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My first story
So this is my first story. I’m not that great at writing but I’ll give it a whirl. This is incest based on an untrue story. If you don’t like it then stop reading now. COMMENTS ARE WELCOME!!

This is a story between my sister and I. We lived in a two story house in Tempe, Arizona. My family never moved a lot but we did after my parents split. My dad went back to Zurich, Germany and my mom, sister and I moved back to Colorado. My mom is 5’ 6”, I am 6’ 0” and my sister at 5’ 7”. We got tall from my dad’s side. My name is Kyle. I have brown hair, blue eyes and am athletic fit. I run a lot and go into a lot of sports, preferably basketball and baseball second. My sister is more of a tomboy and usually out but occasionally stays inside. She has long dark brown hair as well, big breasts at 34B and at least maintains her hygiene. Doesn’t Ever paint her nails but I’m not really worried about it either.

Chapter 1 The Usual
I woke up at about 7am like I normally do. Sunlight was shining bright through my window as I opened my eyes. Slowly coming to focus, my sister walks in and I cover myself as I know all that’s on my body is my boxer briefs. She mumbled something but all I heard was don’t worry. I asked her to repeat what she just said and it sounded shortened up a little. “Mom says grandpa is sick in the hospital and needs us to watch the house while she’s gone. She’ll be gone about 2 weeks so If you plan on any parties, now’s the time to get ready and prepare for after she leaves.” I slowly got up from my bed and rubbed the grogginess from my eyes. “ok, is mom leaving the liquor where she usually hides it?” I asked. “Some, but she’s down to half a bottle of vodka so we’ll have to get more.” She said… “Well where in the hell are we supposed to get more?!” I said sternly. “Hello?! I know people ok. I’ll have enough before we throw a party.” She said and I nodded in agreement. Having been awake for 10 minutes, I started to realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples becoming hard as they rub against the fabric. My eyes getting bigger as I stare intensely. As she looks up before heading out the door she crosses her arms, “I see your friend likes what he sees.” She chuckles. I look down and I have a giant boner. Quickly I grab my covers and throw it over my hard on. “Oh don’t be silly, yours isn’t the first I’ve seen you know. Throw on some clothes and come eat breakfast, Mom made a feast. “She said. As she left the room, I threw on some clothes as my stomach growled at me and the concentration of the thought food made my boner die down.

Chapter 2 Strange feelings
During breakfast I couldn’t help but notice that my sister was sliding her foot up and down my leg. I saw my mom staring at me and quickly recovered. “So, what do we have planned for the day guys?” Mom asked. “Just going to hang around the house today. My last basketball game was on Friday and I don’t work until this coming Tuesday.” I responded. “I have to say the same. I’m not going out with the guys at all this week and I just quit my job dude to retarded employers. “My sister said. “Well that stinks, maybe you two should go see a movie together. “ Mom replied. We both looked at each other and then a glance at mom. “Well I’m off to work so I’ll see you two tonight. I have a few extra things I have to look up tonight for a few clients, so I won’t get off until eleven thirty. I don’t know what you guys to do but you both have brains and I’m sure you’ll figure something out.” She said as she left. I heard the Honda civic roar to live as she slowly pulled out of the driveway and made her way down the street.

Chapter 3 Almost Alone
As I started to go back upstairs to my room, my sister caught my eye. She started walking into the bathroom we share while taking off her tank top. A rare opportunity but I took it. Slowly climbing the stairs and peeking around the corner, I could see her round, firm ass as she bent over the sink. “Just a little bit more.” I whispered. Almost as if I just yelled, my sister turned around in shock. Her beautiful tits hanging in all their glory. Luscious brown nipples that I can almost taste in my mouth, and a freshly shaved pussy. Coming back to earth, she slowly walked over to me, knowing I couldn’t move a muscle. Her tits swaying as she bends over and grabs my hand. I walk back to the bathroom with her and she sits down. “You know my pussy hasn’t been shaved in awhile, would you mind taking care of that for me?” She asked innocently. All I could say was, “ok.” And slowly reached for the razor. “I’m out of shaving cream so we’ll have to do this in the shower. Take of your clothes while I get in and turn on the water.” She said. I did as I was told and took off my clothes. After I dropped my boxers, she gasped with her mouth open as she saw my rock hard, 7 inch cock. I got in the shower and started feeling the warm water washing through my hair, down the my arms and the rest of my body. I pick the razor back up, her hand grabs mine, and she slowly guides me over her pussy as I start shaving her pubic hair off. Few minutes pass by and I have gotten rid of the few hairs that had crowd around her pink pussy lips. I could tell that she was really wet and horny as she licked her lips, staring intently at my cock. I told her to turn around so I could reach the soap. As she did, I seized the opportunity I was looking for. I spread the her sexy ass cheeks and slowly inserted my cock into her tight ass hole. She let out a small scream as she looks back at me with a bit of pain and pleasure in her eyes. Picking up pace, I start to work my entire 7 inch dick inside. Within only 5 minutes of fucking her ass, I start to feel a warm liquid slowly climbing my dick. That wasn’t hard to figure out what it was. I pulled my dick out and forcefully pushed her down on her knees and mouth on my cock. Bobbing her head as fast as she was, I starting spurting load after load of cum in her mouth. Some dripped from her mouth but most had disappeared in her mouth. A sigh of relief leaves my breath as my muscles in my body relax from an intense orgasm. “Oh god I’ve been waiting so long for something like that to happen. What took you so long?” she said. “I don’t know but when you told me to shave your pussy, I got an instant boner and couldn’t help myself. That is a perfect ass anyways.” I replied. “Well I had to shave my pussy for a reason, to pop my damn cherry for one but for another, I need to fuck. Why my ass anyways?” She responded. “ Well I have a thing for anal, and well do I really have to say it again. You have a perfect ass.” I replied sheepishly. As we finished in the shower, we got out and Immediately I grabbed her hips and leaned her over the bathroom sink. No lube and first time for her so this has to hurt but I’m rock hard and horny as hell. I slowly pushed my cock through her tight ass hole as he let out a soft moan of pain. Slowly picking up pace I start to pound and my hips begin slapping against her cheeks. “Oh! OH! OH! HARDER! FUCK ME!!!!” She screamed. “I’m gonna fuck *ugh* your fucking ass, you dirty slut, *ugh*. “ I replied. “That’s right fuck my tight ass, don’t stop! DON’T STOP! OH YESSSS!” she screamed in pleasure. Just a few more minutes of pounding her tight ass, and I started to feel my dick get hot as my cum started spurting in her ass. “OH I’M GONNA CUMMM!!!” She screamed. My dick slipped out of her ass as her legs started to wobble and her pussy squirting loads during her climax. We both end up lying on our backs recovering from an amazing orgasm. “Oh my god, that was so good. It hurt so bad at first but I’m so glad we did.” She said. “I’m so relieved, I needed that.” I chuckled.

