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Twenty people dead, all killed by one man without the use of firearms. It was being called one of the worst mass-murders in American history, towering above the recent Tuscon Shooting and all massacres like it. The shear magnitude of death, gore, and heartless killing that had gone on in that one building was baffling the police, and the FBI were now being called in.
It had been eight hours since the massacre, and Jenny and I were already two states away. The sun had just risen, and the highway was mostly empty. Much to my relief, Jenny was sound asleep in the reclined passenger seat, with my coat wrapped around her as a blanket. After her head injury, I knew that she needed rest above all else.
It also gave me time to process everything that had happened and come up with steps for my plan. The realization that I had killed twenty people had already struck me, though it had little affect. My vengeance had been justified, my parents were the only ties I had to my old life, and with a million dollars and my intelligence, I didn't have to worry about surviving. But while I had no regrets of my actions, there was guilt in my heart that I could not eliminate. I kept on looking over to Jenny.
Had I ruined her life by taking her with me? Would her view of me change once she realized the crimes I had committed? Would she even be afraid of me? Were we going to end up going our separate ways, bitter and alone, just like I had predicted before we were first intimate? Were we just going to end up like Bonnie and Clyde? Were we either going to live in hiding, split up, or die at the hands of the authorities? Or was their a chance that my plan could work, and her love and loyalty to me was as strong as she said it was?
I was listening to the radio with the volume set low so as not to disturb Jenny. A calm woman's voice was giving updates of the investigation on NPR, allowing me to evaluate our situation.
“According to the one who placed the call, the killer is recent trauma-survivor Adrian Ashford. Police have tried to find Adrian, but he seems to have disappeared, prompting the FBI to label him as the prime suspect and a dangerous threat to the community. At the scene, forensic investigators found two sets of footprints leading away from the scene, but the call to the police described no accomplices. However, the suspect's girlfriend, Jenny Donovan, was reported to have gone missing as well. After surviving a car crash and being brought to the hospital, Jenny escaped, and her whereabouts are now unknown, but the FBI say that she is most likely with Adrian Ashford.
The forensic investigators are currently trying to identify the weapon used by the killer. While there are slashes and blunt trauma found on the victims, they do not seem to have been caused by a bladed weapon or common bludgeon, and no bullet wounds or powder burns can be found. So far, they have found several hand-made darts, which match the description of the weapon used, as told to the police by the one who made the phone call. Serial killers often use weapons that are similar to each other, so after examining the wounds inflicted to the victims, the FBI believe that the weapon used was a spike-like weapon, similar in design to the darts.
Under normal circumstances, a crime such as this would be considered low priority, as the victims are known felons and the motive is theorized to be revenge. However, due to the large number of victims, the manner in which they were killed, and the capability of the suspect, a full-scale hunt for the killer is now underway. If anyone has any information on Adrian Ashford, please call-” I turned off the radio as Jenny began to stir. She gave a wide yawn and sat up.
“Good morning.” I said. She gave a sleepy smile and kissed me on the cheek.
“Good morning.” She replied as she readjusted her seat.
“So what is the plan?” She then asked.
“Well for now, I think we should lay low. I want to give you plenty of time to recover, and I need time to fully organize my plan. Let's stop in Columbus, get some new clothes and food, find a motel, and rest for a few days. Then we'll set out again once you're fully healed.”
“That sounds perfect. I can't wait to get out of these muddy clothes.” She said as she stretched. After several silent seconds, Jenny finally asked.
“Adrian, what are you going to do? When we were leaving the pier, you said that you had a plan on how you were going to change the world. I know that you still have a lot to figure out, but tell me, what is your big plan?”
I smiled at the question.
“I was wondering when you would ask. Alright, I'm still working on how I'm going to get there, but here is the root of my plan and the goal I'm trying to achieve...”

We stopped off in a small-town mall in Ohio to get some change of clothes, though we were longing to just drive to the nearest motel, lock ourselves in a room, and go to sleep in a warm slightly-clean bed. We were parallel-parked far away from the mall to make sure that the license plates couldn't be identified, and if the authorities did somehow track down the car, they would have to search a much greater area to find us.
I was standing with Jenny in a department store, trying to keep from falling asleep on my feet. Jenny was picking out clothes that would fit her, yawning after every third or fourth blouse. She was wearing a pink knitted hat to hide the bandages around her head. Beside us was a cart full of clothes we had picked out, and both of us desperately wanted to change into them.
I gave a wide yawn and looked around to make sure that we were alone.
“Do I frighten you?” I asked out of the blue.
“What?” Jenny replied.
“We haven't spoken about what happened in the warehouse. Jenny... I've killed people, the FBI is after me because I've killed twenty people. I don't want you to fear me or for your view of me to change. I-” I was cut off as Jenny kissed me on the lips.
“How is it that you have forsaken your machine-like alter ego, but you still don't understand humans? Adrian, I don't fear you, I love you, I adore you, and I am amazed by you. My view of you has changed; you aren't just a part of my life anymore, you are now my life. Besides, the people you killed were the ones who killed my parents, I wanted vengeance as well. Adrian, I would kill for you, I would die for you, and nothing can ever change that.” She whispered sweetly. I smiled and leaned back against a rack of clothes.
“Nothing in this universe is perfect, humans especially. But Jenny, you are as close to perfect as reality will allow.” I said softly.
“You are so sweet. Alright, I got all the clothes I need.” She said, putting three blouses in the cart.
“Great, let's pay and find some motel to pass out in.” I said with a smile as I pushed the cart.
“Sounds like plan.” Jenny said sweetly.

