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Father and Daughter Romance
Chapter Twenty
Seven Months Later

It was early morning as Lindsey sat up. She had taken the last month off of school because she was so close to her due date. She got out of bed with great difficulty, her large pregnant belly standing out in front of her. He pants were soaked. Pain was racking her pelvic region. She shook the bed. “Brian, my water just broke. Hurry.”


Joseph and Helen were quiet as they entered the hospital room. Lindsey was sleeping peacefully, covered in sweat. Brian sat near by, holding the baby in his arms. “It's a girl,” he said with a smile that reminded Joseph of a father's pride.
Helen clasped her hands together. “She is so beautiful. And what's her name?”
“Haley,” Lindsey said, sitting up in her bed.
They turned and gently hugged her. Helen wiped her forehead with a clean wash cloth. “How do you feel?” she asked Lindsey.
“Exhausted. Sore.”
Helen chuckled. “Welcome to the world of motherhood, Darling. Brian wasn't easy to push out.”
Lindsey smiled weakly and took her mother's hand. “I know that you aren't my biological mother, but you are still my Mom. I love you. You have always been there for me. I will never again take you for granted.”
The two women smiled and hugged. “I love you,” Helen whispered.
“I love you two, Mommy.”
Joseph lovingly patted his daughter's head. “You are the perfect daughter. I am sorry for hurting you.”
She smiled up at him. “I forgive you, Daddy.”

Two Months Later

It was lunch time as Lindsey's phone beeped. She looked at the text and smiled. It was a picture of Brian and Haley. When she put her phone up, Alex sat at the table. “When are you going to do a DNA test?” he asked.
She looked at him. “I'm not going to. Brian is her father.”
“No he's not. You know it.”
“Shut up. I don't care. Try to court order it, and I will make sure that you never see her at all. As far as she's concerned, Brian is her daddy. Not you.”
He looked angry. “Why?”
“I don't have to explain myself to you, Alex. My rule is final.”
He shrugged and got up. “Fine. I just hope that one day she finds out.”
“She will. I'll tell her when I think she is ready. Until then, keep your fucking mouth shut.”
As Alex stormed off, Lindsey ate her sandwich. She was just about to text Brian back when someone walked through the door. His name was Kevin Myers, the high school quarterback. He had short black hair, and bright amber eyes. His skin was tan and smooth. His body was slick and muscular. She knew that she just had to have one last casual fuck.
When he sat down with her, she was surprised. “Hey, Lindsey. How are you?”
“Kevin? Why are you sitting with me?”
He reached a hand under the table and rubbed her knee. “I just wanted to see if you would rather get lunch off campus.”
Lindsey didn't know what to say. At fifteen, she had been dieing to fuck him. Now he was more than willing. Had turning seventeen changed her that much? Or was it the fact that she had a child? “Really?” she asked.
Kevin nodded. “Yeah. I have a SUV with back seats that go all of the way down into the floor. There's plenty of room to lay down.”
Lindsey smirked. “Sounds fun”


The back of Kevin's vehicle wasn't quite what she had thought as she lay there. Kevin had her shirt off and was sloppily kissing her neck. “I want to fuck you so hard,” he whispered in her ear.
Lindsey instantly thought about Brian and Haley. She couldn't imagine what she had once seen in Kevin. He was a slob. Her pants were quickly pulled off her. Then her panties were removed, and her heart began pounding. Kevin had his cock aimed at her pussy, from which she had only recently given birth to her precious little girl. “Stop,” she said.
He looked confused. “What? I am not stopping now. You are so hot.”
She tried to shove him away, but he was too strong. He rammed himself inside her. She screamed as he fucked her hard. Thankfully, he was a minute man, so to speak, and was quickly done. As he pulled on his clothes, he glared at her. “Alex said that you might be difficult. Maybe now you'll let him see the kid that could be his.”
Lindsey felt so betrayed and broken as she lay there naked. She curled her self into a ball and sobbed. Then he picked her up by her hair. “You gonna cut Alex some slack?” he yelled, spitting in her face.
She cried. “Please, stop.”
Kevin punched her in the gut, knocking the wind out of her. She gasped as she fell. He continued punching her, his fist meeting her ribs and face repeatedly. When he was finally done, he threw her out of the vehicle and tossed her clothes on top of her. “You are such a slut,” he hissed as he shut his vehicle and walked away.
Minutes later, a girl found her there. The police were called, and Lindsey found a familiar set of arms holding her. She passed out, the pain becoming too much. But she knew that she was safe.


