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hello everybody i know this is not my story it is by busty fucker on lerotica but unh
Wilma Flintstone was sitting on the floor naked in her bedroom, leaning back against the bed; still recovering from the tremendous fucking Dino had just given her and if anything was even hornier than she had been before when she heard the doorbird squawk. She got up and grabbed her robe putting it on as she headed toward the front door wondering who it could be.

The doorbird squawked again. "I'm coming," she yelled.

When Wilma opened the front door she found her best friend and next door neighbor Betty Rubble standing there. "Hi Betty! What's up?"

"Hi Wilma. I just thought I'd come over to visit. It's kind of lonely around the Rubble homestead without Barney and Bam-Bam around this week."

"Oh, I know just what you're saying Betty. I miss Fred and Pebbles too. Come on in and we'll talk about it. Go ahead and have a seat in the living room and I'll go into the kitchen and get us a couple of marg-a-rockta's."

Betty went into the living room and made herself comfortable on the sofa while waiting for Wilma to return with the drinks. As she sat there Betty noticed Dino had come into the room. Good old Dino. Everybody loved the happy, funny little dinosaur.

"Hey Dino old boy! Here Dino!" Betty encouraged Dino to approach her.

Dino loped over to Betty and put his paws up on the sofa and let Betty pat his head a couple of times.

"Okay Dino. That's enough, get down now." Betty said.

Dino got down from the couch but stayed right in front of her panting excitedly. He placed his head in her lap looking up at her with his big black eyes as she scratched his head. The pet dinosaur then did something so unexpected that it shocked Betty into indecision, he pushed his snout under the hem of her short dress and his wet tongue darted out and lapped at her bare pussy.

As his long, hot tongue slid up along her pussy, she gave a little shudder. He moved in quickly, his strong body pushing his head further between her thighs prying them roughly apart with his snout pushing his nose further up and lifted up her short saber tooth tiger dress' hem to her waist. Dino had moved in between her legs so quickly it had made it hard for her to get up even if she had tried.

Dino's nose ran across Betty's bare and suddenly wet slit. Liking the smell, he quickly pushed his nose in deeper, spreading her thighs even wider to allow him full access to her lovely lips and she found herself pressing urgently against his snout. Betty didn't know why but she was responding very positively to Dino's advances. She couldn't help herself, it was by far the horniest experience she'd ever had. Her clit was already standing erect outside its hood and her pussy juices had begun flowing.

She was ashamed of herself, but she had to admit it was turning her on. In fact, she wished that Wilma were not in the house, because she would have liked to open her legs wide and let Dino tongue her pussy until she screamed with a much-needed orgasm! Her legs were still somewhat together and the brute was jamming his snout into the tight vee, his tongue wedging in. Betty took a fleeting glance at the door into the kitchen, saw that Wilma was not in sight and parted her legs a little, just enough so that Dino could give her crotch an unhindered tongue-stroke or two. Just a couple of tongue lashes wouldn't hurt anything. Glancing down, she was shocked to see that the dinosaur's prick was getting hard.

Betty's breath caught in her throat, and her embarrassment caused her cheeks to begin blushing as she imagined what Wilma would think of her if she were to suddenly return with their drinks. Dino made big sweeping slashes across her mound with his huge, thick, rough tongue. Rasping it over her now soaked twat and snorting in the aroma of her sweet pussy as she creamed up her fuck furrow. Betty exhaled and shuddered as she surrendered to the bizarre, forbidden sexual thrills Dino was forcefully introducing her to. Betty blushed with shame as she started humping and wiggling her ass eagerly on the couch, fucking her wet pussy onto the invading tongue of the pet dinosaur.

"Oh God!" Betty moaned, threw her head back and closed her eyes, abandoning herself to the satisfying pleasure she was receiving from the horny little dinosaur. She caught her breath as the pressure of Dino's powerful tongue peeled her cunt-lips apart and wormed a few more inches of thick dinosaur tongue into the velvety depths of her scorching pussy making Betty jerk her knees up involuntarily. That subtle little move pulled her pussy-lips further apart, exposing more of the soft creamy folds of her inner twat to the lapping, probing animal.

As Wilma returned to the living room she was greeted with the sight of Dino between Betty's naked legs. Betty was spread wide, her exposed cunt thrust obscenely forward against Dino's snout, enjoying Dino's lustfully delicious tongue lashing.

It was all Wilma could do to not drop the drinks, the depravity of the whole scene, realizing Betty was so turned on, probably just as turned on as she herself had been earlier as Dino had rooted his tongue into her own horny cunt. The eager pet, whimpering before Betty, as he stood between her knees, probing Betty's sweat cunt, spread legged, her short dress luridly raised in invitation.

