A story about a high schooler who is blackmailed by his old ugly teacher into servicing her sexually
Saturday detentions were the worst. Not only did he have to come in on the weekend to serve it but they were also eight times as long as the standard after school detention. Eight hours on a Saturday wasted! He hadn’t even done anything all that wrong. Well, that wasn’t exactly wrong, he had called his homeroom teacher Mrs. Franklin a bitch, but he hadn’t said it to her face. She had just overheard him talking to his friends during lunch. But she fucking was! She was always getting on his case and singling him out among and reprimanding him no matter what he did or said. And now he had to spend four hours of his Saturday with her doing God knows what. She must have something planned for him to get back at him.

It was weird being at school on a Saturday morning. Nobody was around. Jamie walked down the empty hallway leading to where detention was held. He hoped he wasn’t the only one there; he didn’t want to be stuck alone with the old battleaxe. From what he heard she had actually requested to supervise this week’s detention especially for him. He was running a little late, so he’d probably know as soon as he entered if anyone else would be there. It was 8:15 and he was supposed to be there by 8:00.

As he reached the door he took a deep breath and entered bracing himself for a long day. The room was empty except for Mrs. Franklin sitting at her desk with a harsher than usual look on her face.

“You’re late Mr. McMurphy,” she said in a stern monotone, glaring at him through the thin frames of her glasses.

“I know, but-“ Jamie started, but before he could get another word out Mrs. Franklin interrupted him. “I’ll hear no excuses! You will now stay an extra hour for your tardiness.”

“What?!” Jamie exclaimed. This was typical bullshit from her. She took any chance she could get to punish him.

“Would you like to stay longer?” she asked hands on her hips. “Sit down and be quiet. You are here to be punished. If you cannot be here on time then you shouldn’t expect to leave on time. One more word and I will have you here all day.”

Jamie just glared at her and walked to the desk in the far corner, as far away from her as possible.

“Ah-ah-ah,” she said wagging her finger and pointing to the desk directly in front of hers. “Up here. I want to be able to keep my eye on you.”

Sullenly, Jamie turned around and sat down in front of her, staring daggers at her and loathing her more every second.

“And don’t think for one second that I’m getting some sort of pleasure out of this. I don’t relish spending my weekends here with you any more than you do me. But you need to learn to be respectful, it is part of your education and that is why you are here and why it falls upon me to teach you it. If you want any chance of succeeding in life or getting into a halfway decent college you will do as I say and thank me for it!”

God, not only did he have to miss out on his Saturday but he had to sit here and be lectured to, too? It was going to be a long day.

“And you can get that look off your face, it won’t make the time pass any quicker. You’ll sit in silence for now while I get a few things in order. You’re going to be productive today and I will see fit to make use out of you.”

With that she returned to her desk and began shifting some folder and papers around, pulling various files from her bag. Oh how he hated her.

Why couldn’t he have Ms. Lopez, the Spanish teacher for homeroom? She was young, funny, and hot as hell. Instead he had Mrs. Frankenstein as they called her behind her back. Mrs. Franklin was tall, lanky, and getting up their in age. Her youngest son had been a few years older than Jamie and had graduated a couple years ago. It hadn’t helped matters with her that Jamie had taken his spot on the varsity basketball team as a freshman. Ever since then she had had it out for him.

She had graying hair that was obviously dyed. She had probably been a redhead at some point, but now it just looked orange and frazzled. She had crows’ feet around her eyes, partially obscured by the thin wire frames of her glasses through which she glared at him. Her skin was starting to show signs of aging as well as it hung a little looser off her than it once had. She was skinny too and rather bony. She normally wore slacks and a vest over a collared shirt, but today she had opted for skirt and blouse, much to Jamie’s horror.

Her looked at her as she wrote something on a piece of paper and saw a tight smile form for a moment on her small, straight mouth. He could see she was wearing lipstick, a burnt orange color, similar to her dyed hair. Ugh, gross! Why had she put on make-up today?! She must have plans to go out after she was done with him here. Jamie couldn't wait to get out himself. He had plans to see his girlfriend Sarah afterwards himself. With any luck he’d be getting laid tonight and he didn’t need to have images of Mrs. Frankenstein popping into his head in a skirt and wearing lipstick.

He decided to distract himself and look around the room, but it was the same as it was all the time. Same posters on the wall, same thirty desks, same holes in the ceiling from sharpened pencils thrown upwards to stick. Except for one corned of the room, which had a video camera set up on a tripod.

