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As with previous parts, this story does contain scatology, and if you are totally against it please do not read and then complain. If you are mildly curious, or extremely adventurous, please go ahead and enjoy it.
Kathy opened her eyes but it took a short while before she fully adjusted to the unfamiliar surroundings.
She was naked and lying on the mattress, partially covered by a blanket, her lower half being exposed to the guy sitting with her.
She was aware of the sound of voices and the clinking of glasses and plates coming from the kitchen as her eyes focused on July enjoying coitus with two white guys on the sofa.
She propped herself up, resting on her elbow,
“Good Morning” her mattress mate greeted her.
“Morning?” she questioned.

“Yeah, it’s just after two thirty…………….most people have gone home…………won’t be long before I’m off too………… soon as I’ve taken care of this.”

He looked down at the erect penis in his hand.
Kathy sat up; feeling obliged to take an active role in his masturbation, and at first cupped her hand under his balls before sliding her palm onto his shaft and gripping it to wank him.
Her vagina was very sore and she winced as his finger entered her and she wondered if he was going to want to enter her there.

“I have to say babe, you were so damned hot in that sling!”

Kathy leaned towards him, kissing him, and lifted her left buttock so she could probe her arsehole with her finger, trying to decide which hole hurt the least.
She squeezed his cock harder and wanked it more quickly.

“So you enjoyed having me then?”

“Oh fuck yes babe, each and every hole!”

Kathy turned herself around so that she could take his dick between her lips.

“Kathy, will you do something for me?”

“Sure I will, that’s what I’m here for.”

“Will you squat on my face?”

She got up onto her knees, allowing him to lie on his back, and then straddled him.

“Oooooooh fuck baby you taste so good”

His tongue flicked from her arsehole to her clitoris, parting her pissflaps, probing her over-used holes.

“Must be a bit smelly down there”

The thought of him licking her where all those guys had dumped their loads was getting Kathy wetter.
“Baby it smells and tastes just great; push your hole open for me”

Kathy done as he requested and he took charge of his cock and began to furiously fist it.
His surprisingly long tongue wriggled against the walls of her arse as she pushed it open.
Her cunt was dribbling as she pushed still harder, his hand a blur on his cock.
She strained as hard as she could, his mouth open beneath her cunt as she trickled piss. The first blob of spunk erupting from his cock as he devoured her juice and the almost silent puff of gas from her, being drawn in to his eager nostrils as she poised above his penis trying to catch his sperm on her lips.
He clawed at her bum pulling her hard against his face as his hand parted company with his still dribbling cock allowing her to savour his seed.
She sucked him until his licking ceased and he started to wriggle and protest that he couldn’t take anymore.
Kathy rolled off him allowing him to get up and give her a long and deep thank you kiss before he stood up and went over to the far corner of the room to retrieve his clothes and dress.

The guys that had been on the sofa with July joined him moments later and July called over.

“Hey cupcake……………are you ok?”

Kathy went over to sit with her.

“Bet you never had a night like this before, Hey Kathy?”

Kathy had to admit that she hadn’t.

“You must be fuckin’ knackered”

July shouted through to the kitchen.

“Hey Lenny, you got anywhere for a couple of sweet young ladies to get their heads down”

“Upstairs, second on the left after the bathroom”

Kathy watched a tiny rivulet of cum trickle down the inside of July’s fleshy thigh as she followed her upstairs.
The bed was small, but comfortable, and feeling the rise and fall of July’s enormous breast beneath her head and the security of her arm wrapped around her waist, she fell softly asleep……………………..

Kathy was awoken partly by the beam of sunlight shining on her face through a chink in the curtains and partly by July’s soft snoring.
July was lying on her back and her boobs had separated and lay at her armpits.
Kathy stuck out her tongue and gently licked at the aureole of her right tit that was in front of her face. The nipple stiffened as she flicked her tongue over it. She sucked it into her mouth and gave it a gentle bite.

“Fuck…………….oh, mmmmmmmmmm “July ran her fingers through Kathy’s hair.

