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Summary: Snape gets annoyed by Hermione’s persistent attempt to answer the questions he asked harry. So he decides to teach her a lesson and gives her a detention.
Hermione’s mistake
Summary: Snape gets annoyed by Hermione’s persistent attempt to answer the questions he asked
harry. So he decides to teach her a lesson and gives her a detention.

Hermione was very excited for the potions lesson. She always had a great interest in chemistry and
from whatever she had read in her books, potions just sounded like chemistry. She had learnt all
words of ‘Magical Drafts and Potions’ by heart and crammed all the plants and herbs of One
Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi by Phyllida Spore. She went through her classes and eagerly
waited for Potions class in the afternoon.
“So, Potter! What do I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?”
Potions’ Professor Snape asked Harry Potter who seemed to be clueless.
Hermione excitedly raised her hands though she was the only one to do so. Snape raised his
eyebrows at her but she wasn’t deterred. He addressed Harry again “Where would I look if I need to
find a bezoar?”
This time Snape scowled very darkly at her raised hand. It really scared her... the way his cold eyes
seemed. He asked Harry again, “What’s the difference, Potter, between monkshood and wolfsbane?”
Harry answered, “I don’t know sir, but I think Hermione does. Why don’t you ask her?”
There, she thought, that’s my chance and started speaking very fast, “They are both the same plants
“Shut up, Granger. You have earned a detention for speaking out of turn. And five points for your
cheek Potter.”
Hermione was in tears after class. Professor Snape had told her to report to his office at 8 O’clock
sharp in the evening.

Snape was in foul mood. The nerve of her, the mudblood bitch, speaking out of turn in his class. He
didn’t tolerate mudbloods at all. It was nearly time for her detention. Just then someone knocked at
the door. It was her, in school robes still.
“Good evening, Professor.”
“You will find Granger, that this evening, will be far from good for you” said Snape.

Hermione entered the room after this ominous pronouncement. She looked around the room and
shuddered. While she’d thought she’d like potions, the dead animals in the jars kept around the
room made her nauseous. Snape beckoned her to follow him. Good, she thought, she didn’t fancy
peeling the skin out of some toads as part of her detention. She followed him into a room that
contained a long table, a wooden horse-like structure, a metal chair which had a sieved bottom and
even a few ropes, parchment and quills. She didn’t understand the purpose of all these things.

“Sit down, Granger”, said Snape. “You will be writing these lines a thousand times: ‘A mudblood
bitch like me shouldn’t interrupt my betters’."

Hermione gasped, he’d called her bitch. She opened her mouth to protest but Snape barked,
“Silence. You have half an hour to complete the task. If you fail to do so, or utter a single word in
protest, your punishment will be a lot more unpleasant.” He had such a terrible look in his eyes that
Hermione didn’t dare say anything. She picked up the quill and parchment in fear.

As Snape went out the door she contemplated him abusing her but thought this must be the way
bad students must be punished in Hogwarts. They don’t have any tolerance for impertinence and for
her own rudeness she’ll take any punishment handed out to her and prove her maturity.

She started writing, but it was a fairly difficult goal, writing two thousand lines in half an hour. Finally
when Snape entered she had only succeeded in writing only about 410 lines. On seeing her, Snape
grinned ferally.

“So a bitch like you decided to take her punishment casually. I see you haven’t completed requisite
two thousand lines.”

“I tried Professor! I really did, but....”

“Silence. We will be moving on to more physical means of punishment now.”

She nodded ashamedly. Even her parents hadn’t resorted to physical punishment yet. She’d heard of
children receiving birching on their palms and she knew that it really hurt.
“Go to that cupboard in the corner. You will find some canes and belts in there; fetch them for me.”
Hermione obeyed and retrieved the said items. She was very scared now, “Please Professor, I’m
really sorry...”
“Shut up. Stand here with your back to me and touch your toes.”

She did, all the while wondering what was going to happen to her. She then felt him lifting the back
of her robes slowly. She gasped. He was going to cane her bottom, it made her rue the time she had
raised her hand in class even though she shouldn’t have.
Snape lightly caressed the girl’s bottom through her underwear which had a cute kitten printed right
above her crack. Oh, how he loved being a sadist. Headmaster Dumbledore had allowed him these
little pleasures so as to give him a way to vent his darker tendencies.
Hermione felt him touching her bum and knew that he was about to spank her. She waited for it but
he kept caressing her bottom as if it were the loveliest thing in the world. And then, unexpectedly
she felt that her bottom was on fire. She screamed for all she was worth. Then put her hands on her
bottom protectively.

