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Part XII : The Sequels

Holly was wearing glasses and a backpack, sitting on the couch, Stephanie taping, and I was wearing a suit and tie. “Mr. Johnson, I really really need to get an A” Holly said. “Well Holly, you would need to do a lot to do that” I said sternly. “I’m willing to do a whole lot for you” she said sluttlily. “Will you suck my cock?” I asked her. I said, unzipping my pants, pulling out my semi hard cock, and stroking it slowly. She was still in her backpack. I put my cock on her lips. “Will you do that for me” I asked her. She started licking it. Holly stood up, throwing her backpack aside, tearing her clothes off. “Do you want to lick my eighteen year old tits, Mr. Johnson?” she asked innocently. I licked her nipples, and pushed her head down ward. She licked me at first, then stroked with her hand and sucked on the tip. “I’m only seeing C, C+ at the most right now” I said. “What do you want me to shove this cock down my throat” she said. “I think you should if you want the A.” I said. Holly jammed my cock down all the way. Stephanie was maneuvering around for a better shot. She continued to stroke her mouth and throat over my cock, moaning. I was pushing her head down on my cock. “Holly, if you swallow every drop, I will give you an A +.” I said. She just kept sucking. I played with her tits for a while, pinching her nipples. Then, on queue, Rachel, the redhead from the dorm, walked into my apartment. “Mr.Johnson! I never thought I would see you of all faculty members taking advantage of a student!” she said. “Oh Ms. Smith, it’s not like that, I was showing Holly here how to give a proper blowjob, she wanted to practice.” Holly just continued deepthroating and slurping on my cock. “oh my, that is quite the technique you have there young lady” Rachel said. “Want her to teach you how?” I asked her. “Well, I would like to know, and I haven’t had sex in ages. I’ll make you a deal Mr. Johnson, I won’t report you, if you fuck me.” She said. “Well get undressed” I said. Rachel got undressed exposing her large C cup breasts, and her long curly red hair draped over them. She walked over next to Holly, turned around and bent over, exposing her ass spread eagle. My cock was good and lubed up by Holly’s saliva, and before entering, Rachel had lubed up her ass. I suddenly plunged my cock into Rachel’s ass. “What the fuck, I didn’t say fuck my ass, I said fuck me.” Rachel said acting her part. “Well be more specific next time.” I said, as Holly began to eat out Rachel while I fucked her ass. After a few ass pounding moments, her hot tight ass got my cock over the edge. I pulled out, Holly had her cheek resting on Rachel’s ass watching the festivities. Rachel turned around and put her face against Holly’s, both of them with open mouths, awaiting their gift. I shot my first stream of jism into Rachel’s mouth, and then put the rest on her face, making Holly lap up their reward. “I’m still fucking horny” ‘Ms. Smith’ said. Holly and Rachel got into a sixty nine on the floor, their naked bodys, spunk covered faces. I was soon hard again. I moved behind Rachel and started to fuck her while Holly ate her out. Her breathing got very heavy and she orgasmed screaming at the top of her lungs and this caused Holly to orgasm, both of them trying to drown the other. They rolled off of each other. Laying on the ground breathing heavily, collecting themselves. Laid down next to Holly “Im thinking your at B+” I said. She rolled over and deepthroated my cock, slurp after slurp of her bobbing head and jiggling boobs got me to cum in her throat, forgetting for a moment the camera, which couldn’t capture the sight, but the information got across. “You want to be my TA?” I said to Holly. “Okay were done” Stephanie said. “Rachel we’ll pay you $500 when we get the check.” I said.

With this film done we would have ten thousand dollars in the bank. Holly still had her job working as secretary in a local office. She had always said it was boring and she would be stuck for hours on end in a back room going through documents. Well she no longer had any reason to have this job. “So you going to quit?” I asked her. “Want to get me fired?” Holly asked me wickedly. “How?”