God, Jamie thought, what does she have planned?

When she noticed him looking at the camera she spoke up. “I see you’ve found the video camera. We’ll be using that shortly to film your apology video, which we will show the class on Monday. You will read this script, which I have gone through the trouble to write for you and you will read it word for word in a heartfelt and contrite manner. You will do so without the slightest hint of a smirk or tone of sarcasm or I will see to it that you spend every Saturday here for the rest of the semester. Is that clear?”

Jamie just groaned and sunk in his seat looking up at that ceiling.

“Is that CLEAR?” she asked standing up.

“Yes Mrs. Franklin…” Jamie said in a monotone.

“You had better speak up better when we’re filming, I’ll make you read this as many times as it takes for you to get it right.”

With that she marched over and handed him a piece of paper with a long-winded apology written on it.

“Now read that to yourself several times to get the feel for it while I set up the camera. I want you to be able to recite it from memory and keep your eyes on the camera at all times so you best start reading.”

Jamie looked down and began to read:

Hello my fellow classmates and my distinguished teacher Mrs. Franklin. It is with much regret that I come to you today to express my shame concerning my actions last Friday. I acted unkindly towards Mrs. Franklin as I referred to her in a foul and profane manner to several of you. I will not disrespect her further by repeating those comments, but I will tell you all that I am truly and deeply sorry for what I said. It was unkind and unfair. I can only hope that you might all forgive me for my transgressions and treat each other and especially Mrs. Franklin that we all deserve. And finally, Mrs. Franklin, you have my respect and my thanks for allowing me this opportunity to grow and learn. Thank you all for your time.

Jamie couldn’t believe she was actually going to make him recite this bullshit. He didn’t know how he would get through it. He read it through to himself a few more times until she said she was read. She aimed the camera at the front of the room and had him stand there and had him read through it several times, correcting him here or there on how to say it and when to pause. It was infuriating. He must have read through it 100 times, sometimes not even all the way through before she stopped him and corrected him or told him to get the smirk off his face or snark out of his voice. It felt like hours but probably took 20 or 30 minutes.

Finally though, when she thought he had it down she pressed record and let him say it. When he was finished he looked at her and she stared back at him for several long seconds until finally, she said “Alright, that’s good enough. Sit back down, I’ve got some tests that need correcting.”

The next few hours were spent grading tests and making copies and helping her with various tasks she had set for him. Half the time it seemed like she was standing over his shoulder making sure her was doing everything right and pointing out things he had missed. It was excruciating.

After a few hours he got to one of his tests and as luck would have it she was over his shoulder at the time.

“Ah… Mr. McMurphy, let’s see how you did on last week’s quiz. You had better grade it fairly otherwise I’ll give you a zero.”

Jamie, was seething but he couldn’t let her get the best of him. He had studied his ass off for that quiz so he knew he couldn’t have done too badly. He started making his way down the answers giving plus-marks for each correct answer, but she stopped him.

“Not so fast Mr. McMurphy, that one doesn’t have the bubble filled in all the way, mark it wrong.”

“What?! But it’s obviously the answer I chose and it’s right!”

“Wrong,” she said. “A correct answer must also follow the directions completely, which explicitly states to fill in the bubble entirely. Mark it wrong.”

Grinding his teeth, Jamie scratching out the plus and wrote a minus. Twice more she docked him for not filling in bubbles all the way and another time because she said his “e” looked like a “c”. It didn’t matter though, he had just barely gotten enough right to still get an A- and that was fine by him. A-‘s counted the same as an A on his GPA and he needed that boost for his grades as he would be applying to colleges soon.

And then she went too far. Looking back over his test she said, “Oh, what’s this? No last name on test, minus one point, which sadly drops this to a B+, better luck next time Mr. McMurphy.”

“I’m the ONLY Jamie in the class! In the school probably!”

“Mr. McMurphy calm yourself! It doesn’t matter if you were the only Jamie in the world if you can’t follow directions clearly you can’t expect to succeed!”

“THAT’S IT!” Jamie exploded and threw his hands in the air. Unfortunately, Mrs. Franklin was still over his should and his hand hit her in the face, causing her to fall back and stumble.