Snape smiled as he heard the girl’s shrill scream and saw her cover her ass with her hands.
“Miss Granger” he barked, “if you don’t have the nerve to take your punishment like a lady then
perhaps you shouldn’t commit mistakes. Remove your hands from your bottom at once or it’s a cane
next time.” Whimpering, the girl removed her hands and presented him with her panty-covered
bottom once again. Then he tied her hands to her toes and pinned her by placing his legs on either
side of her waist. With a sigh of satisfaction he started raining slaps after slaps on the crying girl’s
soft bottoms.

Hermione thought he was going to flay her bum the way he kept spanking her. After a while the
slaps stopped. Hermione was now reduced to a whimpering mess. After a while his voice came,
“Miss Granger! Now I would like to ascertain whether you have had enough of this punishment and
we should move on to others.” She didn’t understand. What did he mean, enough of this?

Snape smiled on seeing the mudblood bitch’s confused tear-stained face. “I mean, Miss Granger,
that you will have to uncover your bottom and let me check if it is red enough. If you don’t, we
continue with this punishment till you do. And if you don’t suffer all of your punishments today, we’ll
have to continue another day.”

Hermione was horrified. He wanted her to let him see her naked bum. She hadn’t even let her
parents see that since she was five. His voice came again after a while, “Now, Miss Granger. I would
have to start again for five continuous minutes.” And then her bottom started burning again. She
started screaming, “Ooooooo...please Professor. You can check my bottom..... Pleeeeeeeeeese

Snape gave an evil grin and sang, “Nooooooooo, you mudblood, this only stops after five minutes”
and continued to flay her bottom with skilled hands. After five minutes he stopped.
“Now, may I, Miss Granger... or do we have to start again?”
“Yes please, sir, I can’t take it anymore.”
“Uncover it then,”

Hermione slowly reached her hands and pulled her panties down. She found that they were wet.
“What a little girl you are, bitch. Looks like you have pissed in your underwear” Snape said evilly.
“I’m sorry Pr-professor” she sobbed. She was very ashamed. She had never done that since she was
toilet trained and her mother was very proud of her. She felt him caressing her bum hole and
shivered with fear.

Snape sighed with content as he drank in the look of her little puckered hole. He tried to slide his
forefinger inside it but smiled when it resisted.
Hermione tried to close to her back hole when she felt Snape trying to put his finger inside it. She
tried to distract him by asking, “is it red enough, Professor?”

“You are fortunate Granger. It is, but I think it can take five slaps more,” Snape sneered cruelly.

“Oh please don’t Professor, it hurts so bad. I’ll behave.... pleeeeeeeeeeeeease...”

“Ok... Ten.”

Hermione opened her mouth to beg again but she wasn’t called bright for nothing, she knew that it
will only increase the number of spanks. “Ok Professor... ” she sobbed.

“You will count the number of slaps. If you miss the count, it’ll start again.”

“Yes sir” Hermione grovelled. Then she felt her bum on fire again. She screamed. Again. She gave
another howl.

“Who’ll count them, bitch. They will start again. Now count.” Snape slapped her bottom again.



“Twooooo.. ahhh”


“aaaaaaah... threeeeeeeeee”

The whacks continued and kept setting her buttocks alight. After a while they stopped. She didn’t
know how she’d managed to count them all right. “Now you can have rest of two minutes, “she
heard him saying.

Snape caressed the girls’ red bottom lovingly. “Now is the commencement of your next punishment,
Miss Granger,” He untied her. “Now, go and lie down on that table on your stomach.”
Hermione was relieved when she was untied at last and could rub her bum with her hands and could
relieve the pain somewhat. But then she felt a sharp pain on her thigh. He had hit her thighs with a
thin cane. She ran to the table and lied down on her stomach.

Snape now spread the bitch’s legs and tied them on the table. He then fixed her hands to the table
too. He made sure that her mouth was hanging out of the edge of the table.