“Good morning babe, thanks for the alarm call”

Kathy wrapped her arm around July’s fat belly and gave her a squeeze; sucking harder on her nipple; feeling the tension in her gut as she drew her feet up towards her buttocks and pushed out a long rasping fart.

“Kathy laughed,” Hope that’s not a smelly one”

July pulled the quilt up over their heads.

“You tell me babe”

Kathy inhaled deeply as she turned around to get her face closer to the source of the smell.

“Oh fuck baby………….. It is a lovely smelly one”

July drew her feet up, opening her legs wide to enable Kathy to get between her legs and rub her face in her cunt.
Kathy revelled in the stench; her nose pressed hard against July’s clit as she lapped at the secretions caused by early morning excitement and the previous night’s indulgencies.
She pushed her tongue into her sweaty shithole and felt July straining against her.
Kathy devoured the pee that July so generously supplied her with and was still gulping it down when she heard the door open and felt the cover being pulled off them.

She turned around and looked up to see Carter standing at the end of the bed.

“Sorry to bust up the party girls, but if you want a lift back to your car with Lenny, he will be leaving in 15 minutes.”

Kathy panicked.
She slid up July’s body and gave her a short but deep kiss.

“Shit, I’m sorry baby, I need a shower.”

She jumped off the bed, pushing her way past Carter and made her way to the bathroom.

5 minutes later she was downstairs hurriedly dressing into her work clothes.
The rest of the guys came in to say goodbye before Lenny took her out to the car.

“Maybe you can wear your nurse’s outfit at the next party?”

“Your wish is my command sir.” She said in return to Benny’s question.

Although Jeff had had the entire night to do as he wished, both John and Chris had left before midnight so he went to his bed alone and had a really good nights sleep.
He had been up fairly early busying himself with housework, making sure there was no evidence of the previous nights activities for Kathy to discover when she got home.
It was just after 11am when Kathy opened the front door.

“Hello sweetie, did you have a good night?”

“Yeah it was great, but I had a few too many drinks and we were up quite late so I’m feeling a little tired.”

Kathy was also feeling a little sore between her legs and hoped that Jeff didn’t notice the awkward way she was walking.

“Why don’t you go up and have a nice bath and then put your feet up, you look pretty bushed.”

“Good idea Jeff, I think I will; how did your day go?”

“Nothing really exciting for me sweetie, well, apart from I got an offer to help a guy with some accounting.”

Kathy didn’t find accounting at all exciting so she dropped the subject and went up for a bath.

She came back down feeling more refreshed, and a lot cleaner than she had been after her rushed shower at Lenny’s house, and she sprawled herself out on the sofa to watch T.V.
Within just a few minutes she had drifted off to sleep.

Jeff watched her for a while as she slept; her nightie had ridden up and offered him an excellent view of her clean shaven snatch, and he actually got a bit of a hard-on.
It wasn’t just the sight of her pussy, it was also the thought of what it would look like if John, or Chris, could take advantage of it, and fill it with their cocks.
He sighed as he dismissed the thought as sheer fantasy and set about preparing the Sunday Roast.

Kathy looked in to the private room off to the side of the main male ward and saw that Bill Curtis was dressed and ready to leave hospital.

“Thanks for everything Kathy, you made my stay here really enjoyable.”

“Just part of my job Bill” she said with a twinkle in her eye. “I’m pleased that you are feeling better”

Bill walked towards her and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“You be careful on that bike of yours, don’t want you back in here with something more serious.”

“Does that mean that seeing you again is out of the question?”

Kathy thought for a minute.
She really would have liked to see him again right then and there, but it was hopelessly impossible.

“Mister Curtis, I am a married woman, what do you take me for?”

He offered her a piece of paper with his cell phone number on.

“Send me a text if you want me to take you for anything”

He kissed her briefly on the lips and then made his way out of the ward.
Kathy looked at his phone number, then folded the paper and put it in her breast pocket.

