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The Neighbors find out.
I was walking down a driveway back to the alley. It was after midnight and I had just fucked one of my neighbors dogs. It was the big chocolate Lab. His owner usually kept his gate locked, but for me that was no problem. I just hopped over the fence. I was in great shape. It had been about a year since I started taking these nighttime soirees into my neighborhood in search of a canine lover. In that year I had started working out with a vengeance. I had joined a gym and had basically transformed my body.

I was very lean and muscular now. My arms had definition and my stomach was flat with a six pack. My legs looked like a runners, toned and strong. I guess the only thing out of place was my boobs. They were still huge, especially since I was still lactating. They didn't sag as much since I worked on my chest. When I went to the gym in my little workout shorts and a sports bra I got constant looks from the guys. I caused quite a few bulges to form and could have had my pick. I liked to tease them knowing none of there cocks could compare to what I could get.

I was in heat this week. Over the last year I had been pregnant two more times. One was very short but the other lasted almost two months. I actually went to get a sonogram on that one. I went to a free clinic and used another name. The inexperienced nurse said it looked like I was going to have triplets, but that they were very small and she wasn't sure they would make it. They didn't, but I figured out it was the Rottweiler who was able to get me pregnant. There must be something about his seed and my eggs that was a close enough match to cause temporary conception.

I walked down the alley toward my house. I was naked of course and I felt great. The Lab had knotted me and pumped me full of his cum. I could feel some leak out as I strutted my stuff down the alley. I was still in heat and still horny. Maybe I could find another suitor tonight. I had to walk past my next door neighbors Mike and Sues house. Their male Doberman had been my first dog lover. I still loved to fuck him on occasion. I thought maybe if he was in the backyard I would make him a lucky dog tonight. They still had the female back there too but she very sweet and left us alone.

I walked up their driveway hoping to find the gate to their backyard open. I tried it and it was. Very quietly I opened it and slipped in the yard. It took me a minute to take in the scene before me. It was a shock and I thought about turning around and quietly leaving. In the middle of the yard was the male Doberman. He was fucking a female. The female was my neighbor Sue. She was naked on her hands and knees and her big male dog was humping her like crazy. I knew how thick and long his cock was and he was giving it all to her. It was amazing to see him fuck another human female.

What was even more amazing, not ten feet from that pair was Sue's husband Mike. He was naked on his knees and he had the female Doberman backed up to him and he was fucking her. I couldn't believe it. He was stoking what looked like a good size cock in and out of the females pussy. She seemed to be enjoying it because she wasn't trying to get away. Here before me was this amazing scene. What was I going to do? I could leave, but now I had found some people that like to do the same thing I did.

I decided to risk it. I slowly walked out of the shadows toward Sue. Mike saw me first and looked my toned naked body up and down and smiled, but didn't say anything. He continued to fuck the female dog. I walked around and stood in front of Sue. She had her head down, but picked it up when she saw my feet in front of her. She had a look of pain and pleasure on her face as she saw who it was. Our eyes met and I smiled and nodded my head. She knew then I understood. Suddenly her eyes opened wide and her mouth formed an O. The male dog stopped humping her and I knew he had knotted her. The scene before me was pure sex. It was making me very excited. I wanted to join in but I didn't know how just yet.

The Dobermans knot was fully seated in Sues pussy. He had turned around on her and I knew they would be hooked up for awhile. I decided to take advantage of her position. I walked closer to her. Her face was now only a couple of inches from my pussy. I knew she could smell me, smell the Lab on me. I looked down at her. She wasn't shying away from me. She moved her face closer to me. She stuck her nose into my bush. She pulled back and looked up at me. I could see the look of lust in her eyes. She was in the same sexual fog I get into. I turned around and spread my legs. I pressed my firm tight ass back into her. I felt her hot wet tongue lick my pussy once, then twice. I wasn't sure she had ever done this to a woman before and I knew I hadn't let another woman do this to me. Seeing the fact that we both enjoyed fucking dogs I guess this was no big deal.

