Jake and I were best friends since 6th grade when we play little league baseball. Now we are both seniors in high school and we hang out all the time still. I am 6 foot 6 200lbs with an athletic body Jake is 6 foot 1 170 with the same kind of build as me. We still hang out all the time and sometimes Jake sleeps over and we play call of duty and go swimming. This weekend was no different Jake came over at like 6 o cloak and we went upstairs to put his stuff away. Then we started to play the new zombies in call of duty black ops. If anyone plays zombies these games take like three hours we died at round 45 and it was 11 at night.

We were both not tired so I told Jake I have a brazzers account we could watch some porn if he wanted to. He said sure and got my laptop out and went on the web site and looked up some DP porn it is my favorite type of porn. We both had huge boners within the minute I could see jakes tent in his pants. Then Jake did something I could not believe he took out his 7 inch cock and started jerking off right there. This made me get so hard it hurt so I took out my 7 inch cock and started to jack off to. Jake looked like he was about cum so I stopped watching the porn and looked at Jake. He had the look of so much pleasure on his face then he screamed and a long white stream on cum came flying out of his cock. The way Jake was sitting half of the cum hit my chest and cock I was so horny I just used it as lube. Now I’m about to cum so to get back at Jake I stand up and cum all over him. Jake grabbed my nuts it hurt but felt so good. I told Jake I need to take a shower to clean up he also needed to clean up so he said we should just jump in the pool.

We were the only ones home tonight so I said we should go skinny dipping. We were already naked so we when down stairs I followed Jake down stairs watching his ass bonce up and down. My house is in the middle of nowhere so there is no one there to see us. We stood in front of the pool testing the water Jake thought it was to cool I called him a pussy slapped his balls and jumped in. After recovering from the pain he jumped in after me. I love swimming naked you can swim real fast.

So after about 10 minutes we got bored so I thought to see if my girlfriend jenny could come over she lived like a mile down the road and snuck out all the time to sleep over at my house. She was glad I call and said she would be over in 20. I told Jake she was coming over he said we should got get dress but he didn’t know that me and jenny have been talking about a threesome for a while now. I said don’t worry about it she won’t be here for 20 minutes. We keep swimming but the water was getting to cold so we jump in the hot tub. Seeing Jake’s wet naked body for so long I was getting pretty hard. I heard a knock on the door so I went to go get it.

Jenny is about 5 10 skinny with the most perfect c cup beast her nipples just the perfect size I loved her body. It was jenny she said “look who’s happy to see me” I was confused but I look down I had a raging hard on. She was wearing a trench coat she took it off revealing her naked She shut the door and started sucking my cock right there. Then Jake walked in jenny stopped suck my cock and waved Jake over she started to suck both our cocks. Then jenny and I dropped down into our favorite position 69. I was eating out her sweet pussy and she was sucking my dick and suck jakes cock. As we were 69ing Jake walked around and started to fuck jenny’s pussy as I’m eating her out. Jake’s huge cock slid across my tongue as it entered jenny. Once he was all the way in I was sucking his balls and licking jenny’s clit at the same time. This must have been driving Jake and jenny’s crazy because they started to cum at the same time. Watching Jake unload into jenny was so hot it made me start to cum. As Jake pulled out of jenny his cum dripped all over my face so I continued to lick jenny’s pussy clean. We all got up and jenny said I’m not done with guys yet not even close I want you both inside me at the same time. I said I have all ways want to do a DP. Jenny said I’m not talking about a DP both of you in my tight pussy at the same time. Then Jake said “it won’t be so tight when we are done with you” “that’s what I like to hear” jenny said. Then Jake slapped my ass and said “I call bottom and don’t cum to fast”. Next Jenny straddled Jake and he started to fuck her hard. Then I got behind them and pushed my hard cock into her warm wet pussy. At first push I could not get it in and then Jake said “what am I to big or something” then I said “fuck you asked for it” and I grabbed his cock to make room and slammed my cock in jenny’s tight pussy I could feel every one of the veins on jakes cock as I entered. As I got all the way in her pussy mine and jakes cock head were touching and it felt so good. The heat of jenny’s body and pussy combined with the heat of jakes cock and his huge ball was ecstasy to me. Jake and i were in perfect harmony blow for blow the fiction of our cock made me want to cum so bad but I didn’t want this to stop. Then I felt jakes hands grab my ass and I jump and almost pulled out but I didn’t. Jake said “clam down you know you like it” I thought to myself” I do”. Then I felt Jake finger start to explore my ass and I could not believe how good it felt. Then Jake squeezed my ass and he said “I’m cumming” then I started you cum. I come feel mine and jakes cum fill jenny’s tight pussy. I pulled out first then Jake did jenny had come as well and had a look of pleasure on her face. Mine and jakes juices were oozing out of jenny’s pussy. Then jenny said “boys I need to be cleaned” we both looked at each other and said “what the hell”. We got on our knees I start to eat her out the taste of our cum was so good then Jake started to lick her clit. Our tongues touched we both just went with it and were making out as we eat out jenny. We finished cleaning her then we got up all three of us were super sticky so we jumped in the spa.

It was getting late so jenny said she had to go home my and Jake were super tried also. We decide to go to bed most of the time Jake would sleep on the floor in my room but after what we just did he was in my bed. We both were still naked and a little wet. The first thing Jake said was “that his back was super sore from today”. He said his know that I was working at a massage parlor. So then I said “do you want me to take a look at it” he said “I thought you would never ask”. So Jake lay on his back on the side of the bed and I stood next to him. I started out with the normal massage. I loved feeling all of jakes muscles it was dark so all I could see was the outline of this body but even in the dark his ass looked amazing. Then Jake asked me if I had any of the oil I use and I did. I grabbed the tingling oil because I knew he would love it. Be for I knew it Jake was covered with oil. Jake asked if I could do his pecks because he worked them out and they hurt like hell. So he rolled over the first thing I noticed was his cock spring up which was fully hard. So I worked my way down his chest and then stroked his cock a few times this made Jake moan load. I needed more leverage for jakes peck so I got on top of him I could feel his cock inches from my ass I was working on jakes pecks I felt the head of jakes cock kiss my hole. This almost made me cum right there. Then Jake moved up and started to kiss me deeply. Right as I started to relax Jake slammed all 7 inches of his cock in my ass. The mix of pain and pleasure felt so good. As Jake was fucking as hard as he could he took my cock in his hand and started to jerk me off. This was the most pleasure I had ever had and I could not hold back anymore. With one long shot I came all over Jake I could also felt jakes cum fill my tight ass. We both rolled over and passed out.

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