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by Morbidream (


Her thoughts raced, because she couldn’t believe that she had been invited! It was just, like, too cool. There she was though, at the mall, with some friends when she spotted these two oh so hot Army guys; and oh my god, they were like looking at her! She had nearly fainted when they came over and started talking to her and her friends, asking them “how they were”, and telling them how hot they looked. She had lied and told them she was 18 when they asked, but hey she was mature and she DID look older for her age. And then they had asked her and her friends if they wanted to come to this "floor party" at their barracks! She was SOOOOO lucky!

And so here she was, dressed to kill in her little leather mini-skirt, boots and sports bra and enjoying all of the lusty looks. It was only too bad all her friends were too scared to come; I mean, what a bunch of little babies. At least one of her friends had said that she would tell her mom she was staying at her place; that way she could stay out all night at this party. She had even worn one of her new little thongs and it made her feel so sexy, not to mention she knew when she bent over that the guys could tell, and that made her feel naughty. She liked that. She knew her tight little butt stretching her little skirt and the thong would get all the guys that looked her way hot and bothered, and she LOVED to tease.

It turned out that the hot guys from the mall were roommates, and their room was one of the main ones that this party was happening in! It was sooo cool. Everyone was drinking, and dancing, and watching movies (she even saw some people watching a porno in ONE room); and these two guys were so nice and hot. They kept bringing her beer so she didn’t have to even go find one or do anything. And now, they were sitting on one of the beds in their room watching "The Wall” by Pink Floyd while they kissed her and rubbed her shoulders. They were such good kissers, and hmm they made her feel sooooo sexy and naughty.

The guys smiled at each other as they had this sexy little tart laying between them, in her little bitty skirt and top. They had really outdone themselves this time; she couldn’t be more than 16 if that, and she wanted to be so old and mature. They had been bringing her beer and vodka all night long and knew that she was pretty wasted. Their hands freely played with her breasts, and gradually pulled her sports bra over them as she leaned against the wall kissing them; she didn’t even notice, much less try to resist. The whole time her skirt riding higher and higher, revealing her little thong. They gently caressed her legs, rubbing her inner thighs as she subconsciously spread her legs wider and wider. She moaned as they slowly rubbed her pussy through her panties and felt her wetness, her legs spread even wider.

One of the men pulled her thong to the side to get a better feel, spreading her lips with his fingers as his friend was sucking on her breasts. He slide one finger inside her juicy snatch and realized her hymen was still intact, and then chuckled to himself as he realized that it wouldn’t be for long.

"Oooowe, shtop." She slurred at him. "Jusht look, I don’t let people touch"

And with that, her head rolled to the side and she passed out. The two men looked at each other and smiled, knowing they were going to get yet another notch on their cocks. One of them quickly flipped a coin and cursed as he lost, the other wasting no time in unzipping his pants and crawled on top of the limp girl. He ripped her panties off with one yank and tossed them into the corner.

Lining his throbbing member up on her moist cunt he thrust into her. With one smooth motion he felt himself penetrate deep, ripping right through the hymen and becoming her first fuck ever. She didn’t even moan as he did this; so complete was her stupor, only a slight grunt escaped her lips. Again and again he thrust into her, feeling her tight cunt gripping his cock. Raising her limp legs onto his shoulders he forced himself harder and harder into her unconscious body, as her blood slowly seeped out of her and ran down the crack of her ass. Finally expending himself in her, he let her drop to the bed, his hot cum and her blood slowly dripping from her cunt.

The other soldier smiled at the site, admiring the beautiful perversity of it. He rolled her over, her legs spread wide. Spitting onto his hand and rubbing it onto his enlarged cock, he then gripped one of her ass cheeks in each hand and spread them wide exposing her untouched anus. He then slowly forced himself into her ass, feeling it grip his cock. Pulling almost all the way back out; he then thrust himself deeper into her. In and out, he used her ass, brutalizing it. Pumping into her; thrusting into her, and eventually filling her bowels with his hot cum. He pulled off of her and wiped his bloody, cum covered cock on her skirt; and looked around to see the line already forming; the word was out.

The next man took her in the ass also, his way made easier by the cum that was already in there, his large cock engulfed in her tight little anus. When he was done her ass remained dilated and the cum easily ran out. Another man took his place, this one choosing her cunt, and he too came in her; filling her with his hot seed. The next two men decided to use her at the same time, laying her on her side, one violated her ass as the other thrust into her cunt; her limp leg hanging over one of them and a small amount of drool dripping from her mouth. When they were done, they noticed the line had gotten even longer. In and out, the men used her, again and again some coming back for seconds others for thirds. Some taking her ass, some her cunt a few her mouth filling her with their cum till it was dripping and her holes were gapping. People clapped with dark excitement when two men forced their cocks into her pussy at the same time; enjoying the degradation and deflowerment of this once innocent young girl.