She really started to lap at my pussy. It felt so good. I could feel the Labs semen leaking from me and Sue was drinking it down. She didn't leave my clit alone either. She would suck it and nibble on it sending me shock waves of pleasure. Sue and I were so into this while the big dog was knotted in her I forgot about Mike. I guess he had been watching us because he pulled out of the female dog and walked over to Sue and me. I was bent over with my hands on my knees and Sue was eating me out. Mike walked in front of me and stopped. I looked at his cock. It was quite large and rock hard. It was also dripping from the juices of the female dog. I looked Mike in the eyes and smiled because I knew what he wanted me to do.

I reached out with one hand and grabbed his cock at the base. I pulled him closer to me and placed the big head to my lips. It tasted and smelled different. It smelled more like a dogs cock then a mans. I sucked the big spongy head into my mouth. I could here Mike groan as I took more of him in. I felt Sue shudder with an orgasm as the Doberman tried to pull out but was still stuck in her. She went back to licking me as I sucked her husbands cock. I had my own orgasm as muffled moans came from me. I was able to get about half of Mikes cock in my mouth, but no more because of it's size. I was using my hand to help stroke it in and out. He had great stamina, so unlike my husband.

I felt his cock start to swell a little bit bigger and his balls drew up some. I knew he was getting close. It had been a long time since I had let some man other then my husband come in my mouth. It was rare for me to give my husband a blow job, but I really wanted Mikes load down my throat. I started sucking harder and faster. Sue cried out as the dog pulled his knot free of her and collapsed on the ground. At the same moment Mike unloaded into my waiting mouth. It was very powerful and there was a lot of it. I tried to keep up and did pretty well. I swallowed most of it the rest dribbled down my chin on to my breasts. I let go of his softening cock and stood up. I smiled at him as I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. We both helped Sue up and walked over to their patio and sat down down on some lounge chairs.

After we all caught out breath we looked at each other and started giggling then laughing out loud. Though a little awkward at first we started talking about what just happened and what we obviously shared in common. I explained what I had been doing for the past year. I admitted to Sue that when they had gone on vacation that one time and I watched their dogs I had sex with the male. I said it had started as an accident but I liked it so much I could not stop. I admitted to them that my desire for canine sex had progressed to other dogs in the neighborhood. I left out the part of getting knocked up, but I did tell them my husband didn't know about any of this and asked them to please not tell him.

They promised me and said now that this had happened they would like to be included on some of my adventures. Sue said that soon after they got back from that vacation the male Doberman kept trying to sniff her crotch. When she had started ovulating he tried to hump her. By accident she found herself in a position to let him penetrate her. She let him and they had been fucking ever since. Mike had caught them once and was so turned on by it he encouraged it. He had fucked the female dog a few time while watching them.

While we were all sitting there relaxing after the sex the male dog came over too me and sniffed around me and tried to lick my pussy. We all looked at him then each other and started laughing again. I knew it was late and I thanked them for a great time. I stood up and walked to their gate and waved. I walked next door to my house. Going inside the house was quiet. I quickly showered in the spare bathroom. I slipped into bed with my husband who was sound asleep.

It was a couple of days since my encounter with my neighbors, Mike and Sue. I decided I needed to go talk with them to make sure things were going to be OK between us. It was mid afternoon and I knew Sue was home because her car was there. I walked across the lawn up to her front door. I was dressed to go work out in a sports bra and tight cotton shorts. The bra was stretched tight across my chest and was really too small. I liked it this way and so did the guys at the gym.

I rang the doorbell and Sue opened it. She smiled at me and invited me in, but I could tell she was a little embarrassed. We went into her kitchen and sat down. She offered me some iced tea and we sat there a little nervous and not knowing where to start the conversation. I reassured her that anything we talked about would be kept in confidence. I told her how much I enjoyed watching her mate with her dog. Even though I had done it many times with lots of dogs I hadn't seen another woman do it before that night. She started to feel more comfortable and she asked me about my experiences. She wanted to know what other dogs felt like.

I told her it was like any cock, they are all the same but different. We laughed at that. I told her how some were very long and would push very deep inside me. Some were so thick that I didn't know if they would fit. Some of the knots were so big that I wasn't sure if they would come out. I told her that every month when I would ovulate I would now basically go in heat and I had to have a dog cock in me. I said how much I loved the feeling of that big hot cock shooting it's seed deep inside me knowing there was an egg waiting for it.

