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A man chronicles his life as a merchant of sex slaves.
January 14th, 2008

I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned for hours, unable to stop thinking... about Flower.

I can't explain it. Baby was lying in bed next to me, we are in love, she is prettier than Flower, she gives the best head a man could ever want, and would suck my cock for an hour with a smile on her face if I asked... but I couldn't stop thinking about Flower's soft hands and slow motion tongue.

I looked at the clock. 4:08am. I slid out from under the covers and quietly left the bedroom, wearing nothing but my boxers.

I crept through the upper door, tip-toed down to the bottom door, and cracked it open. Flower was asleep on the futon, Ruby on the floor in a sleeping bag. I walked over to the edge of the futon and just stared at Flower for a few minutes.

I had intended to wake her up and have her suck my cock, but seeing her peaceful face as she slept, I couldn't bring myself to do it. I decided to just go upstairs and jerk off so I could forget about it and get some sleep, but then I looked down and saw that her right arm was sticking out of the covers, her hand hanging over the edge of the futon.

I don't know why, but it made my cock throb when the thought crossed my mind to try and use her hand while she slept. She seemed to be sound asleep. Could I get away with it? I mean, I'm the Master. I could wake them both up right now and fuck them all night long if I wanted, but there was something tantalizing about the thought of trying to get away with it.

I pulled my cock out and got down on one knee. Gently taking her hand in mine, I moved it around a bit first, to see if it would wake her. It didn't.

I positioned myself to lay my balls in her hand, then gyrated my hips to rub them against her palm. I jerked myself off lightly as I felt her soft skin rubbing against the underside of by balls. Occasionally, I would move just enough so her fingernails lightly scratched them.

After a few minutes of this, my balls had fully retracted and I took her hand in my hand again, curling it up and sliding my cock in to her open fist. Even without any type of lubrication, her skin was soft enough that my cock slid freely through her hand.

I sat on one knee, gently fucking the sleeping girls hand. Suddenly, Ruby stirred on the floor. I stopped moving as she turned over on her side, her back to me now, then stopped moving.

I waited a full 30 seconds to make sure she was done moving, then slowly started to fuck Flower's hand again. I could feel the orgasm building up. Then a horrible thought occurred to me. If Flower wakes up, like she did when that "old man" was playing with her tits the night she ran away, it could very well be a psychological setback for her.

Now there was a real danger in getting caught... and God help me, it turned me on even more.

I closed my eyes, pretended it was Flower's soft, wet mouth that was enveloping my cock, and gently pumped her hand until my body stiffed with pleasure.

Just as the first load of come was about to fly, the thought flashed through my head that I was going to come all over the sleeping Flower. I was so caught up in sneaking around that I didn't think about where the come would go.

I pulled my cock out of her hand just as the first spurt came flying out. I could not see where it went. I jacked off with my left hand and cupped my right hand over the head of my cock to catch the semen. I'm pretty sure I missed the second spurt as well.

After I was done jacking off in to my hand, I felt around with my left hand to see if I could find the two spurts that got away from me. I checked Flower's hand, her blanket, the wall and the floor. I couldn't find anything.

I crept back to the door, going through it and taking one last look back at the girls. They were still sound asleep.

I went back upstairs, my right hand full of come. I washed up, slipped back in bed and slept like a rock.

I woke up about an hour ago, had some coffee and talked to Tomas. We have a new girl coming tomorrow and have some work to do.

I want to get two sets of bunk beds and put them in the second room downstairs. This will be the slave bedroom. There is probably room for four sets of bunk beds if we ever need that many.

The top slave, Flower for now, will sleep on the futon. The other girls will sleep on the bunk beds. This will be one of the perks of being top slave, and a constant reminder to the girls of who is next in line in the chain of command.

I asked Baby to have Ruby ready to clean the upstairs while we are working in the basement. I think it would be best if Ruby and Tomas do not see each other right now.

January 14th, 2008

I returned with the bunk beds, had Baby move Ruby upstairs and had Tomas help me carry the beds down to the basement.

As we carried the first bed down, and Tomas entered the slave quarters for the first time, he stopped in his tracks, stunned. Flower was in position, in her panties and t-shirt and chained to the ceiling.