She shouted out as she stumbled, bumped into a desk and fell to the ground on her back. He hadn’t hit her that hard, he hadn’t meant to hit her at all, but he knew he was in trouble. His anger quickly changed to dread. He hopped out of his chair as fast as he could to help her but in his haste he hit his knee and stumbled himself falling face forward onto Mrs. Franklin hands out-stretched. He fell on top of her and his hands instinctively grabbed for something latched firmly onto her breasts.

“Mr. McMurphy! Get your hands off me this instant! What are you doing?!” She was kicking her legs and thrashing about like he was trying to hurt her. He tried to disentangle himself from her but with her moving about it proved difficult. Plus his knee was still throbbing from hitting the desk so he couldn’t put much weight on it. Finally she rolled him off of her and scrambled away.

It had clearly been an accident, she had to know that, but she was acting hysterical like he was purposefully attacking her.

“Mrs. Franklin, I’m sorry it was an accident!” Jamie said.

Flushed and breathing heavily she just stared at him for a moment with a strange look upon her face. At first he thought it was fear, but then he thought he saw her suppress a smile and she calmed down. She slowly pulled herself up and ran her hands down her blouse and skirt, straightening her clothes out.

“Mr. McMurphy, your behavior during your time here at this school has always been outrageous and disruptive, but I fear you may have crossed the line today. I don’t know if there are any options left to me, I’m afraid I will have to speak to Principal Harris about expelling you.”

“WHAT?!” Jamie exclaimed. “It was an accident! I’m so sorry, but you can’t do this to me!” Jamie couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t get expelled, that would ruin his chances of getting into a decent college.

“In a fit of rage you attacked and groped me young man! That is not the sort of behavior we find acceptable from our students and certainly not graduates and future ambassadors to this school!”

Jamie was fucked. There was nothing he could do. No matter how much he fought back, things always turned out worse for him. Even though he despised her, perhaps it was time to throw in the towel and just behave for once and do whatever she wanted. There had to be SOMETHING he could do to avoid this!

“You’re right, Mrs. Franklin. You’re absolutely right. I’ve been a fool and a menace and I am really and truly sorry. I admit that when I came here today I had no intention of giving in, but you’ve won. I’ll do whatever you want from now on. I’ll be good. Just please, please don’t report this. I’ve got to graduate I can’t be expelled! I’ll do anything, anything!”

At this she paused and gave Jamie an appraising look. Staring at him up and down that thing tight smile of hers appeared upon her face. Her eyes narrowed and she nodded to herself as if coming up with some grand scheme, no doubt to punish Jamie in other ways.

“Alright Mr. McMurphy. You seem sincere, but I shall require a demonstration. In order to prove your so-called newly found devotion to behaving properly and submitting to authority I will be administering some corporal punishment.”

“What?” Jamie asked, confused.

“I will be giving you a spanking,” she said flatly.

“Are you SERIOUS?” Jamie asked dumbfounded.

“Are you serious about not wanting to get expelled?”

“Well, yeah…”

“Then do as I say. Now go bend over my desk,” she pointed to the front of the room.

God, Jamie thought. This is going to be humiliating. At least no one else will be around to see it and no one will ever know. And she can’t hit that hard… So Jamie walked over to her desk, put his hand flat forward on it and bend over exposing his rear.

As Mrs. Franklin walked up behind him he heard her say, “Tsk, tsk, tsk. You won’t be getting off that easy, I won’t have you getting any padding from your pants. Drop your trousers.”

“What?!” Jamie turned his head around to look at her. This was getting ridiculous!

“Drop your trousers or I’m reporting you to the principal!”

Sullenly, Jamie turned back around and unbuckled his jeans, sliding them just below his rear-end.

“Briefs too, Mr. McMurphy, this has to be skin to skin.”

Cringing Jamie, slid his briefs down over his ass as well, exposing his bear bottom to his teacher. In any other circumstances he would have thought this was hilarious, but he was too busy preparing for himself to be absolutely humiliated.

Stepping to his side, Mrs. Franklin lifting her right hand flat palmed and rigid to the side of her face. Then he saw her lightly lick it through her burnt orange painted lips and before he could do or say anything she swung harder and faster than he would have thought possibly. She didn’t directly hit him, but slapped him a glancing blow so sharp that he yelped out in pain.

“This is for your own good!” she shouted.

“Ow!” Jamie bleated as sharp pains radiated over his buttocks.

“Tell me this is for your own good, Mr. McMurphy! Thank me for teaching you a valuable lesson!” She swung again, harder and faster than before. Pain lanced through his buttocks and he grunt as his hands almost buckled beneath him as he bent of the desk.