She paused for a moment thinking about that. She asked me if I thought it was possible to get pregnant from a dog. I could tell she was serious so I went ahead and told her. When I finished telling her how I had been impregnated by a male dog multiple times and that unfortunately they didn't last she took my hand and said that was amazing. I told her it didn't happen every time and that I was pretty sure it was one dog in particular that did it. I told her about the Rotty and his amazing cock and about the time he had saved me from being raped by that stray dog.

She was fascinated by my experiences of walking around the neighborhood naked looking for canine lovers. She said that really excited her but she didn't know if she could ever be that bold. I told her she was very lucky to have a great dog like her male Doberman. He was a great lover and I had enjoyed the times I had been with him. I said however that there was something about the experience of walking around totally free and naked, giving off a scent that was driving every male dog in the area crazy with lust for you. Knowing that they would fight each other just for the chance to be near you.

She asked me if I would help her with a different male dog. She wanted to try one and since I had been intimate with most of them in the neighborhood she trusted me choosing one. She said she would have to talk to Mike her husband to make sure he was cool with it. Since she brought him up I asked her if she was OK with me having sucked his cock the other night. She smiled and said that yes it was fine. She had a big dog cock up inside her and knew that Mike needed some attention as well. She told me they had actually been to a couple of swinger parties, but nothing serious. After all it was just sex. She loved Mike and she knew he loved her.

I told her how I had not told my husband of my lifestyle. I said how I worried that my husband would have penis envy towards the dogs because his cock was just average, so unlike her husbands cock which was huge. We both laughed at my remark but we had knowing smiles each of us thinking about Mike's tool. I told her I needed to get to the gym. She complimented me on my body and how great I looked. She said Mike had noticed too and said I was smoking hot. I smiled and thanked her for the compliments. As I left we hugged each other. As I pulled away Sue gave me a little kiss on the lips. As I walked back to my house I thought to myself heck what's a little kiss, she has eaten my pussy before.

That evening I called Sue and asked her when she might be ready to try a new dog. She said she was a little sore from the sex that other night with her Doberman, but that after our conversation all she could think about was sex with a strange dog. She had already talked with her husband Mike and he was all for it. I knew Sue was on the pill so she wasn't ovulating. I however was and I would have to use my scent as the bait. I told her the best night would be tonight if she was up for it. Her voice was a little shaky, but she said OK what time? I said it would have to be at midnight. She needed to be naked in her backyard waiting for me. She agreed.

Midnight came and I made sure everyone was asleep in my house. I went out my backdoor and into the alley. I was completely nude of course and I didn't shower after my workout at the gym. My pussy was already wet in anticipation of attracting male dogs. I would use it to find a proper lover for Sue tonight. My nipples were rock hard in the cool night air as my big breasts swayed back and forth as I walked. I went up Sue's driveway and opened the gate to the backyard. Sue and Mike were sitting in patio chairs waiting for me. They were both as naked as me. I smiled at them noticing Mikes big cock hanging down between his legs. I asked Sue if she was ready. She looked at Mike and then back at me and said yes. As she stood up Mike said he wanted me to bring back any dog we found to this yard. If Sue was going to have sex with another dog he wanted it to be here so he could make sure she was safe. I said that might limit our choices, but that we would honor his wish.

As Sue and I went out into the dark alley I wondered if Mike really wanted to make sure she was safe or did he want to watch. I doubted I could get the Lab out of his yard, but I knew there was one dog I could coax back to Sue's, the Rottweiler. His house was down toward the end of the alley. He had dug a hole under the fence in order to get to me. His owner didn't know the hole was there so he should be able to get out again. I took Sue's hand in mine as we walked down the alley. She asked me if I was ever afraid of being caught doing this. I said that was half the thrill. I said the desire far out weighed the fear of being caught.

As we got close to the Rottys house I thought about how Sue would deal with his huge cock and knot. I thought he was going to rip me apart the first time he knotted me. She had been with her Doberman and after all her husbands cock was huge so she might be able to take it. If she got scared I would let him fuck me once again. We got to his yard and I told her to just be still and watch. We could hear movement on the other side of his fence. He was back there and he could smell me. His big bulk was moving back and forth along the fence. I looked at Sue and her eyes were wide and she was breathing fast. Her nipples were hard atop her perky breasts. The big dog moved down to the corner of the fence. We could hear sounds of digging and soon his bulk squeezed under the fence and he stood in the alley. Sue was shaking as she looked at him. I smiled to myself as he slowly walked over to me and stuck his big head into my crotch. He sniffed and then licked my pussy a few times. I rubbed his head and told him what a good boy he was.