"Tomas, c'mon!" I snapped, "This is heavy!"

"Sir... Sorry sir!" he replied, still staring at Flower.

We dropped the box in the bedroom room and started back up the stairs for the rest of it.

"At ease, Flower." I said, "We'll be in and out for a while. Go about your business."

As were unloading the second box from the truck, Tomas stopped at the edge of the tailgate.

"Sir," he began, "Who is that girl?"

"Her name is Flower." I informed him. "She is leaving in about 3 weeks. Don't get any ideas."

"Oh..." he continued, "She is very pretty, isn't she?"

"Yes, Tomas," I sighed, annoyed. "Pick your end up. Let's go!"

"Is she a slave?" he asked, walking backwards toward the front door.

"She is." I responded.

As we reached the bottom of the stairs, I noticed that Flower had moved to the futon and covered herself up with a light blanket. Tomas stared at her the whole time.

We dropped the second box in the bedroom and I walked back out to the slave quarters, calling Tomas to join me.

"Tomas, this is Flower." I said, pointing my open hand toward her. "She is one of my girls."

"Flower, this is Tomas." I continued, swinging my hand over to point toward Tomas. "He helps out around here on occasion."

"Nice to meet you!" Tomas said, staring at her with wide eyes.

"Hi..." Flower said, twirling her hair with her finger, "Nice to meet you, too."

Fuck. This is the last thing I need.

"C'mon, Tomas. Let's get these beds together."

Tomas came in and I shut to the door. We started cutting the boxes open.

"She is beautiful!" Tomas said.

I stopped cutting and looked up at him.

"Tomas...listen to me." I started, "I know she is beautiful, but she is a slave. She will be sold in a couple of weeks for many thousands of dollars. There is no chance for you two."

"I... I know, sir." he said, disappointed.

"Maybe sometime before she leaves, I can have her... you know, I can have her show you some of her talents." I offered.

"Sir!" he responded, almost with an offended tone. "She is too beautiful. I could not mistreat her."

"I didn't mean for you to rape her." I corrected, "She is in training and learning how to please her master. It is part of your job to help me train the girls if needed."

"Yes, Sir," he replied, "but please do not ask me to mistreat her."

"I won't, Tomas." I assured him, "I won't."

We finished putting the beds together and Tomas went back to his trailer. Ruby had finished cleaning a while ago and Baby had just been killing time upstairs until Tomas left. Once he left, the two of them came back downstairs.

I directed Ruby and Flower to sit on the futon and I stood in front of them.

"There are four beds in the bedroom." I began, "Flower, as top slave, the futon is yours."

"Also, Flower, as you have gained our trust, you will no longer need to be chained up all the time." I said, walking over to her and unlocking the chain from her collar. I left the collar on her.

"Thank you, Master!" she exclaimed.

"You are still to be in position when we enter the room, and you still cannot leave this room, of course, as both doors will remain locked.

"Yes, Master." Flower acknowledged.

"But, you are free to move about and make sure the other girls are secured, and for overseeing them."

"Master?" Flower prompted.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Other girls...?" she asked, trailing off.

"You will have another roommate tomorrow." I informed her.

"Oh..." Flower responded.

"I don't know much about her. She is a little older, about 31 I think. She is white, speaks English."

"As you know," I continued, "on the first night a new girl is here, it can get quite... loud. She is from an upper-class family and will not be happy to be here. So tomorrow night, I want you both to sleep in the bedroom. After that, you can move back out here to the futon."

"Yes, Master." Flower acknowledged.

"Ruby," I said, turning to her, "Get two blankets, pillows and sheets from the cabinet and go make up two of the beds in the bedroom. Pick a bed for you, and a bed for the new girl and get them ready.

"Yes, Master." she replied, and scurried away to carry out her orders.

"And close the door while you are in there." I ordered.

"Flower... " I said, turning back to her, "We need to talk."

"Master?" Flower inquired.

"What is it, Master?" Baby asked.

"I saw the way you were looking at Tomas." I answered.

"I was afraid of this." Baby said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, I mean... he *is* cute..." Baby said, looking at Flower as they both smiled at each other.

