desert, but I couldn’t resist a piece of strawberry cheesecake. As I sit here eating it, I couldn’t help but wonder how good it would taste with Akira’s pussy. Damn these horny thoughts.

“Oh before I forget again, can we stop off at the store? I need to get a few personal things” Akira asks me.

“Sure no problem”

So after dinner I drive us over to Wal-Mart since it was on the way home. Akira has me wait out in the truck and I really didn’t mind. I seldom get embarrassed about shopping with a girl especially when it comes to personal hygiene products, but Akira on the other hand finds it embarrassing buying that stuff in front of her boyfriend. It’s not that I don’t know she buys these things, but to each is his or her own. I only had to wait about 15 minutes when she came back with a bag. I drove us home.

As I unlocked the door, I looked over at Alicia’s and saw Lee’s car still in the driveway. I look at my watch and see that it’s 8:30 pm. That seems strange I thought. He works nights and should be gone by now. He has been doing 12 hour shifts trying to save up to buy a nice camp on the lake. I guess all the work has put a strain on his body. Akira walks in and runs to the bathroom with her bag. No worries there. I sit down at the computer when I hear someone.


It’s Alicia. I yell to Akira that Alicia needs help and I run across the street. Alicia is lying in her doorway covered in blood. “Oh my God Alicia are you all right? What happened?”

“AJ help, Lee’s been...” I can see tears in her eyes. “Lee’s dead. Someone broke into the house while we were in bed cuddling. Lee was holding me down when out of nowhere this guy walked behind Lee and slit his throat with a knife. He then stabbed me a couple of times.”

“Stay here, I’ll 911” I ran inside, grabbed the phone and dialed 911. As soon as the operator came on I told her what happened, who I was and requested emergency services. As I hung up the phone something catches my eye. It was a picture near the phone. It was of Akira, Lee, Alicia and I out on the river. Akira’s face was blotted out with blood. Fear starts to grip my heart as I hear Akira scream. I run back home to see Akira against the wall and a man with a knife in front of her.

“I wonder” says the man. “If you’re as good a fuck as your dead sister, Hiro was so kind to let me have a piece of her tail.”

No matter how hard I try to forget that voice, I will never be able to. The man in front of my love was Cory, the man who anally raped Amya. I knew who it was that killed Lee. I rammed him into the wall as hard as I could. The knife fell from his hand and I quickly grabbed it before he could get up.

“You, you’re supposed to be in jail for the next 15 years.” I tell him.

The bald headed 6 foot linebacker stood up and laughs, “Supposed to yes, but I opted for an early release.”

“You mean escape”

“Yeah, I heard in prison how you started shacking up with Amya’s sister and just had to come get me some. After all Amya was the sweetest ass I ever head, but that’s for later. You see the main reason I broke out was because of you. You’re the bastard who ruins people’s lives. You’re the bastard that had to press charges. You and your dead Japanese whore are the reasons she’s dead. Had you kept your fucking mouths shut then my nephew would not be rotting in some hell hole foster care. You killed his mother and his father. “

I have never killed anybody in my life, but these deaths are being blamed on me and Amya. Whose deaths could we have been……OH SHIT, I thought.

“Kari, Kari was your sister” I ask.

“That’s right asshole.”

“But we never killed her. Hiro did”

“You put her in that position. Now die” With that Cory charged and slammed into me. I lost my balance and fell to the ground. The knife coming out of my hand and I wish it didn’t because Cory had his hands around my neck choking me. I try to fight him off but I couldn’t. I watch as Akira jumps on his back raking his face with her nails as she tries to tear his eyes out. He lets go of my throat and shakes Akira off. He turns to her and with a round house punch knocks her into the wall. I watch in horror as her head bounces off the wall. He walks up to her and starts slamming her head against the floor.

I have no idea what came over me. I saw my future before my eyes and I saw death. The loss of Amya, the death of Akira, the death of our future children, and this monster standing over them laughing. Something inside of me broke; I could feel the rage swelling up. I rush to Akira’s aid, slamming into Cory with such force that we fly into the living room and land on the coffee table, it breaks under our weight. Cory punches me in the face and I back of. He tries to rush me but I side step, I grab one of the coffee table’s broken legs and charge him and he side steps as well. Only this time we back hands me as I pass. I run straight into the wall next to the window. The sheetrock breaks from the force. I lay on the floor stunned. As Cory gets closer I swing the leg with all my might. It connects with his left knee. My uncle once told me that 15 pounds of pressure on a human knee will drop someone. I have no idea what the pounds of pressure was when I hit him but he fell, his knee clearly broke.