It was Wednesday afternoon and nothing exciting had happened to Kathy since the weekend party.
She had noticed that Jeff seemed a little different for some reason.
For one thing, they had had sex on two consecutive nights at his instigation, which was completely out of character for him, and there was that incident in the bathroom……….
Kathy was sitting on the toilet taking a piss, having left the bathroom door open, as per usual, and Jeff had come in and watched her as she peed.
He could have done this on countless occasions in the past, but he was more likely to politely close the door or walk past without so much as a glance;
But this time, he came right in and watched.
Of course, Kathy didn’t mind in the least, but it did seem rather odd.
She had parted her legs to afford him the best possible view, but it was really strange the way he stared at her until she finished.
Kathy wondered if maybe he was going through some sort of mid life change that affected his hormones.
Maybe that was the reason he was in that car park with that guy, and maybe he did like a bit of cock?
Maybe he would be a changed man and start fucking her and giving her what she so desperately needed?
Her thoughts were disturbed by the duty sister when she asked her to attend to the guy that had just thrown up in the end bed.

The lights were on when Kathy arrived home, and as she hung up her coat she could hear Jeff talking with someone in the living room.
Then she remembered.
Jeff had told her that an old friend of his was coming round to go through some figures or something concerning some sort of transport business.
She checked her red hair in the hall mirror, brushed herself down with the palms of her hands, and then made her entrance.

She found it difficult not to gasp or scream when she saw Jeff and John sitting at the dining table.
It was him…………
It was the guy at the car park………..
The guy that was with Jeff………………and……………….oh shit……….
It was the guy that had seen her outside the gents toilets.

“Kathy, this is John, you know, the guy I told you about.”

Kathy tried to compose herself, and held out her hand.

“Pleased to meet you John”

John took her hand and shook it; he was temporarily lost for words as he recollected the toilet girl.

“The pleasures all mine” he said with a wink.

Oh Fuck, Kathy thought to herself, he remembers.

She went into the kitchen, took a bottle of Merlot from the wine rack, opened it, and poured herself a large glass, and then rejoined them.

“Would you like a beer or a glass of wine John?” Jeff asked as he scowled at Kathy for not offering them drinks.

“A beer would be most acceptable thanks John”

“Sorry, I should have asked you, but it’s been a long day.”

Jeff went to fetch the beers leaving John and Kathy alone for a couple of minutes.
Kathy was absolutely gob smacked when John turned to her, ran his hand up and down her leg, and the quietly said,

“I think we have met before.”

“Ummmm…………….. really………………..I don’t remember………..ah……’ll have to excuse me……..I really need to shower and change.”

With that Kathy dashed out of the room and went up to the bathroom.
She couldn’t decide what to do,
Should she spill the beans completely and come clean about everything, or should she continue hoping that there was more than accountancy transpiring between Jeff and John and let it ride until something more developed?
As she slipped on her nightgown, she decided to let it ride for the time being.

“Lovely looking girl, Kathy.”

“Yes, I guess I’m lucky.”

“Seems somehow familiar to me Jeff”

“Ha…….you mean you would like to get familiar with her?”

John placed his hand on Jeff’s crotch and squeezed his cock.

“Would be a good threeso…………”

John didn’t have a chance to finish the word as Kathy came in, picked up her glass and went to refill it before sitting on the sofa.
The accountancy seemed to have come to a halt as she noticed that she was now the center of their attention.
She looked down at her crotch. Her nightgown was quite short but she was not showing anything she shouldn’t, but nevertheless she felt quite naked as they looked at her.

“I was just telling Jeff how lucky he was to have such an attractive wife.”

At that point Kathy knew that he wanted her, and started to feel that maybe she might want him too. After all, he was quite an attractive looking guy.
She took a sip from her wine.

“I am flattered that you think so John.”

She raised her legs up onto the sofa, causing her nightgown to ride further up her thighs, but still protect her modesty.

“Pardon me for leaving you, but I need the loo.”

Jeff got up to go to the bathroom leaving Kathy and John alone.
Kathy shuffled on the sofa, totally unsure of herself, and she parted her legs slightly, allowing her nightgown to open just enough to give John a glimpse of her thighs.
His eyes were fixed on the tops of her legs,

“Hmmmmm, that reminds me of the first time I saw you.”

