For the purpose of these stories I am gonna take the name David for myself, and I will also change the names of anyone else involved. The contents of the stories will be true. I am currently 46 years old and I live in Ohio. As a "first" story I will start with some events that happened when I was between the ages of 12 and 13.
About two weeks after school let out I was up at my usual 6:00 am because my body hadn't quite adjusted to the fact that I could sleep until noon if I wanted to. My older brother and I shared a room with bunk beds that we had seperated to make twin beds out of. He was a few years older than me and had a steady job at a local resturant.

About 10:00 am he left for work while I was playing games on our old Atari system. Dad was at work and mom was off taking care of her dad as he had been sick for quite some time.

After luch Adam, one of my brothers friends came by looking for him. We went back to the bedroom and I told him that Allen was at work and wouldn't be back until that evening. He said that was fine and asked if he could stay for a while and play some games on the Atari, I said ok and we put Tank Commander in and started to try and destroy each others tanks first.

Adam was winning almost everytime and said we should bet something to make it more interesting. I asked him what and he said the loser of the next game had to take of a piece of clothing but shoes and socks didn't count. So he went ahead and took his off.

Some how I managed to win the next game and Adam took his shirt off, I quickly lost the next 2 games and had to remove my shirt and cut off's. I was embarrassed because I was hard but Adam didn't seem to notice. He lost the next game and we were both sitting there in our tighty whities. I couldn't help noticing that he was hard as well and a lot bigger than me.

Adam lost the next game to and stood up to take his underwear off. I told him he didn't have to if he didn't want to but he replied a bet is a bet. But he wanted to keep playing to see if he could win his clothes back.

He said if he lost would have to do something for me, I asked what he meant and just said you'll find out if you win. Needless to say I lost the next game and he had to coax me into taking my underwear off. After taking my underwear off I sat back down trying to cover myself as much as I could while Adam sat there not embarrassed at all.

I couldn't help but look over at his erection, my eyes seemed drawn to it. Of course he saw me looking and he leaned back a bit further allowing me to get a better veiw. He said that for the rest of the games the looser had to do whatever the winner said. Adam won the next game and told me I had to stand up and walk around the room once without covering anything with my hands, I know my face was red but I did what he said. he sat there and watched me walk around the room.

I was starting to feel more relaxed since he hadn't made fun of me like I was afraid he would.

I won the next game and told him to walk around the room naked 3 times, he stood up so fast his cock was bouncing up and down. I didn't look at any thing but his cock the entire time he was walking around. As he passed the bedroom door he paused to lock it and said just incase. As he came back over to sit down he stopped for just a second with his cock right in my face, and then sat down closer to me than he was before.

Adam won the next game and told me he wanted me to rub his feet and legs so he laid all the way down on his back and his cock was sticking straight up along his belly, as I looked at it I noticed it jumping everyone in a while. He said I had to start with his right foot and go all the way up his leg and then do the left side on the way back down.

As I was rubbing his foot he would tell me if I needed to rub harder or how good it felt. I started moving up his legs slowly he would moan a little bit and say things like yea, right there or move over this way a little bit. The higher I went he would spread his legs further apart to make room for me.

When I reached the tops of his thighs he had me rubbing the inside of them. I could feel his balls hitting the back of my hands softly. I looked up at him and he was watching me closely as he reached down and gently pulled my hand over to his balls slowly moving it around then he took his hand away.

He spoke softly and said higher I took my hand and was rubbing his cock. I am not sure how I can describe it as a 12 year old boy. it was warm, almost hot and was hard but yet soft at the same time. I was fascinated by jacking him off, I leaned closer to watch as his precum dripped from the top. he told me to spread it around. He told me to lay my head on his thigh and blow air on his balls at the same time.

When I did I could see his balls moving in the sack, he told me he really liked having them licked so I stuck my tongue out and ran it over his balls. A few minutes later he told me to stop, I asked him why if I had done something wrong because I was enjoying this.

He said nothing was wrong he just wanted to get more comfortable. He stood up and went over and sat on the edge of my bed and layed back with his legs spread open. As I crawled over between legs he said this time he wanted me to put the top of it in my mouth and suck on it. Slowly I lowered my head down and opened my mouth I only took the very top in my mouth at first. I looked up at him with the top of his cock in my mouth he was watching me. He told me to move my head up and down like I was doing earlier with my hand.

I could taste his precum and I liked it. He was softly making moaning noises saying suck harder or more. Honestly I was hooked at this point. I loved the way his cock tasted and felt in my mouth. I loved the fact that I could give him such pleasure by doing this. I kept trying to take more of his cock into my mouth but I kept choking on it. He told me he was gonna shoot soon and it was very important that I swallowed the stuff that came out. I just nodded my head without taking his cock out of my mouth.

I could feel it swelling in my mouth like it almost had a life of it's own. Suddenly his hands were holding the sides of my head in place as I felt his cock start pulsing in my mouth, soon there was this hot liquid in my mouth it seemed like no matter how fast I swallowed there was always more shooting into my mouth.

I kept sucking his cock until he was done, wanting more I didn't stop he had to tell me to stop and pull my head off of his cock.

I asked how soon we could do that again and he just said later and started getting dressed. Once again I thought he was mad at me or something and he told me to get dressed incase someone walked in so I did and he unlocked the door. We went back to playing video games and had some snacks and about 2 hours later he put his controller down and stood up. I though he was leaving but he just looked at me and said he didn't wanna play that game any more as he sat on the edge of my bed again.

I crawled right over and pulled his jeans and underwear down and took his cock right into my mouth. I sucked him off again, and swallowed his cum. Once in a while he would tell me something like lick it harder etc, just so it would feel better to him.

After he came again he got dressed and said he had to leave sice his mom and dad would be home soon, I told him I really liked doing that and would do it anytime he wanted. All he had to do was come and get me. He would come over several times a week after that.

It was several months before I was able to take Adams cock all the way into my mouth. He told me about this movie he over heard his dad talking about called "Deep Throat" and he said he wanted me to try it.

I am proud to say that after a lot of attempts I was able to deep throat him and hold him there as he came into my throat. He was amazed by it, I didn't like it as much because I didn't get to taste his cum. For me tasting his cum was my reward for a job well done.

After this I was trying to find other guys I could do this stuff with. Eventually I was blowing several of my brothers friends, I think I saw his friends more often than he did. There were a few times Adam would come over and about 10 minutes after he would leave then Steve would show up.

I even tried to get my brothers attention, he would sleep in the nude and one night I was watching a movie on channel 10, it was Fritz the night owl hosting. I looked over at my brother and he was laying on his back and had kicked the sheet off. I crawled over and said his name several times just to make sure he was asleep. When he didn't respond I leaned down and blew on his cock. Watching it twinge as the air passed over it, I was too scared to do anything else.

Adam was also the first one to fuck me in my ass, but thats another story for another time.


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