You know the warning. I hope you enjoy!
It had been three days since we left the motel, and our injuries were fully healed. We had stopped off in Illinois so that I could finish training Jenny. We were alone in the wilderness, far away from any road, house, or even a hiking trail. We were completely alone, and with plenty of camping gear and supplies in the car, we were ready to spend a long time by ourselves. We had just finished removing our bandages and stitches and were stretching in the sunlight. The scar above Jenny’s temple that had at one time been a large gash was now but a faint line, and all of my muscles had recuperated from my bruises and bullet wounds.
Ever since we left the motel, I had continued to train Jenny in the car. As I drove, Jenny would solve Rubik’s Cubes blindfolded so that she would have to work from pure memory, solve math problems that I would give her, come up with solutions to hypothetical situations, and play chess with me without a chess set. Like solving the Rubik’s Cube while blindfolded, playing chess without a set required near-flawless memory, with both of us having to remember where every piece was without being able to see them, and still come up with strategies. I would beat her every time, but she loved the challenge and constantly wanted to go for another round. By the time we reached the state park, her IQ level was nearly 190 and she could keep her entire mind active without having to be put into a trance.
“Ok, our injuries have fully healed so it’s time to resume our training. You’ve learned how to use your senses to their full potential and think with the same efficiency and power as a supercomputer. Now that our bodies are in prime condition, we can begin the next part of the training; pain tolerance, harnessing the full strength of your muscles, and logical fighting. We’re going to spend a month out here working nonstop.” I said as I cracked my knuckles and made sure for the hundredth time that we were alone. Jenny gained a small smile on her face.
“Adrian, the night our parents were killed, I got to the warehouse when you were halfway through slaying Ben and his followers. Adrian, what I saw left me breathless. I looked past the blood, gore, and killing intent, and I watched the way you moved. It was one of the most incredible things I had ever seen; it was like art in motion. Are you saying that you’re going to teach me that?” She asked with her voice soft but filled with excitement. I gained a confident smile.
“In reality, there is not much to teach. You will learn how to achieve the required discipline, but that is all. Now I must warn you, this part of the training will be incredibly dangerous, and often painful. I would die before causing you harm, but if you want to gain ultimate control over your body you must be willing to take a lot of pain. I cannot teach you this discipline without being very harsh and strict.” I warned. Jenny straightened her posture and her expression was one of stony confidence.
“I want to learn Adrian, please teach me.” She said.
“Very well. The first step to this is learning to activate your body’s adrenal glands on demand. Let’s take a seat.” I said as I pulled out a blanket and laid it out on the ground. We both sat down on the blanket it meditative positions.
“I just need a minute…” I said as I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.
In my mind, I was preparing myself for the mental strain I would receive by being Jenny’s teacher. I would have to be cold and harsh in order to teach her, I would have to become the machine that I had forsaken to be with her. This would be the ultimate test for our relationship and our wills. I would have to face guilt for what I would put Jenny through and do what must be done, and Jenny would have to accept great pain and keep coming back. I took another deep breath and opened my eyes. They had gained an icy hue, and when I spoke, my voice had a cold metallic sting for the first time since Jenny and I were first intimate.
“Before we begin, I must warn you; this will be one of the harshest times of your life. If we are going to proceed, then our roles must change. I won’t be your lover and boyfriend; I’ll be your teacher and master. You won’t be my lover and girlfriend; you’ll be my student and apprentice. If we are going to proceed, you must seal your heart and commit to this 100%. If you do not finish the training, not only will it be a complete failure, but also the rift that the training created will never close, and we will inevitably split apart.
During this training, I will say things that will make you hate me, I will do things that will make you fear me, and your view of me will never be the same. To be honest, I am completely terrified, because this training could end our relationship. You are all that I have in this world Jenny, you are why I started this journey and you are why I am still alive. If our relationship ends, so will my life. I am putting my existence in your hands, and it is yours to do with as you wish.” I said with my voice shaking. Jenny stared at me wide-eyed then looked away, with her eyes filled with sadness, confidence, fear, determination, hesitance, and love. Finally, she looked into my eyes with her emotions calm.
“I am ready, Master.” She said confidently. I took a deep breath, mentally bracing myself.
“Ok, first thing I need you to do is close your eyes, and without moving your limbs or head, raise your heart rate with pure will.” I said. Jenny did as she was told, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. I placed my hand on her chest and counted her heartbeats. She was barely able to raise it all, even after five minute. In order for her to succeed, I would need to push her and be as harsh as was required.
“Come on, get it right! Are you so pathetic that you can’t even control your heart rate?!” I barked. Jenny quivered at the tone of my voice, but after only a second, she regained control, reminding herself that I had warned her about this and it was to be expected. But even after yelling at her, her heart rate had barely risen.
“What the hell is wrong with you?! It’s not that hard to figure out! I knew you weren’t ready for this, I don’t even know why I took you with me!” I yelled, hating myself for every word.