Hermione stayed silent during the time she was being tied. Then she heard rustling of clothes. The
rough surface was hurting her skin from beneath her robes. Snape came in her view and he was
totally naked....! His six inch penis sticking out to its full size!!! She feared what was going to happen
to her.... “P-professor ... you can’t do that to me... it’s wrong and illegal,” she said trembling.
“Miss Granger, I assure you mudbloods like you have no rights in our world. Even if I cook you for
dinner no one will care.” Snape enjoyed the look of hopelessness in her eyes as he told her she had
no protection from this.

“No p-please... Professor, I swear I won’t ever do it again. F-forgive me...”

“No... there is no forgiveness for a bitch like you, only punishment.” Snape got a knife and cut her
clothes off. “Miss Granger, open your mouth really wide.”

Sobbing, Hermione complied. She had no choice if she didn’t want him to cook her. He’d cut her
clothes off and the rough surface was really hurting her soft skin on her chest. Then the big and
disgusting penis entered her mouth.... and started thrusting her throat again and again. She couldn’t
breathe; she thought she’d die now...

Snape loved the sound of the bitch choking on his dick. Her face had started to turn blue. He pulled
his penis out. He gave her a moment to gasp for breathe and thrust it right again. He started caning
the bitch’s already red bottom. Her muffled screams were music to his ears.

Hermione kept choking and used small moments when he took his penis out of her throat to breathe
and to scream. She didn’t know how long it went on, but after a while she felt the penis grow even
bigger. It suddenly was taken out and started shooting white, thick liquid on her face and hair. The
spunk covered all her face and even her hair. She tried to move her face around to avoid it but
couldn’t. All this while Professor Snape kept hitting her with the cane between her ass cheeks on her
butt crack drawing inhumane shrieks out of her. And then someone knocked at the door.

Snape saw the bitch look up when the knock came. “Enter,” he called. Draco, Pansy and Millicent, Hermione's fellow first years, came inside and stood in the view of the mudblood girl.

“Oh my god Professor, she thought herself so uptight and now she is lying like a slut, naked too,”
Said Pansy.

“She is so shameless!!”Exclaimed Draco.

Snape smiled. “Yes, that’s why she’s been called here. She is nothing but a showy slut” said Snape.
He had called them himself to humiliate the bitch.

Hermione had felt relieved when knock had come but now she wasn’t so sure. She felt so bad letting
them see her in such a position.....all naked and covered with semen... what her parents would say!!

Snape was enjoying the bitch’s humiliation. He saw Draco go behind and touching her ass. That boy
had potential for becoming a true sadist.

Hermione saw Malfoy go behind her and wondered. Then she felt him squeeze her bum cheeks
roughly. She groaned with pain, and then she felt a finger go inside her bum. It kept going more and
more inside. Finally she couldn’t keep herself from screaming anymore.

Draco loved the scream of the mudblood. He twisted his long-nailed finger inside the bitch’s butt up
and down and tried to imagine how much pain it was causing her. He hoped it was hurting her more
than he could imagine.

Pansy was enjoying the know-it-all’s plight. Serves her right for showing off in every class, she
thought. She decided to add something to it. She motioned Draco to pull his finger out and began to
untie her.

Hermione had screamed herself hoarse by the time Draco took his finger out of her dirtiest hole. She
was being untied. In the meantime she suffered some more blows with the cane on her butt crack
which she knew was Snape’s doing. She heard Pansy’s voice, “Come on Granger. Rise off the table if
you have finished being a slut.” Hermione found her eyes welling in tears once more in response to
the cruel jibe on her character. Crying she got up and tried to hide what her mother called her most
special region i.e. her pussy, with her hands.

“Remove your hands, bitch. You don’t need to pretend to be shy when everyone here obviously
knows that you are a slut,” barked Snape. Milicent raised the belt in her hand and brought it to rest
covering both the breasts of shrieking bitch. Granger put her hands to protect her tiny buds by
instinct, leaving her pussy unprotected. Milicent smiled and whipped her nether region with
incredible speed, to which Granger responded with a most inhumane squeal.

Hermione couldn’t decide where to focus, her pussy or her breasts. Both were burning with
incredible pain. “Stop,” she heard Pansy and alternate whippings on her breasts and pussy halted.
She was led on to the sieved metal chair and seated in it. The holes of the chair were hurting her raw
bottom. “Are you comfortable, bitch?” She heard Pansy ask. Sobbing she nodded, knowing that the
question was rhetorical. No one here cared about her comfort, that much was sure.