"God this is getting me so fuckin' horny watching!" Wilma thought from the doorway, her eyes glazed thick with lust. She could feel the juices flooding her pussy.

Wilma watched as Dino's long, thick animal-tongue, wetly snaked out, curling at its tip as it easily splayed open the super sensitive pink lips of Betty's pouting pussy! It flowed along the very juice seeping, inflamed mouth of her cunt, separating the soft, black cunt curl fringed, glistening pink folds, drawing with a stroke upward between them, ending and twisting at the delicate bud of her already hotly inflamed erect little clit! Wilma knew from experience that he wasn't about to stop there!

Again and again Dino repeatedly lashed his tongue out assaulting her now horny cunt, raising little gasps of lurid joy from Betty. Dino wagged his thick dinosaur tail excitedly as he continued working between the wide flung knees of the beautiful brunette neighbor. His boney skulled, scaly head bounced beneath her raised up dress as he sunk his long dinosaur tongue deeply into her steaming hot, wet pussy lips. Wilma could tell from experience that Dino must be feeling his blood racing, pounding through the veins in his wonderful dinosaur cock by now. The delicate scent of Betty's aroused, fluid heat, filled his keen sensitive nostrils as he stroked his long, thick tongue through the moistened, pink flesh between her sensuously spread thighs. Wilma could also smell Betty's exciting feminine sexual odor, the room was charged with an intense sexual fever. Wilma's head swam as Betty and Dino's shared desire was contagiously arousing her.

Betty's head swayed hypnotically on the back of the sofa. Her slim right hand slid down to her ravished pussy, her fingers worked to spread her pussy further open on her own volition as she started making little rutting movements against Dino's long, probing tongue.

"Well, well. What do we have here?" Wilma asked as she put the drinks down, shook off her robe revealing her petite, busty body and seductively walked over to where Dino was pleasuring Betty.

Betty's eyes flew open. "Wilma....I uh...Oh God!....I ...mmmmm...I'm sorry....Ohhh!"

"Don't apologize Betty. God you two look so fucking hot! You've got me so horny! I think I should join you."

Wilma then stepped up onto the sofa straddling Betty, instinctively knowing that Betty was now far too horny to refuse her, splaying her thighs wide apart, Wilma lowered her now wet, red-haired pussy to her sex-starved friend's face. Betty laid her head back looking up between Wilma's legs, confronting the curly-haired buttery fuck slit of another woman. Then instinctively she pressed her opened mouth on it and tentatively licked at the pussy. Dino's tongue moved up and down over her pussy and Betty pushed her tongue in and out of Wilma's pussy. Betty became red-faced with shame and passion, licking another woman's cunt for the very first time.

Hungrily Betty sluiced her tongue up and down Wilma's horny pussy matching the action of Dino's tongue in her own throbbing fuck hole. She knew it was wrong, all of this, but she also knew she was as horny as hell, and right now that feeling drove all moral things out of her head. Betty was eagerly lapping the cunt cream from the folds of Wilma's pussy. Betty instantly felt her own pussy growing even hornier, oozing a heavy flow of fuck oils onto Dino's tongue. Wilma slid her hands down her body, peeling open the pussy petals for her friend's dancing, probing tongue. Betty thrust her tongue deep inside Wilma's pussy, just as Dino was licking deep inside Betty's cunt.

"Oh, Betty, suck me," Wilma gasped. Betty looked up at Wilma; her face buried in hot, wet pussy. She breathed hard through her nose, smelling Wilma's scent as she licked and sucked on the redheaded woman's wet pussy folds. Wilma cried lightly, her thighs jerked and her pussy vibrated to the rhythm of the flashing tongue in her loins. It struck over and over, too fast to follow, moving from one area to another.

"Suck me, oh, suck me!" Wilma gasped, her face was twisted with an insatiable sexual need. "Oh, God, my cunt's so wet! My pussy needs to cum!"

"Mmmmffffhhh," She moaned into Wilma's cunt as she nursed on the redheads creaming pink gash. Betty was withering and thrusting excitedly from Dino's lustful attention and the sheer lewdness of the situation. The extreme pleasure of having her pussy licked while licking her friend's pussy had made her lose all control of herself. She thrust against Dino's head, frantically fucking her ass off the couch as she continued sucking Wilma's buttery fuck slit and being rewarded with a continual mouthful of creamy fuck oils. Dino was licking her furiously now, his tongue twirled and dug into her cunt hole, going so hard it hurt a little.

"Lick it good, Betty! Oh, god, you're making my pussy so wet and juicy! Suck it, Betty, suck my cunt! Do me like Dino's doing you!"

