A father and daughter are caught up in a powerful romance...
Sexkitten15: Hey! My name is Lindsey! What's urs?
Longrod32: Hi! My name is Joey! ASL?
Sexkitten15: 15/f/NC...U?
Logrod32: 16/m/nc...What area r u n?
Sexkitten15: Hickory. U?
Longrod32: Same. Send me some pics? I will send u some.
Sexkitten15: What kind? Nudes?
Longrod15: Mmm Yeah! Your profile pic is hot, but I want to see more...
Sexkitten15: Same to u Joey!

That is how it all started. Lindsey loved talking to Joey. She had been talking to him for two months, sending him naked pictures of herself, and he did the same for her. Every where she went, she looked for him, but never saw him. She really wanted to meet him. But he was always busy with his family.
Lindsey sighed and looked at herself in the mirror. Her long blonde hair fell well pass her shoulders. Her blue eyes were big and sparkling. Her body was young, smooth, and ripe. She had a slim figure, of which she was proud, complete with a nicely round ass and medium sized breasts. Joey thought she was a goddess, and standing there in front of the mirror in only her pink lace bra and thong, Lindsey couldn't argue.
The entire reason that she had logged onto Chat Center was to find a hot guy to fuck her brains out. She wanted to lose her virginity so bad. But Joey never wanted to see her in real life. He just wanted to have cyber sex and send naked pictures to each other. It hurt to know that she was the only virgin in her freshman class.
Even her parents weren't virgins at her age. Her mother and father had her when they were both only sixteen. So she figured that it was only right that she get some dick. It was justified...kind of.
She logged on and smiled when she found Joey in their private chat room.

Longrod32: Hey, Linsey! What's ^?
Sexkitten15: Nm. I am just sitting here in your favorite undies. I am so wet for you Joey.
Longrod32: Babe, I think it is time for us to meet. I am heading to Frosty Coffee later. Meet me there?
Sexkitten15: Sure! I will get ready. Ily. Ttyl.

Lindsey logged off and jumped up. Her heart was pounding. She would finally get to meet Joey and have him rock her world. She would lose her virginity. Plus, it was perfect timing with her mother and older brother out of town.
She pulled on a pair of baggy blue jeans that just showed off the strap of her panties. Then she pulled on a white tank top that showed off the pink lace underneath. Before leaving her room, though, she pulled on a jacket to hide the revealing clothes. Her dad was still awake, and would probably freak out if he saw her.
As she got to the living room, she looked around. Her dad was gone. “Daddy?” she called, but no one answered.
So she shrugged and headed out the door. She figured she could ride the bus to the coffee shop and then get a Caramel Machiatto before Joey found her. She would need the extra caffeine boost. Soon, she would be a woman.

Chapter One

Hurt was all that Lindsey felt as she sat there drinking her third cup of iced coffee. She wanted to dry, but knew that it would look childish if Joey did show up. Just as she was about to get up, a masculine hand rested on her shoulder. She looked up into her father's eyes. They were hazel and looked so caring. “Lindsey, you really shouldn't be out so late.”
She zipped up her jacket. Standing up, she hugged him tight. “Sorry, Daddy. I was supposed to meet a friend.”
Her heart pounded as she stepped back. He knew about Joey. He knew about the pictures. “Daddy, I am sorry. I just met him in a chat and...”
When he put a finger gently on her lips, he smiled fondly. “I am Joey, Lindsey. Those pictures of me were of some guy on another sight. I figured you would like them.”
She sat down heavily, shock making it impossible to speak. She had been sending her own father naked pictures of herself. She had talked dirty to him. She had even masturbated to the thought of him. She blushed as he sat beside her. “So do you really like me? Or was this some plan to catch me doing something bad?”
The way he rubbed her inner thigh made her feel hot. She looked down at her hand and gulped. He leaned close and nibbled on her ear lobe, his warm breath cascading down her neck and making her nipples feel tight. “I want to fuck you,” he whispered in her ear.
Lindsey looked at him. He really wasn't bad looking. She had always thought that he was handsome. He had short brown hair and hazel eyes. His body was fit and muscular, considering he was a cop, and she could only imagine the length of his cock. Suddenly, she realized what was happening. She was actually considering fucking her father.
She reached over and rubbed the long lump in his jeans. Her eyes widened. Jesus, he was huge! “Let's go home, Daddy.”


Lindsey was standing at the end of her father's bed when he came out of his bathroom and embraced her from behind. She smiled when he kissed her neck, his mustache tickling her. Then his hand slid down her pants and began rubbing the lace between her legs. She suddenly felt her shock as a male hand massaged her wet pussy. It was so much better than her own.
When he unbuttoned her jeans, they fell to the floor, and she instantly became aware of his erection against her back. He was naked, standing there and caressing her. She closed her eyes and drank in the moment. He pulled off her shirt, and then ran his hands over the soft lace covering her breasts. “I do love these undies,” he said, licking the crook of her neck.
She trembled and moaned softly when he unclasped her bra and palmed her breasts. His fingers pinched her nipples, causing her to feel weak. She smiled and turned, kissing him, taking his tongue into her mouth as he continued to torture her already aching breasts. Then she grasped his cock and began stroking it. He growled low in his throat and shoved her to her knees.
There, right in front of her eyes, was the most enormous cock she had ever imagined. She held it with two hands and flicked her tongue over the tip, licking up the precome. It tasted sweet and salty. She wanted more. So she took him into her mouth and slowly worked her moth lower and lower. Her father groaned as she bobbed her head fast, struggling not to gag on his sex.
Suddenly, he lifted her up and kissed her hard. She reacted by sliding onto the bed, with him hovering above her. As he kissed his way down her body, pausing only to lick a nipple, her heart raced. Then she felt his fingers slide into the strap of her thong. This was the moment she had anticipated.
When he slowly peeled off her thin garment, he tossed it across the room. She felt the air on her bare crotch only for seconds before he spread her pussy wide and slid his tongue into her. She arched her back and cried out as his tongue flicked across her clitoris. Then he slid up and kissed her.
Lindsey spread her legs wide. She knew that it would hurt, and she knew that the size of his cock would only make it worse, but he wanted him. She had to fuck him. When he drove into her, though, she screamed in pain. He ripped through her hyman, and thrust hard.

Joseph groaned as he thrust deep into his teenage daughter's cunt. She was so tight and wet, but the wetness could be the blood. He shook off the thought and thrust faster and deeper. Lindsey screamed beneath him, but he ignored it. She would start enjoying it soon. So when her screams and sobs became moans and sighs, a smile spread across his face. “You are a woman now,” he whispered in her ear.
She clawed at his back as he thrust harder than he ever had in his entire life. He loved power driving his cock deep into her, jolting her body with each impact. And when her moans got louder and more hoarse, he knew that she would come. But he wanted to do more. He wasn't finished.
Joseph pulled out of her and turned her onto her stomach. He licked his fingers and spread the juicy cheeks of her ass. Then he slowly slid them into her tight anus and began thrusting them as she cried out. Before she could resist, he slowly guided his cock into the tight little hole. Lindsey screamed into the pillow as he thrust hard, his hips impacting her ass with each thrust. “Oh, Lindsey. I love your ass.”
He pumped harder and deeper into her, yanking on her breasts as he reached under her. She moaned louder and more erratic. Her orgasm blossomed full and powerful. “Fuck me...fuck me...”
Her soft cries made him groan. Then he yanked his cock out of her ass and laid her on her back as he came. His hot semen spewed all over her stomach and breasts. So as he laid beside her, he rubbed his juices into her skin. “I love you, Lindsey.”
She smiled over at him. “I love you too, Daddy.”

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