“Does Jeff know?”

“Not at the moment, probably best if we keep it our secret.”

“You must think I am a real slut?”

“I was kind of hoping that you were, I think we could have fun together.”

“But what about Jeff?

“Don’t you go worrying your pretty little head about Jeff.”

“But………what do you mean?”

“I mean, Jeff will be perfectly okay with it.”


“Trust me.”

John was sitting on the sofa next to Kathy when Jeff came back down. Her nightgown was now open enough to give a perfect view of her shaved cunt and both the guys couldn’t take their eyes off it.

“Do you think you should sit between us Kathy?”

“Holy shit, are you serious Jeff?

Jeff winked at John and smiled as Kathy sat up allowing him to slide in beside her, and then Jeff undone the buttons of her nightgown, letting it fall open.
John was quick to grab her breasts, tweaking her nipples between his fingers and massaging her ample orbs.

“Um…. Guys…… you think we ought to go to bed?”

“That’s an excellent idea Kathy.” Jeff said, to Kathy’s complete astonishment.

Kathy lay on her back on the bed totally naked while the boys undressed. She was delighted when she saw the size of Johns dick and his neatly trimmed pubes and shaved bollocks.
They climbed onto the bed either side of her, each taking a nipple into their mouths as both their hands explored her crotch.
Kathy opened her legs wide, enjoying the attention of their fingers in her cunt and arse and started to fondle their rigid cocks.
She never dreamed that she would ever do anything like this with Jeff, but she was also so curious as to exactly what the relationship was between him and John.
Eventually she threw caution to the wind and took hold of Jeff’s hand and moved it onto John’s cock.
She watched as he happily began stroking it.

She whispered in his ear, “Give him a suck.”

Jeff slid down the bed and leaned across Kathy and took John’s dick in between his lips.
Kathy took Johns hand and encouraged him to hook two fingers inside her now overflowing cunt and massage her clit and g-spot.
She was so excited to watch her husband sucking cock that her orgasm was instantaneous, and one of the strongest she had ever experienced.

“Your husband is a superb cocksucker Kathy”

Kathy could understand perfectly well how sucking a fine cock like John’s deserved to be performed with as much effort as possible, and when John’s lips left hers, after giving her a really enjoyable, and extremely sloppy tongue tangling kiss, she asked,

“I’d love to go down and share it with him if it’s okay with you?”

After changing positions John was left lying on his back between them with his cock being massaged by both sets of lips; Kathy’s bald wet cunt on one side of his face, and Jeff’s pre-cum oozing dick on the other.
He turned his attention to Kathy first.
He had, on many occasions, taken Jeff’s cock in his mouth but was keen to enjoy his tongue probing the delights of his slutty wife.

Kathy raised her leg to accommodate him but could only hold the position for a short while before she began to tire.

“I’ll have to move Jeff, I’ll have to get on top of him so he can give me a good tonguing.”

Jeff dutifully got off the bed and watched as his wife enjoyed a sixty nine with his friend.
He was amazed at how horny it made him feel.
His feelings of guilt toward Kathy melted into oblivion as he watched her greedily slurping on his cock.
He did wonder how John had so easily persuaded her to take part in this threesome and how Kathy had seemed familiar to him, but he didn’t dwell on it; he was so excited and happy to watch them enjoying each other.

John reached out for Jeff’s cock and Jeff moved closer so that he could take it in his hand.
Johns face was glistening with the juice from Kathy’s cunt, but he was now focusing his attention on her arsehole.
Jeff was desperately fighting the urge to cum as John continued to wank him.

“Somebody fuck me!”

Kathy cried out in desperation.
Jeff got onto the bed with his balls dangling over John’s eyes and pushed his prick against her cunt.

“In my arse Jeff, give it to me up the bum, PLEASE fuck my arse!”

John was nibbling and sucking on her clit as he watched Jeff’s cock slide into her poop chute.
Kathy cried out with delight as her husbands smallish cock gave her at least some of the satisfaction she demanded, but she still craved more.

