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A yachting trip leads to a totally unexpected adventure
My kidnap adventure

I am 27 years old, tall and fit, dark hair to shoulder length, long legs and small pert boobs. I had won a place on a round the world yacht crewed by women. We were having a fantastic time, visiting places I could never have dreamed of seeing. I was amongst privileged people and had been incredibly lucky to get sponsorship for an ordinary girl amongst well to do females.

During our trip, we had just left the Seychelles and during a mild storm we were blown off course and unbeknown to us precariously close to Somalia. During the night our yacht was boarded and taken by a gang and towed into a Somalian port. All the girls were taken and ransoms sought. Sadly I was not worth a ransom as I come from a very middle class family so they sent me to an auction holding to be sold.

By the time I reached the holding area I was dirty and unkempt having had no washing facilities for several days. I was forced to strip and shoved into a wash area with three Somalian women to be washed and made presentable for the prospective buyers. All the women were naked and they put me under the showers and washed and debugged my hair. They were gentle and courteous and I enjoyed there ministrations. Then they soaped and washed my top half, they seemed fascinated by my small pert breasts taking time to soap them and massage them. My breasts seemed so small compared to their well endowed boobs and distended nipples and their continual massaging and gently pinching of my nipples together with rubbing their tits against my arms was starting to make my cunt ache even though I had had no experience of being intimate with my sex before.

They massaged my back, arms and tits for some time until they were happy I was clean, they washed the soap off and started work on my legs. The soaped them well and slowly worked their way up towards my thighs, my cunt by then was screaming to be touched I felt like it was on fire. They massaged my buttocks and slipped their hands between my cheeks and massaging my butt hole and occasionally slipping underneath and bumping my clit with their thumbs.

They altered their attentions to my front and started to lather my pussy which was quite hairy which was due to not having time to shave whilst we were at sea. Their hands slipped between my legs and massaged my cunt which was by now not just slippery with soap as my juices were flowing too. Their fingers, probing my love hole and my clit were driving me wild, their touch never seemed to last long enough to allow me to build to a climax. They just washed me off and dried me and led me to a table and indicated they wanted me to climb up on it and lie down on my back. They then opened my legs and started to shave my pussy with some electric clippers. As the clippers trimmed my pubes short the vibration was sending my already hungry cunt wild, at one point the girl held the clippers right on my clit causing me to tighten my cunt ready for orgasm. She watched me very closely and as soon as my muscles started to tighten as I got close to orgasm she moved them away with a smug smile.

Another of the girls appeared with a razor and some foam and massage the foam into my pubic area and meticulously shaved every inch of my snatch. Although it felt deliciously cold now bald it didn’t dampen my throbbing cunt. One of the girls now explained I was ready for viewing by the potential buyers. I was given a plain cotton robe to wear which just covered my bottom and tied at the front.

I was then directed into a large room with some other girls dressed the same but who were Somalian. I was the only white girl there! The auction commenced and I noticed a dark skinned man with piercing blue eyes watching me intently. When my turn came I had to walk through the potential buyers and they groped my breasts and my arse, some even managed to get their hands underneath my arse and reached my pussy which was still dripping from the girls attentions in the washroom.

Eventually I was sold and the man with the piercing blue eyes had paid a lot of money for me and was determined to purchase me whatever the cost. I was led away and placed into a van and was driven some distance. I heard the engine stop and the driver came to the back door and helped me out; I had arrived at the man’s estate. I was lead into a beautifully decorated room with a chair which was like an office chair but went up and down, I was told to stand and wait.

The blue eyed man arrived and told me to remove my gown. I slipped it off and his eyes dropped to my small but pert tits which he reached out and caressed gently. My nipples immediately hardened and he smiled, I was still feeling sensitive from earlier and when his lips went to my breasts and licked and sucked them, I could not help but utter a moan. I knew I should have been scared witless by what had happened to me but I was so exhausted I just didn’t care any more. All I could think about was getting some attention to my very frustrated cunt!

He then asked me to sit in the chair with my arse perched on the edge and open my legs. I hesitated as I knew my naked smooth cunt would be on full show and was probably still very wet. He politely told me to do as I was told and not let him ask a third time! I opened my legs and he operated the riser in the chair until my pussy was at his eye height. He moved closer and with his hands inspected my cunt, after much stroking and pulling of my lips apart he brought his fingers to his nose and sniffed my musky wetness and then to my delight sucked his fingers clean.

He then proceeded to lick my pussy from top to bottom! I couldn’t help but throw my head back and moan softly. His big snaking tongue swirled around my cunt lapping at the juices which were now flowing again, delving into my cunt and darting backward and forwards over my clit. I was in heaven, it took all my strength not to clutch his head and bury it in my cunt. He buried two long and dextrous fingers into my cunt and massaged my g spot with such experience I thought I would die on the spot. His tongue continued to flick back and forth over my clit and built me to a mind blowing orgasm. My cream oozed all over his face making quite a mess. When he finally came up for air his face was covered in cum.