Chapter 4 Later
Later that night, our mom returned with pizza since she didn’t have enough time to make us dinner. Which she never does, such a workaholic. None of us said much but as soon as we finished, my mom went to her small office and my sister and I both went to our rooms. A couple hours later I heard a faint knock on my bathroom door connecting to my sisters room. Opening the door my sister pushed me on my bed. “What we did today IS NOT to be repeated to anyone, got it?” she said sternly. “Yeah sure but I was wondering, could we do it again sometime?” I asked. “I thought you’d never ask. Do you want to sleep in my room tonight?” she asked. To which I replied, “Yes!” I happily replied. “Ok, give me a minute and I will whisper you in.” she said in a soft whisper. A few minutes later, I heard her tell me to come in and she was naked. Her nice curves with her nice firm breasts, already wet pussy and as she told me to get into bed with her, her round perfect ass moving as she walked. Quickly before hopping into bed, I slid my boxers and T-shirt off. A few moments later she turns to me and I already have a hard on. “I was wondering if you would like to make a deal?” she asked. “What kind of deal?” Curiously I replied. “I was thinking if you promise to be my boyfriend, then I’ll be your girlfriend. It might work out and I wouldn’t mind you sleeping with me every night or whenever.” She said. “After today, I was kinda thinking the same thing but I didn’t think you’d go for it so I didn’t ask. I would love to be your boyfriend.” I replied with a smile. Still a little shocked that my dreams where actually coming true, I slipped my two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. I started to pick up pace as she let out a soft moan. I grabbed her pillow and covered her mouth so mom wouldn’t hear and moved my fingers to place my cock at the entrance of her pussy. Then waited a few seconds as my heart raced and then thrust in hard. “*ugh* *ugh* that feels so good in your wet pussy. You like that in you, huh? You like me to fuck you hard? *Ugh*” I replied vigoursly. “OH YES! FUCK MY PUSSY! OH! OH! That feels so good!” Taking my right hand she placed it on her right tit and I started to rub. Putting my mouth on the other flicking it across the tip of it and moving into slow thrusts. Moaning like crazy she moved faster on my cock. Moving my right hand to her ass I slipped one then two fingers in her tight ass. Before she could scream I placed the pillow back over her mouth and told her to shush. “Mom’s gonna hear us, don’t get too loud.” I said worried. “Don’t be a bitch, this feels to FUCKING GOOOOD!!” Thrusting harder and harder, putting three fingers in her ass as she goes all the down my cock slowly and takes her right hand to put almost all my hand in her ass. “fist me baby, I want you to fist me hard *uh uh ohhhh*!” I did as I was told and slowly put my whole hand in and much as possible. Taking her right hand again, she thrust it in her ass hard and almost screamed in pleasure. “OH YES BABY FIST ASS! FIST MY ASS HARD AS I RIDE YOUR FUCKING COCK * UH UH UH YES!!! *OH OH OH OH!!! THAT FEELS SO GOOD” Withing a few more seconds I couldn’t hold it much longer and neither could she. She contracted on my cock and I took it out right before I shoved in her mouth to gag on my sweet cum. Again, she squirted her juices all over me, except this time I moved my mouth to it and licked up while rubbing her clit really fast. Both relaxed, we drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 5 Waking Up
Waking up in the morning to my alarm clock in the morning and remembered what happened last night. I can’t believe I’m actually dating my sister. The sex we had last night was almost a dream. I look over and my sister is still asleep. Her nice tits poking up in the morning air. Looking at her nightstand clock it’s 7:30. I don’t have to get to work until 1pm this afternoon. Mom left to work at 6:00 so we have the house to ourselves. I hopped in the shower for a few and then got out not bothering to put any clothes on. Looking in the fridge I took out the carton of eggs , loaf of bread, and the bacon to make us something to eat. Just finishing making the bacon my sister arose to the smell. “Good morning sleepy head.” I said smiling before taking a sip of coffee. “Want some breakfast, I made extra for you. Groggily without saying a word she moved over the fix a plate and began eating as if she hadn’t eaten in a couple days. “Slow down there *laughs*, I wanted to talk to you about last night.” Looking up at me she asks, “What’s there to cover that we didn’t last night.” She said half smiling. “Just wanted to know if we were really dating and that we could really have sex whenever is all?” “I meant every word.” She said. She got up putting her dishes in the sink and smacking her ass as she left toward the stairs. Almost immediately, only half finished with my breakfast I got up clean up and try to catch her at the shower. To be Continued……

Let me know what you guys think. I’ll write more if you like it. Like I said, comments are very welcome (:

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