The sequel to Fishing with Abby
Abby. Oh how I loved her. With all my heart and more. She was so sweet, smart, and stunningly beautiful. We have been friends literally since birth- we were born on the same day, within the same hour. Our parents became friends in the hospital room that they shared and we have been friends ever since. We always had fun together, never a dull moment. But one day Abby told me that she was moving to Toledo. I was heart- broken, I thought I would never see Abby again. I thought I would never see her blonde hair, hazelnut colored eyes, or her beautiful face and body. I soon forgot Abby, and I hate myself for doing that. I became a popular jock in my school, and got laid so many times. Until one day at the beginning o summer break my mo told me hat we were going fishing with them. During the trip I found out my love for her was mutual. I couldn't believe it, but then we made the most amazing love that I had ever experienced and now I know I'm the luckiest guy in the whole world.

After making love, we returned home later that morning and Abby and I entered my room and didn't come out until 5pm. All we did was kiss, and kiss, and kiss, with the occasional 'I love you'. After we finished, we came out to see our parents shaking hands. As it turns out our fathers went into business together and I would be seeing Abby a lot more. Then we all went to a shopping mall. I was an amazing night. Abby an I went to dinner, shopping, and dancing. She got a call from her parents at around 11 and we went home a few minutes later.

The familiar sadness came back to me when they had to leave to go back to Toledo. Me and Abby were the first ones out. We hugged tightly for a minute and kissed, but this kiss did not have passion, but sadness. Once we stopped I said,

"Adieu, Adieu. Parting is such sweet sorrow." Then I saw a tear run down her cheek. "Abby don't be sad. I love you, and I promise we will see each other again soon. I promise." The we kissed again and she got in her car and left.

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< 6 MONTHS LATER><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" I screamed. It was December and I hadent seen Abby in 6 months. All I could do was scream when I was home alone after school. All I had to remeber her by was 1 measly little picture that we took on the fishing trip in June. It was not enough to fill the void in my life. I had nothing to do while my parents were at work. They both owned a flooring business (which is doin very well) and they didnt come home untill 9pm. So I got our my gituar and started to play. I played for an hour untill the doorbell rang. I went over to the window and saw there was no car there. I thought my friends were ding-dong ditching me so I didnt bother to open the door, but out of the corner of my eye, I was a figure standing at the doorway. I coudent make out who it was because the glass was treated and It was blurry. So I went over and opend the door. I stopped dead. It was Abby. I felt my lover for her sky-rocket threw the roof. She had grown so much since the last time I was her. She face became more defined, her hair fuller, and her breasts bigger. She was glowing.

"A-Abby," I studderd "is that you?"

"Yes Jake its me" She said laughing. Then she leaned in and our lips met. the passion was greater than all of our other kissed combined. I almost fained from the love from that kiss.

After I came back to my senses, I picked her up by her legs, and carried her inside. I put her down on the couch and I lied down next to her.

"Abby what are you doing her? How did you get here?"

"My parents had to do some negotiations with your dad and Im on on winter break, so I came down with him and asked him if I could stay with you." Then she climed on top of me and resumed our kissing. I started moving down and rubbed her ass. It was full and big.


"Yes my love?"

"I was hoping that we could wait a little before we have sex."

"Abby what ever you want, beautiful."

"Thanks baby!" Then she got off of me and walked to the backdoor.

"Where you goin'" I asked

"Down to the creek, wanna come?"

"Sure!" I grabbed my coat and went outside.

The creek was in a small valley behind our house, right next to a ranch that had been abandoned for a while. abby and I always used to pet the horses when it was open. She always had a way with animals. The way any aminal feels relaxed around her always made me smile. We walked down to the creek though a wooded path. Once it opened up to the ranch Abby gasped

"Oh my God! What happend here?"

"Burt died about 5 years ago. His family couldent take car of the horses anymore so they sold hem and left the ranch completly."

"Awww thats sad." she said. Then we went over to the creek and skipped rocks and talked about the good memories that we made there.

After 10 minutes, we started up a hill that opend up to a clearing where there was usually deer there during the summer. As soon as we got up to the top, Abby took of running.

"Come on Jake, catch me!" She yelled. Then I started running toward her. We ran for what felt like hours, in circles, patternes, diagonals, all while laughing. Finaly I caught her near the edge of the clearing. We feel down laughing. That soon died down and we started to stare at each other, with true love. She got on top of my after a few seconds and we started to kiss with the same passion and lust as before. I was madly in love.

After a hour of kissing we returned home and continued our kissing. It was the first day of winter and 1 was only 1 week away from winter brake. It had started to snow, but nither Abby or I had notced beacuse I took her to my room and put her on my bed. We contined our kissing. I felt the bugle in my pants starting to grow. I didnt try to hide it, beacuse between Abby and I, there was nothing to hide, we loved each other more that life itself.

