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Lisa put the money in her pocket of her school shirt and followed Bree from the house once outside Lisa grinned at Bree.
"Not bad fifty dollars each and they want us to come back." Lisa said and linked arms with her best friend.Bree grinned and
put her fifty dollars in her pocket also.
"Yeah the guy i was with said he might have a few friends who will pay to fuck us as well who would have thought bumping into a guy could
lead to getting fucked by them and getting offered money as well..damn i would have fucked them for free but shit they offer money iam taking it."
Bree said and laughed.
Once back at Lisa's house both the fifteen years old went straight to Lisa's bedroom and closed the door.Lisa got on her bed and crossed her legs
Bree followed and looked at her bestie with a frown.
"Ok what's up as soon as we got here your mood changed."Bree asked.
"Its mum and dad they have been fighting alot lately dad has even slept in his study a few nights."Lisa said quietly.
"Have you asked about it Lisa?"Bree asked.
"Yeah and i get told its nothing hun bullshit its nothing Bree."Lisa said and fell back on her pillows and sighed.
"I don't know what to do Bree so much is going on iam horny all the time iam fucking random guys any chance i get iam dealing with that and now
mum and dad are at each others throat.Sometimes i wish i had a older brother and he would fuck me any time i wanted but ohh no i have a whinging nine
year old brother who is a little shit.'..Lisa said.

Bree grinned."Its great having someone at home who you can fuck."..Bree said and let it sink into Lisa's head at what she had just said.It took a few seconds
for Lisa to realize what Bree had just said then she sat straight up and stared at her friend.
"What did you just say?..who Bree you don' have brother's you have a little sister."..Lisa said looking a little confused.
Bree laughed.."Hello Lisa..the only male in my house is my father Lisa.'..She said.
"Oh seriously screwing your father..details please."..Lisa asked.
"About six months now but its so hard mum is at home all the time since she does not work so we dont get alot of time together its rare we can fuck for a hour
its always quick and sometimes he comes to my room once mum is asleep but we have to be quick and quiet in case mum wakes and comes looking for him.
You cant say a word Lisa since your dad and my dad are best mates but i love fucking my dad Lisa just wish we had more time alone."Bree said and sighed.
Lisa sat stunned then the biggest grin came to her lips.
"You lucky bitch do you know how much i hate you right now and you know i would never say anything Bree."..Lisa said.
Bree laughed.."Well i better go i need to shower and i have a shit load of homework to do c ya tomorrow." Bree said and left Lisa laying on bed in total envy of her friend.

Two weeks later Lisa walked through the front door of her house to see two suitcases in the foyer walking further in Lisa seen her mum sitting on the lounge.
'Who's suitcases mum.?' Lisa asked then walked further into the lounge room.
"They are mine and your brother's we are going to your grandparents place for two weeks so can you pack its a long drive and i want to leave as soon as we can.".Lisa's
mum asked.
Lisa looked at her mother as if she suddenly had two heads and shook her head a few times.
"You cant be serious mum two weeks i will go stir crazy plus i cant miss that much school i have exams way iam not going i will stay here with dad iam fifteen
i can look after myself."..Lisa said.
Her mother nodded her head."We were pretty certain you would refuse to come and honestly i don't have the strength to fight with you over this Lisa."..She said and stood and hugged Lisa
"I will call you sometime tomorrow..i just need some time to think." She said and called her son a few minutes later Lisa was standing at the front watching them leave.Lisa was upset that
her mum was going but part of her was excited too she had her father all to herself for two weeks and the thought crossed her mind would she be able to get her father to fuck her.
Two hours later her father came home and walked straight to the fridge and grabbed a beer Lisa walked into the kitchen.
"As you can see i didn't go with mum."..Lisa said and lent on the bench.
"Didn't think you would.glad you stayed Lisa ok going for a shower'..He said and walked off and headed to the shower once he walked out Lisa started dinner for them both.
After they ate Lisa's father helped with the dishes then grabbed a few beer's.."Alright iam going to my study see you in the morning hun." He said and left Lisa heard the study
door close locking up the house Lisa went to her own room and started her homework.