He licked his lips and summonsed his female assistant to come clean his face and also ordered her to bathe my aching but satisfied cunt clean. The assistant explained to me that never had he had a slave who could cum with such extravagance and I would be highly prized in his collection of women. I expected to be asked to suck his cock but he left the room without another word.

After being cleaned up I was lead naked and walked along a corridor and into a dormitory full of simple double futons with one which was slightly raised in the middle. I was told to lie down on the raised one and get some rest.

It was some time later when I awoke, I realised I was not alone the room was full of Somalian women all naked and two to a bed. There were about 10 pairs and they were all in the throes of passion. Some were kissing, some sucking each others nipples, some fingering one another, or scissoring the erotic process of massage their clits against one another to achieve orgasm and others were in the sixty-nine position eating pussy like the world was about to end!

One of the women sat close to me and introduced herself as Simi, she was to be my companion and guide. She was tall with what would be called child bearing hips and large tits with long dark nipples which seemed to be oozing milk. I had noticed that a lot of the girls seemed to lactate too. I asked Simi where the babies were kept to cause this lactation, she politely explained there were no children, Master liked them to lactate so gave them pills to cause it. Apparently he very much liked to drink their milk and he also felt it was very beneficial for the girls to drink it too. My eyes opened in shock and Simi asked if I had ever tried it, of course I shook my head, so she offered me her breasts to try and explained I would need to get a taste for it as it was common practise there.

I had no choice but to accept. She sat behind me on the bed and guided me to a nursing position. I lay in her naked lap with my shoulders on her legs and she offered a tit to my mouth. I didn’t know what to do, so she squeezed some milk into my open and waiting mouth. The taste was delicious such a warm and sweet liquid. I latched my mouth on her nipple and massaged my lips against the length and felt the first spurts of her nectar.

This was obviously turning her on and she used her spare hand to stroke my small breasts. My nipples immediately hardened at her attentions and once again my cunt started to tingle with the need for attention. I had to come up for breath, drinking Simi’s milk and her attentions to my tits had made my heart race. Simi presumed right when she asked if I was turned on by her lactating, she advised me that one of the girls was an expert in the pussy licking department and as the Master would want me for that reason suggested I allow her to improve my cum technique. I nodded my head with excitement and continued to suck more milk from her pendulous breasts.

I felt a soft pair of hands part my legs and gently stroke my naked pussy. I was so delirious with anticipation I thought I would pass out. Her fingers lightly touched my slit and very slowly stroked her fingers downwards towards my anus, she then stroked back up to my clit. She then with both hands opened up my pussy lips and inserted a long finger in my very wet cunt. She then slid two fingers in and started to stroke my g-spot. She then clamped her lovely lips over my already exposed clit button and sucked and flicked it back and forth with her tongue.

I knew I was a slave, I knew I ought to be terrified but I was in heaven, never had I experienced such mind blowing feelings. The young girl brought me closer and closer to orgasm, but every time I clenched my legs waiting to explode she backed off and just very gently licked and fingered me. Three times she brought me to the edge of orgasm and backed off, I thought I was going to die! Eventually she allowed me to come, my cunt exploded, my heart was going to burst and my head was throbbing. I came, cum leaked every where, I showered her face and soaked her but she just stayed there gently licking my juices and allowing my orgasm to subside.

I still lay in Simi’s lap and she gazed down at me in awe. She said Master would be very impressed with me and I would be treated well. I could tell she was very turned on watching me being worked on and I offered to attend to her needs. She declined explaining it wasn’t in my place to have to do that. She said she would be honoured if I would watch her with another slave so I agreed.

She moved to another bed next to a small petite girl and they immediately started kissing hungrily. They sucked and tweaked each other’s long nipples until milk dribbled down their stomachs. Their fingers started to massage each other’s cunts burying them knuckle deep with unbelievable force and urgency, they rocked with the rhythm continuing to kiss passionately.

They broke apart and Simi positioned her legs either side of the young girl's and squatted over her, their cunts touching. They started to gyrate against one another, their cunts slurping against each other. Simi tightened her grip on the young girl’s leg and ground her cunt harder against the girl’s. Both grunted and moaned as their climaxes built, the gyrating and grinding became faster and faster and they both came gasping with the relief that it gave them.

This room with all these girls in was like a multi screen lesbian porn channel, every direction I looked these girls were all having sex in some shape or form, all pleasing themselves without the need to a man. It was so erotic, I could not get enough of it, my cunt ached continually and all I needed to do was ask someone to deal with it, I didn’t have to do it myself!