It was just after noon when we pulled up to the Forest Motel, a small inn partially hidden by the woods along the turnpike. We climbed out of the car, carrying our bags from the mall. Hidden among them was the duffle bag full of money and my lance in its sheath. We stepped into the motel office and rung the bell. The owner came up to us.
“How can I help you kids?” He asked.
“Can we have a room for three nights?” I asked.
“Ah, young love, it's always sweetest in a two-star motel. Just don't leave any used condoms around. Room 4.” He chuckled as he handed us a key.
“Two stars? Don't flatter yourself.” Jenny teased as we walked out of the office.
We made our way to the fourth motel room and stepped inside, both giving a sigh of relief.
“I'm going to take a quick birdbath.” Jenny said as she put down her bags and walked into the bathroom. I could hear quick sprays of the shower as Jenny would soak a towel and use it to wash away the dirt and blood from falling into the river. She couldn't shower yet with her head still wrapped in bandages.
I turned on the bedside lamp, lowered the shades, and sat down on the bed, wincing in pain. Only with endorphins and pure will had I been able to endure the pain from my bullet wounds, but now that I could finally lower my guard, it was all rising up. I slowly pulled off my jacket, showing the bulletproof vest around my chest, the two around my arms, and bloody shirt. My wounds had clotted, but were still open. I unfastened my vest, removed the duct tape holding the reinforced kevlar to my arms, and pulled off my shirt.
I pulled off the rest of my clothes, as slowly and carefully as possible. I had countless bloody gashes and large black bruises all over my body, and each was agitated by the smallest movement. I sat back down on the bed, shaking all over and trying to catch my breath. I jerked as I felt a cool wet towel pressed against the bullet wound in my shoulder. I looked behind me and saw Jenny, naked and as wet as the towel. The tender love and worry in her eyes was overpowering.
“My poor darling.” She whispered as she saw all of my bruises and wounds.
She went back to the bathroom and came out with more wet towels and a medical kit. She climbed back onto the bed, kneeling behind me. She began gently cleaning my wounds with the wet towels, wiping away the dirt and blood. I softly hummed in bliss and relaxation from the feeling of the wet towels against my injuries and Jenny's soft hands against my skin.
“Ok, I'm going to have to stitch these up. This will hurt.” Jenny warned, picking a needle and line of thread out of the medical kit.
“You can stitch wounds?” I asked with disbelief.
“I took an extra-credit course in health class, and basic medical techniques were some of the things I was taught. But this kit doesn't come with pain killers, so this will hurt.” She said.
I reached back and placed my hand on Jenny's warm thigh.
“I'll be fine.” I said calmly. Without even looking at her, I knew Jenny was blushing with a smile on her face.
With my hand on Jenny's thigh for mental support, I was able to block out the pain as she began stitching shut my wounds. For over an hour, she worked tirelessly, tending to my injuries. Once she was finished, she wrapped them in bandages and I turned to her.
“Now let me see you.” I said as I placed my hand on the bandages wrapped around her head.
I unfastened the bandages an unwrapped them, then removed the gauze covering the gash on the side of her forehead. The gauze was bloody, but the wound seemed to be doing just fine and would be fully healed by the end of the week. Jenny almost looked like she was sleeping while sitting up as I cleaned the wound with sterilizing strips, covered it with fresh gauze, and wrapped her head with clean bandages.
After I checked to make sure the bandages would stay on, my hand drifted down from her forehead to her soft cheek. Jenny opened her eyes as I brushed my fingers against the side of her face. She grasped my wrist and pressed my hand against her cheek.
“Come on, you need to get some sleep.” She said as she pulled me to the center of the bed. With my whole body aching, I moved under the sheets and put my head down on the pillow. Jenny turned off the bedside lamp and curled up next to me, kissing my chest.
“Goodnight Adrian.” She said softly with her arm across my chest and her head on my shoulder.
“Goodnight Jenny.” I hummed as the soft bed, the warm blankets, Jenny's body pressed against mine, and my exhaustion carried me into the best sleep of my life.

“So what do we know about this Adrian kid?” FBI Agent Hoffman asked, leaning back behind his desk. On the wall above him were his awards from back when he was just a police officer.
His partner, Agent Mason, had just stepped in with an armful of files on me. He had a PhD in psychology, and he often used it to provoke his partner.
“After what he did to those dropouts in that warehouse, he must be one twisted psychopath.” Hoffman said as Mason sat down in the chair in front of his desk.
“On the contrary, he's a certified genius. His school records say that he has an IQ of -oh, you won't believe this- he has an IQ of well over 200. His teachers have commented that he prizes logic and reason above all else and has been compared to a robot countless times. He's almost rich because he makes surgical tools for the local hospital, and his name is quickly circulating the technological industry as some sort of prodigy.” Mason said with disbelief.
“Oh goddammit, I hate the fucking geniuses!” Hoffman groaned.
“Yeah, the geniuses are either experts at hiding or try to play games with us, and we got to find him. However, if his girlfriend is in fact with him, that could work in our favor. People on the run will often make more mistakes if they are with others instead of on their own. And the fact that he loves this girl should cloud his judgment, if only a little. You have those files on the girl right?”
“Jenny Donovan? Yeah, I looked through them. As far as I know, she's just a regular teenage girl. The trauma of her parent's death must be why she decided to run away with him. Eventually she'll realize it was a mistake, leave him, and the pain of losing her will hopefully make Adrian mess up and we'll catch him.”
“Oh, I have Adrian's school picture. Geez, look at the mugshot on him, talk about melancholic.” Mason said, handing him the pictures. He then saw a picture on Hoffman's desk.
“Is that her?” He asked.
“Yeah.” Hoffman said as he looked at my picture. Agent Mason looked at the picture of Jenny and chuckled.
“Geez Mike, you would be out of the job if I weren't here to help you. This girl isn't normal.” He said.
“What do you mean?” Hoffman asked. His partner showed him the picture again.
“She's gorgeous, blond, and busty. I don't think there were any girls in my high school as hot as she is.” Mason said.
“Yeah, she's a looker, what about it?” Hoffman asked.
“A girl like that is at the top of the popularity pedestal, a social goddess in the halls of high school. I know that strange couples can form, but consider the facts; We have this popular beauty -who's teachers all say that she is incredibly kind-hearted and sweet- in love with this emotionless robot, who is a social pariah because of his high intellect and antisocial personality. Either their relationship has always been one bad day from breaking up, or these two have a much deeper relationship than we give them credit for. I don't think they'll just split up.”

It was 8 AM at the motel, and I closed the motel door as quietly as possible, but I could not stop Jenny from waking up. With a wide yawn and several cat-like stretches, she sat up and looked at me.
“Where have you been?” She asked sleepily. I placed a Dunkin' Donuts box and two bags on a nearby table and handed Jenny one of two cups of coffee.
“I just needed to get a few things. We were asleep for almost twenty hours, and I wanted to make up for lost time.” I said. Jenny took a drink of the coffee and grimaced.
“I had always hoped that my first coffee would be sweeter.” She winced.
“Oh, that was your first coffee? Well if I had known that, I would have made sure that you didn't lose your coffee virginity so disappointingly in a cheap motel.” I joked, causing Jenny to laugh. As I walked into the bathroom with a bag of toiletries, Jenny stepped out of the bed and looked into the Dunkin' Donuts box. With a sigh of bliss, she pulled out a cinnamon roll, still warm. As she took the first bite, she saw a laptop and two cellphones on the table.
“Why did you buy these?” She asked as I stepped out of the bathroom.
“If we're going to be on the run, we'll need a way to pick up information and make contact if needed.” I said.
“But can't the FBI use these to track us?” She asked with worry.
“Yes, because I want them to track us.” I said. Jenny stared at me wide-eyed. Before she could ask, I answered her,
“Don't worry, I bought the laptop with as little paperwork as possible and the cellphones have prepaid minutes and can only be traced if we actually call the FBI. I want the FBI to track us because I'm trying to catch the attention of some people. Basically I'm leaving the faintest trail of breadcrumbs for anyone searching for us. The FBI will really have to try hard to find us, don't worry about that, I'm just making sure that the trail remains hot for them and we remain in the news. We'll always be more than ten steps ahead of them.” I said reassuringly. Jenny sighed in relief.
“So your basically going to have the FBI trailing behind us, using them as bait for attention.” She said slyly.
“Bingo. Now I paid for a few days in this room, and that's all the time I'm comfortable with. By then, the FBI will have begun releasing information on us to the public and we'll have to start moving again. Until then, we'll rest and recover. But we aren't just going to be lounging here in front of the TV...” I said. Jenny raised one of her eyebrows.
“And what exactly shall we be doing?” She asked with interest.
“I am going to be training you. I'm a wanted criminal, and if you're really going to come with me, I need to teach you to protect yourself. Things are going to get dangerous, and I won't always be around to protect you. For the next couple of days, I'm going to expand your mind as far as it can go. Your intelligence will skyrocket, you'll learn my logic-based fighting style, and you'll achieve complete control over your body.” I said proudly. Jenny gained an ecstatic smile on her face.
“Really?” She asked giddily.
“Yes, and trust me...” I said as I wrapped my arms around her naked form.
“That's not all we're going to be doing.” I said before kissing her.

