Martin has a hot time with his wifes workmate
"Hello Martin." Martin turned round to see who was speaking to him. He stared in shock at the woman, no girl stood before him. Her name was Charlotte and she worked in the same store as his wife. What she was doing in town and in this particular bar was a shock. For a start she should not even be in the pub as she was only sixteen, her seventeenth birthday was not for a couple of months. Also, what were the chances of her being in the same bar as him, there were loads in town to visit. All of this flashed across his mind as he stared up at her.

"Hello," he finally said.

"Hey Martin who's the girl then." One of his friends asked. Martin fought the urge to curse. He turned to face them, seeing that they were all looking Charlotte over. They were all out on a stag do for one of his best mates. They were all checking her out. Ok, he could sort of understand why. She was not bad on the eye. She was tall and thin, without being a stick insect. Her face was pretty, without being stunning. It seemed just that little too big to be stunning. All her features were slightly larger than they should be. As a result she had the appearance of a large flat face. With large blue eyes a large nose and mouth. However as her head seemed larger than normal her features actually fitted well. Her figure, however, was a completely different thing. She had a body to lust over, and she was showing it off well tonight. Her white corset style top clung to her breasts. Pushing them up into a full cleavage. As it was strapless it showed she was not wearing a bra. Even so her breasts appeared firm and shapely. The short grey skirt she was wearing came covered barely a third of her thighs. The silver 'do me' heels she was wearing accentuated the shape of her legs. They could all see the top of her stockings, which had to be held by elastic as there was no obvious clips. All of this was topped by her bright red hair, styled in a short but sexy manner. Martin knew that it was not a natural red. As he had seen her after it had last been dyed.

All of this he took in as he tried to come up with a way to avoid introducing her to his friends. When he was unable to think of anything he turned to face them. “Guys this is Charlotte, she works with Clara.” He told them, they all said hello. They also were all still checking her out. Which he expected as he was the only married one amongst them. Even if this was a stag do for one of them. The groom to be was also checking out Charlotte. Which did get on his nerves a little. God, the guy was going to be married in two days time. Martin turned back to Charlotte.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

“I'm out with a couple of friends. I couldn't believe it at first when I saw you. I thought it must be someone else. I've been sat over there for the last few minutes watching to make sure. Before I came to say hi.”

“Oh right,” he said.

“I can see you're busy with your mates so I'll leave you to it. Just came over to say hi.” Charlotte said turning to walk back towards the bar. Martin nodded as a goodbye and turned back to his mates. There was a few minutes of rude comments about Charlotte before they went back to their normal chatting. About ten minutes later Martin's friend nodded towards the bar.

“Your little girlfriend has been watching you for a while. She looks lonely, you should go and talk to her.” He said, Martin shook his head.

“She's got mates around somewhere. She doesn't need me to chat to.”

“It doesn't look like it. No ones come to chat to her since she headed over there.” His mate said as he pushed Martin towards the bar. “Go buy her a drink or something. Before she burns a hole in your back.” Martin glared at his mate, calling him something very rude. Before half stumbling towards the bar from his push. Charlotte realised he was coming over and turned away. Which just confirmed what his mate had been saying about her watching them. Martin reached the bar and ordered a beer. Then he turned to look at Charlotte, who's glass was empty.

“Do you want a drink?” He asked.

“Erm, yeah if you want to get me something. I'll have a vodka and coke please.” Martin added it to his order. Once they had their drinks Martin took a sip. Then looked over at her.

“So where's your friends then.” He asked.

“In the corner by the dance floor. They've bumped into a couple of guys they know. I was feeling a little like the fifth wheel over there. Also I think I’ve kinda been duped.”


“Well what’s the chances of them meeting two guys like that, then getting off with them within a few minutes. This was supposed to be a girls night out. But I think it was just an excuse to come pick up these two guys.”

