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Jason's life goes from bad to good
New Found Hope

I lay here thinking about the past month. Things only went from bad to worse. My now ex fiancé and I were kicked out of one place, found another only to have are relationship dissolve before my eyes. My name is Jason Porter. I am 5’11, blue eyes, dark dirty blonde hair which I keep buzzed, and an average slim body. For the past 2 years I was with a wonderful girl. Problem was she has 4 girls ages 11, 8, 6, and 5. Her oldest looks like she is 18.

The problems started when the 11 year old started calling Child Protective Services when she couldn’t get her own way. I found myself one day under investigation for slamming her face into the floor all because I told her no I wasn’t going to let her watch a porno. Things only escalated from there. Not only was she going after me but her mom as well. Her favorite sayings were “Shut up retard” and “Fuck you skank”. I stuck by it all until the other day when I reached my breaking point.

I was sitting on my $1300 laptop when the oldest walks in and sprays me with water from her Super Soaker. She not only hit me but my laptop as well ruining it. I was pissed and took off down the stairs after her. She ran to her mother and I told her about the laptop and say one of them can now buy me a new one. My ex brushed it off saying her kid was doing it to everyone and to suck it up. I blew up right there. I told her to start actually being a mother and to punish her instead of letting her run wild. Long story short, she told me to either except the girl and get over it or move out because she’s sick of me bitching about the kid.

I decided I had enough and went up to the bedroom and grabbed some clothes. I told my ex I would be coming back when she’s at work to get all my stuff and I walked out. A few days later here I am. I’m back living with my mother till I find a place and I feel betrayed and upset. Things were not looking up until I met Hope.

I was working my job as a janitor at a locale department store. I saw this beautiful girl walk past me. She had jet black hair, about 5’6, a slim body with a tight ass, and 34-C cup breast. As she walks past me I can hear a guy running up to her yelling.

“Get back here” yells the guy.

“Leave me alone” says the girl

“You get your ass back here you rotten Cunt.”

I walked up to the guy. “S’cuse me but could you please keep your voice down and please no swearing this is a family store”

“Piss off asshole” He says as he runs up to the girl and grabs her arm. “I said stop you bitch”

“Ouch you’re hurting me Levi” says the girl

“Let her go” I tell Levi.

“Stay out of this you high school dropout why don’t you go mop up a toilet”

“Oh I’m anything but a high school dropout. I’m smarter than you know. I know she has grounds to file charges against you. I know the store has a right to escort you from the property and I know that if you don’t let her go I’ll knock you on your butt”

Levi let her go and squared up to me. “Try it asshole and I’ll cut your face off” he said as he pulled a switchblade from his pocket.

I look over his shoulder and saw the store manager and a couple security guards with him. “I think these gentlemen have something to say to you about that.

Levi turned around and sees the men there. Before he could do anything one of the guards Carl is his name grabs Levi’s knife hand and holds it down. Levi tries to fight back but and it was comical. You see our store has this policy for hiring security guards. Most of them are ex-military. Levi is this scrawny guy whose pants sit so far down you can see his boxers. It was over before I could blink an eye. Levi was down on the ground, both arms behind his back and his hands zip tied. Mr. Brit the store manager pulled Levi and the young lady into his office. As I was cleaning a display case I saw the police show up and watch as they escorted Levi to one of their cars. Serves him right I thought. I turned my back to the scene to finish cleaning the display. Then went to lunch across the street, I had just sit down when I hear.

“I want to thank you for your help”

I turn to see the young lady from earlier. “You’re welcome” I say to her. “Are you ok?”

“Yes I am. I’m just embarrassed about causing a scene”

“I can imagine. Would you like to join me for lunch?”

“I would but” She points to her name tag is says Hope “I’m actually working right now. I just wanted to say thank you, but if there is an offer I’m done at 9 if you would let to go and grab a drop, maybe even a late dinner?”

“Well then Hope I’ll see you at 9 then.”

I ate my lunch then went back to work. I couldn’t stop thinking about spending time with Hope. I had a lot of questions running around my head. It was 9 p.m. and I head over to pick up Hope. She was waiting for me by the door.