She was about to ask John to simultaneously shag her cunt when she felt the all too familiar stiffening of Jeff’s cock in her bum and heard him grunting.
John’s expert tongue brought Kathy to another orgasm and he was amazed and extremely delighted as her juice sprayed over him.
He instantly wondered if she might at sometime do him the honour of pissing on him.

Jeff’s balls were banging against John’s nose as he shot his muck into his wife’s shitter and his mouth was still being filled with the slush from her slit.

Jeff finally finished and pulled away from his wife’s distended bum.
John looked up and stuck out his tongue as the cum trickled and then farted out of her arse.
Kathy felt John’s tongue in her arse;
She let his cock fall from her mouth and sat up, still kneeling, but now with her arse fully over his mouth.
Jeff took John’s cock in his mouth as she pulled her bum cheeks apart and pushed hard to feed him with her arse juice.

Satisfied that she had given as much as he was going to get, she turned around and straddled him, dropping her head down to kiss him.
Her tongue searched his mouth for any remnant of Jeff’s cum.
Kathy’s bum was rubbing against Jeff’s head as he sucked at John and he was finding it difficult to give him the blowjob that he would expect, so he was relieved when Kathy shouted,

“Put his dick in me Jeff, I need his fucking cock.”

Jeff had never enjoyed himself so much.
His love for Kathy was stronger now than he had ever known it, and the pleasure he felt when he took his best friends cock in his hand, and fed it into her beautiful slimy cunt was immeasurable.
He watched as the whole length slid deep inside her and she began to bounce up and down on it.
He thrilled as Kathy told John how good he felt inside her and how she wanted him to fuck her hard and deep.
He wished that his own cock was not in its now flaccid state so that he could join with them.
He knelt beside the bed looking at the joy on their faces as they shagged, and then kissed each one of them.

“Have fun you two, I just need to go and get something.”

He left the bedroom and went downstairs.

“You are even more of a slut than I imagined you to be when I saw you outside those toilets!
What exactly were you doing there?”

“I might ask you the same question.”

“Okay, I’ll come clean if you do too.”

John’s cock was fully inside her and she was grinding her clit against his pubic bone as they talked in whispers.

“Jeff and I have been meeting up, occasionally, for sex for a good while now. I suppose you realize that?”

“I have to admit that I thought it was not the first time when I asked him to suck you. Do you do more than suck?”

“We both enjoy fucking each other too; if that’s what you mean?”

“Oh wow, that is just so fucking great.”

Jeff got his wallet from his jacket pocket and took out the half tablet of Karmagra and went to the kitchen to swallow it with a glass of water.
Although it tasted pretty foul, he chewed it first so that it would get into his system quicker.
He sat for a while in the living room and considered his situation.
He came to the conclusion that he was as happy as a pig in shit.
He had always loved his wife, but he had always loved sex with guys too, but until today he had felt guilty about it.
Even when Kathy asked him to fuck her in the arse, although he loved it so much, he had been reluctant; fearing that somehow she would think his enthusiasm would expose his secret liking for men.
It all seemed so silly now.
Kathy obviously enjoyed seeing him suck John’s cock and she would probably enjoy the other things they did together, and she was at this very moment enjoying having his cock in her.
It couldn’t have been much more than a couple of minutes since he swallowed the pill, but he was beginning to get a reaction in his prick.
Of course, it could be something to do with his realization that he was so turned on by his wife finally getting a good sized cock inside her.

He had always felt more than a little inadequate about the size of his penis, and although Kathy never complained, he felt that she was worthy of more; and now she was getting much more.
He wondered if he would get the opportunity to share her with Chris; his cock was absolutely magnificent and he wanted her to enjoy it as much as he had.
At that moment, he wanted her to have all the cock she needed, whether he were there to share them or not; He had come to the realization that it pleased and excited him for her beautiful body to be taken advantage of by anyone she chose and he was happy to help her in any way he could.

“So what were you doing there in the clothes of a whore?”

“Jesus, oh fuck……….I………uh………was meeting a guy that I first met online;
A big black guy called Lenny.”

“Holy shit!........I suppose when you say big………you mean big cock?