I told Sue we better get headed back to her yard before he got too worked up. We started to walk quickly back and he followed right behind us. I could feel his cold nose on my ass a couple of times as we walked. Sue laughed at the sight of this big dog following me because of my scent. We made it to her gate and as Sue and the dog walked in I closed it behind us. Mike stood up when he saw how big the dog was. He asked Sue if she was sure about trying this. She was pretty worked up so she said she was. The dog sniffed around the yard. The Dobermans were put up in the house so no conflicts would happen. He sprayed a few spots then came back over to me. The Rotty continued to sniff and lick my pussy. I knew this was going to be a problem getting him interested in Sue's pussy.

I decided to try something. I told Sue to lay down on the grass and spread her legs. I pushed the dogs big head away and I went over to Sue and got down on the grass myself. I positioned myself so Sue and I were crotch to crotch. I scooted forward and our pussy lips touched. I told her to hold onto my leg and I held onto hers. I ground my wet pussy against hers hoping some of my scent would transfer. As we were grinding against each other both of the males present watched us intently. I could see both of their cocks growing. Mike's was almost at full attention and the dogs big cock was emerging from it's sheath. This actually felt really good and I heard Sue moan a couple of times. My clit was really hard and sensitive. I shuddered as I orgasmed soaking Sue's pussy with more of my juice.

I separated us and told Sue to get up on all fours. I stood up and walked around behind Mike. Sue stayed still with her ass in the air and her soaking wet pussy fully exposed. The big dog followed my scent right to Sue. He gave her wet pussy a few licks as she moaned. I could see his big red cock hanging down and I knew he was ready. Thinking it was me there before him he mounted up on Sue. She could barely hold his weight as he poked his hard cock searching for the entrance. I decided to lend a hand and I knelt down to guide him inside. I told Sue to get ready as I placed his fat cock head to her entrance. As soon as he touched her he pushed forward. Her pussy opened up as half his cock went in her. She cried out and said he was so big. I told her to just relax he hadn't even got to the knot yet.

The big dog continued to thrust into Sue. More and more of his cock was going up inside her. The dog was panting and so was Sue. Soon he was deep inside her and his knot touched her outer lips. It was big but not as big as it was going to get. She asked me to help her get it in. I was on all fours trying to help her spread her pussy more and pushing on the dogs ass urging him forward. It looked impossible and I wondered if I looked like that when he mounted me. I rubbed her clit as he pushed again. All of a sudden he popped his knot past her entrance and they were locked up. He quit pumping and stood still. Sue was breathing hard but said she could feel him swelling inside her and that she didn't know if she could take it. I told her his knot was the size of a softball and getting bigger. It wasn't going to come out anytime soon so she should relax and enjoy it. She said she could feel him coming deep inside her.

I was still on all fours fascinated by seeing the dogs cock buried deep in my friends pussy. I had forgotten about Sue's husband Mike, that is right up to when I felt his hands on my ass. He had moved up behind me as I tended to his wife. I was very exposed in this position and he was going to take advantage of it. I felt one of his hands begin to stroke my pussy. I was so horny that I didn't stop him. I was wet and getting wetter when I felt him place his fat glans against my entrance. He pushed in and his big cock slowly went into me. I didn't care if this was my neighbor's husband, I just wanted to get fucked. His thick cock stretched me and soon he was all the way inside. It was the biggest human cock I had ever had. As he started to stroke in and out of my hot pussy the big dog turned around on his wife still firmly locked to her.

Everyone was sweating and moaning from the pleasure. Mike's big cock felt really good and I knew Sue was very lucky to have it. The dog pulled a couple of times but his knot was too big to come out of Sue yet. Mike was stroking with a purpose now. He reached around and down to grab one of my big tits. I was a lot bigger then Sue so I guess he wanted a chance to play with them. He squeezed them and pinched my nipples. My breasts were full so a stream of milk shot out onto the grass. He continued to pump me and knead my boobs. His big fat cock was long enough to hit bottom in me as he stroked. He was lasting a lot longer then my husband ever did. He grabbed my ass with both hands and groaned as he fucked me. I couldn't help myself and I came from being fucked by someone else's husband. My pussy clamped down on his cock and that set it off. I felt him shudder and then he unloaded into me. He pumped his cock, shooting with each stroke. I came again as he slowed down finally. He left his big cock in me for a moment, not wanting to take it out. Finally, just as he pulled free of me, so did the dog from his wife. The big knot slowly came free and a huge load of dog cum poured out of her.