“That’s a bitch, how can you be certain. It might just be a coincidence. After all you and I bumped into each other. What’s the chances of that happening.”

“True, but that’s them heading towards the door now.” Charlotte pointed toward a pair of couples walking towards the door. The two women were draped suggestively on the arms of the men. Just as they were about to head out the door one of the women spotted Charlotte. She disentangled herself and headed over.

“There you are Charlotte.” She said, “erm don’t wait up for us. We’re probably going to head back with the guys. But the room's all paid for so you can crash there later. See ya in the morning babe.” She said before following the other three out the door.

“I really should have been suspicious when neither of them brought any clothes for in the morning.” Charlotte said after a few seconds silence. Martin gave her a sympathetic smile.

“So what’ll you do now.” He said to her.

“I’m not sure, the plan was for a night out dancing and having a laugh. I guess I’ll stay here till closing and head back to the hotel. At least I’ve got a whole family room to myself.”

“Well I guess I can at least get you another drink.” Charlotte nodded and Martin brought them a second drink. As it arrived Charlotte gave him a quick smile.

“Looks like I’m not the only one being dumped by my mates.” She said pointed to the door. Martin turned around to see his friends just heading out the door. He jumped from his seat and dived after them. Grabbing one of them before the left.

“Hey where do you think you’re going.” He demanded.

“We’re off to a club.” His mate said.

“And what about me.”

“You seemed to be ok with your little girl friend over there. We didn’t want to spoil your fun.”

“What fun, and she’s not my girlfriend.”

“More fool you mate, she’s fit. And remember we won’t tell. What happens on the stag do stays on the stag do.”

“Give me a minute and I’ll come after you.”

“No, take your time. Finish your drink, we don’t mind.” His friend said with a firm shake of the head. Martin glanced back to where Charlotte was still sat. He felt a little sorry for her as she looked so alone.

“Ok, I’ll catch you up. Which club you going to.” He said after a second.

“Ninety-Nines, down the main road a bit.” His mate told him. “And if you don’t make it we’ll understand and not say a thing to anyone.” He added with a wink before heading out the door. Martin turned back towards the bar and rejoined Charlotte.

“You not going with them?” She asked, Martin shook his head.

“Nope, I’m going to finish my drink first. Plus I know where they’re going, so I can catch them up.”

“Oh where.”

“Ninety-Nines they said.” Charlotte pulled a face. “What’s up with it.”

“Nothing if you want to pull I guess. My mates warned me to stay away. Only people who want to hook up for a quick fuck go there.”

“Those bastards.” Martin snarled, “let me guess anyone who comes into town a lot knows that.” Charlotte nodded, Martin cursed again only harsher. “That’s why they’ve dumped me. I knew they had plans to try and set James, that’s the groom to be, up with a girl. Supposedly it was to be his last fling before he was tied to his wife. They knew I didn’t think much of the idea. And have had the perfect chance to drop me.”

“You could go after them if you want. I won’t mind.” Charlotte said, Martin shook his head.

“No, if they want to be that crass let them. And if James is stupid enough to go along with it them his fault. Plus if I don’t know then I don’t really have to lie to his wife do I.” He said, “after all. What happens on the stag do, stays on the stag do. Or so I’ve been told so many times in the last two weeks.” Charlotte smiled, then laughed softly. “What’s so funny?”

“Looks like we’ve both been dumped so our mates can go get fucked.” She said between laughs. Martin thought about it for a second then he too began to laugh.

“Well I suppose in that case we can fuck them off.” He said, which made them both laugh even harder. After a short while they both calmed down. Martin looked over at Charlotte. “At least this means you’ve got some company for a bit.” Charlotte smiled at him.

“That’d be nice, just a shame I won’t go clubbing.” She said.

“Says who, we both came out for a night dancing. I say we go find a club and have a good time. As long as it isn’t Ninety-Nines.”

“No, not that one.” Charlotte agreed, “I was supposed to be going to a club called the Church. Apparently it’s in an old church, it’s supposed to be good.”

