Finally it was fall, time for college again. The summer was so boring i should have went to summer school. I have attended Jackson State University for 2 years this will be my third. I love it at school. I have much more freedom and a campus full of dicks. I have tons of friends and I plan to join a sorority this year.

Well let me describe myself. My name is Kyra Funches. Im 21 years old but i have an adorable baby face. I have a light ebony complection. Also im 5'2" tall and about 120 lbs. For my small frame i have 42B breasts and a big ol' ass that bounces whenever i switch my hips. Seriously if you have never saw me before you may think im a 15 or 16 year old. When i buy liquor i have to fuss my ass off to show my id is real. Thats how young i look but i love it and so do all the men.

Finally i would be able to move back in my dorm room with my best friend April. She's nice and has always been there for me. We've shared rooms togethor since we've been going to college. I couldnt imagine having another roomate because we would let each other have boys over and covering for each other when the hall leader would make sure no males were in our dorms.

After about 2 weeks into school i noticed a boy was eyeing me whenever he saw me. I found out from one of his friends that his name is Kahari. Kahari is about 5'8" and has a semi musculer body. He had really light skin. A lot of people around campus called me high yellow but he was lighter than me. He had both of his ears peirced and large studs in them. He also had a smile that could light up a room. Around his mouth he had a really thin goatee that topped off his fly look. Even though he was even near 6' tall he towered over me.

One day after my 3rd class i saw him sitting near his frat house. I also had found out he had joined Alpha Alpha Zeta over the summer. This makes me think i could get to him even better because I was going to join AKA(their sorority sisters). I strutted slowly over to him. I switched my hips in my dark skin tight hip huggers. I smiled showing off my horrible braces. I hated them but just about all men say they compliment me(like jewelry or something, hell if i know).

When i made it over to the steps all of his friends had cleared away from the steps. Now he was the only one sitting on the top step. He smiled as i stepped onto the 2nd step."Whuz up ma",he said in a deep cool voice. I blushed and softly said,"Nuttin much boo, whuz up wit u dese days". I turned my head trying to stop blushing. "My names Kahari, iz u gone tell me yours?". "Im Kyra","Kyra Funches", i said snapping back to him. For about an hour we talked casually. I noticed my next class would be in 10 minutes and i still had to drive on the other side of campus. "Well i gotta go to class, boo u wanna hit me up lata". I pulled out a pen and gave him my digits. i wrote them in the palm of his hand.

While i was walking off he yelled my name. I turned around and walked back over to him. I had forgot my pen. When i leaned over to him to get it he lightly grabbed my small tits and got the pen. Slowly he wrote his name and phone number over my nipple. It was easy to write it that close to my nipple because i had on a really low cut halter top.

I blushed and walked off. All i could think about was him the rest of the day. Later that night when April and I were going over the days events my cell started vibrating and ringing to "Pussy Poppin". I picked it up and looked at the number then i looked at my tittie. The numbers were the same so i picked it up. "Hey miss", he said in an enthusiastic voice. We talked for about an hour when he asked me did i want to go to the mall with him. It was only 7:30 so we could go to the mall and have about three hours to shop or whatever he felt like doing. I accepted but i told him give me thirty minutes or so and we could meet me outside the dorm halls.

I slipped on a short lil denim hoochie skirt and a red and black string halter. Being flirtacious as i am i always give my thongs to my date the first time we go out so i slipped on a cute little yellow thong with stars on it. I thought of a few sexual thoughts so they could be wet and nice when i gave em to him. I pinned up my long blonde hair and put on some 4 in denim heels(even though they arent walking shoes. about 20 minutes after we got off the phone he text me a message."im outside waiting 4 u, im ready when u r", the message said. I put on a little bit of perfume and grabbed my louis vuitton purse off the door.

I told her i would be back for curfew at 12:30 and waved good bye. Soon as i got off the elevator i eyed him in the lobby. I sensually walked over to him and he stood up. "Goddamn baby u r on fiya", he said happily. I blushed and whispered in his ear,"Maybe i can set that dick on fiya someday to". He chuckled and walked on. We decided to go in his car because we would be cramped in my little 2010 Volkswagon Beetle. He had a 2008 Explorer. We got in. He cranked up the music and we blasted all the way to the mall.

We walked all over talking about relationships, friends, aka, everything you could think of we talked about it. Time seemed to fly. It soon was 10:30 and the mall was closing. April called and told me that the hall leader had left out and that i could bring him in the room if i wanted because she was going home for the night. When we got back to school he kissed me passionately and promptly in the lobby. Right before he walked off i aske,"Do u wanna come up wit me?". He flashed his beautiful smile and said yeah. We went up to thr 11th floor. April was right the hall leader was gone. Her room was empty so i figured she had maybe went home. We got in the room.