“When I say big, I actually mean HUGE cock!”

“Wow, that’s incredible, did you spend all night with him?”

“Yeah, him and a few others.”

“Holy shit!.........I mean fuck…..oh boy…… many others?”

“Twenty seven, including the three girls.”


Jeff had been standing outside the bedroom door and had heard about Lenny and his huge cock and had become aroused.
When he calculated that she could have enjoyed as many as 24 cocks he became absolutely rigid.

He coughed loudly, and then entered the bedroom; his admiration for his whore of a wife now at its acme.
Kathy noticed the proudly erect state of his cock as he stood beside them.

“Can you do my arse again darling?”

She lifted her butt until only the head of John’s cock was inside her while Jeff got behind them.
Her bumhole was still slightly open and lubricated enough for Jeff’s cock to slide into, and when it was in up to the hilt, she lowered herself back down until they had both filled her and their balls were touching.
John remained still as Jeff started to hump her; the feeling of the cock in her arse rubbing against his through the thin flesh between them, was more than enough to satisfy his desire to move in and out of her.
Jeff had never before lasted so long in her arse; His only disappointment was on the few occasions when his overly exuberant pumping found his cock outside her hole, and his fumbling to return it as Kathy screamed for more.
He felt her hole tighten as John stiffened and didn’t really need the conformation from John as he shouted,

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

It was like a command to Jeff; He increased his force and was soon once again pumping his load into his wife’s grateful posterior.
They collapsed in a heap; Jeff was surprised how he had not shrunk as quickly as usual and was able to remain inside her as they all panted, trying to regain their breath.

“I wanna taste you, I wanna taste your spunk”

“I can collect it for you sweetie”

“Yes Jeff; Get on the floor and you can collect it in your mouth.”

Kathy was enjoying the newly found subservience of her husband and wanted to take full advantage of it.
She climbed off John and squatted with her cunt above Jeff’s open mouth.

“Don’t you dare swallow any.”

“I won’t sweetie, I will save it all for you my love.”

“You better not, but there’s one more thing that I want you to do for me.”

“Anything sweetie, anything you want.”

“Jeff, for Fucks Sake Stop calling me SWEETIE”

Jeff didn’t get a chance to answer her as she pushed and globules of spunk exploded from her holes.
He had his work cut out trying to collect them as he was sucking at her cunt when his own sperm farted out of her arse and landed uncomfortably on his eyelid.
Kathy cleaned John’s semi hard dick with her tongue as she worked two fingers in her twat scooping out what Jeff had missed, and then, satisfied that she was pretty empty, pushed Jeff off her and lay back on the bed.
Jeff’s mouth was full as he hovered above her lips.
He gobbed into her open mouth as John hooked two fingers in her cunt to exercise her g-spot and hopefully make her squirt.
Jeff closed his mouth and watched as his darling wife devoured the spunk, and then, when she opened her lips to show she had swallowed it all, kissed her to allow her to search out the remaining drops with her tongue.
To his delight, John succeeded to make Kathy squirt, and was able to get down on her to take a huge mouthful of her glorious juice.

It was a night to remember, but also a night that drew all too rapidly to a close, as it was past midnight and John had to get home.
Kathy and Jeff remained naked as John dressed and were happy to spend some time kissing goodbye to him before they returned to the bedroom.


2011-06-21 05:27:07
I wrote these stories for someone called Kathy that I chat with online. She, or he, has an interest in scat and although in reality I do not care for it myself I took it as a personal challenge to write about it. I do however, find farts quite amusing and included them as a slightly milder form of scat. I am pleased that some people have enjoyed these stories, but am also sorry that they have offended others, although it is made quite clear that the subject matter could possibly be very disgusting.

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2011-06-21 00:20:39
I love your stories. They turn me on to the max. I came 5 times and squirted once by just reading part 8


2011-06-20 20:00:14
Introduction: As with previous parts, this story does contain scatology, and if you are totally against it please do not read and then complain. If you are mildly curious, or extremely adventurous, please go ahead and enjoy it.

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That's fucking disgusting. You seem obsessed about farts?!

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