About three hours later Lisa left her room and went to the bathroom on her way back she noticed the study door was opened a little and she could hear her father talking.Lisa walked
towards the door her father must have gone and got more beers and didn't shut the door properly as she got closer she could hear her father more clearly.
"Yeah just drinking some beer's watching some porn and stroking my cock and wishing some young cunt was now sitting on it or i have a ass to fuck come over and let me fuck you.?"..He said and laughed then he went silent as he he listened to who ever was on the phone.
"Yeah i told her everything and as expected she hit the roof and told me i was sick and needed help...No Lisa didn't go but we both knew she wouldn't."..Her father Mick said then went silent again.
"Yeah she just does not to keep the peace i told her i would make inquires."..he said and again went silent for a few minutes.
"I would nail her in a heartbeat and i'am going to try i will put hints out there if she gives me the come on i will nail her where she stands."..He said as he started to stroke his cock faster Lisa
was getting so wet stepping away from the door she removed her panties and put them in her robe pocket and walked back to the door her fingers now between her legs rubbing her pussy hard and fast as she watched her father and listened to the one way conversation.
"Yeah i know...but to have her on my cock would be so good...i would fuck her non stop if she would just let me know she wanted me like i said i will drop hints around Lisa and see if she picks on on them and in her own way lets me know she wants too." Her father said Lisa bit her lip as she came and stepped away from the door cum now running down the inside of her thighs.
"Ohh god thank-you"..Lisa whispered and stepped back to the door what she did next even surprised Lisa she pushed the door open a little more and walked in her father was so occupied with
the call and stroking his cock he didn't even hear her.Lisa walked to her father and stood just behind him and reached down putting her hand over his that he was using to stroke himself with then
lent to his ear.
"Tell your friend you have to go your going to be busy nailing me for then next few hours daddy." Lisa whispered in her father's ear.
Mick removed his hand then looked up at his daughter the biggest smile came to his face.
"I have to go talk to you later." He said and ended the call getting to his feet Mick pulled Lisa to stand in front of him.

"Are you sure Lisa? I want to fuck you so bad i have for awhile now but what we are about to do is not something a father and daughter should be doing." He said.
Lisa nodded."I'am sure i want you to fuck me dad right here and now." She said and removed her robe leaving her standing there in her nightee.
Mick nodded with a smile and removed his jeans his cock now throbbing Lisa looked down and reckoned her father's cock was about seven inches but god it was so thick.
"Lay on the floor Lisa i want you that bad i dont even want to waste time walking to the bedroom." he said.
Lisa grinned and took her nightee off and laid down on the floor and spread her legs giving her father full view of her now very wet pussy.
'Oh god Lisa iam going to fuck you so much to-night."He growled his breathing coming fast.
Mick got to his knee's and lifted Lisa.s legs putting them over his shoulders then looked into his daughter's eyes and lent forward.
"I want to be looking at you the first time my cock goes into your cunt."He said.
Lisa looked at her father wanting to scream at him to just start fucking her that her pussy was aching for his cock.Lisa lifted her head as her father's cock found it's mark and let out a moan.
'Oh god dad fuck me please fuck me hard."Lisa said her hands reaching down to hold his arms.
Mick grinned and pushed the rest of the way into his daughter,
"Ready'..he asked and started pounding into Lisa his breathing was deep and fast as he pushed his cock all the way his balls slapping Lisa on every stroke.
Lisa dug her finger's into her father's arms and never took her eyes on her father.
"God you feel so big inside me...oh god dad iam going to cum already..oh shit dad...daddy dont stop."..Lisa called out and arched her back as the most intense orgasm ripped through her body the more her father pounded her the more intense it got never had she felt anything as what she was feeling right at that moment.

The sound of his daughter in a orgasm just made Mick fuck her harder and feeling her cum on his cock and on his legs almost sent him over the edge.Mick lent down and kissed Lisa hard pushing his tongue into her mouth pulling back it was to much he was over excited and was about to cum himself.
"Iam going to cum very soon baby where do you want it.?' He asked in between quick short breaths.
"Oh god dad fill my pussy." Lisa muttered.
"Lisa you on birth control.?' He asked.
Lisa nodded.." fill my cunt daddy."..Lisa all but screamed at him.
That's all Mick needed to hear and moments later he let out a long deep groan and held himself deep inside his daughter and released his load.Breathing fast Mick moved back abit and let
Lisa's legs down.
"That was amazing and i want more dad." Lisa smiled running her finger's along her father's back.
"Ohh your getting more alot more that was just a short sample i fuck way longer then that Lisa i was just to excited.'..he grinned.and pulled out and got to his feet and reached a hand down and to help Lisa up as soon as Lisa stood cum started running down the inside of her legs.Mick stepped closer and reached down inserting two fingers and started fingering Lisa which in return made her moan Mick pulled them out and put them in his mouth.
"Lets go i have so much i want to do to you."..He said and took her hand and lead her down to the bedroom as soon as they were in there and Lisa got on the bed Mick spread her legs and started eating her sucking up her cum plus his own.Lisa rubbed her hands over her father's head over the course of nearly ten minutes Lisa came twice more each time Mick sucked her harder taking all her cum in his mouth.get back up he told Lisa to sit up his all around his mouth was wet he lean in and kissed Lisa.
"Open your mouth baby i want to fuck your mouth." He said once Lisa was in the right postion her father put his cock in her mouth.
"Just hold your mouth around my cock firmly i will do the rest daddy wants to see what your gag reflex is like."..He said and started pushing in and out of Lisa's mouth.
"Oh good lord Lisa your taking all of it fuck yeah.".He said and picked up speed Lisa held her father's ass cheeks and pulled him in deeper by now Mick was really fucking her mouth totally in awe his daughter could do what she was doing right now.A good ten minutes later Mick pushed all the way and held it there it was the first time Lisa actually gagged.
"Fuck Lisa take it all swallow daddy's cum oh god your amazing.'..he breathed as he filled Lisa's mouth Mick pulled out and looked at his daughter she smiled and swallowed it all.