She mustve felt my growing hard-on, because she reached around and started to rub my dick through my pants. We kept kissing untill my dick was trobbing with exitement. My jeans were so tight that they couldent hold my dick any longer. I started to moan from the pain. Thank God Abby noticed this. She said,

"Cant wait for me?"

"Ummm yeah, no" I replied. She laughed, reached down, undid my pants and dropped them. Then she took down my boxers, which made my dick shoot staright up. She started to rub it in her soft hands.

"You have no idea how much I missed you Jake." She said

"If its anything to how much I missed you, I think I have a pretty good idea." I replied, she laughed and took off her clothes. Once her braw came off, I was amazed. Her brests had become bigger. Her nipples and the are around them had also become bigger, but not to big- just right. There was still no sagging what so ever. They were just amazing.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked. I didnt move a muscle, my eyes were fixed on the female prefection in front of me. "Jake? Jake, you still with me? Jaake?"

"Huuu? Oh, oh, oh man," I said, snapping out of my coma. "Oh umm, sorry Abby, um, WOW!" She just laughed at how stupid I looked.

"I was hoping youd like 'em." she said, them she bent down and her lips met the tip of my dick. It was amazing, pure ecstacy.

"Oh dear Lord! God thats good! Oh fuck!" I said under my breath. She just kept on sucking, her warm lips moving up and down my hard shaft, her wet tounge licking my tip. I thought I was going to pass out. I quckly got back to my senses and started to pet Abby's, long luxurios hair as she sucked me. It was indesribable.

As she was sucking my hard cock, I started think about what had happend these past few months. From the first real hug that Abby and I shared, to the peninsula that we were sitting at when I found out Abby loved me too, to our first time on the pier. I couldent believe how much I loved Abby.

After day dreaming for a while I looked down and I saw that Abby was done. She climed back on top of me and started kissing again, our naked bodies rubbing up agaenst each other.I held her by her hip and leg, holdng her tightly, not so much to where I hurt her, just enough to keep her in my arms forever.

We kissed, still filled with passion and love, untill Abby grabbed ahold of my dick and positioned it on her pussy. Once the tip was in, Abby got up and she started moving up and down, up and down, very slowly, her pussy tight around my dick.

"Oh, ah... Ahh yes!" She quietly moaned. She kept moving slowly on my dick. Truthfully I was ok with it. The love between was enough, and the slow pumping made it well up, so much that you could feel it in the room. The snow outside was falling hard and really enhanced the experience. We fucked that way for what felt like hours, but when Abby got off, I saw we only fucked for 10 minutes.

Abby laied down on my bed where I was and I got up. I knew we were gonna fuck missionary style this time. Abby made herself comfertable and spread her legs, reveling her beautiful pussy. It was unchanged since the fishing trip. I slowly stuck my dick into my beautiful best freind, going slowly like she did to keep the mood strong. I wet a little faster than she did, but it looked like she really loved it. Her eyes were closed like mine were, and she was latting put soft moans and gasps every time I pumped. We made our beautiful love for at least 7 hours. We stayed quiet the entire time, trying not to break the mood. My manhood slowly welling up and ready to burst out. The last time I ejaculated was in Abby during the fishing trip.

"Abby, oh god Abby?" I said tring to hold my cum in.

"Yeah?" She asked, her voice was so beautiful and soothing

"Your on the pill still right?"

"Yes why- Oh yes!" She tried to finish, but I sent my warm semen into her beautiul body, "Jake thats so good! Oh God I love you!"

"I love you too Abby. More and more each day." I said, then I stopped cumming. I dropped down next to her and we started kissing. We didnt kiss for long, my alarm clock caght my eye. 12:00 am

"Holy shit!!!" I yelled

"What, what is it babe?"

"Its 12 and my parents arnt home yet!"

"And mine havent called yet either, maybe this storms knoked out all reception." She said. Then I made a bee-line to the nearest land line. I called my dads work phone.

"Come on, come on, pick up!" I mutterd through my teeth. Finaly my mom picked up.

"Hello Jake?" My mom excliamed

"Yeah, mom its me." I said replied, relieved.

"Oh thank god your safe Jake! Can you believe this snow storm? Its already at a level 3 snow emergency! That means all the roads are closed."

"For how long?"

"Well the weatherman just gave us news from the governor, he issed a state of emergency for the rest of this week, but dont worry, you two should have enough food and water for a month, and hows Abby? Her parents want to know."

I looked over at Abby, she had fallen asleep on my bed. She looked so peaceful and beautiful. I smiled and replied,

"Shes just fine mom, and tell her parents not to worry, I'll keep her safe."

"Aww, your just the sweetest thing!" She replied.

"So mom are you guys gonna stay at dads place or what?"

"Oh yeah were gonna stay at the Howard-Johnson across the street. Abbys parents and dad have already gone over so I have to go now. Bye hon! I love you!"

"Bye mom! Stay safe." And I hung up the phone.

I went over to my bed and lied down next to Abby. I rubbed her cheek gently as she slept. Once I got tired, I pulled the covers over us and fell asleep.


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