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Part XVI : New Places, New Faces

It was the end of July, and that meant that the lease on my apartment was about to expire. Holly and I had without discussion come to a mutual conclusion that we would be living together, and with our sudden inflow of money, we would be moving up. We had planned to come back to go apartment hunting, but since we now had incredible amount of money, it was no longer necessary to find the affordable apartment, which meant shopping became much easier. Holly had decided to stay in LA for a few more weeks, she and Lindsey had become close friends if not more. The morning of my flight home, i asked Holly a few questions.
“Babe, what about sex while we’re apart?” I asked.
“I’ve thought about it, and I think you should do whatever you want, as long as your careful, I’m sure Stephanie is in need of some attention” Holly said.
“What about you?” I asked.
“Well, Lindsey and I can probably take care of each other.”
“I know we’ve never really set down any groundrules, and it seems to be holding us back, so let’s just say this. The only rules are, be safe, how’s that” I said.
“I’ve been thinking the same thing, I just didn’t want to ask if I can fuck other men, well, at least not before you asked if you can fuck other women” she said, smirking.
“Well, as long as we both know what’s going on, then it should be fine, you know I love you, I know you love me, sex is just sex.” I said.
“I love you babe” Holly replied.
“I gotta get goin”

I hadn’t packed my suitcase, I had waited until about ten minutes before I had to leave, procrastination is the strongest form of motivation. So I stuffed as much as I could into my suitcase, and checked my mp3 player was charged, before leaving the room, walking to the elevator, hailing a taxi, and going to the airport. And just think a year ago I was living at home, now I’m 19 and my parents think I’m working all summer at home, they only call my cell phone, they can’t tell the difference. The fact had occurred to me that I hadn’t told my parents that I was doing porn, before it just seemed like I was just doing it, but they don’t know and it seems to me like I’m hiding it. I hadn’t made a real conscious effort to lie to them, I just didn’t feel like telling them. I guess I’ll think about that later, I thought, riding in the cab.

On the plane, cruising at altitude, the cabin was sleepy, for the passengers were tired from such an early flight, and anticipation of a long flight. It was almost eerily quiet. I too was trying to sleep, knowing I couldn’t, but in a vain attempt putting on my headphones, and closing my eyes. I have always found that familiar music will help me sleep better than just silence. I, being a nineteen year old, was into the music of just the past few years, and being a rock fan, I was listening to my favorite album, Lateralus by Tool, but having heard it so many times in recent memory, I searched through my library of songs on my mp3 player, and decided on some classics, things that my generation seem to have forgotten. The music in question is that of The Beatles, The Doors, and Jimi Hendrix. I must have had my music playing a bit too loud, when I was taken out of my near slumber by a voice in my ear. “Do you like The Doors?” I heard a feminine voice say, as I opened my eyes. I saw a woman, she had been sitting next to me, but we hadn’t spoken since the instinctive Hellos we exchanged before takeoff. “Yeah, I think people my age seem to forget the classics.” I said. The woman looked to be in her forties, maybe older, but she was beautiful. Her light brown hair resting on the side of her face, as she was turned looking at me, she seemed to glow, her age just made her seem experienced and having character. “Hmm, Classics, doesn’t seem that long ago to me” she said. “Oh were you a teenager in the sixties” I asked. “Just barely” she replied. “So are you a Doors fan?” I asked her. “Yes, many others too, it was a different time then, it wasn’t about the music. They had higher things in mind” she said. “Are you on a business trip…or” I asked. “Yes” She told me about the company she worked for, and what she did. “So what do you do young man?” she asked me. “Well I’m a student” I said without thinking “Well, and I kind of have other things on the side”. “Like what?” she asked. Now I was kind of reluctant, she was a product of the sixties which to me says free spirit and such, but she could also turn into the grandmother and scorn me, and I’d rather not sit next to miss “I’ll wash your mouth with soap” the rest of the way. “I’m, well, in the adult industry” I said, almost whispering. “Really?” she said, perking up at that. “Are you a filmmaker?” she asked. “Well, yes, but I’m also in the films too” I said. “Oh a real versatile man I see” she said. “Do you have a girlfriend, mister filmmaker?” she asked. “yes, her name is Holly” I said. “That’s nice” she said, which caught my attention, because asking me that, she seemed to be coming on to me, and with the response, she seemed to be pulling back. “But, we aren’t exclusive or anything,…actually she’s staying in LA with her girlfriend for a few weeks” I said. “Really?” she said. Now I know she’s coming on to me, the question is whether or not anything will come of it, I’m thinking that we’ll keep flirting the rest of the way, but I think I can intervene. “I’m sorry I haven’t caught your name, I’m John” I said. “I’m so sorry, my name is Kate” she said. “Is there a Mr. Kate, Miss Kate?” I asked. “There used to be” She replied. “Oh I’m sorry, did he, did he pass..” I asked quietly. “No he found a younger wife” she replied. Her blue eyes staring into mine. She was wearing typical forty year old woman clothes, conservative yet the feminine body was still there. “Maybe I can contribute some experience to today’s young filmmaker” she said, rising and walking back through the aisle toward the lavatory.

I stood outside the door, just pondering opening the door. I tapped lightly on the plastic frame. The door immediately opened, and Kate just stood back waiting for me to enter. I stepped in, closing the door behind me. We were now in the cramped room. Kate maneuvered me around, I was letting her take control, till I was sitting on the lid of the toilet seat. She got down on her knees, between my legs, and reached for my zipper. She pulled out my barely erect cock. She pulled my jeans and boxers down to my knees. Kate dove right in, using her lips tongue cheeks, hands and every inch of her mouth to give one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had. It was as if she was a master craftsman doing her work after a leave of absence. Her up and down strokes led her tongue on a tour of my cock, and her cheeks would scrape my head, as she licked and stroked my cock. The wet blowjob was pure heaven. She showed no signs of stopping. Stroking sucking licking, playing with my balls. She was a pro. I could feel my balls tightening. “Im close” I said, providing the courtesy. She just kept sucking. I blasted straight into her mouth, wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure deposited in her waiting mouth, and she swallowed every drop. “Does that measure up to the porn stars of the day?” she asked. “I think you should teach a class.” I said.

