16 year old celene has some fun in the tub then gets a nightly intruder
Hi im celene i'm 5'4 i have round firm 38c breasts and a big round butt.  My story began on tuesday night while i was home alone.

"Celene, were leaving for work bye and behave" mother said.  I said bye and listened to the door slam shut.  Once i saw their headlights dissappear down the road I ran to my room grabbed my robe ipod and dildo. 

Then i walked to the bathroom and started a bath.  I hung up my robe and stripped down.  I laid my dildo next to the tub and grabbed my ipod and slowly loward myself into the tub savoring the warmness of the water against my bare skin. I turned on my ipod and started reading erotic novels.  Once i was completely turned on i sat my ipod down and started massaging my breasts. 

I slowly started getting closer to my nipples.  When i reached them i gave them a little pinch and let out a soft moan of pleasure. Then i kept playing with my nipples with my left hand and ran my right hand down and started playaing with my clit. As i pinched n rubbed my clit i could feel the pressure building towards orgasm. 

I took my left hand from my nipples and grabbed the dildo.  I brougt it to the opening of my moist pussy and slowly started pushing it in and out.  As time went by i started going fast and harder my moans of pleasure getting loader.  The combination of playing with my clit and the dildo hitting my g spot sent me over the edge.  I had a spasm of orgasms.  After the orgasms subsided i climbed out of the tub and put my robe on. 

I drained the tub and put my dildo and ipod up.  I then grabbed a cig and went outside on the patio to smoke it.  As i stood there and took a long drag i thought i heard someone breathing i looked around and didnt see anyone.  I let my drag out.  Right when i went to take anoher drag i heard a twig snap.  I spun around to where i heard it and didnt see anyone.  I thought i was probably just so tired that i was hearing things.  

I finished my cig and went back inside.  I went around and locked all the doors but forgot about the patio.  I shut off all the lights and went to my room.  I took off my robe and slipped on a thong and bra.  Then i shut off my light and climbed into bed.  I snuggled into my blankets tyinking about the day.  A couple minutes later i was fast asleep. 

Hiding in my car in the alley i watched Celenes parents headlights dissappear.  I knew about now shed be in the bath having some fun.  I got rock hard just thinking about her touching herself and imagining what tonights events were gunna be like.  I slowly got out of my car and walked silently as close to the patio as i could get without being seen. 

I knew shed be done with her bath soon.  A few minutes later right on time she came out to have a smoke in only her bath robe.  I could feel my dick straining at my pants now.  I decided to spook her a bit and started breathing heavely.  Once i knew she heard me i stopped and watched her look around.  After she calmed down i took a step to get a better view of her. 

Snap i stepped on a twig an froze right were i was standing.  Sh spun around and looked right at me but must not have noticed me.  She finished her smoke and went back inside.  I waited thirty minutes and decided she would be asleep by now.  I slowly crept down the patio and opened the door.  I stepped inside turned around and slowly shut the door.  My had adjusted to the dark so i slowly navagated through her house. 

I knew no one else was home because her parents had left for work and her sisters left with their grandmother.  As i approached her door i peeked inside and saw her chest rising and falling slowly.  I crept up to her and pulled the blanket off.  All she had on was a bra and thong. 

I awoke feeling a light breeze and opened my eyes thinking i must have rolled the blanket off.  I started to scream because a man was standing over me.  He had short brown hair.  He was approximately 6'3.  He was very muscular and the last thing i saw was the giant bulge in his pants.  When i started to scream he slapped me across the face and told me to shut the fuck up or ill slap you again. 

I just layed there frozen.  Then he reached to take off my bra.  I started yelling no and scratched and kicked at him.  Then i tryed to punch him and he grabbed my wrists.  I instinctively bit his hand.  He screamed ouch you stupid bitch do it one more time and ill gag you.  I bit him again.  He slapped me across the face hard enough this time to knock me out. 

Stupid little bitch im gunna teach her a lesson.  I grabbed the gag from my back pocket and strapped it on her head. I then flipped her onto her stomach and cuffed her hands behind her back.  I flipped her back around.  I stared at her firm breasts for a little bit.  I then noticed she was starting to come to. 

I woke back up and went to rub my face but realized my hands were cuffed.  I started screaming you fucking bastard but all that came out were muffled screams.  I tested the handcuffs to see if i could get out and didnt realize all the wiggling was turning him on more.  I looked up and he was laughing.  He grabbed me by the hair turned my head and whispered in my ear im going to do whatever i want to you and you just have to take it. 

I noticed how my body was betraying me.  I could feel the wetness growing between my legs.  I prayed he wouldnt notice.  He pulled out a knife and reached down and cut the straps on my bra.  I tryed to wiggle awa and all he did was laugh as he undid the clasp on my bra and took it off.  My nipples went rock hard when the cold air hit them and it sent shivers down my spine. 

He reached down and started playing with my breasts all the while laughing.  He started out squeezing and kneeding the outside of them and worked his way to my nipples.  The entire time my body kept betraying me and i was getting wetter.  He took my right nipple into his mouth and i let out a little moan he just smiled.  He started sucking and nibbling on it while playing with the other one. 

He then slowly trailed his hand down to my pussy and noticed how wet i was getting.  He said such a naughty girl look how wet you are.  He started to move his head to my pussy.  I clamped my legs shut but he was to strong and pryed them open with his knees.  He then cut and tore my thong off.  He lowered his head to my pussy and started nibbling on my clit that sent me completely over the edge and i let out a loud moan as i had the hardest orgasm ive ever had.  He lapped up every drop.  He got up and whispered in my ear i own this fucking body and control. 

He then stood up and started taking his clothes off.  He started with his shirt.  Then his pants.  Then his boxers.  My eyes went huge his cock had to be at least one and a half inches wide and eight inches long.  It was dripping with precum.  Then he said now the the real fun begins. He flipped me onto my stomach and pushed me up onto my knees.  He then got behind me and positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to my pussy.  He slowly started pushing in and out.  The entire time im thinking hes so big but it feels so good.  I start moaning loudly.  He then started going in fast and hard but pulling out slowly.  My body had enough and errupted into another mind blowing orgasm. 

He started going faster and his cock was throbbing.  I knew what was going to happen next and felt him suddenly stop and bury himself as deep as he could into my pussy.  His cock then shot off three large loads of cum.  Then he pulled out reached down and grabbed something.  It was lubricant and i knew what was going to happen next.  I felt the coolness of the lubricant on my asshole.  Next thing i felt was him shoving his cock into me.  It was the most painfull thing ive ever felt. 

I started crying from the pain.  Finally after what seemed like forever he slowed down and cumed in my ass.  He then pulled out came to my head and said suck it clean you stupid bitch.  He took the gag off and i started by massaging his head with my tongue and slowly started to work my way down and started sucking till he cam and i swallowed evry drop. 

Thats it bitch suck it clean.  Damn you give a great bj. See ya hope you had fun i sure did.  He left laughing and left her still cuffed up with cum dripping from all three holes. 

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2011-06-21 17:07:26
good story but it was a little confusing because you kept switching who was talking

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