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This experience happened with my ex, Justin. We broke up a month before, and this was the first time we hooked up since. This happened on a high school class trip in Europe. For nearly a year, I had wanted to be roommates with him on the trip, and this story is exactly why.
Justin and I had been flirting all day. Spending the whole day in Venice, Italy really got our romantic sides going. We had a long, two hour lunch, just the two of us, as well as a group gondola ride. In the evening, we had dinner back at the hotel. Justin had about two glasses of wine while I stuck with just one. After, we chatted with a few friends and hung out in the hotel lobby. Then, Justin, our roommate, and I decided to head up to the room. Justin convinced our roommate to go out and get us gelato. While he was gone, Justin and I talked a little. We talked about Italy, school, and people in our class. Twenty minutes later, our roommate returned. I was disappointed. First, the gelato was half melted. Second, nothing had happened between me and Justin. All three of us ate our gelato, and Justin and I exchanged glances. I wasn’t sure what was going on, since nothing happened between us while our roommate was out. Soon I would know what those glances were all about.

Our roommate said he was going to take a shower. He said he’d make it fast, but Justin told him to take his time. Justin and I were lying in our own beds, about 3 feet apart. I was on my side, looking at him, and he was on his back, head tilted toward me. As the shower water started, Justin said, “You look uncomfortable. Move over here.” He tapped a spot on the bed, right next to him. He sat up, back against the wall, and legs stretched across to my bed. I moved over and sat the same way, right next to him, an inch apart, but not touching. “Well this is awkward,” he said. I did the “awkward turtle” hand motion. He looked at me and said, “What are you thinking?” I don’t remember exactly what we said, but it went a little something like:

Me: “I don’t know, but this is awkward.”

Justin: “Yeah, we are sitting pretty close just to be talking.”

“Yeah. So, umm, what’s up?”

“You’re thinking what I’m thinking. What do you wanna do?”

“I’m up for it.”

“But you know this doesn’t mean we’re getting back together, right? We have to keep our emotions out of it.”

“Yeah, I can do that.” (I knew I couldn’t.)

“I mean, we’re both single, and drunk. And we’re in Italy.”

“I know.”

“Plus alcohol makes it more fun.”

I turned, put my hand on his shoulder, and kissed him. I knew what we both wanted, and I was tired of waiting. Our lips were locked and we began making out in our usual manner. His tongue fooled around in my mouth and I played back. I rubbed his chest, down his side, and along his leg. He held me close. Justin had a regular build, about 6 feet tall. He had brown hair, and fairly hairy arms and legs for a teenager. We lay down on the bed, both on our sides, facing each other, and continued to kiss and make out. I kept my hand behind his head and kissed his neck. I reached under his shirt and felt his hairy chest. He also rubbed my hairless chest. Quickly I made my way down to his pants. I unbuckled his belt and broke in. His cut, six inch cock was nearly hard, so I played with it until it was. I wanted that dick so bad, and began sucking it. His thick cock filled my mouth. I sucked up and down, savoring every moment. I was already rock solid when Justin reached for my pants. He unbuttoned them, moved me closer, and began to suck. As always, it was fucking amazing. As he did this, I guided his neck with one hand, and stroked his dick with the other. After a few minutes, I pulled his head up and kissed him. I laid him back, and went back to blowing him. I didn’t even care if I got to cum. I wanted his cum in my mouth before our roommate finished his shower.

I continued, trying some techniques I learned from having Justin on my dick. I twisted my head different ways around his cock, I used my tongue a lot, and got him deep. I loved hearing him quietly moan and pant. I grabbed his balls with my other hand and fooled around with them a bit. Pretty soon, and without warning, on one of my deep-throated takes of Justin’s dick, I felt the warm, salty liquid I was craving. He let out a few more moans as well as several more shots of cum. I continued to suck until Justin couldn’t really speak. I swallowed his cum, laid on top of him, and kissed him. Pretty soon, he was back to sucking my dick. Unfortunately, it was around then that we heard the shower stop. He sucked me for about a minute longer, and I was pretty close to cumming, but we decided to stop. That would have been a site for our roommate to walk in on. We pulled up our pants, kissed, and jumped into our beds.

I told Justin, “I’ll finish up in the bathroom. When the shower starts, I’m done.” Within a minute, our roommate was out and I said I was going to take a shower. I stayed on my bed for a little bit, until my obvious boner went down, then I headed to the shower. I locked the door, opened a window, and grabbed some cream I had with me. My dick was still wet from Justin’s mouth. I lubed up and went to town, jerking my five inch cock to thoughts of Justin’s cum, cock, and blow jobs. After I few minutes, I shot a few big loads of cum. I turned on the shower to let Justin know I was satisfied, and jumped in. I had a nice, relaxing shower, thinking about everything that had happened.

Justin and I exchanged a few cute and sexy looks throughout the rest of the evening. The next morning he said to me, “You know, I wasn’t really drunk last night.” I knew he wasn’t, but it was a good excuse to start a conversation about what we both really wanted to do that night.

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2011-06-21 11:00:29
By the way, drunken sex is worse than sober sex because the alcohol prevents the absorption of certain chemicals in the brain so that cause sex to be pleasurable.

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