We all collapsed on the grass. The dog took turns cleaning himself and all of us. As I caught my breath I asked Sue if she had enjoyed that. She smiled weakly and said yes. I turned to ask Mike if he had enjoyed me when I suddenly realized something. I had just fucked a man other then my husband and I had let him come inside me without protection. I was in heat and ovulating. This was not like letting a dog do that to me. I could very easily get pregnant by Mike. I sat up and told them what I had just realized. We looked at each other wondering what to do next. I told them I had an idea but I would need their help.

I got up off the grass and took Sue's hand. I led her over to one of the patio chairs. I sat down in it and spread my legs. I ask Sue to suck my pussy just like she did the last time. I needed her to suck as much of her husbands load out of my pussy as possible. She hesitated just for a moment looking down at my dripping snatch. Mike had put a big load of his sperm inside me. She got down on her knees in front of me and placed her hands on my inner thighs. Leaning forward she took my swollen lips in her mouth and sucked on them.

She would lap up what was leaking from me and suck at my opening to draw more out. Even though I was nervous about Mike having cum in my unprotected pussy, this felt really good. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. Sue was really getting into sucking her husbands sperm from deep inside me. She was swallowing it all, not letting any go to waste. Involuntarily I reached for my big tits and squeezed them and groaned. My hands made their way to my nipples and when I pinched them I felt a stream run down the sides of my breasts. I did this a couple of more times when I felt someone else's hands on my breasts. I opened my eyes and saw Mike leaning over me kneading one of my big tits with both his hands.

I let go of my nipple and arched my back to thrust them forward. Mike got down on one knee and leaned his face down. As his wife was sucking his load from me he sucked one of my nipples into his mouth. It took him a couple of tries, but soon he was latched on and streams of my milk were shooting into his hungry mouth. It felt so strange to have a man drink from my full tits. This was a man, and not any man, it was my neighbors husband. I stroked the back of his head as he drank from me. His wife was making good progress. I felt her tongue explore up inside me. It was surprisingly long and swirled around searching for globs of her husbands deposit.

Mike switched to my other breast suckling it too. My milk flowed and I sighed. Sue was working on my clit now with her tongue. It was still very sensitive from the fucking I had earlier and I almost couldn't stand it. She sucked it into her mouth and flicked her tongue quickly back and forth across it. My reaction was immediate. I shuddered and came violently. Sue quickly let go of my clit and placed her open mouth back over my pussy opening. My vagina spasmed uncontrollably what ever was left from Mikes load oozed out. Sue sucked that up and drank down any other juice that shot out of me.

As I came down off my orgasm, Sue slowed down and finally gave my pussy a kiss and stood up. Mike let go of my breast and stood up as well. He had a big mouthful of my breast milk in his mouth and pulled Sue close and kissed her. They swirled it back and forth mixing it with what Sue had in her mouth. It was something to see and oh so sexy. As I watched them I thought to myself that even though Sue had done a great job cleaning me out, some of Mike's sperm could have gotten past my cervix and was now headed to my fertile egg. My plan was to give his swimmers some competition.

I looked out into the backyard and saw the Rotty sitting there watching us. He looked fully recovered from his go with Sue. I guess the smell of sex in the air had him excited because I could see his red cock poking out of his sheath. As Mike and Sue continued kissing and fondling each other I got up and walked over to the dog. I rubbed his head and thrust my hairy snatch into his face. He and licked me and I heard a low growl form him. I guess he sensed another males presence on me. This was a good thing because I wanted him to claim me as his.