“Say it!” she shouted as she hit him again, this time his elbows did buckle and he was now laying his chest on the desk.

“This is for my own good,” Jamie grunted, tears welling in his eyes. “Thank you for teaching me a valuable lesson…”

“Louder!” she shouted as she hit him again.

“This is for my own good. Thank you for teaching me a valuable lesson Mrs. Franklin.”

“Louder and again!”

“This is for my own good! Thank you for teaching me a valuable lesson Mrs. Franklin!”

“And again!”


“And once more,” she said as she reached for a yardstick swung back and let him have it across both cheeks.

Jamie cried out in pain, tears streaming down his cheeks and he quietly mumbled through his tears, “This is for my own good, thank you for teaching me a valuable lesson Mrs. Franklin…”

“There…” she said softly. “That’s good now.” She reached forward and softly caressed his ass, cupping one of his butt cheeks in her hand and giving it a soft squeeze. “Now that you’ve proven yourself to be such a dutiful young man, I’ve got one last piece of work for you to do.”

Pulling up his pants, he stood up and turned to her. She had a soft grin upon her face, showing thin, old teeth through her painted lips, her skin wrinkling as she smiled.

“What..?” Jamie asked nervously.

“I want you to…” she began as she slowly lifted up one of her knees and extended her leg, placing one of her heels on the desk, her skirt pulling up and exposing her panties and crotch beneath. “Eat. My. Pussy.”

Eyes wide with fear and disgust, Jamie reeled back stammering. “Wha-wha-what?! I won’t do that!”

“Oh yes you will,” she said, her smile spreading wider. “Or I’m going to show everyone in the school that video we just made of me spanking you until you cried.”

Panic struck him. He turned to look at the video camera from early. It was still on. It had caught every thing. That bitch! She can’t get away with this! “You’d get in trouble if the school saw that! You’re not allowed to hit students!” Jamie realized.

“Can’t I?” she said, her smile never leaving her tight painted mouth. “This is a private school. By paying tuition and signing the acceptance forms, you submit yourself to be punished, physically if necessary. I’m afraid the no hitting rule only applies to students. And unfortunately for you we also have videotape of you striking me and falling on top of me. I will tell them that you tried to rape me. It’s amazing what a little editing can do. I’ll make you look like a horrible filthy delinquent who tried to rape his teacher out of revenge for being punished.”

“Oh God…” He was fucked. She had him. There was no way he could get out of this scot-free. He’d be humiliated, expelled, and possibly even prosecuted. He’d never get into college and his life would be over.

“Oh yes,” Mrs. Frankenstein said as she slid her panties to the side and caressed her labia with her fingers with long nails painted red.

Jamie thought briefly about going for the camera, but he could clearly see a bruise forming on her face where he had struck her. It was her word against his and she could even claim the smacks on his backside had been in defense as he thrust himself upon her.

He swallowed deep and looked at her with resignation in his eyes. He just had to get through this day and that would be it. He’d drop her class and avoid her at all costs and graduate soon so he’d never have to see her again or relive this terrible moment.

“That’s a good boy, Mr. McMurphy,” she said as she sat herself down on the top of the desk, legs dangling over. She slowly slid her old lace panties to the floor and spread her legs, exposing her vagina to him and leaning back. He couldn’t help but look at it. It was moist and glistening, but old and wrinkly too. He could see her engorged clitoris peaking through. She was really enjoying this power over him.

“That’s it… Come here Mr. McMurphy. Kneel down and eat your teacher’s pussy. I’m going to enjoy this. For all the pain and trouble you’ve caused me, I’m finally going to get something good out of you. I trust you know how to please a woman with your mouth? You’re not stopping until I’m well-satisfied.”

Kneeling down before her, he raised his eyes briefly to look at hers and meekly said, “Yes ma’am…”

“Good,” she whispered, taking hold of his head with one hand and slowly pushing it forward in between her legs. “Now take a lick…”

Her old pussy loamed before him. It was wrinkled and surrounded by sparse ginger pubes. A deep, dark pink shown beneath its lips as they slowly parted before him like a lover parting its lips for a kiss. He closed his eyes and grimaced, sticking his tongue out and leaned in.