Wilma joyfully slid both hands down the top of Betty's dress over the silky, plump, full womanly mounds of her quivering boobs cupping and caressed the tit flesh. Her fingertips found her nipples, Betty sighed above the slurping, gurgling sounds of her own tongue licking her friends hot wet cunt as the slurping noises of Dino's tongue on her own cunt filled the room.

Dino was a very talented pussy eater. His rough, wide tongue seemed to scratch everything that itched. Dino knew exactly where to lick, but of course, he could smell her arousal. The dinosaur pushed its nose tightly against her and began licking deeply. This was unexpected causing Betty to throw her legs wide to accommodate his long, thick tongue and hissed in pain and pleasure. She had never felt anything like this. It was wonderful. The tongue continuously slid inside her, lapping her juices and pulling them from her creamy, buttery slit. She could feel Dino's tongue well up into her womb. As Dino pulled back a little, the long tongue began sliding through her swollen pussy lips, brushing her clit at the top of each stroke.

"Oh yes, yes," Betty hissed. Her pussy was humping against Dino's tongue with seemingly a mind of its own. She then returned her mouth to Wilma's starving cunt.

"Oh fuck, this feels sooo good, I can't believe you're eating my pussy!" Wilma groaned.

The rigid little nubs Wilma teased at the ends of Betty's tits told her that Betty loved this little dinosaur sex party. She rolled Betty's rubbery nipples firmly between thumb and index finger, enjoying the pleasant little muffled hiss that escaped her sucking red lips. Wilma's fingers felt wonderful; between the attention she was receiving from Dino and Wilma, Betty was extremely horny and she felt fire bursting in her hot pussy.

"Oh God! Oh fuck!" Betty cried around a mouthful of Wilma's hot, wet pussy. Wilma also began steadily moaning from her friend's oral assault.

Dino was relentless as he continued to lap Betty with long, broad strokes of his thick, long tongue; the lips of her pussy were being stretched and tugged at each stroke. The more Dino licked, the more her pussy oozed out its thick, milky fuck fluid, which made Dino lick even more furiously. He was insatiable. His tongue flicked continually; following Betty's delicious pussy wherever it moved as she bucked her hips off the sofa. She moaned mindlessly into Wilma's cunt as she felt the first tendrils of a major orgasm spreading through her loins. Going a week without sex, then being stimulated by all of these perverted thoughts and actions were taking their toll on her body.

Betty's head pressed against Wilma's pussy mound as she rose up to lick and suck on her stiff, extra sensitive clit. Wilma squirmed, pulling Betty's face into her crotch with her left hand. Wilma was surprised when Betty moved up and began licking the very top of Wilma's pink pussy slit. The fire from this area was amazing. Nobody had ever done like that to her before. Then Betty took the hard little clit into her mouth and began sucking on it like a baby would suckle a bottle. Wilma was totally caught off guard by this and felt the orgasmic wave begin to wash over her.

"Oh God Betty! I'm going to cum," Wilma whispered desperately. "Keep sucking my clit! Oh fuck yes! I'm cumming," she said again. Suddenly her orgasm exploded. She squealed with lustful delight as her wet, swollen, pouty-lipped hole exploded with a quivering, gushing fire. She hissed, while holding Betty's face pressed tightly into her pussy, thrusting her hips. Betty stayed attached to Wilma's clit with her sucking mouth, guiding Wilma through her orgasm and creating a warmness, which Wilma so desperately needed.

The excitement of having just eaten out a woman for the first time and bringing her to orgasm as well as the endless assault on her own horny little fuck hole by a pet dinosaur was just to much stimulation for Betty and she could feel a really big orgasm build deep inside her, it's warmth spreading throughout her body. Her pussy was so horny and itchy that she couldn't think of anything but her impending orgasm.

"Oh Dino! Lick my pussy you naughty little dinosaur! Make me cum!"

Wilma sat on the edge of the sofa next to Betty and shamelessly caressed her body with growing horniness, watching the hunger with which Dino continued to lick and probe Betty's cunt slit. The naked redhead was finger fucking in a frenzy, ramming her fingers in and out of her cunt as she watched Betty getting her pussy eaten out.

Betty reached down and grabbed Dino's head with both hands, desperately thrusting her ass off the sofa, franticly fucking her throbbing cunt hole onto his long, thick, satisfying tongue. Betty grimaced and she wiggled her sweat little ass as Dino licked and lapped, sluicing his tongue up and down between the pink, juice-oozing folds of her itchy little cuntslit. Suddenly Dino's thick tongue flicked across her sensitive, achy clit causing Betty to wildly buck as she fucked her ass off the sofa much harder than before.

