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Mom and I visit: ‘Dr. Feelgood’

…The small article read: ‘Charges dropped’, it said that a…
“Dr. _____ has been accused of masturbating a woman and her daughter in his office exam room, accused by the woman’s boyfriend. No complaint from either woman. The Medical board and the D.A. found no evidence at all. All charges were dismissed.”

…..That was my mom and I, the women they spoke of. Our names were stricken and never made public. Mom and I smiled as we read it.

……I was young when my single mom (Mandie) took me in her bedroom. She had me sit on the bed and began to slowly talk about ‘female problems’. She said: “Trisha, I’ve made an appointment for you with ‘my’ Dr. I have a condition called ‘Dropping, cervix, syndrome’ and you, I’m sure, have it too. That’s why I go to Dr. _____ each month for my ’treatment’. I’ve arranged it so we can go together. Don’t be alarmed, the treatment is very pleasant and no pain at all.”

…..I said: “Ok“
...but… I knew more than mom knew I did. My year older brother Travis had told me all about ’Dr. Feelgood’ he called him.
….He told me about starting to fall asleep lying on the couch one night. Mom was in the kitchen and her cell phone rang. It was her best girlfriend Jenny. Mom started giggling and talking low. She came in to the living room and sat in a chair, not seeing my brother laying on the couch as her chair faced away from it.
…..Mom was in her mid 30’s and a good looking woman. Travis listened as mom talked on her cell phone. He could slightly hear Jenny’s loud voice also. Travis said mom put her legs over the arms of the chair. She had on a robe. Her and Jenny talked about Dr. _____ and how handsome and sexy he was. She was feeling herself as she talked. Travis couldn’t see between her legs, but her hand movement told him she was rubbing her vagina. Jenny said she was going in tomorrow for a ’treatment’ and was all excited about it. Jenny said: “..Oh I can’t wait for his hands to ’treat me’. Last time I orgasmed 5 times, and it was heaven.

…..Travis gulped…..orgasmed at a Dr. visit…. he thought? WTF is this all about. Jenny and mom both started to get a little out of breath talking. Mom began telling how her last visit went and how he made her orgasmed 3 time in a row, and how hot it made her.

….Travis only hoped mom wouldn’t spot him listening on the couch. Soon mom got up and continued talking to Jenny. She went back into the kitchen and Travis made a quick exit to his room.

….Travis said: “Trish, you going to get a finger job I bet.” We both chuckled. I had a crush on Travis since I was little. I let him secretly feel me up and ’finger’ me. Over time we did everything but fuck. Licking, sucking and I would give him hand jobs if he would finger me. Then I would give him blow jobs if he would lick my pussy to orgasm. We never had sex then, but we both sure wanted to.

…..I searched for the ‘syndrome’ thing on the computer…..nothing….I didn’t even exist. The handsome Dr. was masturbating mom, Jenny and how many others? I have to say….that I too would like a handsome man to masturbate me. I got excited about my appointment. I planned how I would dress, hot make up, perfume, low cut bra, no panties, full skirt and anything else I could think of.
…..The day came for our appointment. I noticed mom was dressed kind of hot also. Short shorts, low cut top and perfume strong. She jabbered all the way about what a great Dr. he was and on and on.
….Mom went in first as I waited.

(Mom Mandie….)
…..My heart was racing as I was led to the very back room. As usual I got naked and put on the gown. I laid on the table and put my feet in the stirrups. I was already wet and excited. Soon Dr. _____ came in and locked the door, looking at my chart. He had on a flowered shirt and smelled wonderful. He came over and looked at me with his beautiful brown eyes. He whispered: (“…you look beautiful, Mandie. I’d better do a breast exam first.” I reached up and we started in kissing with full force. His big hands felt my breasts, then, under the gown they went.

.....His warm tongue wondered in my mouth as he massaged my nipples. I gasp for air as he started kissing his way slowly down to my wide open pussy. I closed my eyes as I felt his tongue go up and down on my slit. I held his dark wavy hair and ran my fingers through it. I felt what I was waiting for….his fingers in my pussy, sliding in and out. He started massaging my G spot as his lips sucked my clit. I moaned as he kept it up only increasing the speed. He somehow knew I was going to orgasm and started massing my G spot real fast. I raised my hips up and began to shake. I lost it and moaned out…”Oh Yesssss” and I squirted and orgasmed. My body bounced on the table in ecstasy…. I had never squirted before I came to him. Now he made me squirt every time. I lay there squirming as he slowly massaged my clit as my moaning drifted away.

….He wiped us both up and said quietly in my ear: “…I may just have to give you an injection one of these treatments. I moaned: “…Oh...right now would be so good Dr….” He kissed me and rubbed my sensitive clit. He said: “Maybe next time Mandie, your coming along fine. I have to go to work now, see you next month.”

….Shit!…when were we going to fuck, I want him so bad. We never had…yet. Jenny got to suck on him, when was my turn?

