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Bryan my fuck buddy was on his way to visit me, I needed him as much as he needed me!
Bryan called about midnight, “Put a pot of coffee on I’ll soon be there baby.”

I was awaiting the arrival of my best friend and fuck buddy all day, not to mention, so were was aroused body. I couldn’t wait to kiss, fuck, and talk to him, in no uncertain order, as the talking could wait.

I put the pot on, and when I looked out the kitchen window saw his car coming down the road. My clit screamed, “YES!”

I thought about stripping and meeting him naked at the door, but the porch light was on, and decided not too because my neighbor was always just too damn nosy. So I just donned a t-shirt and shorts, going commando.

I watched him step upon the porch, and opened the door. “Hi baby, hope you had a nice trip. Coffee will be ready soon.”

He pulled me into his arms and said, “To hell with the java baby, come here.” Kissing me so hard if he hadn’t been holding me I would have lost my balance.

He’d been here before, and led me to the spare room, and kissed me more, holding me so tight I could hardly breathe.

“Mmmm baby, that horny huh!”

“You know how long it’s been since I had pussy or even fucked doll?”

I smirked, and said, “To damn long!”

There was a flurry of hands and clothing until we were both lying on the bed naked. As we entangled into each others arms he started kissing like there was no tomorrow.

He paused only long enough to say, “I love you doll, and I’m sorry for what pinhead has done to you. However, forget about him, you belong to me for a few days.”

“You got that right!”

I snuggled closer and reached for his cock. Mmm, hard already, wonder what he wants to do first, or what I am going to do.

Before I could answer that he suggested in a husky voice, “Suck my dick baby, it’s been shouting your name ever since I left home.”

I kissed his lips, chin, chest, and moved downward leaving a wet trail with my lips and tongue. I then blew on his cock.

“Ooooh fuck, do you know what that does to me?”

I just nodded yes, and kept going until I engulfed the whole shaft. I ran my tongue all over it, then licked, and sucked his balls. For a moment I thought he’d pass out.

After a few second he breathlessly asked. “Have any toys in here doll; if not there is one in my bag.”

“Honey, look on the table next to you, there is a vibrator that looks like a cock and lube.”

He reached for it, lubed it up, and ran it buzzing on high from my clit to my asshole. My whole body screamed with delight!

I stopped sucking long enough to squeal, “OMG, keep doing that baby and you’ll do more than light my fire!”

“I’m here to put out your fire baby, I even have a hose.” He growled as he slid the toy all the way inside my twat with one hard thrust. He then took his other hand and toyed with my clit.

I thought I was going to pass out, dear ole hubby, NEVER did this to me, oh hell his loss. I quivered hard, sucked him harder, as my fluids gushed all over the toy, and up his arm and onto the towel lying under me. For those who don’t know it hell yes, I have to lay one a towel or I will saturate the bed.

He fucked me, deep, hard, as I moaned in delight as my mouth worked its magic on his cock.

“Oooooh fuck, you sure know how to suck dick baby. I may have trouble cumming, and keeping it hard.”

I paused and purred. “So what, your cock is in my hands, and I’ll make you cum, even if it takes all day, and night. It doesn’t bother me whether you cum or now, as long as you have a good time baby.”

“I knew I loved you for some reason! God your cunt is so tight, wet, and that love button is so fucking hard.”

I just kept tantalizing his cock, moaning, and moving my hips in fucking motion. I was hot, primed, and about to cum--hard! It didn’t take long either as I shook all over, and came like a freight train out of control.

“Ooh shit baby, I love the way you cum! I just gotta taste this sweet honey!”

He removed the toy, leaned over, and lapped every inch of my cunt, and draining me of my sweet nectar.

“MMM tasty, I want more!”

Now how could I refuse an offer like that?

I stopped sucking and purred, “You’ll get more, as I am not done cumming baby.”

We played like this for over six hours, with me loosing count of how many times I climaxed. He frowned because his cock would not cooperate. When I saw that sad puppy dog look, moved up, and kissed him hard.

“Baby, don’t be so disappointed, you drove ten hours, have health issues, and have had no sex but rosy palm and her sisters, so its hard to cum like this. I’m not bothered by it, so don’t you be.”