Jenny’s heart rate rose only a little bit, but her body was compensating to restore balance. Gritting my teeth, I worked up the courage to take drastic measures. I slapped her across the face, filling my whole body with pain from self-loathing. Jenny opened her eyes and stared at me with disbelief. A tear rolled down her red cheek, but the confidence in her eyes was quickly relit. She bit her lip and began taking quick breaths. I looked down and could see her flexing her stomach muscles and working her diaphragm, forcing stress on her body to accelerate her heart rate.
“Good, but not good enough. You need to do it without having to rely on your muscles. You went through all of that mental training and you still can’t control your body?!” I yelled.
Jenny opened her eyes and gritted her teeth, glaring at me with her eyes filled with a burning passion. They were filled with a desire to succeed and surpass instead of just anger at my training methods or me. She held absolutely no anger; just determination to show that she was strong.
She closed her eyes and retook her regular breathing. I could feel her muscles relax and her lungs return to their regular pace, but her heart continued to beat an accelerated rate.
“Come on, faster! If you’ve gotten this far, then you can go even farther!” I said, infusing my commands with positive reinforcement. With my hand on Jenny’s chest, I could feel her heart rate skyrocket. She was doing it; she was accelerating her heart with pure will.
“Ok, now stand up.” I said as I got to my feet. Jenny did as she was told and stood up.
“With your heart now pumping at full strength, come at me and attack.” I ordered.
“What?” Jenny asked, seeking confirmation.
“Do it!” I barked.
Jenny shook her head from side to side as if trying to cast away grogginess and charged towards me with her fist pulled back. She reached out to punch me but I deflected her attack with ease. I retaliated with the back of my hand and struck her cheek. She staggered back, dizzy and fighting back tears from the stinging bruise.
“Come on, again!” I ordered.
Jenny took a deep breath and charged forward with her fist pulled back. But just when she was about to punch me, she jumped to the side and pounced, attacking from my right flank. As she sent her fist rocketing towards me, I quickly spun around, defecting her attack with the completed rotation. As I knocked her fist out of the way, I reached out and slammed my palm against her forehead with as much force as a thrown basketball. Jenny was knocked back, nearly falling to the ground.
“I love you Jenny and I’m holding back as much as I can, but you need to put some effort into this!” I yelled.
At my words, Jenny glared at me with that same passionate determination as before and charged towards me for the third time. Like the second attempt, she attacked from the side, but this time from the left. Again I deflected her attack and reached out to slam her in the forehead with my palm. But before my hand could make contact, she dodged my counter attack and reached out to punch me with her left hand. I caught her fist, put my hand on her stomach, and shoved her back, ending the exchange.
“When I reached out with my palm, it seemed slower than before, didn’t it?” I asked with a small smile.
“Yes, your whole body seemed to be moving in slow motion.” She panted, still glaring at me with her guard up.
“That was the adrenalin. Along with increasing your strength, it enhances your reflexes to near-superhuman levels. I activated my adrenal glands when I stood up, so you were as slow as a snail almost the whole time. If you can work yourself up with pure will and not with stress on your body, then you can activate your adrenal glands without straining yourself. Once you learn to combine adrenalin with enlightenment, you’ll be faster and stronger than any other human.
Now slow your heart down and let’s try this again.” I said with my smile growing and filling with pride.
Jenny gained the same smile and nodded. She straightened her posture and took deep breaths. I walked over and placed my hand on her chest, waiting for it to reach normal levels.
“I had you raise your heart rate so that you could learn to charge up your body without moving around, now I need you to do the same thing but without raising your heart rate. If you can activate your adrenal glands without raising your heart rate, it will mean you’re learning to separate your body from your brain, while still being able to control it.” I said as I wrapped something around Jenny’s wrist. She looked down, realizing it was a heart monitor.
“I have it set so that the alarm will go off if your heart rate reaches the point where you automatically start producing adrenalin. Now, try to activate your adrenal glands without raising your heart rate and attack me. I’m sure you know the cliché phrase about being able to smell fear; well it’s the fight-or-flight chemicals that your body produces that create an odor. With my enhanced senses, I’ll be able to smell the adrenalin your body will produce.
Now, begin!” I said.
For the next several hours, Jenny attacked me over and over. She would stand like a statue, then charged towards me from out the blue. With every attempt, her heart monitor would go off before she would attack, or she would attack without having willingly produced adrenalin. With every failed attack, I would knock her back and order her to try again. The whole time, the only thing Jenny would say was either “hold on” or “I think I’m getting the hang of it”. The closest she would come to complaining was just drinking from her water bottle.
By five in the afternoon, Jenny was covered in bruises and gasping for air. She took a deep breath and straightened her posture. After her heart returned to its normal rhythm and her adrenalin wore off, she recharged her body, trying to activate her adrenal glands but not excite her heart.
Finally, she bolted forward with her fist pulled back. I could smell adrenalin rushing through her, but her heart monitor wasn’t beeping.
‘She’s done it.’ I thought to myself, barely having enough time to dodge her punch,
“Good, you’ve learned how to activate your adrenal glands without exciting your heart. Had we begun this training before you learned to use your whole brain, it would have taken you weeks instead of hours to achieve. Now I want you to practice with it, and try to hone your skills until you can flood your body with adrenalin at a moment’s notice. If you’re in a bar and a gunfight breaks out, I want you to be able to fully charge yourself before the first magazine can be emptied.