“Yes…” his teacher gently moaned, pulling his head in between her legs, his ears sliding down her thighs. And then his tongue made contact. Her pussy was moist and radiated heat. It was covered in a thick slimy discharge that tasted bitter and almost made him gag. He made to reel back and pull his face away, but she grabbed his head with both hands now, fingers twining into his hair, and pulled him in tight against her cunt.

By reflex Jamie opened his mouth to groan and shout out, but she held him tight and he got a mouthful of her old pussy, her juices flowing forth into his mouth and down his chin as she rubbed her cunt all over his mouth and face. His nose was pressed into her crotch and pubes and he could feel her pussy lips part and spread along either side of his tongue. He opened his eyes and looked up at her, peering down at him through her thin frames with a look of part hatred, part lust, and part grim satisfaction as she pleasured herself as she tortured him.

“Oh yes Mr. McMurphy, your tongue feels so good inside me. Eat your teacher’s cunt!” she said and she ground her pelvis on his face. He knew he had no choice but to try his best and service her. She said she wouldn’t let him go until she was satisfied so he began to lick her pussy up and down. Mrs. Frankenstein responded by moaning loudly and crying out, “Oh yes! I’m finally putting that sharp tongue of yours to good use Mr. McMurphy!”

Gradually, Jamie became more accustomed to it. After all, he had always enjoyed eating pussy in the past. Oftentimes he and his girlfriend would 69 before fucking as cunnilingus acted as a method of arousing him. He started to get more into it, probing her vagina with his tongue and lapping up her feminine juices, which had tasted bitter at first, but now as they flowed more freely the taste grew sweeter. He raised his hand to hold her hips and he flicked his tongue over her clitoris, which sent Mrs. Franklin into spasms and moans.

“Oh you dirty little delinquent! You filthy boy, Mr. McMurphy! You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” she said to him as she continued to grind his face as he ate her out. “You like eating your teacher’s pussy!”

It amazed him to find out that he did in fact enjoy it. He could feel his pants straining to contain a rock hard erection, pressing up against his fly. It was strange. Mrs. Franklin was so old and he had always thought of her as gross and the last person with whom he would want to have a sexual encounter. In fact, he had always referred to her as Mrs. Frankenstein in the past (at least when not directly speaking to her). Yet now, with his face buried in between her legs, he thought of her as Mrs. Franklin. But that was so gross!

The thought of this just an hour ago surely would have made him gag, he didn’t understand. Why was this turning him on? Something about this was giving him such a sexual thrill! Perhaps it was the subordination or the fact that he found her to be so repelling, but it turned him on in a sick and twisted way. Jamie did his best to moan in the affirmative and nod his head, which she still gripped tightly to her cunt.

“Tell me you like eating my pussy!” Mrs. Franklin shouted. Pulling back on his hair and ripped his face from her cunt, both of which were now dripping with her pussy juices.

Gasping for breath with his head pulled back by his hair Jamie barely had time to pant “I like eating you pussy!” before she shoved his face back between her legs.

“Tell me you LOVE it and show some respect to your teacher!” she shouted again pulling his head back.

“I love eating your pussy Mrs. Franklin!” Jamie shouted out before diving back in for more. Mrs. Franklin cried out loudly, moaning as her body trembled. “Oh Mr. McMurphy, you’re such a dirty filthy boy! You’re going to make your teacher cum!”

Jamie instinctively increased his pace, furiously lapping up her juices and flicking his tongue over her clit. He then reached between her legs with one of his hands and spread her lips even farther, sliding two of his fingers inside her vagina. He began pumping his fingers in and out of her pussy as her licked her clit.

“Oh yes! Right there! Right there! Oh Mr. McMurphy! I’m going to cum! You want me to cum? Do you want teacher to cum in your mouth and on your face?” she said as she looked down at him still holding his head as she face fucked him. Looking up Jamie nodded as best as he could as his boner pressed hard against his jeans, precum oozing forth to form a small wet spot on his crotch. He didn’t understand it, but this was turning him on badly.

“Oh yes! Here I cum! Here I cum!” she shouted riding his face until her whole body spasmed and her grip on his head grew even tighter, painfully pulling on his hair as she bucked her hips into his face and suddenly se started squirting! Torrents of cum squirted into his mouth and down his throat and all over his mouth, chin, and face. Her pussy juice shot at him in quick bursts for 10 or 15 seconds splattering on his face and filling his mouth. The taste wasn’t overly sweet, but he had gotten used to it. He let it dribble from his mouth until she caught it pulled his face down, pressing her crotch up against his jaw and forcing his mouth closed. “Swallow my cum Mr. McMurphy! Swallow your teacher’s pussy juice!” Dutifully, he obeyed. It felt viscous and slimy sliding down his throat.