“I hope you know where to find it, I’ve no idea.” She nodded.

“Luckily my mates told me where to find it before we came in here. It’s not that far away, and if we get there before eleven it’s half price entry.” Martin glanced up at the clock, it read ten thirty.

“Can we make it in thirty minutes.”

“Should do, it should only be about ten minutes from here.”

“Let’s go then.” He said sliding off his stool and downing the remains of his beer. Charlotte nodded and downed her drink in one gulp. They left the bar and she led them up the road. It actually took them about a little over fifteen minutes to get there. With the small queue they got in just before eleven. Martin paid then led Charlotte through to the dance floor. The club had obviously been a church before. The building had the familiar arches and stonework of a church. It even still had some of the stain glass windows, though they were quite high up. The bar was at the front of the dance floor. Where Martin guessed the pulpit would have once stood was now the DJ’s station. The area where the congregation would have stood was the dance floor. Charlotte brought drinks then led Martin out onto the floor.

At first he was a little nervous, and dance a bit stiffly. After a while he relaxed beginning to enjoy himself. By the time they had their second drinks he was fully enjoying himself. They danced, and chatted, and had a few more drinks. And if they moved closer towards each other Martin told himself it was only because the dance floor was filling up. Charlotte was a more relaxed dancer than Martin. As well as a more expressive one. Her movements were sensual, timed to the music. Where as Martin always seemed to be slightly stiffer, and usually a second behind the beat. Not that Charlotte seemed to mind, and if she did not mind then neither did he.

Things were going fine until the last few songs. Which just happened to be a series of slower, more romantic affairs than the fast music from the rest of the night. Martin found himself holding Charlotte in his arms as they danced slowly to the music. As slow song followed slow song they moved closer together. Until Charlotte was resting her head against his shoulder. Pressing herself against him, holding him tight. He held her tight as well, feeling how her body moulded itself against him. The DJ put on the final song, a slow romantic love song. Charlotte lifted her head up to look at him. Somehow, Martin was not sure how, their lips met. He did not know if he kissed her or she kissed him. What he was sure of was his reaction.

The instant their lips touched he felt heat flash through him. He crushed his lips to hers. Felt her respond in kind. Her hand slid up to his neck, cupping the back of his head. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, she willingly opened it. Their tongues moulded together, twisting around each other. He tasted her, the sweet flavour of her lipstick and the female taste inside her mouth. He pulled her closer, crushing her body against his. Feeling her breasts pressing into his chest. He knew she had to be able to feel his hard on. It was pressing into her groin. When she softly pushed herself against it he knew she had felt it. They held each other, kissing hard until the song ended and the lights came up. Finally they separated, slightly out of breath. For a moment neither of them spoke.

“We better get going, I guess it’s closing now.” Martin said, “is your hotel far.” Charlotte shook her head.

“It’s about fifteen minutes walk from the bar.”

“You’re walking back.”

“Yes I don’t have enough money for a taxi back.”

“Not alone your not. I’ll walk you back to make sure you get there safely.”

“Thanks, you don’t have to. I bet you’ve gotta get back to your hotel.”

“It’s no bother, and I’m not sure if I want to go back. Just in case the guys are there with their girls for the night.”

“Ok well you can probably get a taxi from the hotel. If you want to.” There was just a hint of a question in the last sentence. Enough to make him think, and not want to answer. To not want to commit to any action. He gave no answer just led her out of the club. Outside Charlotte pulled him into another kiss. Pressing her lips to his hard. He felt his body reacting. If she kept kissing him like that he would loose what little control he had.

They walked down the road close together, almost touching. Charlotte led him down the road towards a area of parkland. When she reached it she turned along the path through the park. Martin followed her watching the way her body moved. Seeing the swish of her buttocks under the short skirt. When they were half way across the park Charlotte turned to look at him.