"Baby..." I said, slightly annoyed, "You know this can't happen."

"I know, Master." Baby replied, with a more serious tone.

"Flower, you know that you will... eventually... be sold and leave here." I stated.

"Yes, Master," Flower replied, "I... I know."

"And it could be any time..." I continued.

"Yes... Master," she answered, "but I thought... I thought it would be, I mean..."

I looked at Baby, trying to decide if we should tell her about the auction or not.

"Flower," Baby interjected, "We don't know exactly when, but it could be as soon as two weeks from now. We have some people coming over on the 2nd..."

"Two weeks?" she squealed, tears forming in her eyes.

"Possibly..." Baby replied, quickly adding "...but we're not sure yet. It could be... longer."

"I'm... I'm not ready for... Mistress?" she pleaded, "I don't want to leave you."

"I know, Honey." Baby said, putting her arms around Flower's neck and hugging her.

I knew this was my cue to leave, so I opened the door to the bedroom, told Ruby to stay in there until she was called out, and went upstairs to make some dinner.

January 14th, 2008

Baby came up after about an hour of talking to Flower, and ate some warmed over pasta. Flower is taking it really hard, as we knew she would.

"Is there no way we could keep her longer?" Baby asked, "Maybe she could even help us somehow... earn her keep?"

"I know you've really bonded with each other, but it just isn't feasible." I explained. "Even if we could use her here, I need at least 3 girls for the auction. There is no way we could get someone else and have them trained in time. And the fact is, we can't really use her here."

"But, she could help me..." she added.

"I know, but in two weeks, the girls will all be gone, so you won't need help until we get more. And who knows when that will happen."

"But..." Baby began.

"But nothing, Baby." I interrupted. "We need three girls for the auction. She is here, broken, and almost ready."

"I know..." she said, trailing off.

"Could you put the auction off for a while?" she asked.

"I doubt it." I replied, "And even if I could, we would still need to justify the loss of the money from her sale. She will bring at least $100k. Is she going to help you that much?"

"I guess not." Baby admitted, "but still, if we had a third girl for the auction, you would consider at least keeping her until the next auction?"

"Baby!" I said, getting annoyed, "OK, yes, if we somehow have a third girl, ready to go by auction night, I'd consider it, but that's not going to happen. Just make sure she's mentally prepared for leaving."

"I will." Baby assured me.

"Oh, by the way," Baby said as I stood up to leave.


"When Ruby woke up this morning," Baby said, "she had something in her hair that looked liked dried semen. Isn't that weird? I know you didn't get off last night when she went down on Flower. We couldn't figure out what it was."

"Huh!" I said, feigning surprise, "That is weird."

January 15th, 2008

Baby came to bed last night with a notebook.

"OK, Daddy," she started. I always know I'm about to be played when she calls me "Daddy". "I have a list of possibilities here."

"Possibilities for what?" I inquired.

"For a third girl." she answered.


"I talked to Tomas. He said, that you said, two of his cousins were possibles."

"No. We don't have time to teach another girl English."



"Then I talked to Flower..."


"I didn't say anything about her staying. I just asked if she knew anyone."


"She knows lots of girls, but didn't think she could live with herself if she betrayed them like that. There was one girl at the runaway shelter that I never met but I saw a couple of times. She's cute, and Flower knows her. I think if Flower and I went to the shelter..."

"NO!" I interrupted, "I don't trust Flower enough for that."

"But Daddy..." she implored.

"NO! And that is final."

"OK..." Baby huffed, turning over and closing her eyes. "I think I may have forgotten to lock the doors to the basement. Good night."

I lie there looking at the red glow of the alarm clock on the ceiling for a few moments, trying to convince myself that the doors were locked.

Fuck! I thought, tossing the covers off of me and heading downstairs to check the doors.

The top door was locked, so I went down to check the bottom door. It was locked too, but I cracked it open to look inside. It was dark and I couldn't see either Ruby or Flower. I assumed Ruby was in the bedroom, but it didn't look as if Flower was in her bed.

I quietly walked over to the futon to get a better look. Flower was not there.

"Master!" I heard a startled whisper behind me.