“Hi” I said nervously.

“Hey, you ok” She asks.

“Yeah I’m just a bit nervous that’s all. I really didn’t think you would actually be here.”

“It’s understandable. Truth be told I’m nervous too. I have never done anything like this before.”

“We then we are in the same boat. What do you say we go grab a drink at right over there?” I ask her as I point across the way to a local bar.

“Lead the way”

We arrive at the bar and we order a drink. We both decided to have soda since we were going outside to drink. I find Hope’s company to be pleasant. We talk about how our day was, as well as ourselves. It seems we do have some things in common, but not much. However that doesn’t stop us for talking and learning more about each other. I learn that she is actually 21, I figured her for an 18 year old. We talked for about an hour when we decided to call it a night.

“You know it’s a shame this night has to end, but I do have to work early in the morning.” I tell her.

“I know what you mean” she says.

“If you ever want to hang out again here’s my number and if you don’t that’s ok too” as I hand her a slip of paper with my name and number on it.

“Thank you. I will definitely call you. You’re so sweet and kind. Hell not once did you even hit on me. It felt nice” as she takes the slip of paper.

I walk her back to her car. “This is my stop.” She then leans in and gives me a quick peck on the lips. Her lips were soft and sweet. I could taste the remnants of her cherry lip gloss mixed with her soda. As I looked at her after the kiss I wanted more, but didn’t want to force it.

“Sorry. I just thought…. I don’t know what came over me” She says.

“It’s ok. I actually liked it, and would love to do it again sometime.”

She smiles and we kiss again this time deeper and longer. That was as far as we went. She broke the kiss and said good-night. I started walking back to my car. All I could think about was this girl Hope. When I got home I jumped in the shower. Feeling all a little horny I reach down and grab my cock and start stoking it. I imagine Hope’s mouth touching and licking my cock. How wonderful it must feel to be having my dick sucked by her. I picture her pushing me on my bed, taking my hard 6 inch cock into my mouth and letting me fuck her mouth. As all this is running through my mind I start jerking my cock faster and faster. I place a hand on the wall for support. Within no time at all I can feel my balls begin to drain. My dirty mind causing me to shot my hot cum against the wall, like a fire hose I pump my hot liquid out of my hose until I was dry. It felt so good. I clean up my mess and walk to my room. I see I have a message on my cell phone. It’s Hope.

“Hey Jason, I wanted you to know that I had a really good time tonight. If you’re free after work tomorrow let me know. I really would love to hang out with you again.”

I texted her back and told her I was free and that I would meet her at the store at 5 when I was done. I went to bed with Hope still on my mind. I smiled as I closed my eyes and wondered what she looks like naked. When I awoke the next morning I quickly get ate, got ready for work and left. It was ten to 5 when I looked out and saw Hope in the parking lot waiting for me. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The next ten minutes seemed to drag on. Finally it came time for me to leave. I quickly punch out and rush to Hope. When I got there I was rewarded with another kiss.

“Hey glad you’re finally here.” She says

“Me too, last night was so much fun it was all I could think about” I tell her.

“Same here that’s why I messaged you when I got home, I don’t know what it is but I couldn’t get you out of my head.”

“Well its 5 how about we go and have dinner together?” I ask.

“Sounds good to me, How about we figure out where we want to eat, then we each drive there. This way we don’t have to run back and pick up the other vehicle”

“Sounds good to me, I know it’s going to sound cheesy, but how does Pizza Hut sound? I am kind of in the mood for pizza and wings.”

“Oh a man after my own heart, I’ll meet you there then”

It was a 5 minute drive to Pizza Hut. When we got there we had to wait a few minute to be seated. When we got seated and ordered our pizza and wings we had to laugh because we ordered the same thing. During dinner the topic of Levi came up.

“I didn’t ask this last night, but what is the deal between you and Levi?” I ask her, “and sorry if it’s uncomfortable. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”

“It’s ok. Levi is pretty much a mistake in my life. I went out to a bar last week with some friends to celebrate my friend Tonya’s twenty-first birthday. I had a little too much to drink when Levi come up to me and hit on me. He bought me a few drinks, we danced, and I felt so good about him that well we ended up back at his place. He seemed nice enough and all. I made the mistake of sleeping with him. The next morning as I was getting up I saw a video camera hooked up to a computer. When I looked at it and played the video. I saw that he recorded us having sex.”