“Now Miss Granger, I am sorry that you had to suffer this much,” Snape said softly in her ear. “You
have to complete one more task and then you are free to go.”

Hermione couldn’t believe it, just one more thing and her torment would end. “Pl-please PProfessor,
I’d do anything,” she blubbered.

“You have to repeat these lines a hundred times, listen carefully: “I’m a mudblood bitch worth
nothing but as a slut. And my mother is a nymphomaniac tart and my father a fag.” Did you hear it
all Miss Granger?”

Hermione despite her pitiable condition, was filled with fury when she heard such degrading words
for herself and especially for her parents. “No, you bastard. I’d never say that even if you killed me,”
and then leapt towards Snape to strangle him.

Draco and Pansy grabbed the bitch before she could move far and pinned her to the metal chair.
Snape grinned. It thrilled him to know that the bitch was not without fight in her. “Okay,” he said.

“Let’s see how tough you are.” With a wave of his wand, the bitch’s legs were apart and tied to the
legs of the chair. With another wave, her hands were tied to the arms of the chair. He was really
going to have fun now.

Hermione couldn’t believe what she’d been asked to repeat. Now she was positively horrified... how
can they do this to her? She now saw Snape taking the tip of his wand towards her bum hole. She
knew that it was going up her butt and waited with dread for the wand to come in contact with her
puckered hole... it never came.

Draco watched with exhilaration as Snape brought his wand near the bitch’s bum. He knew that she
was thinking that Professor Snape was going to insert it up her ass. But it was not to be that.

Suddenly the tip of the wand was alight and the uppermost tip of the flame came into contact with
the bitch’s puckered, rosebud-like hole. Once again the music sounded.
Hermione screamed with her entire strength, trying to instil a drop of pity in her tormentors who
were setting her asshole on fire literally. “Ohhh... pleeeeeeeease..... aaaaaaaaaah I’m begging
youuuuu.. Please stop it.”

“You know what will stop it bitch,” said Snape and changed his target from her back hole to her
pussy. This caused a new scream which was reaching inhuman levels. He kept changing his target
between her asshole and pussy. After sometime, when both her hole were extremely red and
tender, he stopped.

Hermione had screamed herself hoarse by this time. She was sure that from now on it’d be
extremely painful to pee and to shit. She heard Snape’s voice, “You are ready to say that yet or want
another half hour of the same treatment, bitch?” She sobbed desperately, “Pl-please P-professor...
I’ll say it... please don’t burn me anymore.”

“Stand up.” She recognised Pansy’s voice.

Hermione stood up with considerable difficulty. Her groin and her asshole now hurt beyond

“Now place your hands behind you.”

Hermione obeyed, sobbing.

“Now insert both your thumbs inside your asshole.”

Hermione looked up pleadingly.

“Do it. Or would you rather my wand went inside considering it is longer.” Snape barked. “And
hotter too” sniggered Draco.

Feeling very humiliated, Hermione did as told.

“Now start repeating, ‘I’m a mudblood bitch worth nothing but as a slut. And my mother is a
nymphomaniac tart and my father a fag.’”

Crying pathetically, Hermione started repeating in her incoherent voice,
“I’m a m-mudblood bitch worth n-nothing but as a slut. And my mother is a nympho-m-maniac tart
and my father a f-fag.”
After sometime Snape commanded her, “Stop.”

She stopped but didn’t cease sobbing with pain and humiliation. Her pussy and asshole were still
very raw and tender. And now, when she thought it couldn’t be worse it did...

“Now bitch, I’d like to fuck you. May I?” Snape asked her laughing.
Hermione began begging to all the Gods to forgive her for whatever sins she had committed and
stop this torture and humiliation or at least kill her. As if all this was not enough, Professor Snape
was now going to rape her. “May I, Miss Granger?” His voice came again. She nodded ashamedly,
knowing that if she said no he was only going to torture her till she said yes.

“The bitch is such a horny slut, Professor!” exclaimed Draco.

“That’s why we call them mudbloods, Draco.” Snape said “they are all sluts.”