"Flower! What are you doing?" I asked.

"I... I was hot, Master." she answered.

As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I could tell that she was naked except for her socks. She was holding a t-shirt as if she where about to put it on.

"My clothes felt sweaty, Master, so I was changing." she explained.

"OK, I was just checking the doors. Get some sleep. We have a busy day tomorrow."

"Yes, Master." She replied. "Master?"

"What is it, Flower?"

"The other night..." she began, "You said we'd pick up what we were doing later."

"Yes..." I said, as she walked over to me.

"Is now a good time?" she asked, putting her hands on my bare chest and running them down to the top of my boxers, then back up.

Before I could get over my surprise and answer her, she was already on her knees, her soft hands caressing my stomach.

She put her lips just above my left knee and slowly kissed her way up to my boxers, and then kept going, over my boxers, working her way across to my balls. She kissed my balls in several places as she slid her hands down my stomach to the top of my boxers. The boxers rolled down my pelvis gradually exposing my cock. She kissed every inch of it as it became visible, it finally popping out as the boxers slid down past it and to my ankles.

She cupped my manhood with both hands, gently fondling it until it was fully erect.

Flower tilted her head up and sideways, stuck her tongue out and ran it once along the underside, from the base to the head, then back again.

"Mmmmm..." she moaned.

She then poked her tongue all the way out, and lapped the bottom of my balls, like she was catching snowflakes.

She continued to tease my cock and balls with her wet tongue for several minutes.

Finally, she opened her gloriously soft mouth, slid it over my cock and began working the head. She looked up at me as she took my cock just a little deeper, then slowly slid her mouth back to the tip. Over and over she did this, taking just a little more each time.

The touch of her mouth was so soft, I almost couldn't feel it. But I could feel it. It's hard to describe. It was enough pressure to know someone is sucking your dick, but torturously shy of being enough to reach orgasm. I kept thinking I was about to get off, then not. Then yes, then no again.

Then she started with the tongue movements. It was delightful torture. My right leg started involuntarily quaking. I tried to plant my foot more firmly to make it stop.

"Oh, God!" I groaned. "You are an amazing tease!"

She made one final pass on my cock, then stood up, walked over to the futon and lie down on her back. Spreading her legs slightly and holding her arms out to me.

"Please fuck me, Master!" she begged.

I crawled between her legs, and slid my hands down both of her thighs, coming to a stop at her cunt. She was dripping wet and ready to go.

"Please, Master..." she pleaded, "Please fuck me, right now!"

Without a word, I mounted her. My cock slid right in to her incredibly warm pussy.

"Ahhh!" she sighed.

I took it slowly. I was already about to explode before I mounted her. I didn't want this to be over too soon.

I slowly, gently, buried my cock in her, and then withdrew it until just the head remained inside. I repeated this many times, pausing for a few seconds between each stroke. At each pause, she tried to pull me back toward her with her hands on my ass, but I resisted until I was ready. Two could play the teasing game.

As I looked down at her in the dark, I could only see her face, sweaty and flush. She was obviously in heat, and ready to explode. I sped up my strokes and her breathing became heavier.

"Yessssssss!" she hissed, clenching her teeth.

She flung her arms back over her head, grabbing the arm rest of the futon with both hands, arched her back and moaned, almost as if she were in pain.

"Oooohhhhh! Fuck... Fuck... Fuck... Me!" she screamed, thrusting her hips with each word.

I then felt my aching balls ready to burst. I sped up my strokes as I felt the ecstasy building up. I looked down at her face, shining in the sweaty afterglow of orgasm, her sad, bedroom eyes melting my soul. At that moment, I would not have taken a million dollars for her.

I finally let loose, shooting the biggest load I think I've ever had. It just went on and on. It was by far the best orgasm I've had in at least a month. I firmly buried my cock in her a few more times to deposit those last couple of drops of come in her, and fell on top of her, exhausted.

I lie there on top of her, both of us trying to catch our breath, as my cock slowly shrank and slipped out of her. I gave her a long, passionate kiss on the mouth, and quietly picked up my boxers and left, locking both doors on my way back upstairs.

I went upstairs, crawled in to bed and lie there for several minutes, thinking.