The office was silent as Agents Hoffman and Mason read through my file and Jenny's. They needed to memorize every scrap of information they could find if they had any hope of finding us.
“There is one thing that keeps tugging at my mind...” Hoffman said. Mason looked up at him.
“The bodies in that warehouse have been searched over and over again, and we can't find any powder burns, poison, or signs that the victims were somehow weakened before they were fighting. Twenty full or near full-grown men, all at full strength and armed with guns and melee weapons were killed by one seventeen-year old kid. This is the kind of thing you only see in Jackie Chan movies.” He said.
“I know, I can't stop thinking about it either. As far as I've learned, this kid has never been to so much as a single karate lesson. And if you ask me, a genius who builds surgical technology in his spare time and avoids doing anything trivial and futile, doesn't really sound like the kind of kid that is an experienced street fighter.”
“Which makes it seem even more likely that he didn't do it. In fact, he could actually be dead. From what we were told by the Dean of Medicine, he was told that his girlfriend was either going to die or never wake up from her coma. After the death of the parents and learning about his girlfriend, he could have easily killed himself and we just haven't found his body.
We were also told his girlfriend disappeared. It's possible that she woke up, found out about her parents, found her dead boyfriend, and decided to follow him to the grave. We could easily be looking for the wrong person.” Mason said.
A man stepped into the office, holding a long cardboard box and three files.
“Detectives, I have something you should take a look at...” He said as he handed them the box and files, then walked away. Hoffman took the box and opened it.
“Holy shit.” He muttered. Mason looked through the files and gave the same curse.
In the box was my lance from when Jenny and I were attacked by Ben and his cronies, the one designed for concealment. In the files were the medical and forensic records of Ben and his friends from when they were treated. The injuries confirmed that the lance was the cause, and the fingerprints linked it to me. The fight had been kept quiet, due to the fact that the weapon had been used in self-defense, not to mention all the publicity caused by my gunshot to the head and my survival. Trials had been set to take place a month after I got out of the hospital, but the massacre changed all that.
“This proves it, it was Adrian. Similar weapon, similar injuries, a motive, and the same target.” Hoffman said, holding up the lance. He tried to fold it, but the hinges were locked in place. The weapon was strong enough to support a full-grown man without the point bending or breaking. Mason leaned back in his chair, deep in thought.
“Look at this grisly thing, there are no serial numbers, company logos, or labels of the manufacturer. There are no signs of it being cast from molten steel, but neither are there any imperfections. This thing was hand-made with the precision of a samurai sword.” Hoffman said in amazement.
“This is bad, really bad.” Mason sighed.
“What do you mean?” His partner asked.
“This kid is a certified genius, can create weapons like these and surgical technology in his spare time, and without any sort of fighting lessons or experience, he was able to take down twenty armed men with a single melee weapon. Think about it; this kid has absolutely no training, but is this deadly. We aren't dealing with a normal kid on the run. I haven't met a single criminal with an IQ this high and is this proficient, all before age eighteen.”
“Basically, you're saying that we're dealing with some sort of prodigy?” Hoffman chuckled darkly.
“i would prefer a less provocative term. But what I'm saying is that we need to catch him soon, because we can't let someone like this running around the country, especially if he decides to strike again...”