“You enjoying staring at my butt.” She said with a smile. Martin smiled back.

“Definitely, but I think I prefer looking from this side.” He told her.

“Oh do you now.” She said moving towards him in a slow sensual motion. Martin watched her as she approached. When she reached him she wrapped her arms around him. Pressing her lips to his. The kiss was not soft and gently, but hard and passionate from the start. Charlotte crushing her lips against his. Martin kissing her back just as hard, trying to devour her mouth. Pushing his tongue into her mouth. As they kissed he moved her backwards until she was against one of the trees. Once she was resting between him and the tree he began to kiss her in earnest.

As he kissed her, probing her mouth with his tongue, his hands ran along her body. Feeling her soft flesh under his fingers. First running his hands down her back then gripping her buttocks to pull her tight into him. Charlotte wrapped herself around him. Curling her one leg up around his thigh, pushing her groin into his. His cock was already hard, it seemed to become harder as she rubbed against it. He ran his hand down over her leg. Feeling the shape of her thigh under his fingers. He then moved his hand up to her breast. Cupping it and squeezing it gently. Feeling the round shape of her breast under his hand. Her nipple was a hard bullet pushing through the thin material into his palm.

He squeezed the breast hard. Pressing his fingers into the firm flesh. Charlotte gave a soft moan. Kissing him harder on the mouth. Her hands running down his chest before sliding up his back. She slid one hand down between them. Rubbing it over his cock. Martin grunted softly at the feel of her hand rubbing against him. In response her ran his hand down under her skirt. Pressing it between her legs, he was surprised to find she was already wet. Charlotte gasped deeply as he pressed his fingers into her flesh.

He rubbed at her firmly. Sliding his fingers down her pussy. Before sliding two fingers deep into her body. Charlotte hissed as he pushed his fingers into her. He could feel how warm her pussy was, hot, tight around his fingers. He pushed his fingers in and out of her. Continuing to kiss her hard as he did. Then he moved his fingers up to her clit. Rubbing it firmly with the tips of his fingers. Charlotte moaned deeply, clinging to him. He rubbed at her harder. Running his fingers around the small bud. She moaned louder, he rubbed harder. Sliding his fingers up and down over her clit.

She was fumbling with the button on his trousers. Once she opened it she slipped her hand into his under wear. Wrapping her fingers around him. Rubbing them along his cock. Now Martin's moans joined hers as she ran her fingers up and down him. She pushed his trousers down with her other hand. Releasing his cock fully. She ran her fingers along it, rubbing him firmly. Martin was in no doubt as to where the two of them were heading. A quick glance told him there was no one else in the park but them. He ran his hands up, hooking his fingers in the top of her panties. Starting to pull them down when she stopped him.

"Condoms," she gasped. "Do you have any?" He froze looking at her. He had none, he had not needed any for years.

"No, do you." He asked.

"In the hotel." She said. In the hotel, that was too far away. He wanted her now, could not wait until they reached the hotel. Then he suddenly figured out the solution, the reason why he did not carry any.

"I'm safe, I can't get you pregnant." He told her. "I've had the snip, and I've not been with anyone other than Clara before." He told her, both facts were true. Clara had been told after their last fail pregnancy that if she got pregnant again there was a high chance it would kill her. He had been booked in for a vasectomy within the week. And until tonight he had never even contemplated cheating on his wife. A fact that if he had thought of it five minutes before it would have pulled him up short. Now it had no effect on his desire to fuck Charlotte.

"I'm safe too, I've always been careful." Charlotte told him, her panties were on the floor before she finished. He maneuvered himself between her legs. Cupping her buttocks and lifting her up. Positioning his cock against her wet opening. With a single thrust he entered her. Pushing his cock up into her pussy. She gasped hard as he entered her. Martin grunted at the feel of her tight wet pussy around him.

He had intended to take his time, fully enjoy her. However as soon as he entered her he knew there was no chance of that. All he wanted to do was fuck her hard. There was no chance of any finesse.