"Tomorrow night, after we secure the new girl, you and Flower go and see if you can get the girl from the shelter." I said, not even sure Baby was awake.

"OK, Daddy." Baby immediately replied. "Thank you!"

I closed my eyes, then noticed it wasn't as dark as it should be. I looked over and realized that Baby had forgotten to turn off the monitor for the slave quarters video camera in her rush to jump back in bed.

January 15th, 2008

After showering and getting dressed, I told Baby to go down to the basement, get Ruby cleaning the punishment room and close that door, and for her and Flower to be in position when I came down. She could tell I was not in the best of moods and just said "Yes, Master." and did as she was told.

I gave her a few minutes and then walked downstairs. The girls were in position, heads hanging down, looking at the floor.

I walked up to them and just stood there, towering over them. They fidgeted around, nervous.

"Stand up!" I commanded, "Both of you."

They stood. Flower's face was about a foot from mine. I reached up and gently took hold of her chin with my right hand.

"Flower..." I began, her eyes looking up at me, "You are an amazing piece of ass."

She looked at me strangely. I think she was undecided whether to be flattered, insulted or embarrassed.

"Thank you, Master." she replied, looking back down at the floor.

I tugged her chin upward, to get her to look me in the eyes again.

"Last night...." I continued, "Last night was just incredible."

"Thank you, Master." she replied, her face turning red, clearly with embarrassment this time.

"But..." I began, letting go of her chin and taking a step backward. "Do you two think I am a FUCKING IDIOT!"

"Master?!" Baby exclaimed, "What do you...?"

" forgot to turn the video monitor off." I informed her.

"Oh..." she said, hanging her head back down to look at the floor.

"Master, please." Baby pleaded, "I wasn't trying to deceive you..."

"No," I retorted, "You were trying to play me. You know where my buttons are and how to push them. I do not appreciate being manipulated."

"It's not like that, Master!" Baby argued, "I love you. I just... we just..."

"I know what you were doing." I assured her, "But fortunately, today I am thinking with my brain instead of my cock."

I paused a few seconds as they looked up at me with defeat on their faces, knowing their plan had failed.

"Flower will be sold at auction on February 2nd." I stated coldly, and turned to walk away.

I heard Flower sob as I headed toward the door to go back upstairs. I grabbed the door knob and paused.

"Unless..." I trailed off, turning around to look at them. They both looked up at me with wide eyes, Flower wiping a tear from her cheek.

"Unless what, Master?" Baby asked excitedly.

"Unless," I continued, "you can *safely* get the girl from the shelter back here tonight... and I mean, with 100% assurance that no one sees or follows you."

"We can, Master!" Baby assured, "At least... at least we'll try."

"AND..." I added, "you can do it with Flower's ankle chained to the front seat of the car. Sorry Flower, but you have not yet earned the level of trust needed to go out unchained."

"I understand, Master." Flower replied.

"AND..." I continued, "we can have her trained and ready to go by the 2nd."

"Yes, Master." Baby sighed.

"AND..." I began. Baby looked up at the ceiling in mock frustration, "Baby... stop playing around and look at me. This is important."

Baby looked at me, her face becoming more serious. "I'm sorry, Master."

"And, you can show me that there is a reason not to sell her." I said.

"How do we do that, Master?" Baby inquired.

"That's up to you two." I said, "But just being an amazing piece of ass is not enough. I already have an amazing piece of ass."

Baby smiled, her face turning a light shade of red as she looked down at the floor.

"AND EVEN THEN..." I added, one final time, "You have only bought her time until the next auction. If she doesn't earn her keep, she will be sold at that time."

"Thank you, Master! We will not disappoint you!" Baby promised.

"For now, concentrate on how you are going to get the girl here." I said, walking over to the cabinet and pulling out the dowel rod. "You can't just grab her. You will need to talk her in to coming with you."

I handed the dowel rod to a surprised Flower.

"And you might want to learn how to use this." I hinted, then turned around and walked back upstairs.

January 15th, 2008

We are awaiting the arrival of Kevin and his wife in about an hour. I'm still very nervous about this whole thing. It's a lot harder to hide a married, 'respectable' woman than a girl from the shelter. If it gets out, her face could be plastered on the cable news channels every night.

