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Part 2
This is part 2 of the story.
I am a 18 year old girl this my life story.

The next day seemed surreal to me, nobody spoke of the night before it seemed like it didn't happen. A few days passed and I wanted to ask my mom about that night. Every time I would try I would feel just to ashamed to even say the words. I decided to write her a letter.

" Dear mom, it's very hard to say this but I have to tell you. Daddy has been touching me still. He touches my breasts and ass all the time. He even made me drink alcohol so he could touch my vagina. I saw you that night mom why didn't u help me? ..."

It short I could get myself to write the details but she knew I left it on her bed and wait for response. One day passed, two days passed finally a were and mom had said a word to me. I finally got the courage and ask her if she got my note. With a blank look she said" Yes and I don't want to hear this your just lying for attention. Why would he touch you for god sakes Nuffy."

 I could hear the denial in her voice, but I didn't say anything after know she would be no help. I was eleven, my father stop buying me razors he would always tell not to shave. My pussy started getting hair from when I was eight. My little pussy had curly black pubic hair my father loved he would play with it at any chance. As grew up I tried to stop him more and more but he grew more violent. He grew more bold his attack. He would pick me up without a chance and drag me up to my room. Sometimes we wouldn't even make to the room he would do it right on the stairs. 

I rember being carried up kicking and screaming. Finally my dad put me down he looking at me with a annoyed look." If you don't stop fucking around I'll punish you even worse. Got it?" . My big eyes looking up at him I nodded my head. My father sitting  at the head of the stairs undid his pants revealing his member. His thick hairy cock was half erect the sat at the top of the stairs and motioned for me to crawl to his cock. I crawled slowly finally reaching to his cock, I see it twitch with anticipation. By now I I knew the drill would let him use my mouth and hope he doesn't want anything more.

I pull his foreskin back revealing the head of his now erect penis. From the smell I could tell he didn't wash for at least three days. I lick the tip trying to wiggle it in his penis hole. Sucking the head  taking deeper in my throat I feel the cock expand in air pipe. I pull it out coughing and gagging. I know the faster I make him cum I I wont making him do more to me. I start lick up and down the shaft stroking it at the same time. I feel my dads hand on my head pushing it lower down to his balls. I lick his sweaty sack, sucking each ball. I could see my fathers pleasure as I garbled his balls. " lower." he commands.

" But daddy thats your...."
" I don't care do it  this is your punishment." he yelled.
He spreads his legs showing his hairy asshole.
I was sick to my stomach , he grabbed my head and forced my face into his ass. It smelled horrible, " lick it now Nuffy." as he rubbed my face in his ass.
I sucked it up I put my tongue out  and started licking his asshole. It tasted awful I could barely breath I wriggles my tongue around his  dirty hole as he stroked his cock over me. I could hear his breathing fasten as I licked his ass faster he stroked his penis beating with pure pleasure. He pulled my head up and shoved his cock in my face shooting his cum all over my lips and cheeks. I sit there face ruined as my father walks off look at me like trash.

I go wash up just like routine....

Everything seems like routine my dad rapes me and  y family turns a blind eye. In 7 th grade I started to drink to deal with it. I would drink at school and hide liquor in my locker.
I would drink to forget what's happening at home, my house wasn't a happy place.
My mom fight with my dad a lot and he took his revenge on me.

In 7 th grade I met the first boy who had a crush on me. His name was Nick, he was a white boy with big blue eyes and blonde hair. I thought he was so cute and he ask me to catwalk which is where everyone goes to kiss. I was so excited I could sleep the night before. The next day we walk together to the catwalk. My heart pounding  looking at Nick he was handsome. Cut body , cute smile and the eyes made me melt. We went behind a tree, he pulls me to him. My heart about to pop, I close my eyes. I feel his lips touch mine my pussy tingled. Im unsure I have ever kissed a boy before, willingly I mean. I don't know what to do I open my mouth a little. His tongues enters it's feels weird but good licking the inside of my mouth. I feel something poke my leg, I look down I see Nicks cock. It's small than dads it's white with a cute pink top. Nick looks at me" Touch it please. I like you so much."

I hesitate but I do this he will like me I think to me self. Daddy likes it this is what boys like I tell my self. His cock is rock hard as he stares over my body. I did wear more revealing clothes so he would think I'm hot. My big tits poked out barely coverd by my white tank top and the skirt I rolled up to just above my knees. My brown skin shimmers in the sunlight with the sunscreen I put on. 
"Your so sexy Nuffy. Please touch it."
Nicks praise finally makes me do it, to be praised for this made me feel less dirty.
I took his cock in one hands slowly rubbing the head, remembering how I did it with daddy.
Nicks eyes closed in pleasure, I spit on his cock stroking it faster getting it wet and slimly. His cock was bright red and twitched every so often. I could his breathing" ooo god Nuffy this is so good. I'm almost there."

My pussy was so wet I could feel the panties getting soaked by my little cunnys juice. I could Nick about to cum, his cock pulsing. I remember daddy always making me get on my knees so did just that. I got on my knees stroking his cock till it shot his warm thick cum all over my tits and neck. His cock shot so much cum  Nick looked exhausted. He helped me clean up and walked me to my house. I made him promise not to tell anyone.

The next day I was shocked everyone seemed weird. Girls and guy would stare at me.
When I got to my locker I knew why some wrote whore and slut all over my locker. All day people kept asking me if it's true the guys would day dirty things to me. Girls left condoms in my desk I was the school slut now. I just drank more and didn't talk to anyone.
To be continued

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2011-11-16 20:39:17
You are a real shitty writer. Your spelling sucks and your grammar is shit. You do not take any time to read and correct your errors or organise your thoughts before posting. Slow down do not be in such a hurry with your writing. Storie telling is an art but an art that can be learned with practise SO KEEP TRYING AND KEEP POSTING YOUR STORIES YOU WILL GET BETTER IF YOU MAKE AN EFFORT TO IMPROVE YOUR STORIES. I do like your storie line and your storie ideas. I love daddy or stepdaddy abuse of there little underage slut babies. Chick out the Franklin spelling ace pro & puzzle solver.

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2011-08-22 05:31:32
I really hope this isn't one of those stories that say true just so people will read it cause I feel bad for nuffy.

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2011-06-21 04:59:23
I licked this part also. Keep it up. Its a hot true storie. I like your stepdad using and abusing your little ass and your mother letting him do it we need more mothers who let there baby sluts be used like this. I hope your stepdad had the balls to pimp your hot tits and ass out before you got to much older, nothing is like a hot little under age whore for a guy to use and fuck hard in all her tight young holes. Your stepdad could have mode some good money off your young ass.,

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