If you can perfect that skill, then you can augment your physical abilities at will, along with your mental abilities.” I said.
Jenny nodded and sat down in a meditative position. As she practiced activating her adrenal glands, I went to work setting up our camping gear. I pitched the tent, got a campfire going, and started making an early dinner. I doubted Jenny would be able to keep from passing out before sunset.
Dinner was ready as the sun approached the horizon, and Jenny gave a sigh of relief when I told her we were done for the day. We sat in camp chairs on opposite sides of the fire, not saying a word. Jenny was eating with gusto, but I was barely touching my food.
“I’m sorry I had to slap you.” I said softly. Jenny looked up at me and her eyes were filled with sadness.
“Don’t be. Adrian, you told me that this would be one of the most difficult times of my life. You told me to seal my heart because you would not be able to be the man I love while you were training me.” She said softly. Then, to my surprise, she gave the slightest of laughs.
“But I knew you were finding it impossible to not be the man I love. I could feel your pain and self-loathing every second. Ever since we started, I was worried you would put so much strain on yourself that you would start coughing blood.
Adrian, you don’t have to worry about me. I’m not the weak little high school popular girl I used to be! Being with you has made me strong, and I’m going to show you how strong I’ve become.” She said reassuringly. I smiled and gave a sigh of relief.
“Then it seems much of my warning was unneeded. If you really can handle it, this training isn’t going to be as bad as I first thought. Alright, let’s finish eating and get to sleep, tomorrow is going to be a long day.” I said.

For the rest of the month, we trained nonstop. I worked right alongside Jenny, strengthening every muscle in my body and making sure that all of my abilities were still razor-sharp. I was teaching Jenny how to use her body more affectively and efficiently, block pain, use her muscles to their full strength, and fight like a machine.
Every meal was rich is fat, glucose, carbs, protein, fiber, and vitamins to restore the energy we were pouring out every second. Early in the month, I drove to a nearby town and bought some metal-forging tools. Using my skills at metal work, I had Jenny help me create more darts so that she could practice using them and my lance.

I sprinted through the woods with Jenny desperately trying to keep up. We were going for a morning run before breakfast, but we were also training. I was running with a crouch, while Jenny was running with a regular jogging posture. My legs were moving faster and harder than hers, but touching the ground less often.
“Don’t lean back when you run, lean forward as far as you can. Combine running with falling and use your own momentum. If you can use physics to your advantage, then you can double your speed with less effort.” I said, barely out of breath. Panting with exhaustion, Jenny did as instructed and leaned forward, running as if she was carrying something large and heavy and she was trying to catch it as it fell.
“Good, now don’t use the soles of your feet for running, use your toes and the muscles around them. It will allow you to use more of the tendons in your legs instead of the ones you use when you run like a jogger. If you can distribute the force to more tendons, then you can lessen the strain on them and increase your potential.
Scientists believe that humans can’t reach thirty miles per hour without their tendons snapping, but if you can distribute the amount of strain you put on your tendons and combine it with the ability to use the full strength of your muscles, then you can reach forty miles per hour without side affects.
When you run, don’t use your legs like wheels that must touch the ground as often as possible. Instead, turn each step into a leap and combine it with your falling momentum. It will allow you to touch the ground less and use less energy, but move with greater speed.
Keep your arms to your sides or your back, using your arms when you run is just wasted energy. This also allow you to move through the air easier, working with your low posture to make you more aerodynamic.” I said.
Following my instructions, Jenny used the described form and her speed was increased until she was running as fast as I was. I looked at her with a proud smile, seeing that she was running with less effort and less strain on her body.
“Good, we’ve already proven those scientists wrong. Now let me show you what you can achieve once you learn to use the full strength of your muscles.” I said. I took a deep breath and increased my speed, shooting off ahead with Jenny staring in disbelief.

Jenny and I were hanging from a tree branch, each doing chin ups. Jenny was gritting her teeth and cursing with each one, but I was fine.
“The pain you are feeling is all in your head. Your muscles aren’t using anything close to their full strength, you just think they are because your at the limit of the strength you’ve used your whole life. If you can block out the pain, then you can order your muscles to continue without any backlash.” I said.
Jenny brought her chin up to the branch, gnashing her teeth in frustration.
“Your mind has never been more powerful than it is now, you have never been in more control than you are now, and you have never been farther than you are now! Your body belongs to you, you control what you feel and the pain you experience.” I said as Jenny hung from the branch, trying to catch her breath.
“I know you can do it Jenny, it’s why I decided to train you. Half of reality is what happens, and the other half is what you want to happen. In your own body, you are god; it’s why the placebo affect works so well. Come on, ultimate control is in your reach, just pull yourself up and grab it!” I yelled, trying to fire her up. Jenny’s whole body shook as she tried to pull herself up, but her body was telling her that it was at its limit and she believed it.
“Don’t listen to your body, listen to your heart! In your body, your will transcends the physical laws. In your body, you have ultimate control. Listen to me and repeat this in your mind,
If you can stand then you shall never fall!
If you can endure then you shall never die!
If you can fight then you shall never fail!
If you can charge then you shall never fear!
