It's the 80's. 1987 to be exact. Those days were the best. I recall when i was 16 the most popular girl in 11th grade. Jay Roxin was a 6'2" tall muscular light skinned boy with the most beautiful eyes you could ever see. They were light almond colors and made my heart melt whenever I saw him.

In those days house parties were really rare becuase drugs, alcohol, riots, etc. Whenever someone threw one if you were popular in the least you better be there because you would be straight up clowned the following Monday. So if you had homework, babysit, stay home, etc you were very uncool.

On my part i was pretty popular. I was 5'7", 145 lbs(jus a little bit thick in the butt), fairly small42C breasts, and a scrumptious bouncy ebony ass. I was the object of many boys at school and despised by a lot of girls because of my good looks.

When December 18, 1987 came around Jay announced he was having a house party that weekend everyone was to come. His house was so nice. His parents atleast his step dad was loaded. Most people claim his mother was a gold digger. She was about 42 and ugly as hell but since her husband is so damn rich she had lots done to fix herself up to look rich and beautiful but all she was; was a ex-stripper. People say she worked at all the trashiest strip joints here.

Jay was just so damn fine he was the type of guy that had a closet full of designer clothes and shoes. Even though i wasnt allowed to go to the party i decided to just sneek out and walk over because he only lived about 8 houses down from me.

Finally that weekend came up. As you know clothes were freaky and wierd in the 80's. I wore a skin tight pair of pants and a spandex shirt. He annouced that they were having the party in the pool area because they had an indoor pool and everyone could come nude if he cared because the neighboors couldnt see(im pretty sure he was joking about the nude part). I took my brand new pink and white polka dot bikini.

It hugged my breasts and squeezed by ass just right. When i walked in his house many of his friends were whistling as i walked by because instead of wearing the bikini bottoms i wore the thongs to the set and so 6 in clear heels i took from my mom's closet.

I walked slowly and switched my hips deeply to make my walk look even sexier. Soon i found Jay and he showed me to where the pool area was. As i got closer i heard blasting music. The dj was mixing his ass off. Right as i walked in he was playing Micheal Jackson(he was the shit then). I walked slowly to tease more of his friends even more.

Soon i saw my best friend Shiquita in the corner flirting. I got in the water a little bit and played around. Then my best friend got near the pool edge right in the middle and motioned everybody to shutup. She did a hand motion to Jay and he walked right over to me. Then she motion another hand motion to the dj. Then she said lets get "BUCK WILD". Then the lights went off and the dj was playin some slower and softer music. Much called fuck music. Jay came over to me and sat right beside me on the pool's edge and pulled me onto his lap even though we couldnt see not a thing.

Soon i could hear soft moans as the surrounding teens were letting off moans of utter pleasure. He whispered all kinda naughty things into my ear. I felt him untie my bikini from around my neck and let it fall to the side exposing my firm nice titties."Can you give me a tour of your bedroom, baby i will reward you if you do"i said to him in his ear as i felt him part my legs so he could finger me. His thick fingers started to encircle my pussy lips sending shock waves of pleasure through my body."Baby bedrooms are for sleeping lemme make you relax a little bit". I felt someone push something into my hand. It was a glass of champagne. I sipped some until i just downed the whole thing by the thi rd sip.

His left hand part my legs a little bit more. I felt his index finger tease my clit a little bit just enough to tease me. I felt a little bit more relaxed, either from the slight buzz or his fingers in my pussy, or maybe even both. He pulled me off his lap and lay me onmy back on the waters' edge. I was so close on the edge my legs were in my water up to my calfs. He got in the water directly in front of me. I parted my legs that were moistened with my love juices from the stimulation.

He lubed up his fingers with my juices and forced one up in my pussy with one thrust. I felt heaven as he swiftly fucked me with one of his fingers. He fucked me faster and faster while he massaged my clit with his other hands. By then my juiced covered his hands and my inner thighs.