“Charlotte I can't go slow. I need to fuck you hard.” He warned her.

“Good, I don't want slow. I want hard and fast.” She told him. He began to thrust into her hard. Thrusting his cock deeply into her. Charlotte gasped hard, clinging to him. She wrapped her legs around his thighs. Her arms locking around his back. He pinned her against the tree. Using it to hold her up. Allowing him to focus more on fucking her, rather than holding her in place.

He rammed into her, fucking her hard. Thrusting his cock up into her. Pushing it as deep into her as he could. Moving in rapid thrusts, ramming in and out of her. His fingers dug into her thighs. Feeling the shape of her muscles under his hand. The way they rippled with each hard thrust. Hearing her hard gasps as he fucked her. Slamming his cock deep into her pussy. Feeling how tight she was around him. Warm and wet each time he entered her. He kissed her neck and shoulders. Then her face, kissing her hard on the mouth. Stifling her gasps with his mouth.

He moved one hand up to cup her breast through her top. Squeezing it, feeling the shape of her breast through her top. He wished he could suck on it. But did not dare strip her top off in the park. So he settled for feeling her breast through her top. Continuing to ram his cock hard into her. Thrusting up into her as hard as he could. Making her gasp loudly with each thrust. Making her body ripple with each thrust. Unfortunately he knew he could not keep going like this without something giving. All too soon he felt his body tightening, as he headed towards an orgasm.

"Charlotte, if I keep going I'm going to cum in you." He told her.

"Don't stop, keep going, cum in me." Charlotte gasped back clinging to him. Pushing herself into him, matching his thrusts with her hips. He kept up his motion, slamming into her hard. Thrusting into her deeply. Feeling his body rushing towards its release. Charlotte moaned deeply as his thrusts grew harder.

"Yes, Charlotte, yes I'm cumming." He groaned as he felt himself tipping over the edge. She called out his name as he rammed into her. Emptying himself in to her pussy. She clung to him, gripping him with her thighs. Milking his cock with her pussy. Shuddering softly as he came in her. He held her tightly for a minute until they both stopped gasping for breath. Then he slowly lowered her down, pulling softly out of her. The pair of them lent against the tree for a few more minutes until the both stopped shaking. Only then did Martin step away from her. She pushed herself up off the tree. Her first couple of steps were unsteady. Then she turned to look at him, her face glowing in the moonlight.

"After that I can't wait to find out what happens when we get back into the hotel room." She told him, grabbing his hand with hers. Smiling widely he followed her along the path towards her hotel. He wondered what the staff would say about her going out with two girls only to come back with a guy. Luckily there was no one on the desk. Charlotte used her key to let them in, quickly leading him up to her room. As soon as he shut the door behind him she turned towards him. Pushing him back against the door. Pressing her lips to his, kissing him hard. He felt her tongue pushing into his mouth. Felt it wrapping around his own tongue as she probed his mouth with her tongue. As she kissed him she ran her hands over his body. She began to fumble at his shirt buttons. Almost ripping them off in her hurry to remove his shirt. Then she ran her fingers over his naked flesh. Running her fingers over his chest and stomach. Then down to his trousers. Rubbing her hand over his cock, which instantly responded. He felt her smile as she felt him hardening under her hand. She rubbed her fingers along him.

Reaching down she quickly undid his trousers, releasing his cock. Rubbing her fingers along his length. They felt cool against the heat of his cock. She ran them along him, making him gasp softly. She smiled up at him then sank down to her knees in front of him. As he watched she slipped her lips over his cock. Sliding her mouth down him, sucking softly as she did. Martin gave a deep hiss at the feel of her mouth around him. He could see the twinkle in her eyes as her reacted to her. She began to slowly slide her mouth along him. Sliding her lips down him, sucking on him as she did.

