I am going to start off by saying that if are particularly horny, then this story may NOT be for you; if you are looking for a sex filled story, then this story may NOT be for you. If you love the story and buildup more than the sex, then this IS for you. With that out of the way, time for a nice introduction. This story will be a side project of mine; a sort of meet the author if you will. I am not looking for outstanding ratings are even really feedback (I know, shocking isn't it), not to say I don't want you to post your opinions. This story is a factual documentation of my life, to a certain extent. I hope enjoy learning a bit about me..
My Story

I’m going to start by introducing myself. My name is Dane (it really isn’t, but I’m a little cautious about putting my real name on a sex site so bear with me), and I live with my 21 year old brother; my parents moved away 6-months ago and I refused to go with them. I am 5’ 11” and 18 years old, so I am a little taller than your average “Joe”, and I weigh a whopping 150 pounds. I have an athletic body type that used to look rather good (not to toot my own horn), but a combination of eating and not working out has left me with a less “cut” appearance. I have short, but messy, sandy colored hair that curls at the tips; giving me a surfer kind of look, and I have light freckles on my cheeks and shoulders. Now for my personality; I am usually described as being shy by people that I barely know, but I am the life of the party around people close to me. I suffer from sudden anxiety attacks; funnily enough this part of my story will cover it with great detail. My anxiety attacks have caused me to have a large amount of control over my thoughts and emotions, so sometimes I can be a bit stony around people. Ironically, my anxiety makes a more outgoing person because I subconsciously try to fight my anxiety by doing things that normally make me nervous. I hope this description of me will help you imagine how my day to day life goes.

This story starts roughly a couple weeks ago. As I think back on my life over the last month, I realize how much shit happens to me. My life is very eventful and it actually feels like a bit of relief to tell my story. This is 99.99% the truth and the only thing I’m going to lie about is people’s names. If I wanted to lie, I would make up the most fantastical story I could think of. Now that I have all of the initial explanations out of the way; I’m going start one week before graduating high school, about three weeks ago.

I awoke Saturday morning with a smile from ear-to-ear on my face. It was the morning after my final exam for high school, and all that was left was the lame graduation ceremony. The first thing I did when I woke up was, of course, log onto to check how the story I had written the night before had been taken. If I’m not mistaken it was the fourth part to my first series. After that I started to go about my day as normal; I had work at noon and it was about 10:00 in the morning. I am a graphic designer for the local Village Kitchen Café; I work on the website and I design the menus and garbage like that, but it pays more than any high schooler could hope to make.

The only thing I look forward to at work is seeing my girlfriend. There is a riveting tale of how we met, but it is a story for another time. Let me take some time to describe her. She is 16 years old and her name is Leanna (not really, but I do like this name though), and she works as a hostess for the restaurant. She is 5’ 2” with straight black hair that flows down to her shoulders, and her overall appearance could be described as “emo”. If you are not sure what that means, then I’ll go into more detail. She almost always has black mascara and a little more make-up than I usually like for a girl, but I think it makes her look sexy. She always is wearing something black, whether it is a top, shoes, pants, skirt, or a combination of all of them. She has a cute small face with somewhat puffy cheeks and big eyes. She has a nice body that is sort of skinny, but has meat in all of the right places. Her personality, however, is far from the stereotypical “emo”. She has a great smile and she always tells me what she is thinking. Leanna also has a fighting side to her and we will get to it later on down the road. Now, back to the story; hope this description was enough to work with.

I drove to work and met Leanna when I arrived (I drive a 1998 Cavalier). I gave Leanna a quick kiss before going to the manger’s office to find out what she wanted me to do before going to my personal office area (it’s more of a table with a laptop in the corner). Work went by as slow as one can imagine and the only upside was quick chats with Leanna whenever we got the chance. It just so happens that Leanna and I to get off work at around the same time on a usual working day, give or take an hour. After work I took Leanna back to my house to hang out for a bit.
I am going to clear up any curiosity by saying that Leanna and I still have not had sex (even now). I am also going to state that I am not a virgin; so you can imagine how frustrating it is to have a girlfriend that you have a great relationship with, but not getting to fuck.

This particular night went normal and we just cuddled on my couch watching television and would occasionally start to make-out. I drove Leanna home as it started to get late and went to bed when I got home. At this point, you can probably guess that this is my typical work day and I’m not going to bore you with details of every working day.