One of the men bet she could take a fist in her gaping cunt now. He one ten dollars of the bet, when he slide his into her. The one that proved she could take a fist in her ass won $20. They laughed as someone started taking pictures of the fist in her ass, and how it gaped open when the guy pulled his hand out of her. She grunted a little as they rammed their fists in and out of her; she was still oblivious to the abuse, the alcohol having done its work. They would have to get her a copy when they were done.

Several men took their turn fisting her, never having done it before and wanting pictures taken of their fists in this hot young girl. By the time they had all gotten a turn her cunt and ass were agape, some of the people there wondered if they would ever close. Not because they were concerned mind you, just morbidly curious. Amazing what a few hours of real fun could do to a young body. I found the warped perversion of it a work of art, as darkly beautiful as an El Greco painting and only wished that she were awake to enjoy it.

They were now taking pictures of her with all sorts of objects stuffed inside of her, first a whiskey bottle in her cunt, then her ass, then one in both. A tent peg, phone, beer bottle, flashlights, combat boot up to the heel, brooms, plunger, shampoo bottle, bats. They all went in her, and went in her easily as the camera continued to take picture of her degradation.

That was when I noticed four of the guys take off, and wondered where they were headed too. I knew they enjoyed this kind of deprivation, so how could they leave? When they returned 20 minutes later with three dogs from the kennel I knew there purpose. Some of the guys tied her over a footstool so the dogs could get too her easily.

The first one mounted her, sliding all the way into her easily as people continued to take pictures. His front paws adding scratches to her sides, that would remind her for weeks what had been done to her, how she had been made a bitch for our pleasure. When the dog finally came his knot fell right out of her; her cunt too lose for him to even tie. Cum spilled from her ruined pussy and splattered to the floor.

We made sure the next dog took her ass, the camera’s flash going off every couple of seconds, a strobe effect. It was surreal. I actually came in my pants just watching it. His knot wouldn’t tie to her ass either, and popped right out when he was done. Cum gushing out of her and running down her legs and over her drooping pussy lips.

The last dog we let enjoy her cunt. It was after the second stroke that she finally woke up with a scream! Her tied hands tried to reach behind her and grab her cavernous cunt that no doubt was aflame with pain. Some cleaver person thought to bring a mirror so that she could see the dog raping her now. Her intense shriek was a musical note on par with anything the best violinist ever produced, and I moaned with pleasure enjoying it. The camera continued to flash. When he finally came, his knot fell out of her too. I don’t think she recognized the significance of this, pity. At the beginning of the night, his knot wouldn’t have even been able to fit inside her, and now… now it wouldn’t stay in.

When we untied her, she continued to lay there bent over the footstool her ass and cunt stretched wide open, cum dripped from her like a waterfall. I was the only one that wanted to fuck her again. She didn’t even move, or whimper as I did. I don’t think she could even feel me, and in all honesty I couldn’t really feel her she was so wide. It was the hot, dirty wetness of it that finally sent me over the edge and I spilled my seed again into her ass mixing with the dogs. I had always wanted to fuck living art.

The next morning her cunt and ass were still gapping, but a couple of us used her again anyway. She didn’t even bother to stop us, she just lay there and let us do as we pleased. After that they showed her the pictures they had taken with a Polaroid. The look on her face, the tears as she saw all the objects, men and animals that had used her was hauntingly beautiful. The way her cunt and ass gaped open from the abuse. She understood that if her friends, family or school-mates ever saw these that she would be humiliated, no one would ever want to even talk with the dog-fuck-slut. Even if it hadn’t been her idea, even if she had been forced, she knew no one would want to be her friend, no guy would want to date her, not after what happened.

I was actually somewhat surprised to see her at the mall a eight months later, very obviously pregnant. She still had a nice ass though. I momentarily wondered which one of us was the dad, then I wondered what she told her parents. When I asked her, she mumbled back that she told them it was one of the boys at school, but wouldn’t tell them his name. That’s when they made her started home schooling.

She was shocked when I told her right there I wanted to marry her, but when I made her tell her parents they were pleased. After all, what parent wouldn’t want their disgraced daughter to marry a fine upstanding soldier. Why would I do this? Well, with a wife I didn’t have to live in the barracks any more, had someone to go to the parties with me, and most importantly I could have the pet dogs I always wanted. They love my new wife almost as much as I do.
---------- the end -----------

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2008-05-18 15:11:47
i like this 1 i keep coming back wish he would finish the necrophism 1 tho


2007-08-21 14:46:42
yeah didnt like it that much its no fun when there unconcious i prefer the stories when there awake screaming, how painful that would be.. cute ending tough that would never actually happen im 15 and i know that that would never happen especially if she was raped they dont just see you one day and propose to you seriously get your story strait with at least some facts


2007-01-02 21:25:25
god u lot shouldnt come on these sights if youre not into filth.TOP STORY MADE ME CUM 8/10 VICTORIA X


2006-09-09 09:32:18
i heard story about men who trip over small stone and break his neck, it was a fiction, yes. but do u think something like that never happend just becouse story is a fake? unnecessary cruelty is a sign of weekness...


2006-05-15 16:34:48
Please write a pat two. This is so good. Write lots more.Iam so wet and my ass is sohungry.

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