new girl at work - further exploration
By Wendy ©
After we had rested she slowly removed the dildos from my cunt and ass, she left the room and I heard her go upstairs, just then the door bell went, I quickly stood up and pulled my dress down and went to see who it was. Mary was there so I told her to come in.

“You look rather hot and sweaty,” she said.

”Is this a bad time to come round?”

”No, it’s okay,” I said. “You come round when you want to, we are always glad to see you.” I added as Jill came back into the living room.

”Hi Mary,” said Jill. “Have a drink,” and gave her a can of lager.

”I’m not going to get drunk like last night,” she said and we all smiled.

Jill sat next to me on the settee, Mary sat opposite in the armchair, she had a red dress on, quite low cut at the front, showing a nice cleavage, she was very sexy without trying to be. Jill’s robe had fallen open a little. Mary could see the leather harness. Jill had removed the dildo.

”What’s that around your waist?” asked Mary.

Jill stood up. “I’ll show you if you like,” she said.

”Yes, please,” said Mary. “I have not seen anything like that before.” Jill went across to Mary opening her robe fully, she showed her the front and the back.

”What is it for? What does it do?” Mary asked.

”I’ll show you.” Jill said, left the room.

She came back with a black cock-like dildo, she went across to Mary and showed her how it fitted to the pad on the front of the harness. Mary blushed bright red when she realised what it was for.

”Would you like to see how good it works?” I asked Mary.

Not waiting for a reply I took her hand and pulled her to her feet, I went around behind her and put my arms around her and began kissing her neck. She seemed to like that as she made no move to stop me, I moved my hands up and onto her breasts and began gently feeling and squeezing them. Jill watched as I reached down and took hold of the hem of her dress and pulled it up higher and higher. Jill was looking at her little white panties and the suspenders we had bought, I lifted the dress on up and uncovered her bra, the dress was up under her armpits. I soon had her bra undone and was massaging her boobs and tugging on her long and very sensitive nipples. She was soon moaning with pleasure, Jill knelt in front of her and began tugging her panties down a damp patch had appeared in the crotch.

Jill was running her fingers through her pubic hair.

“We will have to get rid of this,” she said,

tugging at a few strands making Mary twitch a little. I turned her round as Jill moved the coffee table and placed it behind Mary. I pushed her down to sit on the end then Jill and I laid her out face up along the table. I continued playing with her boobs and kneeling on the floor along side her I was soon sucking and chewing on her fantastic nipples. Jill had lifted Mary’s feet off the floor and pulled off her panties and folded her legs back, and wide apart, and was now feverishly lapping her tongue over and into her pussy.

Mary was crying out with pleasure, then I watched as Jill got between Mary’s thigh’s and taking the dildo in one hand she guided it to Mary’s pussy lips. Her cunt was soaking with juices as Jill ran the head of the dildo back and forth over between her pussy lips, then, pushing a little, I watched as it slowly disappear into her cunt. I felt Mary go quite rigid as it went further in, she was holding her breath. Then when it was fully in, Jill’s harness pressed into her pubic hair, she let out a long sigh and then moans as Jill pulled it slowly out. Jill was soon fucking her, slowly pumping in and out, I was now back to sucking Mary’s nipples and massaging her breasts. She was soon having numerous orgasms, to many to count, Jill was fucking her much faster now, I could see the sweat on her forehead and she was panting with her exertions. Jill soon had to stop, Mary was just building to another orgasm and tried to get Jill to continue fucking her by thrusting her pelvis towards Jill and onto the dildo.

”Jill needs a rest,” I said.
Mary was just coming down from her last orgasm. Jill pulled her dildo out of Mary’s cunt and flopped into the chair. I left Mary lying on the coffee table and went and got some cans of lager for us all. When I got back in the room Mary was sat up on the table still with her dress above around her neck, her nipples very prominent and rather red from the attention I had given them. I handed her and Jill a can each and we drank for a short while in silence.

”Well, what do you think of the harness? Jill is very good, she knows how to use it properly, doesn’t she?” I said looking at Mary.

”I have never cum like that before,” Mary said in wonderment.

”What we will have to do is to take you to the sex shop and you can choose your own dildo, that’s what we all did,” Jill said.

