Haily is my little baby sister and she is the most beautiful girl in the world with her long silky blonde hair, glossy green eyes, 5'3, 105 pounds, 32cc titties, and a tight 14 year old body. I am 32 years old, brown hair, brown eyes, 216 pounds, 6'5, normal size dick 6" but it was 3" thick, and a pretty well built body.

Haily and I have always had a special relationship ever since she was five years old, she knew if she can run to me for anything and everything. In return she would give me anything I wanted and when my wife was not giving me enough pussy I would go to Haily to get a taste of her little tight pussy. At only five at the time she didn't know what I was doing to her, she only knew that it was a bad thing for me to do and if she told I would get into a lot of trouble. I was and still addicted to that pussy of hers, I would wait for her everyday after school taking her her to my house for a while making her lay on the bed spreading her legs and feasting on her pussy for hours on end. Once in a while I would dress her up and have my way with her, later on I would teach her to give blowjobs and handjobs she became a cum slut for me, she loved cum she would ask me for some everyday as soon as she was finished with cheer practice. I gave her the nickname "personal cum bucket" I even made her a shirt with that title in front but she was only wear it around the house. But Haily did have one moral about her, she was a one guy type of girl because she got mad at me when I brought some friends over to have a little party with her. She threaten to tell on me if I don't make them go home at that moment, so I did. She told me later that night that what she was doing for me was because she loved me more than anything in the world and she wasn't going to let any other guy she doesn't love do the same until after she was married. It wouldn't be until she was thirteen that I took her virginity on the night of her birthday, she always wanted me to take it from her since she saw her first porno with me but I told her she would have to wait until she was older. I took her to my house after her birthday party I gave her my present of a necklace made out of pure gold that I had custom made for her which was two heart interlocking with our initials in the middle along with two one carat diamonds. I proceed to take her upstairs to my room and took her virginity on my bed. I was worried she would be in more pain then she was but years of cheerleading paid off when after breaking her hymen and a few strokes she was enjoying it. But then I married my fiance so I had to move ten hours away from Haily, but recently I been getting into a lot of arguments with my wife but luckily my mom called me asking me to watch over Haily while she and our dad goes on their second honeymoon. I was more then happy to do so.

I drove to the house pulling into the driveway. I knocked on the front door getting no answer I got out my key opening the door walking in. I called out but got no reply so I decided to go into the kitchen to make myself a sandwich, then I went downstairs to the den to watch some Tv and eat my sandwich. As I got closer to the den I heard the Tv, I slowly approached it opening it slowly peering inside to find the Tv on and Haily was on the sofa stretched out taking a nap. She had probably just gotten home from cheer practice because she still had on her green and white cheerleading uniform that hugged his body nicely showing off her curves and the outline of her nice firm titties, the light from the Tv was sparkling off her lips covered in lip gloss making her look more adorable. I slowly made my way over to her standing over her looking down at her, I froze a little when she turned away from me facing the back of the sofa. I placed the sandwich down slowly getting in the sofa with her getting into a spooning position wrapping my arms around her waist pulling her back into me making her let out a soft cooing noise. She wiggled a little bit so I waited until she calmed down a bit before moving my arms up moving some hair out of her face placing it behind her ear leaning down giving it a little kiss. I was getting a hard on from my cock rubbing against her tight little ass. I ran my index over her sticky lips giving her light kisses on the cheek running my left hand over titties cupping her left tit giving it a squeeze. She wiggled stopping when she felt my cock on her ass, I decided to play a game with her so I covered her mouth making her eyes shoot open. She screamed into my palm trying to get away as I held her down getting on top turning her onto her stomach I sat on her pushed her head down as she screamed out loud in a high pitch scream.

"Let me go!" She screamed kicking around.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! Calm down you little cum bucket." I said laughing as she stopped fighting as soon as she heard that.

"Snuggle bear?" She asked as I removed my head from holding her head down so she could look at me.