At first it seemed like all she was going to do was slide her mouth up and down him. Then he felt her curling her tongue around his cock. Licking it all over, flicking it over the head. She began to change the speed of her movements, sucking harder or softer. Holding only his head in her mouth and sucking hard on it as she licked her tongue over it. Martin hissed and moaned as she gave him a fantastic blow job. His legs were like jelly, and it was only the door behind him that stopped him collapsing to the floor.

As he watched her sucking on him he had a moment of disgust at himself. He was twenty six, ten years older than the girl sucking on his cock. He had already cheated with her once on his wife. Quite probably he was going to cheat on his wife with her again before the night was out. He should know better, did know better. However, at that moment it felt right for some reason. For just one night he was willing to forget he was married. After all he was still technically on the stag do, and what happened on the stag do stayed on the stag do. Then Charlotte slipped her lips right down him, sucking on him hard, and all thought left his head. Replaced by pure lust that flashed through his mind.

She kept up her movements on him. Sucking hard on his cock, sliding her lips along him. He had expected her to stop at some point, just like Clara did. Just in case he came in her mouth. Slowly it dawned on him that Charlotte had no intention of stopping. She slipped her mouth up and down him like a woman on a mission. It almost seemed as if she was relishing the idea of him cumming in her mouth He knew full well that if she continued the way she was then he was going to cum very soon. As if she sensed this she reached up to cup his balls with her free hand. Softly squeezing them with her fingers. Martin gasped sharply as he felt his orgasm explode within him.

"Oh shit, cumming." He managed to gasp seconds before he emptied his cum into her mouth. Charlotte reacted with a soft sigh of pleasure as he pumped his cum into her. She swallowed him, holding her mouth around him until he had finished cumming. She then pulled back, smiling up at him before licking her lips clean. Her eyes flashing with lust as she looked up at him. Martin lent down to kiss her hard on her lips, pulling her to her feet. Twisting round he pressed her against the door. Running his hands over her body as he kissed her mouth and neck. He ran one hand between her legs, rubbing at her pussy. Charlotte gasped hard, wrapping her arms around him. Martin pushed two fingers into her, probing deep inside her. Before pulling them up to lick them clean.

"Umm, nice." He told her, her eyes flashed in response. Martin reached up to the buttons down the front of her corset top. He quickly undid them, pushing the top off to expose her breasts. He looked down at them, taking in their sexy appearance. Two large round mounds of pink flesh, natural perfect spheres of skin. Each topped by a large dark nipple. Martin lent down to take one breast into his mouth. Sliding his lips around it and licking his tongue all over it. Drawing it into his mouth. Charlotte gasped and held him against her breast. He sucked hard on it, licking the nipple with his tongue. Before moving to give the other breast the same treatment. Sucking and licking it all over. As he sucked on her breasts he reached down to remove her skirt. Leaving her naked apart from her stockings and shoes.

He moved back guiding her away from the door. Slowly lowering her to the floor in the middle of the room. He looked down at her, his gaze flicking over her hot young body. Her perfect breasts, toned stomach, long shapely legs and especially the trimmed covering of black hair between her thighs. He lowered himself down beside her on the floor. Kissing her mouth, then her neck. Moving down her to kiss each breast, sucking firmly on her nipples. Before sliding down to between her legs. Charlotte looked down at him as he lowered his head between her thighs. He ran his tongue up her pussy, licking softly at it. Then he parted her lips with his fingers and licked harder at her. Charlotte gasped, arching her head back as he began to lick at her. He flicked his tongue inside her pussy. Licking at her first, tasting her juices. However his intention was not to lick in her pussy, but to make her cum. So he moved his tongue up to her clit. Licking at it, circling it with the tip of his tongue. Charlotte moaned deeply, arching her back as he licked at her.