I got down on all fours and though I was a little sore from all the sex tonight I prepared myself to take his huge cock inside me. I raised my ass showing him I was ready for him. He sniffed me and licked my wet pussy. I must have still been giving off a scent that said I was in heat because he hopped up on my back thrusting and searching out my entrance. We knew each other very well and it didn't take long for him to hit the mark. He felt my heat and pushed forward impaling me on his entire length. I heard Sue gasp and figured they were now watching me. My pussy had been given a good workout tonight and was able to take him, all though it was still a really tight fit. His cock was the same length as Mike's but hotter and thicker. He didn't waste time claiming me as his. He began rapid long strokes in and out of my depths.

I was whimpering a little, enjoying being taken by this powerful animal. There was a little pain, but so much more pleasure. I was trying to catch my breath from the fucking I was getting when I opened my eyes. I saw Sue down on all fours with Mike behind her fucking her with his big cock. Her pussy was still full of the dogs load and they were making squishing sounds as Mike pounded her. I thought how lucky they were to be a couple and be so open about sex. The dog fucking me got my attention when I felt his big knot pressing against my opening. I knew it was going to hurt going in, but I wanted it so bad. He kept banging it into me as I slowly stretched to allow it's passage. It wasn't as big as it was going to get and I knew how to concentrate and relax the opening to my canal.

I held my breath and bore down and it popped in. The dog and I were still, waiting for the seal to be complete. I could feel him getting bigger. The end of his cock was pressed up tightly against my cervix and maybe even passed it somewhat. I could feel his thick cock throbbing as I knew he was dumping his load deep inside me. I hoped he had enough seed left for my egg after fucking Sue. He wanted to claim me back as his and impregnate me so I was hoping he would find enough to do that. His knot was at it's maximum size. He turned on me swinging his leg over. We were ass to ass and he was not coming out of me anytime soon.

As the dog pumped me full I could hear Mike and Sue still going at it. Mike was really pumping her and Sue was asking for more. I thought I heard her say something but I couldn't quite make it out. Mike pulled his huge cock out of his wife. It was glistening with her juice and the dogs cum. Mike placed the head of his cock against Sue's asshole. She was talking dirty now and urging him on. He pressed it in and somehow her ass opened up and the head disappeared. Sue was barely able to contain herself as Mike forced more of his cock in her. His thick wet shaft was making progress. The widest part of it slowly went in followed by the rest of it. His huge cock was all the way in her ass.

Mike was telling her how hot and tight she was and Sue was telling him to fuck her hard. He started making small strokes gradually lengthening them as she opened up more. He was stroking fast now pulling almost all the way out then slamming back it. Even with this huge dog cock wedged deep inside me I was wondering what it would feel like to have Mike's cock in my ass. I could see Mike's big balls slapping against Sue's clit. She cried out she was cumming. I could tell Mike was getting close because his balls were drawing up. He had lasted a long time after fucking me first. Just as he started cumming in his wife's bowels the dog started to try to pull out of me. My belly felt so very full of his seed. He was starting to shrink some, but the seal was still pretty tight. His knot was pressing on my G-spot and I could not help giving up to an orgasm myself. My pussy started to powerfully contract and actually began to push him out of me. His knot suddenly popped out followed by his well used cock. I fell forward on to the grass exhausted.

I saw Mike pull his flaccid though still thick cock out of Sue's ass. As he moved to a chair to sit down she squatted and squeezed out the load he had shot up into her ass. It was a huge amount and oozed onto the grass. As the last globs came out the dog made his way over to her. He sniffed the sticky load that was on the grass below Sue and lifted his leg and peed on it. We all watched this act dumbfounded and then broke out laughing. Always the dominant dog he was making sure we all knew it. We all relaxed in the chairs and had something to drink. It was very late and I needed to get the dog back to his house. I stood up and gave both Mike and Sue a kiss and walked out into the alley with the dog and took him back home. Getting back to my own house I took a shower and put a nightie on. I crawled into bed with my sleeping husband. Even though I was worried about what might have happened tonight I was so tired I went right to sleep.


2018-03-26 06:13:07
No way a husband is this stupid writer. Now let’s get her husband involved in this lol


2018-03-26 06:13:07
No way a husband is this stupid writer. Now let’s get her husband involved in this lol


2018-03-26 06:13:07
No way a husband is this stupid writer. Now let’s get her husband involved in this lol


2018-03-26 06:13:00
No way a husband is this stupid writer. Now let’s get her husband involved in this lol

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