Several days later, the lactating pills had started to kick in and my own breasts started to produce milk. My small tits were not coping well being sucked and had become quite sore. I guess mine were quite small compared to the other slaves. But if I didn’t lactate they started to ache and therefore I had no choice but to ask one of the girls to drink from me. Some of the girls were very rough and used their teeth to draw the milk through so I tried to avoid them and request some of the more gentle ones to help me. Although my nipples were red and sore it still continued to turn me on!

I was then summonsed by the blue eyed Master. I was sent to the room with the chair in and naked was told to stand and wait next to the chair. He arrived dressed in a beautiful robe and asked how I was being treated. I replied that I was well and couldn’t complain. He stroked my tits very gently and commented how sore my nipples looked, whilst he was loath to he needed to suck them to taste my milk he explained. His soft mouth encased my tit and gently massaged it with his lips and drew some milk. He stopped and advised my milk was incredibly tasty and proceeded to guzzle hungrily, the pain was excruciating but there was nothing I could do he was the Master I had no choice. I was so relieved when he had had his fill but even through the pain my pussy started to tingle in its normal fuck hungry way.

He motioned for me to sit on the chair and operating the riser in the chair brought my pussy up to his eye height. He preceded to tongue fuck my cunt, probing his thick tongue into my hole slurping the juices from me. His thumb massaged my clit and started to build me to orgasm and as my stomach started to tighten he stopped, brought the chair down to my eye level and ordered me to lick my juices from his face. I did as I was told and having never tasted my own juices before enjoyed the new experience.

He then took off his robe to reveal a well muscled body and a large but not too thick cock. His female assistance appeared from nowhere and dropping to her knees proceeded to suck his cock and cover it with her saliva. She then got up and guided his cock to my dripping cunt. It had been several months since I had last fucked a man and my vagina was very tight. She eased his cock in very slowly and continued to spit saliva onto my clit which dribbled down onto his cock lubricating it as she pushed it into my cunt. It was very erotic to watch the girl gently feeding a man’s large rod into my cunt; I really didn’t think she needed to lubricate it herself as I was producing a fair bit of juice myself! Once he was inside me he kept very still but flexed his cock against my g spot, I responded by clenching my pelvic muscles. His face showed surprise, I don’t think he had felt a woman do this to him before and his cock thickened against my muscles clamping against his member.

He started to slowly slide in and out of me, almost coming all the way out then slamming quite quickly into me, bumping himself against my clit. He asked me if I could climax with just his cock in me and I breathlessly explained that I needed to massage my clit too to climax in the way he liked. He explained I didn’t have to do that and motioned the assistant to massage my clit. I really hadn’t expected this kind of attention as a slave.

She leant over me and started to massage my clit button with her fingers while he continued to fuck me starting to get faster and faster building to orgasm. She was an expert in tantalising my clit and I started to feel my muscles tense as his cock thickened. We came together, he pumped rods and rods of cum into me and I in turn soaked his cock and balls in cum of my very own. He slowed his pumping cock down and gently pulled it out. His assistant immediately licked and sucked him clean of my juices, she seemed so hungry for it I thought he would become hard again with her ministrations. I just sat there watching another erotic sight, I assumed I had to sit there until she had finished and I would be then led away to clean myself up.

Instead once she had finished, Master ordered her to clean me up, she reached for the bowl of warm water and cloths, he stopped her and told her to use her mouth. She meekly came over and proceeded to lick our juices off of my cunt, he also ordered her to suck his cum from me. He stood and watched as she slurped and sucked as much of his cum from out of me, I couldn’t help but become turned on again causing my cunt to become wetter creating more work for her!

Master could tell I was becoming turned on again and ordered the assistant to make me cum; she had no choice but to do as he ordered and she proceeded to lick and finger me. She inserted a finger in my cunt but her hands were so small I could hardly feel her. So he told her to insert more fingers, eventually virtually all her hand was buried in my cunt as she pumped it as hard as she could whilst chewing on my clit. She put the hole of my clit between her lips and massaged the clit button with her tongue.

Master was also hard and inserted his engorged cock into her cunt. She was obviously very small and moaned as he rammed his cock into her, grasping her hips and forcibly fucking her hard. His rough treatment of her did nothing but improve her attention to my cunt and as he rammed his cock in her tight little cunt her mouth was continually jammed onto my clit and her hand pumped harder and harder into my cunt. I came again, spurting cum all over the girls face; she was gasping for breath but never stopping sucking my clit until I came.

Master withdrew from her and came all over her back, covering her buttocks and back with rods of cum. She then stopped her attentions to me and turned immediately to lick his cock clean. Once he was clean she helped him on with his robe and he left. She turned back to me to start to lick me clean, I declined her attentions as I couldn’t stand much more and asked her to clean me with the cloths. She seemed very relieved also!

I returned to the room and lay on my bed exhausted and fell to sleep. Although I was enjoying my time as a slave I was exhausted and wanted to return home to normal life.

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