Now pull yourself up and show your strength!” I yelled.
Gritting her teeth, Jenny slowly pulled herself up, and as her chin was brought above the branch, I almost heard the chime of a bell. Jenny’s eyes widened and she gasped. She had done it; she had learned to block out her pain. Now she could unleash the full strength of her muscles without being slowed down by pain that wasn’t even real.
Jenny lowered herself down and pulled herself back up, moving with new speed and without any effort. She had a wide smile on her face as she realized her accomplishment. I smiled and we continued our chin-ups, strengthening our muscles for over two hours without nonexistent pain slowing us down.

“Martial arts are based on fighting with memorized stances, moves, and attack. However, my fighting style requires little more than speed, instinct, and logic. By using adrenalin to enhance my reflexes and give me more time to process, I take advantage of openings that my enemy creates and attack with simple or complicated strikes.
The only established form in my style is the principle of counterattack, meaning that I never attack my enemy; I wait for them to come to me. When someone attacks me, the number of openings they create is baffling; pressure points, vital areas, vulnerable joints, and so on.
When you first attacked me and tried to punch me, I had the time and the opportunity to dodge and then strike the pressure point in your elbow, jab your eyes, catch your fist and twist your arm, slam your throat, knee you in the stomach, or even snap your neck. Had you been a real enemy, I could have killed you before you would have time to send a second punch.
To summarize, my fighting style is about using enhanced reflexes and logic to identify openings my enemy creates when they attack, and then counterattacking, with those openings as my target.
Now, I’m going to come at you the way a regular person would and I want you to fight. But the second you begin your counterattack, I’ll begin really fighting, mostly for my own safety.” I said. The last part gave Jenny a confident smile.
I gave her a moment to activate her adrenal glands without activating her heart monitor and then attacked. I charged forward and reached out to punch her, the same way a regular person would. With adrenalin and her already-heightened senses giving her incredible speed and reflexes, Jenny deflected my punch with the back of her hand and reached out to slam her hand against my throat.
I quickly stepped to the side, grabbed her wrist, and tried to twist her arm back. Jenny purposefully fell and then lashed out with her foot to kick me. I blocked her kick and let go of her wrist as she gave a second attempt. I stepped back as she quickly got to her feet and charged with her fist pulled back.
Jenny jumped into the air with her fist rocketing towards my face. I caught her hand, but barely had time to block as she tried to slam her knee into my ribs. The punch had merely been a distraction. I blocked her attacks and then shoved her in the stomach, sending her sprawling back and knocking the wind from her. I charged forward and tried to kick her, taking advantage of her curled posture.
Jenny blocked my kick and then slammed her fist against my knee, striking both the joint and pressure point. I bent my knee to lessen the impact and smiled with pride. Jenny then reached up with her fist and tried to punch me in the jaw. I fell back to dodge and rolled onto my feet, catching her fist as she tried to punch me while I was distracted.
“Good, you were able to spot and use every opening I gave you. In less than a month, you’ve gained the basics of the training. We only have a few more days here, and all you have to do is master what I have taught you. That will be enough for today. Let’s eat and rest up for tomorrow.” I said as the sun began to set.

It was our last day in the woods and Jenny’s training was complete. Her body and mind were honed to their full potential and she stood before me as more than a human. Every ounce of fat had been burned and every muscle had been worked until it was at full strength, but with her body still retaining its voluptuous but slender womanly figure and without being as stocky and inflated as a female body-builder.
Jenny and I both had wide smiles on our faces. Jenny was giddy with excitement and I was filled with pride. In my hand was congratulatory gift, wrapped in fabric.
“Jenny, I am more proud of you than you could possibly imagine. By completing your training, you have transcended common limitations and have become more goddess than human. I am no longer your teacher; I am once again just the man you love and the man that loves you. For completing the training, I have a graduation gift for you…” I said as I held up the object. I pulled away the fabric, revealing a lance, just like my own. Jenny was breathless as she stared at it.
“I created this when I had you work by yourself. It is created with the same materials and skill as my own, it is just as powerful, and like mine it shall stand the test of time. The only difference is that I created this one with my heart.” I said as I handed it to her.
Jenny took the lance with shaky hands, admired everything from the perfectly straight slope, to the needle-sharp point, to the grooves in the handle. She raised it above her head, watching how it caught the light. She then brought it down and was silent for several seconds.
“You’ve practiced with the darts and with my lance, so I know you are proficient with these weapons. And I think I know a good way to test it out and test you’re new abilities.” I said. I became silent when I saw that Jenny couldn’t meet my gaze.
“You know, there were countless times when I just wanted to yell at you to back off and leave me alone. There were times when I was so angry that I wanted to kick you between the legs and drive away, leaving you here. I was angry because I thought you were being a lot harsher than you needed to be and I wanted you to show some compassion.
But every time, right when I was about to yell, I would think about the training and I would remember that you went through it too. The only difference was that you had to torture yourself to become the man you are because you were alone. You had to discard your emotions and your humanity, and become coldhearted and forlorn.