It was a scorcher in there. Hell it was hot as fuck. "I gotta take something off boo that damn air is broke again", i said. I thought about how i was supposed to give away my thongs. I reached under my little skirt and grabbed the by the crotch. They were full of my sweet juices. I grasped them and yanked them down and pulled them off my ankles. He looked at me confused when i handed them to him. He looked at them in his lap,"Is these for me", he said. I nodded. He picked them up and to my surprise he brought the crotch to his mouth and sucked all of my juices off. "Sweet and thick", just how i like it. I blushed in satisfaction.

He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me down onto his lap and untied my halter. Exposing my breasts that still had his phone number on them. I stood up and pushed down skirt. I was totally naked now. I lifted his shirt above his head. He had a nice six pack and a firm nice chest. I looked down to see he had a full hard on. I got on my knees and unzipped his pants and pulled his hard dick out of his boxers. I gasped as i realized the size of it. It was so thick i could barely put my entire hand around it. It was about 8 or 9 inches long. He chuckled at the expression on my face.

I planted soft kisses all over it. Slowly to tease him even more. I tickled his nuts and touched the spot right under the head of his dick. He flinched as i massaged the spot and precum oozed out. I flicked my tongue over the salty head. I sucked the head really hard. I continued to suck just the head. Then i slowly made my way as far as i could down it. I held the base and stroked it. I relaxed my throat and sucked in even more. I sucked with soft long strokes then i got faster and faster. He grabbed my head and moved me all the way down on it to make me deepthroat him. I moved back up and down. "Immm ccuu...mminnnnnggg", he barely moaned out. I deepthroated him again. He threw back his head in delight. I grabbed his nuts as he cumm in my mouth. He sent load after load down my throat. His cumm was thick and warm. Actually it had a pretty good taste to it.

I straddled his lap and lowered my hot wet pussy slowly onto his pole. I moaned as it entered my little tight pussy. He grabbed my hips and forced me down farther. I soon got used to his large size and bounced slowly up and down on his dick. Slowly at first to get the feeling going then faster and faster. i propped myself up on the arm rests and bounced myslef up and down on him. He still was holding onto my hips guiding his dick right into my pussy. I screamed in enjoyment and pleasure. My tight pussy clenched his dick roughly.

Soon my pussy was pulsing from pleasure. I moaned in ecstacy as i cumm. I screamed as my pussy fire ingulfed my body. My body was weak from the rush. He lifted me off and stood up and pushed me onto my knees. He stroked his dick about three times and cumm gushed all over my titties. Hot loads hit my nipples and sent chills down my spine. I stood up and he lifted me over his shoulder and put me on the bed. He spread my legs lightly and swiftly. He lifted my thick thighs onto his shoulders. I rested them on his shoulders and breathed slowly and steadily he grabbed my ass and pulled me on the edge of the bed.

Slowly he moved his head closer to my warm wet slit. His heavy breathing on my clit turned me on as his thick long tonge lapped at my juices. He was careful not to touch my clit so he could tease me even more. He covered every inch of my pussy accept my clit. His tongue finally touched my burning clit. Shockwaves ran through my tiny frame. My body shook as he licked at it energetically. Ooohhhh godddd..........tonnnguueee fucckk myy cclliiiiiittt bbaby. He nibbled my clit energetically yet ligtly. He soon sucked on it like a small dick. I screamed and moaned with excitement as i was cumming.

I yelped as the world around me was unsteady. My ograsm over powered my body. My body shook and shook. I twitched and squirmed as he kept eating my pussy as i came. Oh god that was one of the best orgasms i ever had. I reached into my nightstand for some lube so he could titty fuck me. I spread it all over his dick and between my small orbs.

I squeezed them togethor really hard as he got on top of me. He grabbed his semi hard dick and placed it slowly between my tits. He started fucking it back and forth across my chest. On every upward thrust i would suck the head. He rapidly hardened. Soon he was fucking my titties full speed. He all of a sudden forced my dildo deep in my delicious pussy. I squirmed under him as his body stiffened for his third cumm.

He soon moaned lowly and spurt his hot load onto my face. His cumm went all over my precious face. Hot and sticky it was. That nght he ended up sleeping in my dorm because he was too weak from the experience. From then on many times he would come over no matter if April or the hall leader was there. Many of the times he came over he would end up fucking me.

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2009-10-06 18:21:07
Ou-yo-yu what a nice site!

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You are the greatest!

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2009-01-10 02:07:39
I don't think your story was sterotypical...she's not saying that this is how all black people act or talk in college...its just a story of what does sometimes happen!! Keep doing ya thing girl I really enjoyed it....And as for grammar...GET REAL...this is a fukin website...shes not getting a grade or gettin paid for just shut the hell up and enjoy the story...shit aint that serious...Nice to see something other than the boring ass watered down low budget sex stories I keep seeing...Nice to see something real!! Loved it...Fuck ya haters with an AIDS dick!!!


2008-04-17 21:34:56
Wat the fuck. Maybe who ever wrote this wanted to put those details like really if u aint gonna say nuttin positive don't say shit...>..sincerely Chloe...B.K all dai babii


2007-08-16 09:43:13
goodstory but y u gotta insult blackpeople wit urlame ass details

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