"Hey little cum bucket." I said leaning down giving her a kiss on the lips getting off.

"SNUGGLE BEAR!!" She yelled jumping into my arms knocking back into the sofa getting into my lap snuggling into my chest.

"How are you baby?" I asked running my fingers through her hair rubbing her back.

"I'm fine! But how come you didn't tell me you were coming?" She asked looking up at me slapping me playfully on the chest.

"I thought mom and dad told you when they left for their honeymoon." I said grabbing her left tit massaging it in my palm.

"No they told me that I would be alone." She said wiggling her ass on my hard on smirking at me.

"Well maybe they wanted to be a surprise." I said smiling taking off my shirt to get more comfortable.

"And it was a great surprise!" She exclaimed, "I love my surprise."

I placed my hand under chin bringing her in for a kiss, I gently placed my lips on hers as her tongue automatically came out and pushed it's way into my mouth finding my tongue instantly. She swirl her tongue around mine as I sucked on her tongue gently as she let out a sexy moan getting into a more comfortable position straggling me grinding against my hard on. I cupped her ass to keep her from falling off massaging it roughly giving it a smack. I decided that she had enough time in my mouth I pushed her tongue back into her mouth my tongue following hers. I pushed my tongue far back into her mouth making her chock on my tongue. She pushed me back smirking at me sliding down leaving a trail of wet kisses down to my hard cock. She kissed my cock through my jeans, she then unbutton my jeans pulling it down with my boxers letting my cock fly out slapping her softly across the face leaving a trail of pre cum. I grabbed my cock covering her face with pre cum I rubbed it against her lips as she licked it up right away after that. She looked up at me smiling licking her lips, she leaned in kissing the head of my cock. She kissed it up and down the shaft licking it and nibbling on it. I closed my eyes taking in the moment, it felt great having a teenage mouth covering my cock again after a long time. Haily took my cock into her mouth and I nearly let my load in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head bobbing her head up and down letting out a soft moan. I couldn't hold it in anymore I shot rope after rope of cum into the back of her throat as she swallowed quickly every single drop. When she finished she looked up at me waiting for me approval with her hands resting her lap with spit and cum mix on her lips.

"Come here." I said grabbing her hair pulling her up to me looking at her in the eyes.

I kicked off my jeans throwing her on the sofa getting between her legs sliding her skirt up pulling down her white cotton panties revealing her young wet pussy. I was drooling over her looking down at it. I quickly took off her top along with her bra taking it slow placing my mouth over her left nipple sucking on it roughly biting it as she let out a squeal, I grabbed her other tit massaging it in my palm as she held my head cooing running her fingers through my hair whispering something. I moved back and forth between her titties feasting away for a few minutes before I slowly went down on her. I moved slowing leaving a trail of light kisses as she arched her back. I grabbed her waist gently lowering it back down. I finally reached my prize a few moments later, I looked at her hairless cunt, it was all wet and juicy waiting for me to eat it. I leaned in giving it a kiss tasting it on my lips.

"Oh shit baby I've waited so long to taste your wonderful pussy again." I moaned.

"And it's been a long time since you have eaten me out snuggles." She replied.

I shut up after going right to licking her wet pussy as she moaned arching her back again letting out a loud moan wrapping her legs around my neck holding my head there. I licked her clit flicking it with my tongue making her so crazy with lust. She screamed out as a orgasm took over her body, I felt her legs tightly around my neck as she nearly chocked me. She let her juice flow out all over my face and I lapse up as much of her sweet juice as I could before she subsided. She unwrapped her legs giggling when she saw my wet face. She sat up giving me a kiss on the lips.

"Why don't you rest up and I'll go make us some dinner?" She said getting up.

"How about no." I said grabbing her arm pulling her back into my lap hugging her, "let's go out eat tonight."

"Hmmm okay." She said resting her head on my chest.

"I love you snuggle bear." She said.

"I love you too my little cum bucket." I said as she giggled.
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