A couple of days later Leanna and I were hanging out my room. I was playing some Xbox (I’m 18 so give me a break) and Leanna was texting some of her friends on the bed behind me. All of the sudden Leanna got on her knees behind me and started to rub my shoulders. I let this go on for about two minutes before I paused the game and turned around to face her. I pulled her in close to me and wrapped my arms around her and we started to make-out. My kisses eventually found her neck and I began to rub my hand up and down her thigh. All too soon, Leanna pulled away from me and said that we should slow down a bit and I responded back by saying “of course”, with a sigh. The day rest of the day progressed normally and I drove her home a little later than usual.

Four days later I find myself getting woken up to the sound of my mom’s voice echoing through the house. It was the day of my graduation and my parents had come in to town to watch it. I’m the type of guy who doesn’t give two shits about being formal, and I wouldn’t have gone to the ceremony if my parents weren’t coming. As the evening rolled around I packed up my cap, gown, and dress clothes and left to the ceremony site earlier than my family. I dropped by Leanna’s house and picked her and continued to the place of my graduation. Of course things didn’t go as planned, and after I had gotten dressed one of the teachers told me that I needed a tie or wouldn’t be able to “walk”. This pissed me off on a huge level because nobody will be able to tell if I have a tie on or not. I began to be a smartass to the aforementioned teacher, and after about reducing her to tears another teacher walked up and said that they had a few spares.

The actual graduation ceremony was inhumanly boring and felt like it went on for days. After the ceremony Leanna, a couple friends, and I went back to my place for a small party. Like all graduation parties, there was alcohol and marijuana. Going back to when I mentioned I had anxiety issues; I must state that smoking pot is something that I have to diligently control. If I smoke even slightly too much, the cannabis heightens my anxiety and makes go through hours upon hours of panic attacks (this is not fun, trust me). This particular night I got sloppy with my smoking and Leanna tried to warn about stopping. I had been drinking a little bit so I just shrugged off her warnings and kept smoking. I felt high as hell for about thirty minutes after we stopped smoking before one of my toes started to twitch. The twitching slowly made up my legs and when it made it to my stomach I knew I was fucked. If you have ever had an anxiety attack then you know that it is one of the worst feelings a human can endure.

To quickly sum up how the rest of the night went, I am just going to say it sucked. My anxiety attacks finally subsided at about 5:00 in the morning. Leanna stayed up the whole night making sure that my heart didn’t stop or something and I don’t think a day has gone by that I haven’t thanked her. The next day Leanna made me promise not to smoke weed anymore and I agreed without a second thought. Now that graduation was over, of course it was time for senior week. Considering my buddies and I live middle class, we did not have the funds for the traditional beach trip. Instead, we went for a camping trip at Pisgah National Park. The five days went by as normal as a camping trip could be, and I didn’t smoke even a single tote of marijuana.

When we had gotten back from the trip I immediately checked how my latest sex stories were going. At that point I had written my shitty “My sister, mother, and I” story and was surprised to see that it had been rated decently (I seriously hate that fucking story). After checking up on my stories I called Leanna up. I hadn’t talked to her since leaving for the camping trip because oddly enough, there is no cell phone service on the side of a mountain (sarcasm). As I talked to her I noticed that her voice had a hint of bitterness that she was trying to disguise with a false sweetness. I asked her if she wanted me to come hang out and she said yes a little too sweetly. I drove to her house and her mom let me in and I went up to her room. She heard my footsteps and told me to come in when I got in front of her door. My heart skipped a beat when I saw her. She was wearing a short cut white t-shirt with a small black skirt on and she was lying on her bed. She patted the bed beside her and I sat down beside her. As soon as my ass touched her bed I felt a something hit me in the side of the face and it hurt like hell. Seeing stars, I looked over at her and saw one of her fists balled up. I yelled “What the fuck”, and she responded back by asking why I hadn’t returned any of her texts or calls. I quickly said that there was no service and she tried to punch me again; seeing this one coming, I caught her arm, then grabbed her other arm, and pushed her back to her bed in an attempt to calm her down.

She continued to stare at me when I had done this and I told her again, very slowly, that there is no cell phone signal on the sides of a mountains. Finally coming to her senses, a couple tears started to form at the corners of her eyes. She started to blabber about how much she had missed me and how she thought that I was purposely pushing her away. After she had finished I let go of her and lay down beside her. She then turned my head to hers and gave me a kiss. I told her that I was sorry for going on the trip in the first place (don’t judge me, I really like this girl), and we continued to kiss a little more passionately before she pulled away with the usual stammers of going too fast. We hung out for a couple more hours before I left back to my place.