I almost canceled it. And I still will, if I start to get a bad feeling about it.

Wayne suggested that I only sell her to someone overseas. That will limit the number of people that could bid on her, but probably a good idea.

I've been thinking about how I could use Flower around here. The main thing I could use help on is discipline. Baby doesn't have the personality. It's just not in her to beat someone with a stick. There was that one incident with Star, but that was different than day-to-day discipline.

Another thing that I've given a lot of thought is that we need to get tougher. I was tough on Star and Baby at first, and I suppose doubling up with my dog on Flower could be considered tough, but I'm thinking more long-term.

We, especially Baby, need to stop having heart-to-heart talks with them, learning about their past and bonding with them. They should be treated as the piece of property they are, trained efficiently, sold to the highest bidder and then we move on to the next batch of girls. I'm a slave merchant, not a social worker.

I also thought about giving the girls numbers instead of names, to keep it even more impersonal. Eh, I don't know. Maybe not. It just makes it so hard when it comes time to sell them if you've become attached to them.

I think especially given the tight time frame we have to get these girls ready, we'll try the more impersonal method this time, but still give them names at least.

January 15th, 2008

Kevin showed up a few minutes late. I watched them as they sat in the car for a good three minutes after pulling in the driveway. His wife was obviously bitching him out about something.

Baby went upstairs to the bedroom. We thought it best not to cause any curiosity about our age difference.

I watched them walk up the driveway. She is definitely attractive. Light Brown hair, about 5' 6", trim, nice tits from what I could see under her coat. She definitely has an upper-class air about her. A thought flashes through my mind as I watch her strut up to the door. 'What would she think if she knew that within the next few hours, her tongue would be up my asshole?' I wasn't even sure that was going to happen, but I chuckle to myself at the thought and closed the curtain.

Kevin was a rather small man, maybe 5' 7", just a hair taller than his wife. I wouldn't exactly call him scrawny, but he was definitely slimmer than average. He was probably in his mid-40s. If I had any doubts that she married his money, they were now gone.

They knocked on the door.

"Kevin... Hi!" I said, opening the door.

"Hi, William." he replied, "This is my wife, Catherine." (neither Kevin nor Catherine are their real names, and William is the name Wayne gave him for me.)

I took her hand and shook it. "Very nice to meet you, Catherine." I said.

"You too." she said curtly.

"Come on in." I prompted, noticing that Catherine was wiping her hand on her coat, "Have a seat."

"We don't have much time." Catherine announced.

"Yes," Kevin agreed, "But we can sit for a few minutes."

I carefully guided them to sit in the positions I had already planned out. Seating Kevin near a box that was between the couch and the wall. It contained the promised ropes, handcuffs and other things. The video camera was already running.

"Would either of you like a drink?" I asked.

"Yes! Vodka, straight." Catherine snapped.

"None for me, thanks." Kevin answered, "I'm driving."

"Yes, Kevin," Catherine quipped sarcastically, "because one drink would definitely cause us both to die in a horrible car accident."

"None for me, thanks." Kevin repeated, looking away. He seemed embarrassed by her.

"So, William, you really live in the boonies!" Kevin said, making polite conversation, "How far is the nearest..."

"I don't mean to be rude...Sir," Catherine interrupted, obviously forgetting my name already, "But we really are in a hurry. Kevin dragged me all the way out here for some kind of 'going away' surprise. Can you please give it to him so I can get to the airport?"

She knocked back the rest of her vodka, set the glass down and turned her head to look out the window.

"Of course, Catherine." I began, giving Kevin a look of 'Do it now!', "Maybe Kevin can get you another drink while I go get it."

I walked upstairs and watched the video monitor. Kevin got her a drink, handed it to her and then sat back down. He just sat there rubbing his hands together. I had seen enough. I'm canceling this right now. Kevin apparently doesn't have the balls to do it.

I watched for a few more moments, long enough for Catherine to finish her second glass of vodka, then went downstairs.

"I'm very sorry, Kevin." I apologized, "My wife tells me it has not been delivered yet."