“Oh wow that’s so messed up. Not you sleeping with him, but recording it I mean.”

“I know right. Well I dug a little deeper and saw he had dozens of videos of girls. I even found an online account to a porn site where he was uploading them. I quickly deleted my video, got dress and left. He showed up yesterday and was pissed saying how I knew about the camera and agreed to be filmed. He acted like I was some porn star. The rest you know.”

“Yeah sounds like a creep to me. Could have been worse though.”

“How so?”

“Well he could have posted it and your boyfriend could have found it and watched it.”

She starts laughing. “You’re right. It’s a good thing I don’t have a boyfriend and that I deleted it. Once something hits the net it’s on there for good. Just ask any celebrity who has a sex tape.”

Our order came and we ate while joking around with each other. Anyone watching us could tell we really were enjoying ourselves. After dinner I had her follow me my house. I walked across the street to the baseball field and lay out on the grass watching the sunset. It was by far one of the most romantic things I have done in a while. As the sunset over the horizon I lean over and kiss Hope deeply on the lips. Her hand wraps around my head pulling me deeper into a passionate kiss. I slowly snake my tongue into her mouth. She moans as it touches hers. I move from her lips to her ear lobe kissing my way there. When I get to her ear lobe I start sucking on it. Her moans become more frequent.

Just as things start to get hotter she gently pushes me away. “Not here” She tells me and grabs my hand and leads me back to my house. Lucky my mom is out of town. Once inside we resume our kissing only this time our hands start feeling each other’s bodies. I lead us to my room. When she enters the room she begins tugging my shirt off. I help her with my shirt. I feel her start kissing my chest starting with my left nipple then my right. Her lips soft against my chest, my cock rock hard as I slowly pull her shirt off exposing her black bra. I lower my head and kiss her cleavage while placing both hands on her breast massaging them through her bra. Her moans become louder as she undoes my pants. I feel my boxer sliding down my cock exposing it to her waiting hands.

“What do we have here?” She ask, “Why it’s I nice hard cock, the nicest cock I’ve seen” as she gives it a couple of jerks. I moan with pleasure. Hope starts kissing her way down my body. Once on her knees she kisses every inch of my cock. I swear I could have shot my load right then and there. This is better than when I jerked off last night. I felt her tongue start licking its way up and down my shaft. She gently slid it into her hunger mouth as her tongue danced all around the underside of my swollen mushroom head.

“Damn girl your mouth feels so good, oh how I’ve missed this. My ex never gave blowjobs” I tell her.

“I don’t understand why, you taste so good” as she licks my pre-cum that’s oozing out of the tip. “Why I could suck in this fella every day.”

“I’m not going to stop you or complain” I moan as she slides it back into her mouth. Her hands reaching around and grabbing my ass, pushing me deeper, god this mouth is so hot and with just the right amount of pressure. I feel her sucking my cock hard. Her head moving back and forth with increasing speed. She deep throats my diamond hard member, stops gives it a couple of jerks, the goes back to sucking it. In no time I feel my gun fully load.

“Oh Hope I’m going to cum” I warn her.

She doesn’t reply. Not unless you count jerking me off faster. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I shot the first load into her mouth and just as quickly I was cocked and firing again. 4 big huge pumps and 2 small squirts cause her mouth to be filled with sperm. Not one drop leaves her mouth. She pulls my cock out of her mouth, opens it so I can see all the cum inside then quickly swallows it.

“MMMM you do taste good.”

“I bet you taste good too”

Hope gets up and drops her pants revealing her blue thong. “Come here and find out”

I kiss her again, tasting a slight salty taste from my cum. I unhook her bra and kiss my way down her body. I kiss her wonderful C cup tits. Each nipple enters my mouth and is teased with my tongue. I then start kissing my way down her flat tummy. As I kiss my way down from her tummy to her pussy I hook my hands around her thong and slowly pull it down. It was then I saw her bare treasure trove. She steps out of the thong and lays on my bed. I quickly spread her thighs and kiss that wonderful pussy of hers.