Back before we were first intimate, you talked about how you were more than human and wanted to transcend your limitations. I could tell in your voice that while you admired yourself, you did not love yourself, you even hated yourself because you weren’t happy. Your nature could only let you be melancholic, and you were so desperate to leave the realm of humans because you wanted to be happy. You wanted to be in a place where you belonged but were still an individual. You hated yourself for any weakness you had.
And when I imagined what you probably did to yourself as a result of this self-loathing and your desperation to break free from your own existence… I would have to fight the urge to cry. If I were to see you do these things to yourself now, I would not be able to bear it.” She said as a single tear rolled down her cheek. My whole body felt cold at her words, because they were absolutely true. Then Jenny gained a sad smile and even gave a soft laugh.
“Compared to what you probably did to yourself, my training was practically babying. I imagine it would have even been easier if you had been kind to yourself, and learned about what it meant to be merciful.
Adrian, I understand now, I understand what you went through. Only through my pain could I understand your pain.” She said. She then walked over to me and placed her hand on my chest.
“I’m glad you’re not in pain anymore. I’m just sorry I couldn’t help you sooner.” I whispered.

We sat parked in front of a biker bar. It was the middle of the night, but the building was dimly lit. We had just bought several Kevlar vests at a local pawnshop, and like how I had protected myself to fight Ben and his gang, the vests had been cut up, reinforced with metal plates, and then wrapped around Jenny’s limbs underneath her clothes. We were both protected with reinforced hidden under our clothes, were wearing long black coats, and had our lances hidden in our sleeves.
“I did some research on this community when I went out to get supplies and gear, and this biker bar is the hangout of some serious criminals; killers, rapists, drug-sellers, etc. For your ultimate test, you are going to help me clear this building of vermin. I need to know Jenny, are you ready for this? This will be much different than your training; you will be killing people and your life will be on the line. Are you ready for this?” I asked sternly.
Jenny stared at me for several seconds with a tinge of sadness in her eyes. Finally, she leaned forward and kissed me, as softly as a falling leaf.
“After we left our old lives behind, I told you that I would kill for you and I would die for you. That hasn’t changed Adrian, and it never will.” She whispered in my ear.
“I love you Jenny.” I said as I kissed her on the forehead.
We stepped out of the car and walked across the street towards the pool hall, making sure our lances wouldn’t fall out of our sleeves unless we wanted them to. We stepped into the dank building and instantly memorized our surroundings. There were six pool tables, several eating tables, a bar, and fifteen men. Thick clouds of cigarette and cigar smoke stifled the light from the lamps above the pool tables. All of the bikers turned to us.
“Hey, what the fuck do you want?!” A fat man yelled, pointing his pool cue at us. Two men approached us from the left and right.
Simultaneously, Jenny and I released our lances, letting them slide into our hands. We both lashed out like mirror images of each other, slashing the two men from shoulder to hip. Our strength more than made up for the lack of blades on the weapons, carving our enemies open and ripping apart their rib cages. Everyone in the bar stared at us with disbelief, but quickly retaliated as the bodies hit the floor.
As they all pulled out their guns, Jenny and I flipped two pool tables onto their short sides, turning them into towering barriers. We crouched down behind our shields as the bullets began flying, tearing through the wood and fabric. I looked at Jenny and we both nodded. With every movement as the mirror image of the other, we planted our lances into the floor, reached into our pockets, and stepped out from behind our barriers with darts in our hands.
We unleashed a barrage of the deadly spikes on the bikers, stabbing them in the limbs and chests. Many of them dropped their weapons, howling in pain from their injuries. With our enemies distracted by their wounds, Jenny and I retrieved our weapons and charged into the midst.
We moved between them like wraiths, slashing and stabbing them with inhuman speed. By using our superior speed and the dim lighting, we were able to keep the bikers from getting a lock on us to fire their guns.
I charged towards the fat man that had yelled at us when we entered. He had a dart lodged in his protruding gut and shoulder, and his gun was empty. He raised his pool cue and brought it down towards me like a hammer. I blocked the attack with my hand, shattering the cue as if it were made of Styrofoam. I jumped into the air, and before the biker could retaliate, I stabbed him between the throat and ribcage, between the collarbones.
I landed on the ground and a bullet winged my shoulder, having been deflected by the reinforced Kevlar under my shirt. I turned around as the shooter tried to load another magazine into his pistol. I pulled a dart out of my pocket and threw it, sending it flying across the room and lodging it in the center of his chest, piercing his heart.
An unharmed biker charged towards me, holding a pool cue like a baseball bat. He swung from the right side and I blocked with my lance. I reached out and stabbed him in the gut, using only my fingers and strength to piercing his flesh and tearing apart his entrails. He gagged in pain and coughed up blood. I pulled my hand free, grabbed my lance, and then stabbed him through the jaw with the tip breaking out of the top of his skull.
I quickly turned around as a biker tried to stab me with a knife. I jumped back and slashed him across the chest, tearing open his ribcage and shredding his lungs. I turned my attention to Jenny to she how she was doing.
Jenny was a black and yellow blur as she moved through the bar, slashing and stabbing everyone in her path. She was as skilled with her lance as I was with mine, and she didn’t hesitate once. Her eyes held no sadness or remorse, just dedication and confidence.