…..Mom came out all smiles and content looking as the nurse led me in and to a room. “Disrobe and put this on.” she said. I ’assumed’ the position. He came in and looked at me all smiles. Damn he was handsome! He was tall, a good looking face, nice tan and just plain hot looking.
….. “Wow, you’re prettier than your Mom.” he said. I felt tingles in my pussy anticipating what was about happen. He sat on his little stool in front of my pussy and explained what he was checking for. …..My heart was thumping big. With the sheet in the way, I couldn’t see what he was doing, but I felt his warm hands on my pussy. He rubbed my pussy lips and felt my little patch of pubic hair. Slowly I felt his fingers enter my wet pussy and gently started probing around.

..... He probed until I jumped and moaned. He found my G spot. Gently he massaged it as I squirmed and quietly moaned. This was great having him buzz my pussy with his fingers. Damn he was so good at it. I moved my hips up to meet his fingers with each stroke. I felt something very warm on my clit. I felt just like a mans tongue and it was going to make me orgasm real good. I felt my own nipples as my orgasm peaked. I moaned out in pleasure. His head came out from under my gown and he lay on top of me panting. We kissed as I reached down and felt his boner. I just unzipped his pants and took it out in a flash. He started to get up….I stuffed his boner in me and we started fucking hard. He had to be real horny from playing with mom and maybe others, because he fucked me like an animal. I got dizzy and he moaned in my ear…..then one long moan from us…and I felt my pussy get flooded with cum. I orgasmed big...again.
….He groaned and whispered out of breath: (“…Oh Trisha!”)….as he kept shooting more cum in me. We held each other tight and I ground my pussy tight around his cock.
….It got quiet for a long time….I drifted away as I held this beautiful man….

…..On the way home, mom ask me how it went. I said: “Yes I have it too, I will need lots of treatments also.” We both smiled.

…..We talked, and now it was out in the open what was going on. She told me how she wanted to have sex with him so bad, or at least suck on him and make him cum. She told me how Jenny had given him a blow job and she was waiting to do that too.
……I decided not to tell her that Dr. _____ and I had beautiful sex at the end of my appointment.
…..These ‘treatments’ went on for a very long time. Mom came home one day after one of her ‘treatments’ all smiles. She came over and talked low: “…we finally had sex Trisha!… he is so good and..”…she went on and on with how they had such good sex.
…..(I wanted to interrupt and say “I know mom, I’ve been having sex with him too!”.)

…..At this point, I had an idea…..
…..He was getting paid to masturbate women, feel them up and fuck some of them….hmmmm. I ask him for a job as a nurse. I said this would make me available about anytime. He liked the idea and hired me….he knew also not to displease any woman who ’knew to much’ and cause him big problems.

…..I waited for the right guy patient to come along. He just wanted his yearly check up for the high dollar job he had.

….Oh my god!, I recognized him. We had had sex one time in the past at a party. We talked a little and he was very hot looking. I got him ready for the exam. Laying him down on his side naked and in his gown. I locked the door and said I would do the exam. I pulled his gown up and began to fondle his cock. I whispered: (“I want to make sure everything is working ok.”) I began to slowly jack him. I kept going and laid next to him 69 and began to suck his cock. He caught on quick and pulled my uniform skirt up and started licking my pussy. It didn’t take long and he shot cum in my mouth as I had an orgasm right on his warm slick tongue….

…..I had him make another appointment for ‘SR’. A continuing ‘Sperm Retention’ problem, which I had to relive him of the build up of cum in his balls…….. (a-hum)
….Everything was working out so cool. I had 3 guy patients now with ’SR’ and Mel (Dr. _____) had his 3 women patients he took care of….and then…after work we could ‘treat’ each other.

…Late one evening my brother Travis came in my bedroom. I was sitting at my computer and he came up behind me and started feeling my tits. I said quietly: (“Travis, mom‘s home, we can‘t play now.) He leaned over and whispered in my ear…(“..blackmail is such an ugly word.”) ….he smiled and told me he had over heard mom and her loose lips talking to her friend Jenny. He knew everything.

….Now I have one more ’guy’ to take care of, but at home…oh…but I like it. Travis is real cool and sexy. I love it when mom isn’t home. …..He likes to chase me around the house and get me all hot and aroused. He feels me up so good. He gets me out of breath and I have to tell him come in my ‘exam’ bedroom. I give him a cock exam.

…..“Oh my Travis….you have a …cock problem…(gasp) …I have to treat you. Now lay down on your side.”
…. I take down his boxers. I love to see the pleasure on his face as I suck on his bulging cock and massage his full balls. He takes down my panties. “Oh Trisha…you’ve got a real pussy problem. I must ‘treat‘ you!”

…. He treats me with his tongue and drives me wild. He licked my pussy just right and preventing a deadly ‘orgasm explosion‘.

…..His cock gets big, his balls are full and he over fills my mouth with his hot cum...preventing a severe ‘cock and ball blowout‘…..

….Luckily we were in time to save each others lives…..

Nurse ‘Feelgood’, at your service…..
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