“Your turn” I said. Kate and I did the cramped bathroom shuffle until she was sitting on the top of the toilet seat and I was on my knees between her legs. Removing her long pants, revealing her plain white panties. I pulled her panties free from her hips, her pale untanned skin was almost milky, she obviously spent a lot of time in the office. Her pussy was dripping wet, and completely unshaven. Her pubic hair hiding her pussy from being easily seen. She was filling the room with her womanly aroma, her pussy was dripping wet without having been touched. “Has it been a long time?” I asked. “Long enough” Kate replied. I decided to let her wait, instead paying attention to her tits, which I now removed her bra from. Her fortyish figure included c-cup breasts that sagged, but not terribly so. They were still attractive, especially when I squeezed them in my hands. They were very soft. I wanted to take my time, teasing her, but she had other plans. Kate shoved my face into her crotch. I obliged her ‘request’, by sucking on her clit, and fingerfucking her amazingly wet pussy. Her immediate reaction was to arch her back, pushing my face harder into her pussy, and to yell at the top of her lungs “YESS”. I know just about everyone on the plane had to have heard it. I continued to finger her and suck her clit. I took my other hand, dipped it in her pussy, lubing it, and then massaged one finger into her ass. Faster and faster I pushed two fingers in and out of her wet pussy, and sucking and licking her wet clit. “Ohh yes ohh yes” she kept repeating through her clenched teeth, and rapid breaths. Normally I would have just continued until she came, this is my ‘protocol’ with Holly in a situation like this. For some reason, probably because she hadn’t had sex in a long time, I felt like Kate needed to get filled. My cock was almost at full attention. I stood up from my knees, and plunged my cock into her pussy as far as it would go. Kate gasped and threw her arms into the air as her entire body spasmed. “Fuck me, fuck me, ohhhh” she said. She threw her arms around me, pulling at me, as I thrust in and out of her pussy. I lifted her, as she held onto me, until our faces were on top of each other, her tits sagging onto my chest, gyrating to and fro. She continued to rotate her hips on my cock, and I lifted and lowered her repeatedly. Our grunts and screams melting together into a stream of curses and gasps and screams. The next thing I knew was that I was propping her body against the door, and pounding her pussy, and her whole body into the door, as it gave way. The door fell backwards, and i would have landed on her had I not caught myself with my hands, just inches on top of her. I was suddenly terrified at the situation, looking to my right slowly. The entire cabin was looking back at us, my cock still inside of her. For a second I didn’t know what to do, but then Kate started to pull me down and she thrust her hips upward, continuing the fucking. I was pretty sure that I didn’t see any small children when I boarded, as it was an upscale business airline that the film company had arranged. So I didn’t see any problem in just continuing to fuck. So I resumed my thrusts into her, as our naked bodies slapped together, I could sense the eyes on us. Kate was obviously too far along to even notice, she kept screaming ‘Yes Yes Yes’, as I pumped my cock in her tight pussy, dripping juices onto the plastic door that we broke. She finally orgasmed, it took longer than I had imagined, considering her lack of sex. Her screams filled the plane, as I allowed my sweaty body to lay on top of hers.

A female flight attendant was standing next to us. “Excuse me” she said in a snobby voice “this is inappropriate.” “Your just jealous” Kate said, surprising me. I just had to laugh at that. I stood up, leaving Kate in a heap on the floor. My cock stood erect, and covered in juices, making it glisten. “He’s a pornstar” Kate barely managed to say, in a breathy voice, sounding almost drunk. I looked at the stewardess, smiling at her, my cock reaching to her to say hi. She sighed rolled her eyes and walked away. “Can I be next?” I heard a voice say. A cute blonde, who looked to be in her late thirties, small tits, and a business suit on, stood up, as if to claim the voice as hers. She walked the short distance down the aisle to me. She stood at about five four, and her green eyes met mine, her hand went down to feel my wet cock. She let out a “ooooooh” intrigued expression, as she slid her hand up and down my slippery cock. She slowly dropped to her knees, and licked and sucked and stroked my cock slowly, never looking up at me. I think she was more excited by the juices on my cock. She went into a rhythmic routine of blowing me. She rotated her hand as she went up and down, her mouth and hand together, her tongue doing fast circles around my head as her mouth went in and out. We developed an audience, both sexes were represented by the crowd, and I think there were other sexual encounters occurring in other parts of the cabin, but I wasn’t thinking about that. The cure blonde kept sucking me off. “Im cumming” I said, she stopped, stood up, letting go of my cock. I was very close, but not quite. “Mine!” Kate said, leaping from the floor, still naked, and lunging her mouth onto my cock, which immediately released its prize into her eagerly awaiting mouth, pumping jizz into her mouth, as she continued to suck me.


2005-06-16 23:15:33
great story!!!


2005-06-03 03:19:52
hey keep writing these story are damm hott read keep it up .......10/10


2004-10-01 00:01:24
Been loving all your stories, but I justhave to comment on this one - Lateralus? Damn, that's my favourite CD too, It would seem you have good taste in sex *and* music.


2004-09-11 13:40:01
you are by far the best writer on this site. i love all your stories. keep em cumming


2004-09-10 17:25:12
Again, i put this in two others, as many comments as possible, it has 5 votes already so please please leave comments, they are helpful

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