Jenny and I were sitting cross-legged on the bed in the motel, facing each other. Jenny still had not put any clothes on, but I personally was not complaining.
“Before we can even begin your training, you must learn to use your entire brain. Many people believe that humans only use 12% of their brains, when in reality, its more like 30%, just like their muscles. I've learned to harness about 95% percent, which lets me think, calculate, and solve problems countless times faster and easier than regular people. Here, I'll show you...” I said as I reached into a bag beside the bed and pulled out a Rubik's Cube. I had bought several of them earlier when I went out.
“Scramble this in thirty moves and I'll show you what 95% of your brain can accomplish.” I said before closing my eyes so that I couldn't see what Jenny did. Jenny quickly scrambled up the puzzle, making it as difficult as possible with exactly thirty moves. Once she was done, I opened my eyes and pulled a stopwatch out of my pocket.
“Alright, it's been a while since I used one of these things, so I'll probably be a little out of shape.” I said before turning on the stopwatch and taking the Rubik's Cube.
I studied it for the first six seconds, memorizing every side and forming a mental copy in my brain. Once I had memorized, I quickly began solving it, shifting the levels as fast as if I were instead trying to scramble it. Jenny watched me wide-eyed as the puzzle quickly began take its original form, with me only stopping occasionally to contemplate for a few seconds. Once it was solved, I turned off the stopwatch.
“58 seconds, spread out across 34 moves. My best record is 40 seconds, spread out across 31 moves. Like I said, I'm out of shape. Now, the internet is full of formulas and algorithms for solving these things, but if you are smart enough, you won't need them.” I said humbly.
“That was incredible!” Jenny exclaimed.
“Now it's your turn. Close your eyes and I'll scramble it up.” I said. Jenny closed her eyes and I shuffled up the puzzle. I handed it to her and she opened her eyes.
“After an hour, tell me if you think you've made progress. If not, we can stop.” I said. Jenny looked at me with self doubt.
“Don't worry, this isn't some standardized test at school. You can do nothing wrong.” I said reassuringly.
Jenny smiled confidently, but it quickly dropped after I started the timer. For the first ten minutes, Jenny did as I had done and tried to memorize the six sides of the Rubik's Cube and form a detailed copy in her mind. For the rest of the hour, she began shifting the levels while biting her lip, often stopping for several minutes to try and come up with a strategy. I kept my eyes focused on the stopwatch to keep Jenny from feeling nervous, and at the one-hour point, I told her to stop.
“So, do you want to keep going?” I asked. Jenny sighed.
“No, I have no idea what I'm doing. I can't figure this out.” She said. I looked at the Rubik's Cube and chuckled.
“Actually, you were quite close. You were 17 moves away from solving it. Most people either get to the high 20's or actually scramble it up even more.” I said before solving it. Jenny blushed from the praise.
“Now, as you have seen, there is a colossal difference between 30% and 95%. Each percent doesn't increase your intelligence by an actual 1/100th of your full potential, each percent is basically multiplied by the one before it. It's why even at 30%, you weren't able to just solve the Rubik's Cube three times longer than I did.
If you can learn to harness the rest of your brain, mental tasks will take only a fraction of the original time and effort, because the work will be outsourced to more areas, instead of just the parts of your brain you are currently using. I will teach you how to unlock the rest of your mind and transcend human limitations.
However, the expansion of your mind does not equal an instant IQ boost, it will take a while for you to learn how to use the awakened areas of your brain. At first, your senses will just be enhanced, then you'll learn how to process moments in time faster and react, and finally you'll gain foresight, logic, and high intelligence. At the third stage, you'll be able to plan things out ten steps in advance, you'll be able to see through even the most complicated situations, and you'll be able to outsmart anyone in your path.
Now, close your eyes and clear your mind.” I said. Jenny did as she was told, closing her eyes and clearing her mind.
“Clear your mind of all thoughts and emotions. Imagine you are falling through darkness, and let my voice be the only thing in your mind. Let every word I speak ripple through the darkness, but let everything else fall away.” I said, speaking very softly but clearly. Jenny gave another deep breath and I placed my hand on the center of her chest, measuring her heart rate. She shivered in arousal from my touch.
“Calm yourself. Separate your mind from your body, forget the bed beneath you, forget my hand on your chest, forget the air against your skin, forget it all and let all of the feelings fall away. Do not fall asleep, do not wake up, set yourself on the mental precipice with only the Void around you. Focus only on my voice and let everything else fall into darkness.” I murmured.
I repeated myself again and again, and over the course of an hour, her heartbeat quickly lowered as she entered a trance-like state. As I had instructed, she was neither asleep not awake, she had entered the subconscious level of her mind. I took my hand off her chest and moved over to her carefully. It would be very difficult for her to wake up from this trance, but I did not want to risk ruining our progress. I sat next to her and brushed back a lock of her long blond hair. Unlike before, she did not shiver at my touch.
“You are now in contact with your subconscious. Link yourself to it, and use it as a map to your own mind. While your brain occupies a limited area, the domain of your mind stretches only as far as you wish it go. Explore every corner of your inner realm and fill your body with your own consciousness. Mind, body, and soul; combine it into one single aspect.” I whispered softly in her ear.
I quickly wrapped my arms around her and caught her as she fell back. She had just passed through her subconscious level and into the null void of her brain, the literal back of her mind. Thirty percent of the brain was used by the conscious level, the next twenty percent was used by the subconscious level, and the last fifty percent was unused brain matter. The rate in which her mind was expanding had greatly slowed, and now she had to move her consciousness in order to keep going. The farther she went, the more she would have to leave behind, and muscle tension was the first to go.
If she were younger, this part of her training would be extremely dangerous, because if she went too far, she might never wake up. I had gone through this training on my own when I was ten years old and unlocked 95% percent of my brain, but it wasn't because I was unable to unlock the last 5%, it was because I dared not try. At 94% of expansion, the mind is so far from control of its usual functions that it risks severing its ties to automatic functions like breathing and heart beat. At 95%, those functions slow down to threatening levels, and at 96% or higher, the body and mind are completely separated.
I had almost died once before because I went to far, and even though my mind could expand farther now than before, I did not want to risk it. Due to her age, there was very little chance of their being any risks like when I went through it myself, but I still had to be careful and watch her closely.
I slowly lowered her down and laid beside her. For the next two hours, I monitored her heart rate and breathing, making sure they didn't drop to drastically. As I watched her, my eyes traveled up her beautiful body repeatedly. Her womanly figure captivated my attention, from her round supple breasts, her slim taut stomach, her long smooth legs, the thin wisp of pubic hair above her pussy, her long blonde hair, her flawless face, and her sensual curves. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.
“Jenny, stop where you are, go no further.” I whispered in her ear as her breathing and heart beat stabilize. She had not unlocked her mind, but she could go no further. She had unlocked all she could and her heart rate and breathing could not go any lower..
“Do not delve any farther into your mind, stay where you are and become accustomed to your existence. Use what you have regained so far.” I whispered.
I got up from the bed and retrieved my laptop. I would need to leave her in that state for a few hours for her mind to become accustomed to the expansion. I decided to use this time to do some research and check the news. We needed to always be aware of any progress in the investigation. The second our pictures were released, we would have to start moving again, and move quickly.
For six hours, I checked popular news and email sites, scanning for any story that had a picture of Jenny or I. More than half of all of the stories were about the massacre, but with its uniqueness, I was not surprised. Murder on this scale of brutality and numbers by one man was unheard of. So far, every article just repeated the facts of the one before it, and before it could be confirmed that I was the killer, the police were checking the possibility of suicide.
I also studied up on skills that I would need, like hot-wiring cars, cheating in card games, and even surgical procedures. While I had great intelligence, my real-world experience was almost nonexistent, and I would need to become a Jack Of All Trades to ensure the survival of Jenny and I, and secure the success of my plan. As I read through article after article, Jenny was beside me, still in her deep trance.
After six hours, I closed my laptop and put in on the nearby table. I returned to Jenny and began to draw her back from her trance.