In less then a minute, it was over. Fourteen of the fifteen bikers were dead, only because I wanted to leave one alive to tell the police what happened. As the survivor ran away, Jenny and I retrieved all of our darts and took all of the cash we could find. We stood in the middle of the room, staring at each other with small but warm smiles on our faces.
“I said it once and I’ll say it again; I am more proud of you than you could possibly imagine.” I said.
“That means more to me than you could possibly imagine.” Jenny replied, both sincerely and jokingly.
“Come on darling, let’s go.” I said as I stuff a wad of hundred-dollar bills in one pocket and my retrieved darts in the other. I wrapped my arm around Jenny and we made our way towards the exit, but halfway, I stopped.
“What’s wrong?” Jenny asked.
“I just forgot something.” I said as I pulled out a dart. I walked to the middle of the room and planted the dart in the center of one of the pool tables.
“I just wanted to leave our calling card.” I said, causing Jenny to laugh. We walked back out to our car and drove away, with sirens in the distance growing in volume.

“Holy fuck.” Hoffman said, taking off his glasses.
“This… this isn’t just state news… this is national stuff.” Mason said, constantly raising his arms and then dropping them.
The two FBI agents had been flown in the second they got the details, and they were trying to process the gory scene before them. The air was thick with flies, gorging themselves on blood and dead flesh. Forensic investigators were taking hundreds of photographs and putting down evidence tags.
“It’s like Rwanda in here! This is borderline genocide!” Hoffman yelled, taking it all in.
“The guy who called the police was one of the bikers here. He said that Adrian let him go to “tell the world what he just saw”. He also said that he wasn’t alone, a pretty blond girl was with him and killed just as many of the guy’s friends as Adrian did. It seems that Jenny Donovan really did become his apprentice. She’s become just like him, even in the way she kills.” Mason said while taking a close look at the dart lodged in the pool table.
“Jenny has become a lost cause, there is no way she’ll leave him now. And we need to consider her just as dangerous. Like you said, this will be on the national news. The public needs to know what we’re dealing with. So far, he’s just attacked law-breakers and criminals, but we assume that he’ll stick to that pattern. If he turns his attention to innocent people… the death count would be on par with a natural disaster.
I don’t care if this guy sees himself as a vigilante; we have to stop him before he becomes Charlie –fucking- Manson!” Hoffman said as he took a close look at one of the victims’ stab wounds. The circular hole was so clean and perfect that a surgeon couldn’t match the skill with an industrial laser.
“You’re right, we have to call this in. They’re going on the Top Ten Most Wanted list.”

We sped down the highway as fast as we wanted, only slowing down when we saw a place where a police officer could be hiding. We were traveling again and we both felt more alive than ever before. We had traded our car for a convertible, so that we could feel the sunlight and breathe the fresh air. The radio was cranked up as loud as it could go and we were both savoring the freedom of the open road.
The plan was to get to Vegas, get some more cash, and gain a reputation to get the attention of some specific people. But while that was the plan, it didn’t mean we were going straight to Vegas. We were on our own, had almost a million dollars, a car, and the freedom to go anywhere. We wanted to take a vacation, to celebrate the completed training and our freedom. We could do whatever we wanted and we had all the time in the world. We wanted to enjoy our youth and live life to it’s fullest. We each got several fake IDs, a couple credit cards that put charges on accounts that didn’t exist, and dozens of alternate license plates to avoid being caught while we enjoyed ourselves.
We traveled across the country, visiting the national parks, touring the cities, taking some stupid cliché pictures, and often having to flee from the cops. Every once in a while, we would slay a room of criminals or gangsters, take their cash, and flee with the cops behind us and a path of destruction in our wake. But even when the authorities showed up to rain on our parade, being together and independent made it the most fun we had ever had.
After several months of traveling, we decided we wanted get back to the plan, and that meant finally heading to Vegas. With the roof down and the radio playing on our favorite station at full volume, we sped down the desert highway, happy and in love.

The sights and sounds of the Vegas Strip were breathtaking, and we constantly shifted our gaze to every flashing light and neon sign in view. We were like two cats following the dots of laser pointers. Jenny had a digital camera and was taking pictures of all of the incredible buildings and displays, form the Stratosphere to Caesar’s Palace
“We’ve arrived baby.” I said as Jenny leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

We left our car in the designated parking area, and dressed to impress, we stepped into the Bellagio Hotel. I was wearing a red button-done shirt and black pants, my hair was combed back, and on my wrist was a Rolex watch. Jenny was wearing a casual yet stunning blue dress, was walking in very sexy high heals, and she had just had her hair done at a nearby salon. Not one cent used to buy it all had come from my original million bucks; it was all money we had taken from dead criminals.
With a bellhop carrying our luggage, we made our way through the lobby, admiring the glass flowers that covered the ceiling. I walked up to the front desk with my credit card in hand and my corresponding fake ID ready to go with it.
“How may I help you?” The woman behind the desk asked.
“We’d like to rent one of the guest suites, top floor if it’s not too much to ask.” I said suavely. Jenny was standing beside me, clinging to my arm and wearing a beautiful smile.