”You might want to get more than one, I have four, they get used at different times depending on the mood.” I said.

Mary hadn’t moved from the end of the table. I went over to her and knelt at her side, putting my arm around her shoulders

“Would you like some more? Do you want to cum again?” I whispered into her ear.

She looked at me and nodded enthusiastically. I reached down between her legs, her pussy was still soaking, I pushed her back down onto the table again. I was sucking her nipples once more and fingering her cunt, then I let my fingers stray down to her ass making her breath in very sharply, I continued playing around her ass she was soon sighing in pleasure. Her asshole was very wet around the entrance, I slowly pushed my fore finger inside a little way, she wriggled her bum and sighed. I worked my finger right in and soon I was fucking her ass gently with it. Jill was sat on the edge of her chair watching as I slid another finger in along side the first. There was a sharp intake of breath and another wriggle from Mary as I was fucking her ass with two fingers now. They were soon sliding in and out with ease so I tried a third one, that made Mary try to move away a little, but not for long she was getting quite near an orgasm, my thoughts were right, she did have a very sensitive ass. I continued sucking her tits and fucking her ass with three fingers and she came again, shrieking quite loudly. I removed my fingers from Mary’s ass and with out saying anything I pointed to the dildo still attached to Jill’s harness, she knew what I wanted, she unhooked it and handed it to me. It was bigger than the three fingers I had up Mary’s ass, I touched the head against her ass and twisted and pushed at the same time. Mary squealed as it began to stretch her ass, she was panting as I pushed hard the head was inside her now, the rest of it slid in easily. I think she orgasmed again at that moment and she was thrashing her legs around as I began to work the dildo in and out, fucking her ass. Jill came over and held her legs open as I fucked her faster. She was squealing louder and louder I was biting into her nipples harder and ramming the dildo up her ass faster and harder and still she squealed louder with more orgasms. Like Jill I got to tired to carry on, I pushed the dildo fully up her ass and left it there and like Jill I went and rested it the chair. Mary lay there on the table

“Did you like that? You seemed too,” I asked.

”You two have shown me so much and I have learned loads about myself these last few days, it’s amazing. If anyone had said I would like having things up my ass I would not have believed them.” Mary murmured.

She lay there for a while the end of the dildo poking from her ass, eventually she removed it slowly and got up and walked slowly out of the room,

“I’m going to the bathroom,” she said. We heard her slowly go upstairs.

”She certainly likes sex, all of it so far, she seems insatiable,” I said to Jill.

”We will have to get Sarah round here and we can take it in turns, we can see if we can wear her out,” Jill replied.

”Yes, that sounds like fun,” I said with enthusiasm.

Mary returned, she had dressed now, except for her panties which were lying on the floor, she bent down in front of me to pick them up. Yes, I thought to myself, and not for the first time, she really does have a fantastic ass. She looked at the time and said she would have to leave now her mum was expecting her home.

”When would you like to go to the sex shop?” I asked.

”We could go on Saturday morning,” I suggested.

”Okay, I’ll look forward to that, thanks for another good night.” she added pulling on her panties.

We both watched as she pulled them up her legs over her suspenders and up between her thighs hiding her pussy.

”We really must get that pubic hair shaved off,” I said.

“Does it hurt? I notice you and Jill are both shaved,” she asked.

”No it doesn’t hurt, it tickles when it begins to grow back, but that can be fun.” I answered.

We said goodnight to each other, Jill and I went and showered again and went to bed Mary had worn us both out. The rest of the week went by, we didn’t see Mary outside of work, we had the occasional knowing glance at each other, with a smile.

Saturday morning arrived Mary came around, as planned, and Jill, Mary and myself went down to catch the bus. Jill wore a tiny white mini-skirt with blue panties, which I got a Flash of as we walked along. Mary was in tight black trousers, which made her ass look even sexier, with a tight fitting white top. I had on a blue dress, we got plenty of looks from the men that saw us, especially Jill. We got on the bus and sat near the door, a couple of men got on and sat opposite us and were having a good look at Jill’s legs, she was enjoying the attention, she had always been an exhibitionist. She contrived to make her skirt ride a little higher, they could probably see her panties now.

“They are looking up Jill’s skirt,” Mary said to me.