“Jenny, it's time to come back to me. Take back control of your body; regain your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Regain your ability to feel.” I whispered in her ear as I ran my fingertips along her nude body, trying to stimulate her nerve endings and help her wake up. Jenny took a slow breath as she began to regress to her original mental parameters.
“Focus on my voice Jenny and come back to me. Use my voice as a guide through the darkness and come back to me. Use my touch as a beacon in the void of your mind and come back to me. Come back to me Jenny, come back to me.” I whispered.
Finally, Jenny opened her eyes. She let out a loud gasp and arched her back, almost as if she was experiencing a great orgasm. After several seconds, her body relaxed and she began taking short quick breaths. I looked into her eyes and smiled.
“Welcome to the transcended realm.” I said proudly but softly. For several seconds, Jenny was silent as she tried to come up with something to say. Only at the conscious level was she now aware of the mental leap she had just made. Her senses were now heightened and thoughts were shooting through her mind faster than ever before.
“Oh my god Adrian... Is this... is this really how you see the world?” She gasped with disbelief as her heightened senses filled her with enhanced feelings and her mind processed them all.
“Basically. Now as I said before, this isn't an IQ boost yet, your senses are just heightened. It will take a while for you to actually learn how to use your awakened mind. Your training hasn't even started yet, this trance just made training actually possible. Now that you've awakened the rest of your mind, you now have potential, and now the real training can begin.
This “enlightenment” should ware off by tomorrow as the areas of your brain you woke up become dormant once again. But if you keep on entering that trance, your mind will be stretched to it's maximum length of control and you will be able to keep your whole mind active at all times, allowing you to maintain this higher intelligence without me having to hypnotize you.”
“I just can't believe it, I feel like the guy from Limitless.” She whispered, just staring at the ceiling. I chuckled.
“I guess that would be a good description. Come on, let's stretch our legs and go get something to eat.” I said as I got off the bed and put on my coat. Still trying to recover from her trance, Jenny got dressed slowly, savoring every new feeling. Everything she had ever experienced now felt totally new to her. Once she was dressed, we stepped out of the motel and began walking down the sidewalk, with Jenny wearing the pink knitted hat to hide her bandages.
The sun was setting and there were only a few cars out on the road. I watched with a smile as Jenny would constantly dart her head in different directions, like a cat trying to catch the dot of a laser pointer. With her enhanced senses, she was sampling every taste, smell, sound, sight, and feeling, almost as if she were experiencing them through a new body.
“Alright Jenny, now for a test. For every car that passes by us, I want you to take all of the numbers on their license plate, multiply them by each other, and then add it to the sum of the next plate. But don't try and cheat, I'll be counting them too.” I challenged. Jenny smiled and she and I began working the calculations as we walked down the street, enjoying the evening and the cool fresh air.
We finally picked a restaurant, and just before we stepped inside, Jenny whispered in my ear,
I smiled and whispered in hers,
“Close, but it was actually 1321.”
Jenny scowled at the tease but quickly regained her smile as we stepped inside and were given a booth.
“So how do you like the new world?” I asked, resting my chin on my tented fingers.
“It's unbelievable. I knew that you saw the world a little differently, but I can't believe how high you were above everyone else.” She said with amazement.
“Now, as I mentioned before, this feeling should ware off by tomorrow as the reawakened parts of your brain become dormant again. What I didn't tell you is that you have a very limited potential since you began your training so late.” I warned.
“What do you mean?” She asked, leaning forward. Before I could answer her, a waitress came up to us. We gave our orders, and once she left, I turned back to Jenny.
“Well during puberty, the body discards the ability to use parts of the brain that are deemed unimportant. Basically, those who don't learn to use the void of their brain lose the chance after puberty, because that area of their brain is forever lost. You're almost halfway through puberty, so much of your potential has already been discarded by your body. However, I learned to unlock my brain when I was ten years old, allowing me to protect areas of my mind from being discarded by my body during puberty.
Basically, while you have unlocked almost your entire brain, you have not unlocked as much brain matter as I have.” I said. Jenny lost her smile and her eyes became filled with disappointment, causing my heart to ache. I placed my hand on hers and I could instantly feel her begin to rise back up.
“Jenny, do not be disappointed. In one day, you have surpassed most geniuses in terms of mental prowess. Be proud of yourself, for you have become more than human.” I said proudly. Jenny blushed from the compliment and smiled as two plates of food were put in front of us by the waitress; a cooked salmon for her and pork tenderloin for me, with two glasses of water, each with a floating sliver of lemon.
“Perfect, I'm starving.” Jenny said, savoring the smells emanating from the plates.
“Now, before your enlightenment wares off, I'm going to show you two great abilities that comes with it: enhanced memory and senses.” I said as I chewed on a section of pork.
“Now, when I say memory, I don't just mean mental memory, I also mean muscle memory. Muscle memory is the body's ability to adapt to things that you do over and over again, allowing you to do them easier and more efficiently. But it also works with your senses, letting you memorize the physical aspects of the things you touch, like weight, viscosity, temperature, and how rough or smooth it is. By becoming enlightened, you have the ability to remember memories more clearly, including muscle memory.
Think back to science class, when we were taught the metric system. Remember when we were each given a weight that weighed one gram? Remember that weight, think back to how it felt in your hand.” I said. Jenny closed her eyes for several seconds, pressing down on her palm with her fingers to simulate the weight of a single gram. I reached out with my fork and skewered a piece of salmon, holding it up.
“Now take a bite, but don't swallow.” I said as she opened her eyes. Jenny smiled and playfully pulled the salmon off my fork with her tongue. I chuckled.
“You just couldn't help yourself, could you?” I asked with a small smile as I continued eating my own meal. Jenny just replied with a wink.
“Now that you have familiarized yourself with the weight of one gram, how much would you say that piece of salmon weighed?” I asked. Jenny chewed for a few seconds before saying,
“15.7 grams?”
I raised my eyebrows in surprise, not even I thought she would be that close.
“That's absolutely correct.” I congratulated.
“But how did you know how much it weighed when you were...” She said, trailing off as she looked at the fork in my hand. She then smiled.
“You knew the weight of the fork?” She asked.
“A habit of mine is to weigh whatever I touch. I knew the weight of the fork the second I picked it up, and I just subtracted it from the combined weight of it and the piece of salmon.
Now here is something a little more tricky. Using the piece you just ate as a control, create a weight-to-mass ratio in your mind of the salmon...” I said as I picked up another piece with my fork. I held it up, just a few inches from her lips.
“...And try to figure out how much it weighs just by the sight of it.” I challenged. Jenny stared at the piece for several seconds, analyzing every thread of tissue and trying to come up with it's total mass, then comparing it to the piece she had just eaten.
“7.3 grams?” She asked.
“7.5 actually, but you were incredibly close for your first try.” I said before eating the piece. Jenny gave me a half smile/half scowl.
I picked up the salt shaker and sprinkled some on my pork tenderloin. As I began chewing on a piece, I handed her the salt shaker.
“Very few people would be able to calculate the weight of those pieces if they had been holding it in one hand and a one-gram weight in another, let alone comparing it to memory. You were able to because your senses have been enhanced. With almost your entire brain being used, more electrical impulses are traveling through your nerves, allowing your mind to better process what you are feeling.
Just by touching it with your palm, count the number of holes on the top of that salt shaker.” I instructed. I continued eating as I watched as Jenny pressed down on the salt shaker with her palm, trying to count the holes on the top.
“81?” She asked.
“Bingo.” I congratulated as I pushed my empty plate to the side.
“Alright, now let me eat, I'm starving.” She snapped, but with a smile.
I chuckled and leaned back, sitting silently as Jenny filled her stomach. I didn't have to wait long, she really was starving. It was like watching a snow blower being pushed through a fresh layer of powder. I wasn't surprised, we hadn't eaten in nine hours and her body had just gone through an incredible metamorphosis. She was finished in less than thirty seconds and gave a very unladylike belch.
“Happy?” I asked.
“Very.” She hummed in bliss.
“Do you want desert?” I asked, looking around.
“No, I'm exhausted. I've only been awake for a few hours, but my whole body is tired.” She yawned.
“Well you just ran a mental triathlon. How about we pay the bill, maybe pick something up on the way to the motel, and fall asleep while watching a movie?” I suggested. Jenny gained a look of tender love and peace on her face.
“That would be perfect.” She hummed.