Soon i felt him push another finger in stretching my pussy a little wider."I know you aint no virgin but damn boo you tight as hell". God it felt good as his two fingers fucked me harder. Soon i was nearing a hard cumm. I moaned but i didnt hear it much above all the other moans of great pleasure. My fuck water was everywhere as i screamed and twitched through my cumm while i squeezed my titties with one hand and stroked his dick under water with the other. The he got up. "I will be right back, trust me it will be worth it". I sat the on the waters edge searching for my swim suit on the cool tile for about 5 minutes as i waited for him to return.

Soon i saw the lights had come back on. It were quite a few people pleasuring thereselves because they had no partners. Then i saw Jay come near me and sit on one of the loungers. "Ya'll lets do like them ol' white folk's and have an orgy, aint no reason why everybody can't have fun". A lot of blank faces looked in his direction. By now whoever was with a partner had stopped.

"Shanay, me and you can start it", Jay said with great confidence. I got up not knowing why i was doing this but i did. I walked over to him as he stood up. I still was naked because i never found my bikini. When i got close to him he grab my hips and pulled me close. He kissed my lips softly with his thick nice tongue.

I felt him grab both of my ass cheeks and pulled me up closer to his face. I felt his hard dick against my crotch and he pulled me up higher. I heard him start whispering in my ear."Put your arms around my neck and wrap your ankles around my back".

I did just as he said and the he let go. I held tightly as one of his strong muscular arms grabbed my but and the other hand grabbing his large 8 1/2 inch hard thick dick. I turn my head because my back was to everyone. I saw many of his friends beating their dicks and starting group sex.

I shifted my weight on his arm a little bit more as i felt him push the head of his dick on my pussy entrance. I let go a little bit from one arm and slowly slid onto his dick. He through back his head in pleasure and let out a slight moan."Goddamn baby you so fucking juicy and tight", he said as he trust it in and out of me slowly but professionally. He knew how to work his dick. Even though this wasnt the 1st time he fucked me i was shocked almost as he fucked me.

My whole body frame shook as he fucked me even faster. I screamed and moaned lowdly to his satisfaction. "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, OH GOD FUCK me Jay, FUCK ME", i screamed. I was now nearing my 1st cumm. Oh god i was on fire. He was pistoning in and out of me. I heard low moans in my ear as he starting moaning louder in my ear.

I looked back one more time to see almost everyone was engaging in sometype of sex. Even the dj was gettin his dick sucked. Looking at this scene made me cumm again. My pussy pulsated around his rod. I felt his body tense up. I grabbed his nuts and squeezed them. I felt his spurt all his thick white cumm shoot into my tight little black pussy. He through his head back once more and moaned really loudly as i milked his dick. I squeezed my pussy muscles until i felt him cream in me one more time.

He put me down off of him and lay me on the lounger. I saw him get between my legs and nip his thick tongue across my clit. Slowly he swirled his warm tongue around my pussy making my pussy set on fire. He ate me like an expert. As soon as i came he got up and kissed me. I tasted my sweet juices on his tongue. This turned me on so much more. I nearly sucked his tongue out of his mouth trying to taste all of my juices.

That night Jay, Mararo(his best friend), and i had group sex. I got fucked 4 more times. 3 girls ate me and by then i was hooked on orgys. We often had orgy parties at his house. 5 years later Jay and I got married.

He fucked me every night before we went to bed with his big dick. I had two of his children. Soon after his step dad died and left his entire fortune to Jay. We moved into the house and often fucked int the pool room to remind us of the great orgy's we've experienced.

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thanks for good funny page, keep on please


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Dude learn grammar, the story was cool but it just ran on with little detail.


2005-01-09 23:26:22
That coulda been good with more detail, where was the detail about the group sex and the girls eatin her cunt n stuff, that was more interesting then jus her n jay.


2004-12-14 13:13:58
Its kind of sad actually. You can tell the authour wrote most of the posts themself sincc they all talk the same and say the exact same things. Sad. Very, Very Sad.


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