The woman looked at Jenny and I with distrust, knowing that we weren’t even eighteen. But that wasn’t to say our fancy clothes weren’t making us believable.
“We can only offer rooms to legal adults, may I please sea some ID?” She asked politely as possible.
“Of course.” I said, pulling out my wallet and taking out the fake ID. Jenny did the same, taking her own ID out of a very expensive handbag. We handed the woman the IDs and she studied them closely.
I wasn’t worried about the IDs or the credit cards, because we had bought them from a very skilled forger, one who we had received many recommendations for after doing a little research. They had worked flawlessly since we got them, and we had plenty of backups. Money well spent indeed.
“Welcome to the Bellagio, Mr. Templar and Ms. Porter.” The woman finally said with a wide smile.
“Actually, it’s Mr. and Mrs. Templar. We’re on our honeymoon.” I said, unable to resist. Jenny elbowed me in the ribs ever so softly.
“Oh, congratulations! Here, this is your key to the Honeymoon Suite. It’s on the top floor, as per request.” She said, handing back our IDs, the credit card, and giving us the keycard to our room.
“Enjoy your stay at the Bellagio!” She said cheerfully.
“Thank you.” I replied as Jenny, the bellhop, and I walked away. Jenny and I stepped into the elevator with the bellhop taking the next one. The instant the doors were closed, Jenny turned to me.
“We’re on our honeymoon?” She laughed.
“I couldn’t resist, being in this city makes me feel like George Clooney.” I joked, giving Jenny another laugh.
The elevator opened up at the top floor and we stepped out, with the bellhop coming out of the second elevator with our luggage. Our luggage bags were built with security in mind, having both a combination lock and tear-proof frame, making sure that no one could break into them. We walked down the well-lit hallway, eventually coming to the honeymoon suite with our room number.
I opened up the door with the keycard and we stepped inside. I gave the bellhop ten bucks and he left us with our luggage. We carried in the luggage and turned on the lights, gasping as we looked at the illuminated room.
We were facing a living room with several white relaxation chairs, two large velvet couches, a granite coffee table without a single ring or mark, a large flat-screen TV against the wall, beautiful art along the walls, and vases filled with different flowers and incense. We moved through the living room and into the dining room, where there was a long rosewood table with six chairs and ornate silverware, dishes, folded napkins, and silver candleholders. We stepped into the bedroom, which held a king-sized bed with the softest sheets I had ever touched, two oak bedside tables, two reclining chairs, and a flat screen TV. The bathroom walls, floor, and sink counter were made of flawless pearl marble, it had a heart-shaped hot tub surrounded by different soaps, oils, and flowers, the shower had several spouts on the ceiling and on the walls, and the toilet looked like it had never been used. The bedroom, the dining room, and the living room all had a vast window view of the Vegas Strip, with large curtains for privacy.
Jenny and I walked around the bedroom in circles, unable to believe our eyes. Neither of us had ever been to a place so… fancy. Suddenly, Jenny turned to me and jumped up into my arms with a squealing laugh. I laughed as well as I fell onto the tempurpedic bed with Jenny on top of me, kissing me passionately. She rolled off me and we both lied on our backs, staring at the ceiling.
“This is so incredible.” Jenny gasped.
“I know.” I said, then turning to her.
“But it wouldn’t be nearly as incredible without you.” I said.

I stood by the bedroom window, looking out over the Vegas Strip and the Bellagio fountains down bellow. I smiled as Jenny walked over to me, holding two glasses of Champaign. With our fake IDs, we had experimented with alcohol often, but this was the first time we had Champaign. I took one of the glasses and drank lightly, savoring the bittersweet taste. Jenny looked absolutely gorgeous with the light of the Vegas Strip illuminating her beautiful face.
“Cheers.” She said, clinking her glass against mine.
“I have a special celebratory gift for you.” Jenny said coyly.
“What, for getting to Vegas?” I asked.
“No, for… oh don’t tell me! Whether it’s a genius or an idiot, all men are the same! You don’t have a sense of romance!” Jenny laughed. She then pressed herself against me and kissed me on the lips.
“It was exactly one year ago that we were first intimate. It’s the one-year anniversary of the first time we made love.” She cooed. I smiled and kissed her.
“And as I said, I have a special celebratory gift for you. Since this is our one-year anniversary, I decided that I want to try a few knew things.” She said, taking my glass from me.
She then put her hands on my chest and slowly pushed me over to the bed. We both laid down, kissing each other and ripping off each other’s clothes. I was on my back and Jenny was straddling me, smiling sweetly.
“So what did you have in mind?” I asked, running my hands over her smooth body.
“You’ll see. Just lay back and relax baby, I’m going to take care of you.” She said slyly as she leaned forward and kissed me.
On her hands and knees, Jenny kissed me over and over again, licking the inside of my mouth. She had one hand wrapped around the shaft of my erect phallus, and was stroking it to full-size as she tenderly kissed me. Her lips then separated from mine and she moved down, kissing my bare chest. She continued to move down, and just as I was about to ask what she was going to do, I jerked as her lips wrapped around my cock.