We stepped out of the grocery store with my arm around Jenny and both of us holding a plastic bag. Jenny had two small tubs of ice cream in hers and I was carrying food for tomorrow morning in mine. The night was warm, and we wanted to get to the motel before our deserts turned into sticky puddles. We walked down the sidewalk, trying to decide what movie we would watch.
“Are you sure I can't talk you into an action movie? ” I asked.
“No way, let's just watch a nice romantic-comedy.” Jenny groaned.
“I'm good with that, do you have anything in mind?”
“I don't know, let's see what the on-demand has to offer.” She shrugged.
“Well if they don't have anything good, then we can always just watch a movie online.” I suggested.
“Ok, but that laptop isn't too big, so I'll have to snuggle up close so that we can both watch.” She whispered in my ear.

We were lying in bed, pressed together like two puzzle pieces as we watched the movie on my laptop. Two empty ice cream tubs were lying on the floor beside the bed, and we were both using each other for warmth against the chills crawling from our stomachs. Jenny had her arm across my chest and her head on my shoulder, and I was relishing the sweet smell of her long golden hair.
“This is so nice.” Jenny said without notice.
“What is?” I asked.
“Just this, where we are, what we're doing. Being on the road on our own, going out to dinner and then coming back to our own motel room. I just feel so... independent, like I'm done with school and I'm ready to start my own life with you. This is just a motel room, but to me it's like our real home. We're running from the law, but to me it's like we're finally free to go wherever we want. Our old lives are gone, but to me... it's a chance to start our new life together.” She murmured.
“I'm loving it too; the freedom of being in control of our own lives, and in our case, we literally can do whatever we want.” I hummed.
“Well... I know what I want to do.” Jenny said coyly as she slowly closed the laptop. I smiled as she put it down on the floor and then climbed up on top of me.
“I can feel the enlightenment starting to ware off, so I want to make love while my senses are still energized.” She cooed, straddling my lap.
She then leaned down and pressed her lips against mine as gently as a falling leaf. The gentle kiss lasted only for a few seconds before becoming much more passionate. As we kissed, I unbuttoned Jenny's blouse and she pulled it off. Her white bra was holding her breasts well, but it wouldn't take much for them to pop out. I reached behind her and undid the the clasp, and the lingerie instantly lost it's grip on Jenny and hung slack. My heart was beating quickly from the tease. Even though I had seen them countless times, her voluptuous breasts always excited me.
Jenny pulled off the clinging bra and tossed it across the room, letting the light and fresh air bath her glorious tits. She leaned forward and gripped the headboard, with her breasts just inches from my face. I reached up with my tongue and traced her nipples, causing her to hum in pleasure. As I switched between her boobs, I worked my hand underneath the waistband of her skirt and into her panties. Jenny's pussy was already wet with arousal, and it only took the slightest touch to send shivers up her spine.
I slowly pushed my fingers in, rubbing her hot wet insides. Jenny's humming quickly turned to moaning, she had her cheek pressed against the top of my head, and she began grinding her pussy against my hand. I wrapped my arms around Jenny and quickly rolled over, switching our positions so that I was on top. I kissed her and she slipped her tongue between my lips, licking the inside of my mouth. After a few seconds, I moved from her lips and started kissing her neck, her collar bone, down the middle of her chest, her slim belly, and finally reached her wet pussy.
I flicked my tongue playfully between the pink lips and Jenny's whole body quivered. I licked again, this time more broadly. Jenny gave a soft moan with her hands constantly moving, either gripping the bed or her breasts. I kissed her pussy while sending my tongue deep inside her, just like how she had french-kissed me. I brought up my hand and pushed my fingers back inside her, using them to probe her cunt while I licked every corner. Jenny's moan quickly became more shrill, with her whole body shaking uncontrollably and her smooth thighs pressed against the side of my face.
Just when she was about to cum, I pulled away, filling her with sexual anticipation.
“Oh god Adrian, don't stop! You're driving me crazy!” Jenny groaned with her whole body blushing.
“Don't worry honey, I won't.” I said as I quickly pulled off my clothes.
I suspended myself over her and pushed my manhood up into her pussy. Jenny gave a very familiar moan and I sat up. With our bodies perpendicular, I began forcing my bulging phallus deep inside her, gripping her hips and trying to keep the bed from lessening my momentum. Jenny had her legs wrapped tightly around my waist and was holding my hands for dear life.
Jenny's pussy seemed tighter than I remembered, but seeing as how this was the first time we had made love in almost two months, I wasn't surprised. After almost two months of no intimacy, Jenny's pussy wasn't just accepting my manhood, it was practically inhaling it. I could actually feel suction on my cock from the soft lips gripping it hungrily. Jenny's expression constantly changed, switching from aggressive nymphomaniac to sweet and gentle.
Without warning, Jenny grabbed me by the shoulders and rolled over, switching positions so that I was back under her. With my cock driving straight up into her, Jenny gave a shrill moan and began rocking back and forth. She was moving her hands all over my body, gripping my shoulders, rubbing my chest, or leaning back on my legs for support. She would often place her hands on my cheeks with a look of tender love on her face, and I would reply by gently kissing her wrists.
I had my hands on her hips, and was using the strength in my arms to lift her up and slam her back down, driving my cock deep into her pussy. Jenny leaned forward and gripped the head board, again with her breasts just inches from my face. With my manhood being forced into her like a jackhammer and my tongue sweeping her breasts, Jenny could barely keep her moans from shattering glass. She was hollering like an opera singer, with her body as hot and red as molten metal. Finally, I gave one great thrust and sent five thick streams of semen into her. It had all built up in my body over the last two months and was now released in a load so great that it was overflowing out of her.
Jenny became limp and collapsed next to me, gasping for air. Her whole body was blushing, with her pussy and inner thighs completely plastered with sperm.
“That was the first time we've made love in almost two months, and that was one of our best without a doubt.” I panted.
“How is it that every time with you is as fantastic and magic as our first time?” Jenny hummed as she pressed herself against me.
“Because it's always best with the one you love. I glad you liked it Jenny... Jenny?” I asked when she didn't reply. I looked down at her and realized she was sound asleep.
“Goodnight baby.” I chuckled before turning off the bedside lamp.

I was woken up by the rising sun shining through the window blinds and the chirping of birds outside. It was just after six in the morning and Jenny was in a deep sleep, pressed against me in the same position as last night. There seemed to be a small smile on her lips, and every soft breath she took seemed to have a cat-like purr. I smiled and kissed her on the forehead. She hummed in reply and buried her face in the side of my neck.
“Nothing in this universe is perfect, humans especially. But Jenny, you are as close to perfect as reality will allow.” I said softly, repeating what I had said to her in the department store.
Jenny gave another hum, and with her pressed so tightly against me, I could feel her heartbeat quicken as she began to wake up. Jenny opened her beautiful eyes and gave a third hum, wrapping her arms around me.
“Good morning.” I said softly.
“Good morning. So what's the plan for today?” She asked, kissing my chest.
“Quite simply, we're going back to the Rubik's Cube.” I said, holding up the puzzle.

Like the previous day, we were sitting on the bed in meditative positions. We had just eaten breakfast and were about to resume our training. The only difference was that Jenny wasn't the only one who was naked (with the window shades down and breakfast already taken care of, why get dressed?).
“...Now come back to me Jenny, come back to me.” I said, waking her from a trance that I had put her in an hour before. As Jenny took opened her eyes and gave a sigh of euphoria. We had about eight hours until the enlightenment wore off and we were going to use that time wisely. I smiled and held up the jumbled Rubik's Cube and my stopwatch.
“Thirty moves, just like last time. Now if your IQ has increased, you be able to at least solve it this time.” I said this time. Jenny took the puzzle and bit her lip.
“Take your time Jenny, you have all the time you need, all the time in the world.” I said reassuringly as I started the stopwatch behind my back, so as not to pressure her.
Jenny gained a confident smile and began studying the six sides of the Rubik's Cube. After thirty seconds, she began shifting the different levels of the Rubik's Cube, and I could see in her eyes that it was really starting to make sense to her. I could see her planning out several moves ahead of the ones she was making, using the mental blueprint she had established instead turning the cube over in her hands, and not having to turn back moves she had made.
Just like the first time, I stopped her at the hour point.
“Do you want to keep going?” I asked.
“Yeah, I just... I don't know what it is... but I feel like I can do it this time.” She said with excitement.
“That's my girl.” I said proudly, kissing her on the forehead and resuming the stopwatch.
47 minutes later, I applauded as Jenny handed me the solved puzzle.
“You have no idea how proud of you I am.” I said, making Jenny blush.
“So what now?” She asked.
“We do the Rubik's Cube again and again and again. But before I jumble it up again, how about we take a break. Maybe we could take a walk, go see a movie, or go shopping at the mall, it's your choice honey.” I said.
“Actually, I know what I want to do.” She said with a coy smile on her face. Before I could say anything, Jenny pounced on me.