He began to use all his experience to bring her to an orgasm. Licking and kissing her clit. Running his tongue over it. around it. Quickly finding out how she liked it, what got the best reaction from her. Working on it, making her gasp and moan. He could feel her writhing on the carpet as he licked at her. Reaching up he grasped both breasts. Kneading them with his fingers, playing with her nipples. Her moans grew louder, harder, as he continued to lick at her. Now in a rhythm licking at her, moving his tongue around her clit. He could sense that she was rapidly rushing towards her orgasm.

"God stop." She gasped, reaching down to pull him up to her. He tried to continue licking at her but she dragged him up. "No stop please, I'm nearly cumming."

"That's the idea isn't it." He said with a cheeky grin. She smiled back up at him. Before rolling him over onto his back and straddling him with her legs.

"Yes, but I want to cum with you in me." She said in a breathless rush. As she manoeuvred her pussy over his cock. Reaching down she guided him into her. Slowly lowering herself down, sliding her pussy all the way along him.

"Oh. My. God!" Martin hissed as he felt her warm pussy enveloping every inch of his cock. Charlotte gave a series of quick gasping breaths as she slid down him. Then she began to ride him, slowly at first. Moving her pussy up and down him. Getting her balance and rhythm right. When she did, which only took a few seconds, she began to move quicker. Sliding faster along him. Martin gasped at the feel of her pussy moving up and down his cock. She felt so warm, and tight around him. Sliding down until he was totally buried inside her. Before moving up so only his head was inside, then dropping back down on him.

Charlotte's eyes where closed and she was gasping hard. Soft moans of pleasure as she rode him for all she was worth. Martin watched her as she moved up and down. Seeing the play of her feeling on her face, how the look of pleasure increased each time she sank down on him. He lowered his gaze to watch her firm breasts. Watching as they bounced up and down in time with each movement. After only a few seconds he had to hold them. Reaching up he wrapped his fingers around them. Gripping them tight, pawing firmly at them. Charlotte gave a soft hiss of pleasure.

Holding them was not enough, he wanted to suck on her breasts. He pulled himself upright. Opening his mouth he wrapped it around on breast. Drawing as much of the firm flesh into his mouth as he could. Licking his tongue all over it. Before flicking the tip of his tongue over the hard nipple. This time Charlotte cried out in passion. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him into her chest. He happily took her invite to suck on her breasts. Moving between them, sucking on each. Licking them all over, and especially her nipples. She began to cry out, wild sounds on passion. Her movements on his cock increasing rapidly. Slamming herself down onto him. He sucked at her breasts, working at them to add to her pleasure.

At the same time he reached down and cupped her buttocks. Pulling her into him each time she sank down. He began to thrust into her, timing it so his thrusts match hers. She squealed loudly with each thrust. Arching her back, her nails clawing at his shoulders.

"Oh god, Martin, fuck I'm, I'm..." He did not need her to tell him what she was doing. With a wild cry she came. Martin felt her body explode around him. Her pussy rippling tight as her muscles reacted to her orgasm. She clung to him gasping out his name as her orgasm ran through her. Until finally it died and she sank sideways dragging him with her.

"Oh god, yes, that was so good." She whispered from the floor. Martin disentangled himself from between her legs.

"It isn't over yet." He told her, she looked up at him with slightly startled eyes.

"It isn't?" He shook his head as he clambered up, pulling her with him. Quickly he pushed her towards the sofa, bending her forwards over it. He positioned himself behind her, guiding his cock to her wet pussy. With a hard thrust he entered her, ramming his cock as deep in as he could.

"Fuck!" Charlotte gasped as he entered her. Martin gripped her hips tightly as he began to ram into her. Pistoning his cock in and out. Slamming it deep into her pussy. Fucking her as hard as he could. "Oh fuck, Fuck, FUCK!" Charlotte grunted with each thrust, her voice rising until she was screaming the word in passion. Martin gasped through clenched teeth as he continued to piston in and out. Pounding her tight young pussy hard.