She held him there for a good two minutes as she gradually came down., He body gently trembling as she continued to come as he orgasm slowly subsided. When she finally released his head she fell back onto her desk, legs still wide open, and he collapsed backward into a sitting position on the floor, panting as he recovered his breath.

He was so turned on now and he didn’t know what to do. That session had gotten him so horny and right now and bare and dripping wet pussy sat inches from his face at eye level, quivering and just begging to be fucked. He didn’t think she would go for it, but if she was going to frame him for rape anyway…

Just as he was gathering his courage and looking down at his rock hard cock, bulging in his pants, Mrs. Franklin sat up and looked down at him. He could see her eyes trace the bulge in his pants up to the look in his eyes, but she didn’t directly comment on it. Her face had reverted to the cold, hard sneer she so often gave him in class and her eyes narrowed behind her thin frames.

“It looks like you can follow directions sometimes,” she sneered. “Perhaps I won’t have to report you to the principal and the authorities after all. You may go to the bathroom now and clean up.” She then slid off the desk and stood up in front of him, straightening her skirt. “Chop chop!” she said and clapped her hands.

And with that, all the courage he had plucked up was dashed. He knew he wouldn’t do anything. So he got to his feet and left the classroom and made his way to the bathroom down the hall.

When he got there he looked at himself in the mirror and saw his mouth and face glistening with her pussy juice. It had dripped down his chin and neck and the collar of his shirt was damp and dark with her cum. His hair was all frazzled and pulled every which way from her digging her fingers into his scalp. And his crotch still bulged with a huge erection. He couldn’t help it and he couldn’t understand it, but he was still so horny. Somehow seeing what she had done to him had even turned him on. He just had to do something about it.

So with that, he unzipped his fly and whipped out his cock. Reaching up and wiping her cum from his face, he smeared it all over his cock and began stroking. He closed his eyes and Mrs. Franklin’s pussy was in front of him again: swollen dark pink, almost red, and dripping. He imagined its lips opening greedily to suck his cock in, the ginger pubes, lightly surrounding it intertwining with his own as he thrust deep inside of her.

He started moaning as he furiously masturbated to the thought of fucking his ugly and old teacher, using her own cum as lubricant. It was almost as if he was actually fucking her. He began to mutter aloud as he stroked him, “Oh, Mrs. Franklin… Fuck yeah… Oh God, yeah… Take my cock… Uh, oh yeah Mrs. Franklin. I wanna fuck you so bad…” He couldn’t explain it and didn’t know why, but he was so turned on by what happened it just felt so good to imagine fucking her. Maybe it was a revenge thing, maybe her grossness turned him on, or maybe he was legitimately attracted to her now, or maybe even still it was just his teenage hormonal body taking over, but it felt great. He just gave into the fantasy and kept at it, imagining he was fucking her and talking dirty to himself as he did so.

“Take my big filthy cock Mrs. Franklin! I’ll show you how much of a man I am! Fuck you Mrs. Frankenstein! How does it feel to have my big cock inside you, you old dirty cunt! Fuck yeah!” he grew louder as he masturbated. He was going to climax soon and he groaned loudly. “Oh yeah Mrs. Frankenstein! I’m gonna cum inside you! You’re gonna make me cum! Oh! Oh yeah! OOOOOHHHHHHHH!”

His cock exploded in his hand, spewing forth thick loads of cum into his palm, over his knuckles and onto the floor. “Oh Mrs. Franklin! Mrs. Frankenstein!” he moaned as he emptied his balls.

Once he was finished he cleaned up as best he could. Wiping up his cum and washing his hands. He splashed water on his face and washed that as well. Water dripped onto his shirt, hiding her cum stains and making it look like he had just splashed water onto himself. He tucked his shrinking cock back into his pants and zipped up taking one last look at himself in the mirror.

And that’s when it sunk in.

He had just eaten out his disgusting, old teacher Mrs. Frankenstein and if that wasn’t enough, he had just jerked off to the thought of her with her cum on his face, hand, and dick. Ugh! He gagged slightly and felt like retching. He splashed water onto his face again and cupped his hands, drinking water from them. Oh my God, that was disgusting! How could he have done that!? He had been blackmailed into the cunnilingus, but he had jerked off afterward! Gross!