Hermione saw with blurred eyes Professor Snape untying her. He picked her up and stood her on the
chair. Then she felt him placing his large cock against her butt hole, not her pussy! It entered her
burned butt hole like a hot knife cutting a bread. She clenched her whole body with inexplicable pain
in her already tortured hole being stretched well beyond its limit.

Snape groaned with satisfaction as the bitch’s tight hole clenched around his cock. He started
thrusting her with his full strength, enjoying her shrill screams and her asshole pressing his cock.

Pansy decided to add some to bitch’s misery. She lit her own wand like a candle and brought it
below her left nipple and was rewarded with the music of the mudblood’s screams reaching a new

Hermione couldn’t do anything but scream with hellish pain. Snape kept banging her for what really
was half an hour but felt to her like days. At last she felt Professor Snape’s Penis swelling inside her
butt and then a flood! He had at last ejaculated.

Snape released the bitch from where she was impaled on his cock and she fell on to the floor. Her
ass was bleeding profusely and the bitch seemed to have gotten into a catatonic state with pain. He
dumped some water on her head.

Hermione had gone into a shock with multiple pain in her groin, asshole and her nipple. She came to
her senses when someone threw a bucketful of water on her head and the pain that she had
stooped feeling since going into the shock came into existence again.

“Stand up, bitch. Your detention is over.” Snape barked.

Hermione heard it and scrambled to her feet gathering her strength. She saw Snape taking his wand
towards his ass again and tried to protect her asshole by covering it with her hand.
Snape laughed. “Relax bitch. I’m only going to heal your hole to stop the bleeding.”
Hermione presented her hole to Snape hoping he’d do something to stop the agony in her ass and
the profuse bleeding. She felt his wand parting her cheeks and tipping some kind of potion into it. It
seemed to clot her blood and bleeding stopped but then her ass seemed to start burning from

Snape cackled, “I said I’d stop the bleeding and I did. But the potion will keep feeling to you like it’s
burning from inside for another six hours.”

Hermione broke down again. Her ass was literally on fire. But at least her ordeal was over. She could
go her bed now and not wake up for whole weekend. Then she fainted.

“Draco, Pansy, Milicent” Snape said “Take this bitch and dump her on some second floor corridor
near Gryffindor tower.”

“Professor,” Pansy said hesitantly. “Can w e take her to slytherin dungeons first and have some fun
of our own, please?”

Snape smiled. “But of course,” he said. “It’s perfectly acceptable.”

When Hermione gained consciousness she was being dragged on her chest by her legs. They were
taking her..... not to Gryffindor tower! “Wait, wait!” she cried “where are you taking me?” Draco’s
sneering voice came “To the Slytherin dungeons of course, oh you fainted. Well let me tell you,
Professor Snape gave us permission to take you to Slytherin House and have some fun with you
before we dump you outside.”

“And of course, many older boys are also going to do things to you.” Pansy added gleefully.

Hermione whimpered desperately as she realised that her night wasn’t yet over as they dragged her
away, her breasties rubbing on the floor and hurting like hell.....

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2017-01-24 20:31:11
I like it.... Especially when Hermione's asshole was caned. It got me so hard that I just called my little sister and spanked her for getting A minus on her homework... A few of my slaps did fall off the mark on her vulva - Man, did she squeal when that happened!

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2016-08-12 15:07:56
Girls are just made to take it in their ass.

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2015-08-07 12:15:04
"take your punishment like a lady"?? You sexist bastard, women are not made to take punishment. You should have used Harry or Ron or Neville in this story, not poor Hermione. You should never fantasize about women this way. It is bastards like you who commit crimes against women. I wonder how much fun it will be if it were your 11 year old male ass with an inch thick dildo inside it - Burn in hell, you chauvinist jerk.

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2013-08-24 21:13:48
good story, although i can't image Snape sharing.
the whole 'snape's detention' environment and focussing on her butt totally turned me on.
But the whole situation changed when Draco showed up, i think it kinda put the story out of balance. didn't go well with me.
snape's hot wand against her bum, totally fine with that for sure, but draco and his friends casually swaggering in to join the fun? meh . it felt like mixing 2 stories into one. i'd say a 7/10
thanks for the entertaining story and keep writing!

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2013-04-13 18:50:50
If this is what the wizarding world is like then I have no problems dropping a few nukes on their heads...
Maybe the early Christians had the right idea with their witch burnings...

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