Each thrust rammed him totally into her. His thighs slapped against hers, in a hard harmony to his thrusts. Charlotte was still screaming fuck, again and again. Her nails dug into the back of the sofa. His thrust pushing her face over it into the window. Martin could see out into the city, with all the lights glinting. A sparkling show to light up their private sexual actions. Her face was reflected in the glass. Eyes tightly closed, mouth open as she gasped and cried out with his thrust. He reached up to grab her hair, pulling her head back towards him. Ramming his cock up into her hard. Charlotte screams altered suddenly.

"Oh, oh, fuck, oh fuck." She squealed sharply," god, god, yes, babe I'm cumming, on god yes I'm cumming." He felt her orgasm as it shot through her. Her pussy tightening around him, rippling. He grunted harshly as her orgasm brought him suddenly to the edge of his own. Yanking back on her hair he rammed into her. Slamming his cock up into her pussy, once, twice. On the third thrust he came.

"Charlotte, yesssss. Fuck me!" He cried as his orgasm slammed into him. The sheer power of it stunned him. Every cell seemed to be hit by electric shock at the same time. His body shuddered with the orgasm. He held his cock buried in her as far as he could. Emptying himself into her. As he did he kept gasping her name, held totally in place by his orgasm. He could not have moved it he wanted to, his body was no long under his control.

They remain like that, pinned together by their mutual orgasms. Martin had no idea how long they stay, his cock still hard inside her. Finally his legs began to cramp and he pulled back. Charlotte collapsed onto the sofa gasping hard. Martin sank down next to her. She turned to look at her. Her hair was tangled from where he had pulled on it. Her face was still flushed red, her eyes wild with lust.

"Shit are you like that with Clara." She asked, Martin had to shake his head.

"Nope, I've never had that reaction fucking her." Charlotte smiled softly.

"Umm, lucky me. But you've all but exhausted me." He put on a fake frown.

"That's a pity."


"Because I want another round. Tonight is probably the only chance I'll get to do this. Any other time and Clara would probably find out. Hell if she does find out I'm toast."

"Why should she, I ain't going to tell her. She'd kill me for doing this with you. Are you going to tell her." Martin shook his head, he was not that stupid either. "What about your mates. Will they notice when you don't return to their hotel."

"Probably not." Martin said after a moments thought. "If I'm right they'll all be busy doing the same thing. And even if they did, they wouldn't say. After all, what happens on the stag do, stays on the stag do." Charlotte smiled and dragged herself to her feet.

"Well in that case we had better get to bed." She told him.


"Because if you're going to fuck me like that again I'm not going to able to walk afterwards. Unless you want to have to carry me, we better do it in bed." Martin laughed as he got to his feet.

"Ok then, let's go and see if I can fuck you legless." He told her, as he led her towards the bed. Her eyes flashing with lust in reply told him all he needed to know.

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2014-12-21 08:40:34
Yes,,,great story!!!! Had to wake my new young 23yr. old 8.5" Cock who just moved next to me last week..I needed a good fuck after that story. Its fun being 50 and still make young cocks hard... When I said hi to him when moving ,,, he stated at my hard nipples and I seen his bulge ,,, and said look,,, I love cock and I need to be fucked ! Just learned he is having two roommates!!! Oh , what dirty slut I am !!!!!

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2014-12-02 00:10:17
Very nice story, got my juices flowing good and proper, my pussy is so wet and juicy my panties would be soaking , if I was wearing any. The story was good but the actual fucking was fab , described well I could almost feel him banging in to me. Thanks for the great post and please cum back to the site. Luvsalik xx

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2014-11-09 06:35:03
This story was incredible. (On a different note, without even looking at the author info at the top, I could tell he's from England... I have a love of England and a lot of the stuff I love comes from there so I've picked up on the words used there.)

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2014-08-05 05:51:26
I am so wet from that story.

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2014-06-10 12:03:24
An ingielltent answer - no BS - which makes a pleasant change

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