"Yes!" Betty screamed, " I'm cumming now! OH, FUCK, OH, GOD, I'M FUCKING CUUUUUMMMMMIIINNNGGG!"

Her ravished pussy rippled uncontrollably into orgasm, spasming and contracting and spewing lusciously into orgasm, oozing out fuck cream and giving Dino a mouthful of thick pussy juice to lick up.

Betty lay back panting, pushing Dino's head away from her now ultra-sensitive, and drooling cunt. Wilma began undoing Betty's dress and working it from her body; Betty did nothing to stop the bold redhead. Wilma had never eaten pussy before but she was so fucking horny that she had an overwhelming urge to do so now.

"Betty," Wilma purred, "I want to taste that sweet little pussy of yours, I really need to go down on you."

"Oh yes Wilma. Suck on my horny cunt. Here, lay down on the floor so I can lick you too."

Wilma lay on the floor spreading her long legs wide as Betty climbed on top of Wilma and the two horny wives began to suck on each other's pussy. Wilma spread her legs wider, completely opening her throbbing pussy for Betty's lips and tongue. Then she started humping her ass lightly on the floor, hungrily thrusting her wet, horny pussy onto Betty's tongue.

Wilma spread Betty's silky soft lips with her thumbs and stared at the delicate pink flesh inside. The gapping wet hole was on top and Betty's engorged clit was just below that. The pussy tapered down to a perfect vee on the bottom, which collected all the moisture from the sensual pussy. Wilma tentatively extended her tongue and flicked it through the folds of moist pussy flesh. To her surprise it was hot, fragrant, and delicious. She loved the taste of Betty's pussy, it tasted different, but so wonderful. The entire experience was very erotic. She placed her mouth over Betty's pussy and began licking and sucking and felt her mouth fill with the deliciously creamy juice.

Wilma found the taste of another woman's wet cunt was extremely exciting to her. She felt her own pussy throbbing lewdly as she thrust her tongue in deep, lapping the fragrant cunt oils from the depths of Betty's horny little pink slit.

Betty's cunt was getting wetter, throbbing on Wilma's lips. Wilma straightened her tongue and wormed it up into the narrow, creamy interior of Betty's fuck tunnel. Betty gasped as the stacked redhead started thrusting her stiff tongue rhythmically in and out of her overheated, creamy fuck slit.

"Oh, God! Fuck me with your tongue!" Betty cried. Her big tits jiggled and swayed as she humped her wet, hairy pussy onto Wilma's tongue. Wilma obeyed Betty's plea, pumping her tongue in and out of Betty's cunt as fast as she could.

"Do you like the way my pussy tastes Wilma?"

Wilma didn't answer. She was too busy laboring feverishly between her friend's thighs, ramming her tongue in and out of her pussy. Betty humped her ass to meet her rhythm, eagerly thrusting her horny cunt onto Wilma's tongue.

Betty rested her head on Wilma's pussy mound causing her sweet ass to thrust into the air. Betty reached back with both hands and spread her pink-flushed ass cheeks apart to give Wilma better access to her moist, juicy pussy.

"My clitty! Oh, please! Suck my clitty! Oh, fuck, oh, please, put it in your mouth now! I'm so close! Suck it, suck it hard!"

Betty's clit was fat and swollen, protruding from its hood at the top of her fuck hole. Wilma wrapped her lips around it, sucking hard, puckering her cheeks as she did so. Wilma feverishly kept sucking as the horny brunette's tasty pussy throbbed toward a long, violent orgasm.

"Suck it, Wilma! Oh fuck! YES! Fucking suck my pussy! I'm cumming! OOOHHHH!"

Wilma kept her head buried between Betty's trembling thighs, continuing to lick, and suck the cum-gushing pussy. Eating cunt was something she was definitely going to have to do again.

Wilma caught a movement out of the corner of her eye and noticed that Dino had come up close to the women and his enormous, hard cock was staring right at her. She reached out and grabbed a hold of the long, thick purple dinosaur cock and then Wilma had a wicked thought.

Gently Wilma pulled Dino over by his cock and lined the pointed head up with the wide-open, gapping pink lips of Betty's soaking wet cunt. She then began rubbing the head up and down between the buttery folds. Dino took the hint and thrust toward the sweet little, wet pink pussy.

Betty felt a movement against her pussy. Something very thick and extremely hard was rubbing against her wet folds. She froze in fear, her eyes widening as she pulled her head up and away from Wilma's tasty cunt. Before she could figure out what was happening a huge, hot, hard object found her entrance and slid inside her. It all happened so fast as Dino's purple cock found the slick mouth of Betty's cunt.

end of part one

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