I love having sex in public. Its one of my number one fetishes. My name is Kara, Kara Davis. Im a 28 year old ebony female. I just got married about 3 years ago but I fuck around with any nigga who want my pussy. My husband really doesnt matter. The only reason I got him is his money.

Im 5 foot 8 1/2 inches tall and about 160 lbs. Im on the heavy side but its more cushion for the pushing. My pussy is fat and luscious, sweet and ebony. Im brown skinned with shoulder length straight auburn hair.

Like i said i love fucking in public. It's my weakness. I want to tell you a few of my tales of public sex.


When I was 23(back in 2000)I was going on a trip from Atlanta to New York on the train. I was traveling by myself and really expected a boring trip. I figured even though I wasn't looking for a man I would dress to impress. I wore a tight skirt with a cute halter top. I was riding coach because I was low on cash those days. When I was getting on the train I noticed it was jam packed to the maximum with passengers. I had ridden the train before and last time I did i was able to pick my seat. This time i was assigned one. I was so glad that i was sitting next to this sexy ass chocolate man.

He looked at me and smiled as I sat in the isle seat. He looked so damn good. I stared at him when I sat down. He had chocolate brown skin and was about 5'11" tall. He had a nice toned body and some braids with a few golds in his grill. He smiled at me when I moved a little bit closer to him. "Hi, my name is Lloyd, how are you?"he said. "Im fine and by the way my name is Kara", i said in my most wonderful voice.

Before long I was showing him my tatto on my leg. I lifted my thick leg over his lap and beside the window to show him my tattoo of 2 dolphins on my leg. I noticed he took a quick glance under my short skirt. His mouth watered as he saw my juices collecting in the crotch of my little purple thongs. When i looked at him he rapidly looked up as if he never had been peeking between my legs. I continued to explain about my tattoo when I saw the conducter come around for my ticket. Later that night i went to eat. We carried on our conversation for hours. I found out he was 27 and had a wife. I dont give a shit about wives, i could care less if a man is married, hell i say if u wanna bitch on tha side you can have one.

About 11 pm they cut off all the lights entirely except the floor lights. I got my blanket and pillow. It was a little chilly so we shared my large quilt. I decided that i wanted to put on my sleeping attire. I went in the restroom and put on my long black semi-transparent gown. I sat down and reclined my seat. I drifted off to sleep lightly. I was awaken when i felt his hand on my large DD breasts. I flinched a little thinking he was only moving in his sleep. Again I felt a tickle on my nipples. I turned on my side to face him. Even in the darkness I could tell he was awake.

I cut on the overhead light. With it on you could see between our seats only. I looked around to see many passengers were awake. I got closer to him as he wrapped his arms around me. I then felt him grab my ass brutally as he squeezed it. I started to kiss his soft lips. I explored the insides of his mouth slowly and presicely. My legs trembled when he lifted my long gown over my belly.

Soon without thinking I grabbed his belt and undid it so I could open his pants. Quickly i fumbled with his pants until finally his dick was free. It wasnt small but it wasnt gigantic but it was hard as hell. I stroked it as he moved aside my thongs and fiddled with my clit and pussy lips. I could feel his breath quicken as I beat his meat faster. His dick throbbed and grew as i intesified the strokes.

I quickly got wet as he played with my clit and fucked my pussy with his middle finger. I looked back to see many people watching with anticipation. After I figured his dick was at its best I straddled his lap. Finally I found a comfortable position. Lloyd reached down and grabbed my waist and with the other hand he held his dick. He pushed me down until my pussy lips were resting on the head. He then pushed me down in one second. My pussy throbbed as his dick went into it all at once.

I propped my arms up on the arm rest and then started to ride him. At first it was slow and delicious. Soon it got buck wild. Beads of sweat dripped down his forehead as i rode him fast. I moaned in pleasure as I came. It was a long pleasure. My pussy milked his dick while it pulsated. Before long my hands were playing around with his nutts.

Soon I felt a gush of hot cumm shoot into my pussy hole, deep in my womb. I trembled and shook as I came a few seconds later. My breathing was deep and quick. I almost couldnt stand the sexual feelings shooting through me. Soon I heard an appluase as I got off of him and sat back down.


The next experience I had was weird yet great. It was about a year ago. My church was having a car wash fundraiser. We dressed up in swim suits and washed cars through out the day. One of the youth members approached me. He was about 18 or 19. His name was Joshua. He was a white boy but a cute one. I never really was interested him though but we talked casually. Mostly because I was almost 10 years older than him. He was cute like I said.

Joshua is 6 foot tall to be exact and a small but not anorexic frame. He had a few muscles and had a small 6 pack. My husband wasn't there so he knew I wouldnt mind if he came up to me. Obviously the word had gotten around that i didnt give a fuck about messing with other men behind my husband's back.He walked over to me and started a little conversation. Before long he was grasping my hips and sucking on my neck in front of everyone including the pastor. He suckled my neck and bit at my earlobes gently.

I felt a tug on the top of my bikini as he lifted the top off exposing my large melon globes. He massaged them with his fingers as he kissed my lips slowly. With one hand he played with my puckered nipples and with the other's he slapped my ass gently. I moaned softly into his mouth as he fondled my body. Soon I felt him untie the strings to the panties. He grabbed them and with one yank they were off. I was totally naked. I played with the elastic in his swim shorts until they loosend then I pushed them around his ankles.

He picked me up and sat me on the hood of a soapy car. I opened my legs lightly as he parted them. He got on his knees and lapped my inner thighs only. Then I felt his wet warm tongue hit my clit. I screamed as the feeling churned through my pussy. My love juices trickled out of my pussy and over my slit until they were on my inner thighs. He continued to eat my pussy. After a couple of orgasms he sucked my clit until I came again. He then grabbed his hard member and stroked it until it throbbed with want.

Then he sat it right on my soft lips. He lurched forward slowly and easily until all of it was in my tight ebony pussy. His hips bucked forward until his nutts slapped my anus. He slowly moved out and rammed his dick back in. He fucked me fast at first then going slower then speeding up again. I lay there helplessly. I screamed, moaned and squirmed as he fucked me.

I was working on my 5th cumm when I heard him grunt. He quickly pulled out of me and came all over my clit and pussy. His cumm trickled slowly over my clit sending chills down my spine. He cumm one more time on my clit and walked away like nothing ever happend.


I have many tales to tell but until next time.... think freaky

If not think public fuckin or buck wild in tha bed cuz aint nothin like people watchin'. lol!!!!!!!

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WTF??!! At the freaking church?? public?? Nahh. That's messed up. Smh

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WTF?!! At the public?? Nahh. Thts messed up yow.

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boring to wanting it to make interesting


2005-09-01 14:34:28
what did the rest of the church members think?


2005-03-21 14:06:36
Yea the youth minisiter licked my pussy in the second pew one day

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