When I got home my brother was a little bit drunk and as soon as I walked through the door he asked if I had fucked my girlfriend yet. I gave him a quick no before going to my room to play some Xbox. The next morning I checked my xnxx account and wrote a quick message about finishing up the “My sister, my, and I” series (I have no intention of finishing that garbage story) before going to get ready for work. Work went normal and afterwards Leanna and I hung out at my place like usual.

The next day I began the actual storyboarding for the series that I am going to be writing (I should get the first part out tomorrow, June 22, 2011, and the wait will not be disappointing). I didn’t have work that day, but Leanna did, so I pretty much dedicated most of the day to Xbox and coming up with ideas. After Leanna got off work I picked her up and we went to her house to chill out. Once again, we were lying on her bed making-out furiously; as I attempted to make the next move the familiar push away let me know to slow things down a bit. Seriously, this relationship has done a number on my dick; it’s like a neglected kid.

Two days later (if you have been keeping up with the time, it is now two days before me writing this story) progress was finally achieved with Leanna. We had a normal day at work and she kept telling me that she wanted to talk after work. After we had gotten off, I got off an hour before her and waited, we went back to my place to hang out. We went to my room and she sat down on the side of my bed and told me to sit down beside her. Fearing the worst, I sort of panicked and asked if everything was alright. She looked at me seriously and asked again for me to sit down. I obliged and looked into her eyes as I sat down. She started off by saying that she was really happen when we are together; I responded back by saying that I was also happy. I glimmer of hope shined in her eye and she quickly sputtered out said that she loved me. Feeling a little bit awkward because I had never had a girl tell me that she loved me (other than family, of course); I just stared back into her eyes without saying anything. Leanna stared back at me and said that she was sorry if I didn’t feel the same way, but she just wanted to let me know how she felt. Coming to my senses I grabbed one of her hands and said that I wasn’t sure if what I was feeling was love (not my most romantic moment, but at least I didn’t lie).

Leanna’s mouth broke into a smile and it caught me off guard, and I began to smile also. She then pulled me into a kiss and we began to make-out furiously that took the usual route of me attempting to go further. To my relief, she didn’t pull away when my hand started to rub from her knee to her ribs. My dick got hard at the feeling of her warm body under my fingers. Feeling a little bit too ambitious I let my hand go high enough to brush the underside of her boob. She pulled away from me when my hand touched her boob, but she put one hand and on my thigh (where my dick was pushed against) and began rubbing my cock through my jeans. Utterly stupefied at the turn of events, all I could do was close my eyes in bliss. She continued to rub my cock with a sexy look on her face before she began to fumble with my belt. I helped her out and pulled my jeans down the rest of the way. My dick was making a nice tent in my boxers and Leanna stared at it with a hesitant look before pulling my dick through the boxer hole. She continued to rub her fingers up and down my shaft before wrapping her hand as far around my cock as she could. She then began to give me a good ol’ fashion handjob and needless to say, it didn’t take me long to cum.
The first shot of my cum caught her off guard and she withdrew her hand from my cock as I finished off. Leanna looked at me with a look of confusion because I guess she wasn’t sure what she should do now. I also didn’t know what to do next so I grabbed one of my old shirts and cleaned my dick up. After I had put my cock away, Leanna sat down beside me and said that she was glad that we were together. I gave her another kiss and said that I was glad also (bit repetitive, but who am I to skip details). The rest of the night went by like usual and I drove her home when it started to get late.

That night I began to get the idea for this story that I knew I had to write. The next day (yesterday from when I wrote this) I began to gather up all of the key events over the last couple weeks before writing this story today. We are now to present time and I have nothing to write about. Next Tuesday (June 28, 2011) I will write the next part of this story, unless it is lame and nothing happens over the next week. I hope enjoyed the little peek into my life, and look out for my next series.

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Great! I don't think you should stop writing, and coming from being a girlfriend, your being very patient :) nice to get to know you a bit...:)

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this was quite well written, and i have similar situation with my girl friend. also the little tidbits about how you mentioned 'my sister my mother and i' with your hatred made me laugh so all in all good story


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gamertag is Savvy Squidlet. I know; you wish you had thought of that name ;)

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