Caw 7 Challenge
“We can’t keep doing this,” Brenda said as she pulled folded dollar bills from her g-string

“You're right, but lets face it. What else can we do?” Lori asked as she pulled on her top and fastened her shoes.

“Something. Hey I have an idea. We can talk about it over drinks after work.” Sara said.

It was now five in the morning, and the three girls had become five. They all sat around a table at one of the few twenty-four hour restaurants in the county. Working at the Bucking Stallion was okay for most of them. Brenda, Lori and Sara all were dancers, but Carrie and Nadia were waitresses who were often pressured to get up and take it off. “So what’s this idea?” Brenda asked as she stirred her coffee.

“How about a catering company?”

“A what?” Lori said.

“Look” Sara said, “All of the business men in town come by the Bucking Stallion. We know all of them. What if we ran our own business where they could call us, we show up and serve them food and then leave?”

“Uh, I don’t know anything about catering. In fact who here knows how to cook anything past Campbell’s chicken soup?”

“Look, we can do it. We just need someone to cook for us and keep it on the down low” Sara said.

“You're serious?” Carrie asked.

“Yes, I mean at first we would have to… do a little more shaking than we would like but if we can improve things then we could actually have a successful business,” Sara assured them.

“Which brings us to the last question,” Nadia said.

“Right,” said Sara. “The buy-in. I figure we can do it, or at least get started, with ten grand.”

“Don’t forget we need a cook,” Lori reminded her.

“I haven’t forgotten, you let me worry about that,” Sara said.

The five women finished their meal and walked out promising to call each other soon, not that they wouldn’t be at the strip club again soon. But it was hard to talk about things like this when, well when the manager was breathing down your neck about the next time you were on and getting his cut.
Sara drove down, she was tired but she kept sipping at the coffee as she drove into the largest city nearby, it was about forty miles. She stopped in front of a culinary school; she wasn’t sure if she would have any luck but she took a deep breath and walked inside.

“Can I help you?” the Receptionist asked.

“I… I’m not sure,” Sara began, “I’m looking for a Chef I guess, or maybe I should say I’m looking to hire one, I thought this would be the best place to start.”

“I can forward your information to the students.”

It was Tuesday after a long and particularly hard weekend. Sara had gotten five callbacks from the school. So they had arranged to have auditions, at Lori’s apartment. Each audition was separated by two hours. The girls were in varying degrees of undress, Nadia being in a halter and shorts and a pair of sandals. The rest were wearing less. There was a knock on the door and Nadia got up and answered it.

“Hi, um” the young woman began, “I'm trying to find Sara about a job”

“I’m Sara,” Sara said, bouncing from the couch, her bust nearly leaping out of her bra and knocking her out. When her girls stopped jiggling, which they did shortly, she greeted the woman.

“I… I’m not sure this is right for me,” the woman said hesitantly, “Are you sure you're looking for a chef and not a male stripper?”

“Phffft,” Brenda chuckled, “No, seriously, we are looking for a Chef”

“Okay, Um, I’m Amy and, um, I expected…”

“You didn’t expect to find five strippers in their underwear,” Sara supplied


“Do you have a problem with it?”

“Um… I’m a little uncomfortable,” Amy replied.

“Don’t worry,” Nadia said, “We don't bite.”

“Not often anyway,” Carrie joked.

“So tell us,” Sara began, “what can you do?”

“I think it would be easier if you told me what you need me to do,” Amy said

“Okay then,” Sara began, “We are going to start a catering company. We have been strippers a while and entertainers and, well, you get it, and we would like to make some legit money, so we are thinking…”

“That serving food to business men,” Nadia interjected.

“And a little entertainment in between,” Lorie giggled.

“Would be the perfect recipe for success.” Sara continued, “The trouble is we can’t cook, we can use a can opener, but lets face it if we want this to be a real deal we have to have some serious food and wine and shit like that.”

“Well,” Amy said, “You're right on all of that, but I don’t think I’m the girl for you.” She turned and left the room. The next three meetings ended up the same way except for the third was a guy and he insisted on a lap dance before they threw him out. The last one was a kind of mousy looking girl with glasses who introduced herself as Celia. She handed out samples and after a little talking accepted the gig, on the condition that she too would be a partner.

It was another week before they got premises and got the kitchen set up to Celia’s satisfaction. Sara was still a bit nervous about Celia’s participation and how she would react to what was planned. So she walked into the kitchen area to check on her. Nadia had Celia on top of a large chopping block; Celia was naked as was Nadia. Nadia was sucking on one of Celia’s creamy pink nipples as Celia clutched at Nadia’s head. “I’m Glad to see your starting to feel comfortable Celia”

Celia jumped “oh I didn’t see you there” Sara walked over and pinched Celia’s nipple as she kissed her lightly on the lips. Sara turned and walked back out the door smiling to herself.

Sara had scored them their first working lunch for later in the week, a Wednesday.

They were all crowded around the small table in the meeting room away from the kitchen. “I picked us up some uniforms,” Brenda laughed, as she opened a nylon bag and set it on the table. There were five nearly identical outfits, which consisted of black thigh high boot pumps, stockings, shiny black hot pants and a white blouse. The other, which Brenda explained was for Celia, was a sheer bustier and a thong with four-inch stiletto heels.

Celia looked at the outfit and murmured under her breath “In for a penny in for a pound.”

When she came out of the small bathroom into the room of girls who were all dressed in their uniforms, they smiled and clapped. “You know,” Celia said, “I can’t work in this outfit.”

“We know,” Sara laughed, “You just need to tell us what to do”

“Okay,” Celia smiled.

The day of the event came, and the six girls set up the room according to Celia’s direction. Half an hour later a dozen men in suits filed into the room the women served them as they talked. Filling their glasses as their eyes filled with cotton wrapped boobs and vinyl wrapped asses. While three girls put out desert which was a flaming creme brule. Sara and Brenda got up on the table as Celia hit the music and they started a soft slow strip tease. This led to more than one of the suits pulling a girl onto his lap.

Soon Nadia and Carrie were on their knees between the thighs of one man or another, slurping and sucking on hard cock. One of the men had drug Celia from her position at the food station and had pulled her thong to the side and was devouring her pretty little pussy. Lori already had a load of spunk across her face and breasts which were bouncing as she rode an executive. Sara was riding one man while she sucked the cock of another and Brenda was sucking on Celia’s breasts while she was being double penetrated.

The whole event lasted three hours and the women left with a stack of cash, slack eyed and silly as they struggled out to the van. A young man ran out to the van as it started up.

“Miss… Excuse me miss, Mr. Jansen would like to know if he could use you for other business meetings.

“Here, pass these out to the men from the meeting” Sara said handing a stack of business cards to the young man.

It read:
Spicy Cuisine for Hire

And it had their number. She smiled as she pulled out of the parking lot. Celia squealed as Brenda tried to suck a load of cum out of her quim.


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that was something interesting. Light and fun, it was sexy and interesting. I gave it a positive rating.


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Love what you did with it. Very good effort.


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And might I add a hearty "قصص سكس" as well, which I believe translates to "I approve."

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