"What?!" Catherine yelled, standing up and turning to me, "You drag us all the way out to Hooterville just to tell us you don't even have it?"

"I'm very sorry!" I repeated, "I could have sworn it was delivered last week."

I tried to stall her, hoping Kevin grows a pair quickly. I suppress a serious urge to smack this bitch across the face and take her down myself.

"Did it ever occur to you to make sure it was here before we drove all the way out here?" Catherine bitched, "I have a plane to catch and irrrrkkk!"

Catherine's head snapped back and her bitch face was quickly replaced by a look of horror as Kevin jerked the loop of rope around her neck, pulling her backward and off-balance.

"Keeevvvinnn!" Catherine squeaked, unable to take a breath, hands clutching at the rope.

I wanted to make sure it was clear on the video that it was Kevin doing this, so I stood and watched.

Catherine fell backward on top of Kevin. He maintained his grip on the rope and tightened it as she continued to struggle. Her arms now flailing around, desperately trying to reach behind her and grab something... anything.

She slowly forced her way right-side up, getting to her knees and pulling at the rope. Kevin strained to keep hold of it. She went kind of sideways on one knee and started kicking at Kevin. they both just grunted a lot, neither of them saying anything.

She managed to land a glancing kick right under his chin, throwing his head back. I can't believe it. She is kicking his ass.

I see something out of the corner of my eye and look over quickly to see Baby cautiously taking a few steps down the stairs, holding her hand over her mouth.

I decided Kevin needed help, so I grabbed her arms, pulling them sharply behind her.

"Yaaaaaaahhh!" she screamed in pain.

"Baby! Get me the handcuffs!" I yelled, "In the box... over there... by the couch!"

She found the box, dug through it and found the handcuffs.

"Put them on her!" I ordered.

Baby came around and put the handcuffs on her, while Catherine continued to kick at Kevin, screaming nonsense.

I walked around in front of Catherine and straddled Kevin who was still on the ground trying to fend off Catherine's kicks. I grabbed her hair with my left hand, jerked her head back and stared at her for a few seconds.

"Let me out of these, you hick!" she screamed. Of all the thoughts that raced through my head, the main one I remember is how she didn't curse throughout this whole thing.

I just stared at her for a few more seconds, then quickly reared my right hand back over my left shoulder and back-handed her quite hard across the face. She fell to the floor, dazed. She rolled over on her side and started sobbing.

"Get up, Kevin!" I said, barely hiding my disgust.

I grabbed the duct tape and wrapped it around her ankles several times.

"Grab her feet!" I directed, motioning to Kevin with my head. Kevin picked her feet up, Baby opened the doors ahead of us and we carried her down the stairs. She seemed to still be dazed, or in shock or something and did not struggle.

As we entered the room, Flower and Ruby were in position. They looked up, Ruby with shock on her face, Flower with more of a mildly surprised expression.

Kevin stopped walking and looked at Flower.

"Is that her?" he asked.

"Keep moving, Kevin." I said, steering her torso toward the punishment room, "Bring her in here."

Flower looked at Baby, fear in her eyes. Baby closed her eyes and shook her head as if to say "No, Dear."

We flipped Catherine over and lay her across a padded saw horse. I tied a rope to the bottom beam, and up around her neck, snug, but loose enough for her to breathe. She could lower her head, but not raise it past horizontal.

I then walked around, cut the duct tape around her ankles and tied each foot to a side of the saw horse. I left her fully clothed, her hands still cuffed behind her back.

She started to awaken from her daze and looked around.

"Kevin..." she said weakly.

"I'm right here...'Honey'" he replied, sarcastically, from behind her. She tried to turn her head to see him but couldn't turn far enough.

"Why... what... what are you doing?" she asked, still half dazed.

"I'm taking what's mine!" he declared.

"Wh... what?" she stammered.

He picked up some of the duct tape I had cut off of her ankles and put it over her mouth.

"Shut up!" he demanded. "For once in your fucking life, you are just going to fucking shut up and listen to me."

"Mmmmff, Mmmmffffff" she screamed.

He got right in her face, pulled her head back by her hair and started ranting.