Jenny and I were panting like a pair of dogs on a hot summer day, with the sheets tangled around us and a thin film of sweat covering our bodies.
“I said it once and I'll say it again: how is it that every time with you is as fantastic as the first?” Jenny gasped.
“I love you so much.” I chuckled. I then held up the scrambled Rubik's Cube.
“When did you scramble it?” She asked with disbelief.
“Oh come on, you weren't exactly watching me like a prison guard. I don't know how you can notice anything while moaning at the top of your lungs with your eyes locked shut.” I teased.
“I don't act like that!” Jenny laughed, playfully smacking me.
“Yes you do! Whenever you're riding me, I always feel like an alien is about to burst out of your chest!” I said, prompting Jenny to playfully smack me again.
She took the Rubik's Cube and instantly began solving it. I could see the level of improvement in her eyes as her skills exceeded her previous try. I just laid beside her, constantly switching my gaze from her to the stopwatch in my hand. An hour and 24 minutes later, Jenny handed me the solved Rubik's Cube. Before I could even congratulate her, Jenny pounced on me again, kissing me wildly.

While we caught our breath after our second fling, Jenny solved the Rubik's Cube for the third time, this time completing it in just under an hour; a phenomenal jump from her earlier tries. To celebrate her progress, we decided to stretch our legs and go out to lunch.

“So what now, more Rubik's Cube solving?” Jenny asked as we stepped back into the motel.
“Yes, but it will be a little more complicate now.” I said as I closed the door behind us.
“What are we going to do?” Jenny asked with excitement. I smiled and reached into one of the plastic bags on the table near the bed, pulling out three more Rubik's Cubes.
“Now that we have your one-hour record as a control, I'm going to train you to solve multiple puzzles at once by using different areas of your brain. And I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to strengthen our mental teamwork...”

Jenny and I were laying on the motel floor with our legs locked together, each doing sit-ups and solving a Rubik's Cube.
“So what is the purpose of this exercise?” Jenny panted as she shifted her Rubik's Cube and laid back down.
“It serves two purposes actually, the first is purely for the workout. Before I teach you how to combine logic and fighting, I need you to be in the best shape possible. The second is stress training. So far you've just solved these things while relaxed, but in order to achieve your potential, I need you to be able to solve this thing while under stress. Military training is built on this principle.” I said while doing sit ups and solving my own puzzle just like her.
“And why are you doing it?” She asked, trying to catch her breath.
“Just to stay in shape.” I shrugged.

“Now what about this exercise?” Jenny asked. We were sitting on the bed and Jenny was taking turns with three Rubik's Cubes. She would shift one, switch to the next, shift it once, move to the third, shift it, and repeat.
“The purpose of this exercise is to teach you how to solve multiple problems at once. Now that you've woken up your mind, we have to work it to it's limits. With three Rubik's Cubes, you have to retain three times the information, plan three different paths at once, and learn to divide your mind into three different processors. If you can not only split and harness your brain, but also strengthen the pieces so that each is almost as powerful as an entirely separate brain, your mental prowess will be augmented by countless magnitudes.
With three Rubik's Cubes, it's like your mind is a human embryo and we're trying to split it up into three pieces that will grow into full triplets. Once you are done, you'll be able process things more than three times faster than with your already enhanced mind.” I said as Jenny switched from puzzle to puzzle, only making a singe move before moving on. She was biting her tongue and had an expression on her face like she was trying to squeeze a Hummer into a tight parking space.

“So what's the purpose of this one?” Jenny asked as she shifted a Rubik's Cube and handed it to me. We were taking turns with a Rubik's Cube, each making a single move and then switching it off to the other.
“The purpose is mental teamwork.” I said, handing it back to her.
“Like I said before, things are going to get dangerous...” Back to me.
“And in order for us to fight and survive...” Back to her.
“We're going to need to be completely in tune...” Back to me.
“And come up with the same plans and strategies... Back to her.
“Without talking.” Back to me.
“We need to be able read each other's thoughts...” Back to her.
“Act like mirror images of each other...” Back to me.
“See the world through each other's eyes...” Back to her.
“And act how the other would or predict how the other would.” I said as she handed it back to me. I made the last movement, completing the puzzle.

For the rest of the afternoon and long into the night, we went through the different exercises. I would work and train alongside Jenny, often combining the exercises. Many times, Jenny would get frustrated and wouldn't be able to do any more. I would stop the training so that we could take a break and clear our heads, then Jenny would dive right back into the training.
At two in the morning, we were both exhausted and desperate to fall asleep. Jenny had blisters on her hands from the edges of the Rubik's Cube, and I could tell that she was really sick of the puzzles.
“Ok honey, one more time, and we're done.” I said calmly as I handed her a jumbled Rubik's Cube.
“Do you promise? Because I'm about ready to stomp on this thing until it's nothing but plastic splinters.” She joked.
“I promise.” I said as I kissed her on the forehead and started the stopwatch. Jenny smiled and looked down at the puzzle. She studied the six sides for thirty seconds and then went to work, moving with incredible speed. 1 minute, 58 seconds, and 38 moves later, she was done.
“Congratulations Jenny, you've almost filled your potential. There is still more training to be done, but you're basically done with the Rubik's Cube.” I applauded. Jenny smiled and gave a wide yawn. Before she could say anything, she fell back and was sound asleep.
“Sleep well my love, you've earned it.”

It was eight in the morning when we stepped into the motel office to pay for our stay.
“Alright kids, that will be about fifty bucks.” The motel owner said as he put out his cigarette. As I pulled out the money, the owner looked to a TV in the corner of the room on a shelf. It was the morning news.
“Oh hold on, I want to hear this.” He said as he turned up the volume. My heart sank when I realized it was a story on the Lance Massacre (named for the weapon supposedly used).
“With the disappearance of the prime suspect and the discovery of his recently-emptied bank account, the FBI has decided to release information on the supposed killer. His name is Adrian Ashford, he is seventeen years old, and he is considered armed and extremely dangerous. He is most likely traveling with his significant other, Jenny Donovan. If anyone has any information on these two, please contact the local police.” The news anchor said as copies of our driver's licenses and school pictures would put up on the screen. In less than a second, the motel owner recognized us from our pictures.
He turned to us with his eyes wide. Before he could reach under the counter and activate the alarm, I leapt over the table and grabbed him by the throat, moving as fast as lightning. I slammed him against the rack of key slots and punched him in the stomach. He fell to his knees and I knocked him out with an elbow to the back of the skull. Jenny stared at me with eyes as wide as the owner's.
“Come on, we have to go. It won't be long until he wakes up and calls the police.” I said as I jumped back over the counter.
Jenny ran out of the office but I stopped. I gave a small smile and reached into my pocket, pulling out one of my darts. I slammed it down onto the counter, lodging the tip in the wood and leaving it standing up. I then wiped the counter with my sleeve and pressed my fingers down on the surface, leaving five perfect fingerprints. I followed Jenny out of the office and we climbed into our car, speeding off the second the engine kicked to life.