I got up and grab him by the hair and quickly throw him face first into the window. I pull him back out of the busted window and force him to the ground. I stand next to him and grab his right arm. I place it so that from the elbow up is against my left shin, and from the elbow down is against the back of my right calf. I then jump up in the air and come down on my knees. The force and the weight is enough. I heard his elbow snap. Cory doesn’t scream, but that didn’t stop me. I grab his head and started grinding it against the broken glass on the floor, still no sound. I start kicking and stomping him and no sound.

I can feel Akira standing behind me, grabbing me and pulling me off of him. “It’s over AJ. Stop”

I stop and I look down at him. He isn’t moving. Akira walks over to him and checks for a pulse. She then looks at me and rolls him over. A thick piece of glass sticking out of his throat, I grab his head and start grinding it against the broken glass on the floor, still no sound. I start kicking and stomping him and no sound.

I can feel Akira standing behind me, grabbing me and pulling me off of him. “It’s over AJ. Stop”

I stop and I look down at him. He isn’t moving. Akira walks over to him and checks for a pulse. She then looks at me and rolls him over. A thick piece of glass sticking out of his throat, Cory the man, who helped rape Amya, killed Lee and would have killed me now lies dead on my floor. The police and rescue squad arrive. Both Akira and I were checked out, and we were fine, but to be safe they wanted use to go to the hospital. It didn’t bother me because we know Alicia was going and right now she would need someone. At the hospital we checked out fine and were discharged, we didn’t leave yet because we wanted to check on Alicia. She was going to have to stay a few days. She had 25 stitches and 10 staples from the stabbing.

We couldn’t go home that night. The police were there investigating what happened. No charges were being filed against me since it was self-defense. We check into a nearby hotel. As I sit in the bed Akira sits next to me and kisses me deeply and passionately.

“That is for coming to my rescue.” She says.

“Well then this is for coming to my rescue” I say as I kiss her deeply and passionately.

Her hand reaches down and grabs my crotch. I snake my tongue into her mouth. She opens her mouth slightly to let me in. We then start feeling each other up. I quickly jump off the bed and strip. Akira lies on the bed and strips as fast as she can. As soon as her pants hit the floor I dive between her legs and jam my cock into her pussy. Dried flakes of my cum still surround her pussy from early. I place her legs up on my shoulders and jackhammer her hard.

“OH yes my knight fuck your princess”

“Yes I love fucking my Japanese princess”

I pull out until only the tip is left and jam it in hard. I do it again and again. Akira’s moans fill the room. I let her legs down and she pushes me onto my back and climbs up. My cock is back into her wet pussy. I reach down and start rubbing her clit as she impales her pussy on my cock. I know her nipples are sensitive so I reach up and tease on of them then pinch it. Her pussy tightens around my cock as she moans something in Japanese. I pull her down and kiss her, I could feel her hips moving at a fast pace. Her pussy sliding up and down my cock felt so good. She sits up and grinds her hips. I sit up and suck on her nipple. The feel of it on my tongue is wonderful. I place my hands on her cute Japanese ass and force my cock in deep. I fuck her hard and deep the pressure in my balls building. With on hard thrust, my sperm canon fires off its first salvo then next. An entire barrage of cum is shot deep into my lover’s fuck tunnel.

Still hard I push her off me and on her hands and knees. I get behind her and shove my cock deep into her tight ass. She moans and screams with pleasure.

“Oh yes fuck my ass. We have been neglecting this hole fuck it good. It’s ok to fuck it now”

I speed up and fuck her ass as hard as I could. Akira reaches down into her pussy and pulls out some of my cum and licks it. “MMM it’s been awhile since I tasted our mixture.”

I fuck her ass like a mad man. The headboard of the bed slams against the wall. Hope we don’t have neighbors. Harder and harder I fuck this wonderful ass. In a few moments I can feel my canon is now reloaded and about to fire.

“Akira I’m going to cum” I warn her.

“Full my ass full of it baby, cum deep inside my ass.”

I brace myself as I fire off my second barrage of the night. I couldn’t help myself I moan with pleasure as each shot fills Akira’s ass with cum and releases the pressure in my balls. I then lay on the bed and Akira lies next to me, cuddled up.

“That was amazing lover” she says

“I know”

“I have something to tell you, with everything that’s happened I think we could use some good news.”

“What’s that Akira?”

“Well AJ my love, I took a test today and the hospital confirmed it for me. I’m pregnant. You’re going to be a dad”


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