Taking her father again in her mouth Lisa sucked softly then tongued his whole shaft and again took him deep sucking alot harder she started to feel him getting hard again.
Her father moaned and held her head then looked down once more.
"Get on your hands and knee's daddy's little slut." He said as soon as Lisa was on her hands and knee's her father rammed his cock deep making Lisa yell out.
"OH GOD I LOVE IT FUCK ME DADDY FUCK YOUR LITTLE SLUT'S PUSSY."She cried out as her father cock now felt like a steel rod he was that hard.
Over the next twenty minutes he fucked her Lisa came twice more and still she wanted more finally her father yelled out he was cuming and Lisa felt the hot cum filling her pussy.
Breathing fast and sweat pouring of them both her father rolled to the side and laid down beside Lisa his hand running across her belly.
"Now i have fucked your mouth and your cunt twice Lisa i want to fuck your ass i wont if you dont want me too."He said but in his mind he was praying that she would let him.
Lisa grinned."Dad fuck my ass it's your's this body is your's to do anything you want too."..Lisa almost purred.
Within seconds Lisa was now on top of her father he kissed her with such force his hands squeezing her body.
"Stand up and turn around i want to eat you out again and i want your mouth on my cock again then your ass is mine Lisa."..He said and watched as she stood his eyes taking all of her body in.
Once in the 69 postion father and daughter sucked and licked each other Lisa again cumming in her father's mouth once he was hard again Mick lifted Lisa off and told her to get on her hands and knee's as soon as she was he push a finger into her ass then two stretching her.As her ass hole began to stretch her father spat on her hole and rubbed it then put his cock into her pussy and got it all nice and wet pulling out he put the head of his cock to Lisa's ass.
'Ready Lisa this might hurt.'..he said.
"Just do it dad i want you in my ass."..She almost pleaded.
Mick started to push his cock in Lisa's head fell to the pillow as she sucked in a deep breath as her father's cock stretched her ass Mick continued to push it in deeper.
'Your doing great baby iam half way in."..he said and started pulling in and out this continued for a few more minutes until her father was all the way in he paused for a few moments then gripped
Lisa's ass cheeks and started fucking his daughter ass.
Lisa lifted her head from the pillow and started pushing back on her father's cock.
'Fuck me fuck that ass daddy how does it feel to be in your daughter's ass.'..Lisa said.
"It feeling great and my god iam going to fuck you every day Lisa every chance i get my cock will be in one of your hole's your mine now Lisa."..He said and reached down under her and grabbed both her tits hard and pulled her up slightly and started pounding her ass even harder and faster.
Finally Mick came in such a rush he actually felt dizzy for a few seconds and laid down on the bed sweating and trying to catch his breath.

Mick fucked his daughter three more times that night until he looked down and seen Lisa had fallen asleep totally exhausted Mick watched his daughter sleep for a few minutes before his own eyes could not longer stay open and fell asleep himself.
The next morning they showered together and fucked once before her father had to leave for work.
"When i get home you and i need to talk about what has happened between your mum and me i think you need to know Lisa.'..he said and took her face in his hands and kissed her deeply.
"Alright dad..i will be here waiting.'..She said.
School seemed to drag for Lisa and when the school had finished she all but ran the whole way home.As sson as she was home Lisa did her homework and had a long hot shower and put a robe on and waited to hear her father come home.
When she heard the car she looked out the window and seen her father walking towards the house her eyes glanced down at his cock she could see it was bulging already.Lisa grinned and removed her robe and walked to the coffee table and bent over her legs spread she looked over her shoulder to see her father's reaction.
Mick walked in and locked the door behind him.
"LISA WHERE ARE YOU?"..He yelled then stopped dead when he stepped into the lounge room to see his daughter naked legs spread waiting for him.
"Iam here dad".Lisa said and wriggled her ass.
Mick in three strides was behind Lisa he ripped open the zipper on his pants and rammed his cock deep into his daughter Lisa cried out at the force her father entered her.It only took them both ten minutes to cum together.
Turning her around Mick took her face in his hands..
"That's how i want you every afternoon when i get home Lisa naked and bent over waiting for me to get home to fuck you."..He said.

While they showered Mick washed Lisa's back..
"I want to talk to you when we get out of here Lisa..i have done alot of thinking about last night and i have made a decision and what your reaction and answer to that decision will make my mind up totally.last night was only sample of what can happen there is alot you don't know Lisa but your going to know as soon as this shower is finished ok?"..he said..
Lisa turned around and faced her father.."As long as i can still keep fucking you i don't care what it is dad just don't tell me this is going to stop."She asked.
"No baby its not its only just started i told you your mine Lisa your daddy's little slut who he loves more then anything in this world."..he said.

To be continued...
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