“Ok. God I love you, sometimes I wish I had made you mine.”

“Bryan if it was to be, it would be, and don’t look back and say, wish I changed it. Mainly because I do not want to belong to you, marry you, or even be your girlfriend….I just want you to be my sex slave.”

“Oh God, I can do that! Now come here, time to hold my baby, let her cry if she wants, and then snuggle with her all night. I want you to sleep in my arms tonight honey.”

I slid into his arms, and let go of all my anguish, then dried my eyes, kissed him hard. I yawned and said, “Wow we had one hot time in this ole country tonight.”

He laughed and said, “Morning doll, it’s five am; we have been playing all damn night.”

“Oh well who watches the time when you’re having fun?”

I then snuggled up close and fell asleep in his arms.

I was up at ten am, needing to eat something. He was not awake yet, so I crawled out of bed and headed for the kitchen. I put a pot of coffee on and started fixing breakfast. I did not here Bryan come into the kitchen and he dang near made me bite my tongue and pee on the floor, as I was still naked.

“Sorry doll, but someone needs your undivided attention!”

I saw it too, his cock, harder than I had seen it in ages. Mmmm let’s go, before it changes its mind, pouts and droops.

He laughed and led me back to the bedroom. We started sixty-nine’n like there was no tomorrow. God he was hard, and thicker than I remembered. I knew it was probably due to him being horny as hell, plus the supplements I told him about.

“Ooooh fuck Deana, make me cum! Drain these balls, suck my dick harder baby! Just like that, yessss, oooooooooh god!”

I sucked, as he again played with my cunt using the toy and before I could cum, Bryan yelled. “Fuck ooooh fuck baby, I am cumming!’

He came so hard with so much juice it dribbled down my chin. I took my finger and picked it up, not wanting to miss a drop of his sweet honey.

“Yum, mmm, it taste so good baby.”

I then lay on the bed, and he continued fucking me with the toy, buzzing on high. Every now and then he’d take it out, and run it over my clit, and then down to my asshole. I came so hard I nearly wet the bed.

We lay there absorbing the moment, not wanting it to end. I looked into his eyes, smirked and said, “I told you I was going to make you cum. I think I opened a blocked flood gate, because there was so much cum I could hardly swallow it all.”

“Oh really, hum I haven’t came that hard since I was twenty. I saw it drippin off your chin.”

“What do you want to do today, I’m all fucked out.”

“Give it a rest baby, we can talk about my soon to be ex, or just relax and enjoy being friends. After all you are my best friend baby!”

“You’re mine too doll, I do not know what I would do without you.”

Bryan and I spent most of that day resting, as we had worn each other out. We went to bed around midnight. He once again, put me into orbit a few times, and although he did not come, he stayed hard, for a very long time. As for me, I love to suck a cock for hours, and of course, he took hours eating me, as one good lick deserves another. What happened next is bases for part two of this story....LOL!

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2012-09-09 06:22:26
Megan !This beautiful piece of art is your miacrle .. the beginning of a new life! Congratulations! Enjoy each day .. don't loose a moment of the excitment, joy and happiness of one tiny, tiny beautiful little blessed infant .. she's a real person already! My wishes for much happiness and good health for the three of you ..I thank Alexandra for keeping me posted on the girls I had learned to love and adore thruout your childhood, and adusthood .. thank you for sharing beautiful Jennifer with me .. God bless you ..A reminder .. Giovanna as you know is better known as Alexandra's Mama G and until this day AND all the tomorrows she will always be my very special loving Princess, my Alexandra. I do miss her so .. but each night I hold her so dear to me ..I just know you are learning that feeling already, having Jennifer .. each day your love will be more glorious than yesterday .. more greater tomorrow .. how wonderful for all the mysteries of life the tomorrows will bring ..Lo

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2011-06-21 17:07:03
add your themes bitch

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2011-06-20 06:17:32
Okay from the femalepoint of view, addresses the problem of middle age and ED. General desire to just have someone to be with now and then. For good Sex sometimes adjusted to meet medical issues.

Real Good Story, cuts stright to the chase with out being vulgar. Liked it looking forward to part two.

Well Written and well spaced.

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