"Remember when we met?" he asked rhetorically, "After a week, you told me you loved me. We were happy and in love, at least I believed we were. I asked you to marry me, at the beach that night. Remember that? We had great sex... until the honeymoon. Do you remember that? Do you remember how you 'didn't feel good' on our honeymoon? Do you!"


"I remember it!" he continued. "I... heh heh... I remember... you gave me a hand job... on our honeymoon."

"Hmmm Mmmfff!"

I looked at my watch.

"Do you remember the next time we had sex?" he asked.


"It was about a month later... you remember... right? The night we looked at all those new cars..."

"Mmmm hmmm hmmm hmmmmmmm!" she was crying now, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Let me see..." he said, "The next time... Oh yes! I remember. It was the night we moved in to our big, luxurious new house. Remember that? What did you call it once when we were arguing? Oh yeah, 'pity sex'. That was it!"

"It was also the last time." he growled, jerking her head back a bit for emphasis.

He let go of her hair and walked around behind her.

"Mmmmffff mm hmm mmff mmm!" she hummed, trying to say something.

"I've spent HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars on you... and for WHAT? Two fucks and a hand job?"

"Mmm mmfff mmm hmmff hmmm!" she yelled with a pissed off look on her face. Unbelievably she seemed to be trying to argue with him.

"Well, now I'm taking what I paid for!" he yelled, reaching his hands around, unsnapping her pants and pulling them, along with her panties down to her knees.

"MMMFFFFFFFF! MMMF MMMMFFF MMMFF MFFF!" I think she was calling him names. She's tied up, her bare ass sticking up in front of two strangers, and she's calling him names.

Kevin dropped his pants and grabbed his... cock? My mother taught me if I couldn't say anything nice about someone, that I shouldn't say anything at all, so I'll just say that I kind of sympathized with her lack of interest in sex.

Kevin started jacking himself off, trying to get hard.

I looked at my watch again, then looked around... at anything but Kevin standing there jacking off.

"Hold on..." Kevin said, "I'm just nervous."

I looked around again, making eye contact with Baby. We both quickly looked away from each other, afraid we may start laughing.

"I... I need some help..." he said, looking at me, then at Baby.

"Not from her, you don't." I informed him, "Ruby, come in here!".

Ruby walked in and looked at Kevin jacking off, then back at me, shocked.

"Ruby, I need you to suck this man's cock until he gets hard." I ordered.

"Master? I... I..." Ruby stuttered.

"Ruby, this is not the time. Just do what you are told. Now!" I demanded.

Ruby slowly went down to her knees, moved Kevin's hand away from his dick and said something in Spanish.

Baby let out a loud snort, then coughed several times trying to cover it up. I don't know what Ruby said, but I can imagine.

Ruby put her mouth on his dick and started clumsily moving her lips around.

I leaned over to Baby and whispered. "We really need to work on her skills."

Ruby sucked his dick for several minutes. It wasn't working.

I looked at my watch again and put my hand on Kevin's shoulder.

"That's good, Ruby." I praised, "Thank you. Go back to your room now."

"Kevin..." I began, "Look man, you're too nervous for this. Give me some time to work with her. Come back on auction night, show up a little early, maybe take a pill. She will be begging you to fuck her. I promise."

"OK..." he replied, "OK... Yes! You hear that, Bitch! I'll be back, and you will beg for it!"

"Mmfff mmmf MMMMMMFFF!" she screamed.

I lead Kevin back upstairs and out to his car. I told him Catherine would be OK, and reassured him that she would indeed be begging for his cock by auction night. He asked if "that blond girl" would be in the auction. I told him I wasn't sure yet.

I told him to go to the airport and to stay there until the plane she was supposed to be on took off, then take the battery out of her cell phone, and throw both in the river on the way home. I kept her purse so Kevin would not have any evidence on him.

After Kevin was out of sight, I went back downstairs and brought Flower out to the car, chaining her left ankle to the brace under the passenger seat and then walking around to the driver's side.

"Stick to the plan." I reminded them, kissing Baby and stepping back from the car. "No necessary chances. You can always try again tomorrow."

"I know, Master." Baby assured me. "Love you!"

I headed downstairs to play with my new toy.

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