“This car is no longer safe now that we've been identified, and just changing the license plates won't be enough. We'll need to steal one.” I said as we slowed down in an empty part of the town. The street we were on was lined with cars, but the sidewalks were completely devoid of people and there were no windows with a view of the road. I looked down the street and saw a car being parallel parked.
“What should we do?” Jenny asked.
“I have an idea. Do you see that guy parking his car over there? We'll take his once he gets out. He'll have the keys on him, which means we won't have to break a window and hotwire another one.” I said. I then reached into the glove compartment and pulled out my swiss army knife.
“Here, take this and take as many license plates as you can from the cars on this street.” I said, handing the knife to Jenny. I looked at her, searching for any traces of fear or distrust in her eyes. As far as I could tell, I could not find any signs of moral disapproval, fear, or uncomfortableness. She was well aware of the situation, and I knew that she had cast aside any shred of worry when she decided to come with me. Jenny nodded with courage in her eyes and we both climbed out of the car after I parked it. Down the road, a middle-aged man climbed out of his car.
As Jenny began removing license plates from parked cars, I snuck up behind the man and pulled out one of my darts. I pulled back the man's head and pressed the tip of the dart against his jugular vein.
“Don't say a word and don't move unless I tell you too. Now raise your hands and get down on your knees. If you fail to do as I say, you will die.” I said calmly.
“Please, take whatever you want, just please don't hurt me.” The terrified man said with his whole body shaking.
“I won't hurt you if you do what I say. Now raise your hands and get down on your knees.” I said again. The man did as he was hold and got down on his knees.
“Now give me your cell phone and your car keys, take them out of your pocket slowly.” I instructed. Again, the man did as he was told and handed me his phone and car keys. I removed the battery from the cell phone and put it in my coat pocket with the car keys with one hand. I gave the cellphone back to the man.
“Now, on the corner of the street is a grey sedan. The doors are unlocked and the keys are hidden in the passenger-side visor. The car is yours; keep it, sell it for a new one, do whatever you want with it. I just need your car in exchange. Repeat that back to me.” I said.
“Grey sedan, unlocked, keys under visor, trade for my car.” He stammered.
“Good.” I said before punching the man in the back of the head with just enough force to knock him out.
Jenny ran over to me with several license plates.
“What did you do?” She asked, looking at the man on the ground.
“Don't worry, I just knocked him out. I gave him our car and took his. I also removed the battery from his cell phone so that after he wakes up, it will take a while for him to call the police. Come on, let's get out of here. Once we're on the highway, we'll stop and change the license plates, then again after a few hours.” I said. I saw a small rush of relief in Jenny's eyes when she heard that the man was unharmed and I had even given him our car.
We got all of out stuff out of our car, climbed into the car we had “traded”, and drove off.

Detectives Mason and Hoffman stepped under the police tape that stretched around the perimeter of the motel. Cop cars and precautionary ambulances surrounded the building, with officers streaming out of the fourth room and the office. One of the forensic investigators walked up to them.
“I'm Detective Mason, and this is my parter Detective Hoffman, FBI.” Mason said as the two agents held up their badges.
“I'm Agent Madison.” She replied, pulling off her rubber gloves and shaking their hands.
“What do we have here?” Hoffman asked.
“The owner of this motel said that he was attacked by the Lance Killer. Apparently, they rented a room from him three days ago and he saw them on the news while they were paying.” Madison said, leading them into the motel office.
“Oh shit, he's gamer.” Hoffman said, spotting the dart lodged in the counter and the five fingerprints glowing under a black-light. Both had numbered evidence tags.
“He's baiting us.” Mason said as he stepped towards the counter, where pictures were being taken from all angles.
“What is the condition of the owner?” Hoffman asked.
“He's fine, just a minor concussion. He was brought to the hospital just a few minutes before you two showed up.” Madison said.
“Wait, he was alive? Were there any lacerations or stab wounds?” Hoffman asked.
“No, just some bruises. Ashford just knocked him out.” Officer Madison replied. Detective Mason stepped behind the counter and moved over to the cash register.
“Don't bother, we already checked it. There were no signs of any money being stolen.” Madison said. Before Hoffman or Mason could say anything, a cop stepped into the office.
“We just received a call from a man saying he was mugged and his car was stolen. But the mugger didn't take his wallet, he just took his car and even left his own for the man to have. The car left behind matches the description of the one owned by Adrian Ashford, and fingerprints inside match his own and the fingerprints of Jenny Donovan.” He said.
“Did the man describe the weapon used?” Mason asked.
“He said that while he didn't actually see it, he felt it against his neck. He described it as being the point of something like a sharpened pencil or a syringe.” The cop said. Hoffman leaned against the wall and sighed.
“This just doesn't make sense.” He said.
“Two attacks, no real injuries, and no money stolen. But on the other hand, we're dealing with a mass-murderer who has left more death and destruction than Jason Voorhees, and he left one of his weapons and five perfect fingerprints just to tease us. We're dealing with a psychopath with morals.” Mason said, taking the same stance.
“Well remember what we read on his file? His teachers said that he prided logic and reason above all else, and only did what was necessary. Maybe he didn't kill these people because he didn't have to.” Hoffman suggested.
“But that doesn't make sense. He's trying to bait us, but leaving these two men -two witnesses- alive raises his chances of being caught. Could it be that maybe he's guilty about his crimes and part of him wants to be caught?”
“I doubt that he would regret his vengeance. Let's look at this another way; he leaves bait but no new victims. He obviously wants attention, but not attention from a new crime. He just wants to keep the trail hot.”
“Which means that the chances of him killing again are extremely low, but he'll still want us to focus on him. That means that while he did kill twenty people, it was for vengeance, and it doesn't make him a serial killer. He wants attention, he wants to be known, but not as a serial killer. But if that's true, then it's quite possible that we're not the true target in his search for attention. This is bait for us, but we could be the real bait. He could be using us as bait for someone else's attention.” Mason said. The forensic investigator that greeted them held up a trashcan.
“We also found some interesting things in their room. There were dirty bandages and used gauze, most likely from the girl. But we also found bloody towels and a half-empty medical kit. It seems they stopped here to rest and recover. But that wasn't the only thing they did...” She said, reaching into the trash and holding up several plastic cases for Rubik's Cubes and one for a stopwatch.
“Why would anyone need four Rubik's Cubes?” Hoffman asked, looking in the trashcan.
“It's obvious that those two were doing something in there, and I think I know what.” Mason said. Hoffman and Madison looked at him.
“It seems that Jenny Donovan isn't just Adrian Ashford's girlfriend. I think she's also become his apprentice.”

The sun was setting as we drove down the highway. Jenny was leaning against me with her head on my shoulder.
“So what's the plan? Where are we going now?” She asked.
“To Las Vegas.” I said with a smile.
“Vegas?! What are going to do there?!” Jenny asked with shock.
“We have just under a million dollars, but it is essential that we have a lot more. Plus, Vegas is basically the portal to the underworld, the economy that the world doesn't know exists. I plan on leaving a few business cards in the closed-door stock market.” I said as we drove off into the sunset.

I hope you enjoyed the story, Part 6 will be up soon. I wonder how many of you tried to train yourselves after reading this haha.

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