I drove Holly to work Monday morning, starting of her summer full time hours. I waited in the car, watching her stride into work in her skirt that went to her knees, black, and her black shirt. She wiggled her hips walking in, bouncing her ass, wearing her semi heeled dress shoes. I waited for her to call. After about thirty minutes of waiting in the car she called my cell phone. “Be at the back door in one minute” she said hanging up before I could respond. I stood next to the back entrance to the small office building, it opened from the inside, Holly pulled me inside, and into a dimly lit room filled with file cabinets. I brought the video camera, once inside I put it on a shelf with a field of view that included most of the room. Holly went back into the hallway. I went to the camera, turning it on, then walking over to a desk pretending to be busy. Then Holly walked in. “You must be Holly” I said. “Yes sir” she said sheepishly. “So they assigned you to be my new secretary while Julie is taking a leave of absence having her baby.” “That’s right” she said. “So Holly, how many people have you worked for?” I asked. “This is my first secretary job” she said. “Well let me show you the ropes” I said. I went on pointing to random file cabinets and making something up. “Do you have a boyfriend, Holly?” I asked. “No sir I don’t” she said. “that’s a shame, pretty girl like you” I said. “My old secretary used to keep me relieved of stress, would you be willing to do that for me?” I asked. “What does that mean?” she asked ,innocently. “Well, that would entail, bringing me drinks, joking around, keeping a fun atmosphere, and relieving sexual tension.” I said “would you be willing to do that”. “I don’t know..” Holly said. She was sitting in a chair, and I was walking around her, touching her back occasionally. I was standing behind her now, she was pondering the sexual advances I had made. I unzipped my jeans. Pulling my limp cock out, and holding it behind her head. “Maybe” she said. She turned her head to look back, and she gasped at the sight of my cock. I moved around in front of her. Holding my cock in my hand I put it on her lips. “I don’t….know” she said unsure. “Well, I could request a different secretary that will, tell them I was dissatisfied with you.” I said. She opened her mouth, slowly taking my limp cock into her mouth. She got up from the chair and to her knees, she was now pushing her head onto my cock, hardening almost instantly in her hot wet mouth. I pulled her up, bent her over the desk, and moved her panties aside, plunging into her tight pussy. Pounding her hard, she was screaming and breathing heavy. We continued fucking and making very much noise all over the room. We moved over near the camera, and she got back to her knees, and I blew my load onto her face. ‘Ohh, ohh” she said still catching her breath. “What…I need to clean up now!” she said almost mad. Then a guy opened the door, Holly on her knees covered in my spunk, hair messed up, clothes disorganized on her body, tits hanging out of her shirt. “Holly I “ he stopped as he saw us “Who’s this?”. “He’s My new boss” Holly said. “he doesn’t work here, Who are YOU?!?!” the man demanded. “Oops” I said, pulling up my pants and going to pick up my camera. “WHAT!” Holly said, chasing after me, as I ran out the back door, camera still rolling.

I was waiting in the car, filming toward the door. Holly walked out the door, hair still messed up, face still smeared with cum. She was walking towards a random car that wasn’t hers. I drove up to her. “You Prick! You got me fired!” she yelled at me. “How would you like to work for me?” I asked her. “What do you mean…whats with the camera.” “You come back to my place, we have some fun and I’ll pay you.” I said. “How much?” she asked. “Well that depends on what we do.” “I want one hundred dollars right now to go with you.” She said. “Okay one hundred to go with me” I said, pulling out a hundred dollar bill, she got in the car and I gave her the bill. Turning off the camera, finally breaking character. “Fired?” I asked. “Nope” she responded. “No? I would have thought being caught in the act and then walking through your office with jizz on your face would have done it for sure.” I said, still wondering what kind of place she works at. “My boss asked me what I was doing, I said that I was giving my new boss a blowjob, and he said that guy doesn’t work here, but I do.” “You mean he came onto you?!” I said. “Ya he wanted me to blow him” Holly said “I said no thanks, then he said, I’ll pay you a hundred dollars, and I told him I’d do it for a thousand dollars”. “What, did, did you blow him?” I asked. “Hell no that fucker doesn’t have a thousand dollars” she said “but he probably won’t fire me while the offer is still on the table.” “So you still need to get fired then?” I asked. “yea I guess so”

We went home and finished the movie, she was ‘working’ for me, and I acted out giving her money in return for sexual favors, both of us haggling the prices the whole way. We had now finished our third video. Our porn resume now included the blindfolded threesome surprise, the teachers and student, and tricking a secretary followed by paying her for sex. The First movie was now posted on the site, and was receiving good reviews from members of the site. In a week the next two videos would be posted alongside this one on The Sex Palace. These three videos combined would attract attention from all over the Porn industry to the two of us and our amateur videos.


2006-06-14 13:31:03
MAn u rock. u write the best stories i've ever seen. keep up tha good work


2005-09-06 11:28:12
Amazing stories. My girlfriend and I love them. We're reading through really fast. Right now she's at work, she can catch up when she's home and I'm working.


2005-03-14 23:23:57
man i've been reading ur stories since the beginning 1st to come but now i have come to really enjoy ur stories not only for sexual uses.

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