He tried to regain his composure, rationalizing that the sexual contact had just stimulated his hormones and he couldn’t be to blame. It was still gross yes, but he need never revisit this ever again. Now that’d he ejaculated, his hormones no longer clouded his thoughts and he could think clearly. He’d transfer out of her class and avoid her at all costs and soon enough he’d graduate and it would all be behind him. He grabbed a paper towel, dried his face and hands and made his way back to the classroom.

She sat on her desk waiting for him, legs crossed with a stern look upon her face. “Sit down, Mr. McMurphy. I need to explain a few things to you and then you may go.”

Sullen and embarrassed, he sat down in front of her. “You showed me a lot today Mr. McMurphy,” she said/ “You showed me that given certain prodding and motivation you can follow directions and be made use of. You are not quite the worthless delinquent that I once thought you were. That is why I will not be reporting you or filing charges against you and why no one must ever see the video tape…”

A wave of relief flooded over him. It’s finally over, he thought. He slid back in his chair and ran his hands through his hair sighing. “Thank yo-” he began but before he could say any more she cut him off.

“…provided that you continue to assist me with certain, after school extra-curricular activities.”

“What?! You can’t! You said you wouldn’t!”

She just gave him that fucking cunty painted smile of hers and stared at him severely behind those thin fucking frames. “I did promise I wouldn’t show anyone the tapes, provided you did what I say. But I did not put a limit on how long you had to obey me. I expect you to continue to obey me and provide me with the services that I require. If that alone does not satisfy your need for justice, perhaps I don’t show anyone the videos of you being spanked or groping me, perhaps I show them the video f you eating my pussy and begging for me to cum in your mouth?”

He couldn’t believe it. He had fucking forgot about the camera and let it continue to record! It had the whole thing! This would ruin him! I mean, it was one thing if he had banged a hot teacher like Ms. Lopez, but a dirty old bag like Mrs. Frankenstein? He’d be a social pariah! He’d be ostracized and have to switch schools, even possibly move to a different state! And it would still probably follow him there! And he’d never get into college if he was known to have eaten out one of his teachers. At least nothing better than a community college… But then he realized it. She’d get in even more trouble than him! Possibly even go to jail!

“Ha! That’s an empty threat!” he said. “You can’t show anyone that or else you’re busted!”

For some reason though, she didn’t look devastated. “Maybe,” she said shrugging. “Or maybe I show this video instead.” She pressed play on a remote and he video camera hooked up to the TV started to play. And he saw himself, eyes closed tight and bent over in the bathroom, masturbating and shouting “OH yeah, Mrs. Franklin! I wanna fuck you so bad! Oh yeah, take my big filthy cock!”

Jamie was crestfallen. She had followed him to the bathroom! She’d spied on him and videotaped him jerking off! This would be nearly as bad as the other videos. Still though, he could maybe deal with this. It would be embarrassing, but it wouldn’t ruin his life. He could even say it was some other Mrs. Franklin, like Jimmy Franklin’s mom. She was pretty hot. It might cause some problems with Jimmy and his mom, but it would be more understandable and no one would ever believe that he had fantasized about fucking Mrs. Frankenstein… And then he realized he had called her that as her jerked off. It was unavoidable. Still, maybe he could call her bluff.

“Fine. Then do it. I don’t care, I can deal with people seeing me jerk off!”

She paused the tape as he was cumming, thick white ropes frozen in air cascading over his hands. She looked back at him and crossed her arms. “You just don’t get it Mr. McMurphy. I’m in control. I own you now. I don’t have to stand by my word. I can release the other scenes. I don’t have to withhold any of them, except perhaps for the one of you servicing me so capably. I might just keep that one for my own enjoyment. But the other scenes? I’ll release them all. With a little editing I can say I spanked you as punishment because you hadn’t responded to any other methods and that because of it and your sick perverted mind, you got turned on and plotted to rape me as revenge, even fantasizing about it during your bathroom break. When confronted, you lashed out and assaulted me, attempting to rape me. You’re fucked. Figuratively and literally. I am going to make good use out of you, that wonderful mouth of yours, and maybe one day that big filthy cock you were promising me in your fantasies. You will come for after school tutoring everyday from eight until ten, when no one else will be in the school. See you Monday.” With that, Mrs. Franklin winked; a painted smile spreading across her wrinkled old face and Jamie shuddered.

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