Pain rushed through Lindsey as she opened her eyes. A heart monitor beeped steadily nearby. When she saw Joseph, tears threatened to leak from her eyes. “You came?” she asked.
He nodded. “I was first on the scene. How are you feeling?”
“I'm hurting pretty bad. Am I going to be alright?”
“Yeah. The doctor said you only sustained some bruises and cuts. You were lucky.”
She looked into his eyes. “Kevin?”
Joseph nodded again. “We got him. A witness saw him throw you out of his car. And he confessed that Alex paid him to do it.”
“Is Alex in jail too?”
Joseph smiled. “Yeah. And they won't be getting out any time soon. Now, just relax. I'm not leaving.”

Chapter Twenty-One
One Year Later

Lindsey was so happy that they had waited to get married. She looked at herself in the mirror. The pure silk gown clung to her body. At only eighteen years old, she was a gorgeous bride. He mother put a gold diamond necklace around her neck. “Your grandmother gave me this on the day of my wedding. And now, I am giving it to you.”
She hugged her tight. “You are so beautiful, Lindsey.”
As the music started, the brides maids and the maid of honor proceeded out into the chapel. Lindsey's heart began pounding in her chest. “I'm so nervous.”
Helen brushed a hand over her cheek. “Don't be.”
A knock on the door made Lindsey calm herself. “Are you ready?” Joseph called from the other side.
“Yeah,” she said as she opened the door.
They looped their arms and began walking. At the entrance to the chapel, Lindsey felt all of the eyes on her. She had only graduated a month ago. Haley had turned one already, and had been the cutest little flower girl. Now she was marrying the one man that truly loved her with all of his heart.
As she locked gazes with Brian, she proceeded down the aisle. People were smiling and taking pictures, but she could only see him. This was the moment that she had been waiting for. As she took Brian's hands, she felt herself enter destiny.

Three Months Later

Joseph smiled as he rang the doorbell to Brian's apartment. When the door opened, Brian smiled at him. “Hey Dad. We weren't expecting you.”
“I just wanted to come by and see Lindsey and Haley.”
“Papaw,” Haley shouted as she ran to him.
He smiled and scooped her up into his arms. “How is my little angel?” he asked.
Haley giggled. “Daddy is taking me to the park!”
“That sounds fun! When you get back, I'll take you out for some ice cream!”
Haley smiled and hugged him again. “I love you, Papaw!”
He hugged her tight. “I love you too, Bug.”
As Brian and Haley left, Joseph shut the door. Moments later, Lindsey walked out of the kitchen with a tight white spaghetti strap shirt and baggy hollister sweat pants. Her hair was in a messy bun, and there was a dish rag slung over her shoulder. “Hey, Dad,” she said with a grin.
“Hey, Baby. I just wanted to see you. How have you been?”
She shrugged. “Not bad. Haley keeps me busy when I'm not doing my online college classes.”
“What are you studying?”
She smiled. “Criminal Justice. Figured I might become a cop.”
Joseph chuckled as he approached her. “Well, I am proud of you. You have really done good for yourself. And did you hear about Derrick?”
Lindsey looked slightly uncomfortable. She never liked for people to mention him. “What about him? Did someone assassinate him? They'd be doing the world a favor.”
Joseph sighed. “He won the election.”
“Good for him. How about you? What's new with you?”
“I am thinking about running for county sheriff. Maybe I might get into politics myself.”
Lindsey rolled her eyes. “Not you too.”
“And I have been thinking about you.”
Lindsey smirked. “Really?”
He nodded as he pinned her to the wall. “I just have to have you one more time.”
Their lips locked passionately. She unbuckled his belt and quickly let his pants fall to the floor. He boxers followed behind them. Then he slid her pants down with her panties and kissed her snatch. “You still taste amazing,” he whispered as he slid back up to kiss her lips.
He picked her up by her ass, and she wrapped her amrs and legs around him. He thrust deep into her, making her gasp. “God, that feels good,” she moaned.
“I missed you, Lindsey.”
Her eyes fluttered. “But what about Mommy?”
Joseph kissed her. “I am still with her. But I want to be with you when I can. You will always be my precious girl.”
Lindsey smirked in the sexiest way. “I love being daddy's little girl.”

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