She was so wet I had to quickly lick up the juices leaking from her pussy. She had this sweet taste about her, almost like a sour apple blow pop taste. I snake my tongue into her pussy. She grabs my head and jams it into her.

“Oh Baby eat my pussy please, you feel so good.” She moans as she starts playing with her nipples. I can see her sucking on one of them and tugging the other. I move up a little and suck on her clit. This sends shockwaves up her body as her back arches. I return to her fuck hole and start tongue fucking her while rubbing her clit with my hand. I alternate between sliding my tongue into her pussy and licking it from back to front. I felt Hope’s legs tighten around my head. I quickly slid my tongue back into her pussy.

“Shit Jason I’m going to cum oh shit I’m CUMMMMINNNNGGG” as she cums I am rewarded with my mouth being flooded with her juices. She sprays into my mouth; it’s too much as she sprays my face as well. Her legs loosen up and I quickly kiss my way up to her body. She grabs my faces and pulls me in for a deeper kiss. “MMMM I love the way I taste on your lips”

My cock rubs against her pussy, sending chills up her spine. I look into her eyes “Do you want this inside you?”

“Yes please, put it in or I will”

I slide it in slowly. Her lips parting ways to allow my head to enter, I keep sliding and sliding in. Hope arches her back with pleasure and I enter her tight pussy. Her legs wrap around my waist as she pulls me in deeper. I bottom out and start backing it out only to ram it in hard. Her moans fill the room. Once her pussy is used to my cock I start speeding up. The sound of flesh slapping together fills the air. I kiss Hope deeply and tease her tit. I feel her moaning in my mouth we stop kissing and I tilt my head down and kiss her left tit.

“Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t stop” she moans as her orgasm as her orgasm hits her hard. I felt her pussy muscles tighten and the pressure of her cum trying to force my cock out. I shove it in deep and hold it there as her orgasm reaches its peak. Her back is arched and her eyes are in the back of her head. I feel her fingers on my back she comes down from her high and I roll us over onto my back. Not even missing a beat she resumes her pussy onslaught of my cock.

I reach up and play with her big tits that are now bouncing in my face. Hope grinds her pussy and clit deep against my waist and cock. I place my hands on her ass and guide her up and down my cock. I start thrusting up hard. Our momentum starts lifting us off the bed. Each downward fall to the bed forces my cock in deeper and hard.

“That’s it, fuck my pussy, fuck it good. It feel so good. I’m so full now, so tight fuck me lover fuck me hard” Hope moans

I can feel my balls boiling, the need to cum is fast approaching. “I’m going to cum” I warn her.

“Don’t you dare pull out of me, fill me, fill my pussy. I’m on the pill so don’t worry. OH yes I can feel your cum shooting deep into my pussy. OH shit I’m Cumming Too”

As my load is being unleashed into her pussy I feel her second sex induced orgasm hit. The combined force causes me to moan loudly. Like an animal I grunt. The pressure was so intent I swear I’m going to black out. Hope collapses on my chest.

“You were amazing” She says sleepily.

“You too” as I kiss her lips.

I held her close as I drifted off to sleep. My cock still buried inside her pussy. My last thought was. I have a new found hope in my life.

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2016-10-26 18:15:46
Loved this story! It was very well written, and as a bonus, my name is Hope too!

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2011-07-02 00:51:40
This was really good!!!! I loved it. It was, heroic...then theres the sex part:) GOOD JOB KEEP EM COMING!!!


2011-06-30 08:37:48
Hey, this was awesome! Don't sweat the small stuff buddy. It's not worth it, the point is that your wrote something, put yourself out there. Its better than I have done and more than I have tried to do. Keep it up!


2011-06-23 15:46:23
sorry about that. Right was suppose to be write. I'm just getting sick of people bitching about spelling mistakes.


2011-06-23 15:45:03
i right all my stories using microsoft works and run a spell check. You dont like it if there are a few spelling mistakes then dont read it.

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