”Yes I think it’s a turn-on, if you wore short skirts and low cut tops you would get the same attention, I think you would like that. Wouldn’t you?” I asked.

“Yes, I think I would,I think I may be an exhibitionist, just like Jill, but I am too shy to do it on my own, I would have to be in a group as we are now.” She said.

”We will have to see what we can do then,” I said.

The bus took us into town, we had a wander around the shops, we found a nice little pleated pink skirt for Mary,

“This will look good on you,” I said holding it up for her to see. “You will get some looks wearing this.”

Mary bought it, then we went further down the road to the edge of town to the sex shop.

The outside was quite dirty with blanked out windows, we went in Mary giggled at the looks we got from the dozen or so men that were in there. There was rows and rows of every thing you could think of, we found the rack with close on a hundred dildos and vibrators of all colours, shapes and sizes. Jill was getting followed around because of her mini-skirt, she did take the occasional opportunity to bend over to look at something giving the man behind her a flash of her panties, and she was smiling at me and obviously enjoying herself. She came over to Mary and me and picked up a big butt plug and fondled it, a couple of men were watching her and talking amongst themselves. Mary picked out two dildos that she liked, both pretty big, I picked a gigantic black one I couldn’t get my hand around it, Jill got the big butt plug which I noticed had a tube with a bulb on the end for blowing it up bigger. We paid for the goods getting a big smile from the man that served us.

”Did you see all those men watching Jill and us in there?” said Mary.

”Yes wasn’t it fun?” Jill said.
”My pussy is quite wet now, it needs your tongue, Wendy,” she said looking at me with a big smile on her face.

Mary looked first at me then at Jill and began to blush.

”Mary, you are blushing,” I said. “You can join us when we get home if you like.”

That made her blush even more, Jill and I laughed at her, Jill patted her bum.

“We will have to try out the dildos, you have got some good ones, have you shaved your pussy yet.” Jill asked.

Mary, still blushing, said, “Yes, I will join you, and, I have shaven my pussy, before I left home this morning.”

”I’m looking forward to checking it over, I bet you have missed a few bits.” I said to Mary, “Has this conversation got your pussy wet yet?”

She nodded her head.

“Yes, my panties are really damp now,” she answered.

We got on the bus I sat opposite Mary and Jill the bus was quite empty, Jill was slowly opening her legs wider and wider I could see her little blue panties, they were pulled into the crease of her pouting pussy lips, I could see the damp patch. She was smiling at me and winking, she was really turned on, I couldn’t wait to get home and run my tongue over her soaking pussy. I opened the front door and went into the living room, I put my shopping bag down, Jill came in behind me, I grabbed her playfully and through her over the back of the settee.

I pushed her mini-skirt up over her back and in a flash had her panties round her ankles, I knelt down behind her and buried my face in her cunt my tongue drinking in her wetness. I was licking up and down her pussy teasing her clit she was panting hard and came with a loud cry and a shudder. Mary had watched us and when I looked up she had taken her trousers off and was fingering herself. I went over and laid Mary on the floor and spread her legs wide, Jill joined us and we both inspected Mary’s shaven fanny, she had done a good job it looked beautiful. We took turns in licking and kissing her pussy, she was in ecstasy, especially when Jill put on her harness and attached one of Mary’s new dildos. Jill was soon between her open thighs and pushing the dildo up Mary’s willing cunt and was fucking her with long thrusts, Mary had many orgasms shrieking and crying out with each one. Jill got tired so I took over shagging Mary quite roughly, she seemed to enjoy that even more, on and on I pumped the dildo into her the more she got the more she seemed to want. Jill took over again, I needed a rest, and still Mary wanted more.

Eventually Jill and I just stopped. Mary looked at us appealingly. “We need a break we will have to arrange someway of satisfying you,” I said. I thought for a minute “I have an idea”... ………………………………………….


2005-02-10 21:11:49
very good waiting for another part keep 'em coming


2005-01-22 02:53:54
Another Awesome part.

Titman Al is obviously reading something else, the only mom mentioned is Mary's mom. And that is only in conversation, the character hasn't even appeared in any of the stories.


2005-01-10 18:01:40
thumbs up


2004-09-15 20:00:58
write another part


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Very good. You should write many more stories like these two.

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