Jenny had my whole manhood in her mouth and was sucking on it both gently and hungrily. I can’t put into the words the incredible feeling of her tongue, lips, and cheeks massaging every millimeter of my cock, soaking it in saliva. She would even playfully bite down ever so slightly, gently pressing down on the shaft with her teeth. As her head bobbed up and down, Jenny’s eyes kept flicking up to me, and she would smile as she saw the affect of her work. I knew that Jenny had never even been on a date with a guy before me, so there was no way that she had ever done oral before. But for a girl doing it for her first time, she was fantastic.
After several minutes, Jenny sat up and straddled my lap.
“You’re going to love this, but it will take me some time to get used to it. Just be patient with me.” She said, squeezing my shoulders. I was silent with a stony expression on face as she gripped my manhood and guided it to her asshole.
“Stop.” I finally said before entering. Jenny stared at me with surprise. She climbed off me and I sat up, facing away from her.
“I don’t want to do that.” I said dryly and with a hint of sadness. Behind me, Jenny wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned on me, with her breasts pressed against my back.
“What’s wrong?” She whispered tenderly in my ear.
“When we do stuff like that… I can’t feel you.
I was never comfortable with the idea of oral and anal sex, because it left the realm of making love and just became sex. I want us to be intimate for the emotional bliss, not the physical feeling. I don’t want us to just have meaningless sex like a pair of horny idiots. I want us to be intimate in way that has emotional individuality, but if we focus more on the physical feeling than the emotional connection, then we become just like everybody else and lose who we are.” I said softly.
Jenny pressed her cheek against the back of my neck, and he gently rocked back and forth, sitting in silence.
“Should we just go to sleep?” She asked. I could hear the sadness and disappointment in her voice, and it made my heart ache.
“No, it’s still our anniversary.” I said I then turned to her and placed my hand on her cheek.
“You said that you wanted to try something new, well I have an idea…” I said.

The bathroom was filled steam as we stood in the shower, kissing passionately and enjoying the feeling of the hot water running down our bodies. As we kissed, Jenny moved her hands from my chest, to my shoulders, and finally to the back of my neck, sending me the signal that she was ready. Holding her close, I picked her up, with her legs wrapped around my waist and her arms wrapped around my neck for support.
Holding her up with one hand, I used my other hand to guide my manhood to her pussy, and then lowered her down onto it. Jenny released a trembling moan as it entered her and looked up, letting the hot water pour directly on her face. With me holding her entire body, I began lifting her up and down on my cock, sending it into the farthest corners of her pussy. Her insides were so loose and soft, and I knew she wasn’t so hot and wet because of the shower.
With her bobbing up and down, Jenny ended our kiss and buried her face in the side of my neck, holding onto me for dear life. As she gave a continuous moan, I let the hot water and the thick steam distort my senses, filling me with an eternal bliss. With the hot water running down every inch of my skin and Jenny pressed against me, I lost track of what my nerve endings were actually touching. My body was both numb and in a state of euphoria. I had to hold Jenny’s body with one arm, and lean against the wall with my other, just to keep from falling.
I was shaken from my daze as Jenny released a particularly loud and shrill moan. I could feel her pussy clamping around my manhood as she had one climax after another. The euphoria caused by the shower and grip of Jenny’s pussy on my cock triggered an orgasm in me as well, and I countered Jenny’s orgasms but firing thick streams of semen up into her.
Jenny leaned back against the wall of the shower, gasping for air. While her whole body was trembling, the vice-like grip of her arms and legs had not weakened.
“I love you Adrian, I love you so much.” She said, almost hysterically.
“I love you too.” I murmured, brushing back strands of her hair and running my fingertips along her soft cheek.
“Adrian, you misunderstood me in the bedroom. I didn’t want to try oral and anal for the physical feeling, I wanted to try them because I want to be close to you in every way possible. You said you didn’t want to try them because you felt like it separated us. On the contrary my darling, it gives us another way in which we can be linked. If there is a way I can feel close to you, feel linked to you, and feel bound to you physically and emotionally, then I want to try it. I just want to feel you, my love, in every way possible.” She cooed. I could actually hear the frustration and desperation in her voice, she even sounded like she was on the verge of tears.
“That was beautiful Jenny. And I promise, I will do anything to make you happy.” I whispered in her ear.
I pulled my still-erect manhood out of her pussy and pressed it between the cheeks of her flawless ass. I guided the head to her asshole and slowly pushed it in, as gently and carefully as possible. Jenny instantly released a shrill squeal as the head of my cock slowly entered her. Her arms and legs tightened around me and she even bit my shoulder.
“It’s ok baby, it’s ok.” I said to comfort her as I stroked her hair.
Inch by inch, I slowly pushed my dick in all the way, with Jenny’s body trembling more and more. Once it was in all the way, I held it there for a minute so that Jenny could become accustomed to it. Unlike her pussy, which acted almost as a slit between the muscles of her left and right side, her anus applied pressure from all sides like a ring. And while her asshole was lubricated enough for my manhood to move inside it, it wasn’t nearly as slippery as her pussy. The incredible tightness and friction make it very difficult to move inside her, but I had to admit that it also felt absolutely amazing.
Once her body became calm, I slowly lifted her up and lowered her back down, driving my manhood up into her asshole. Jenny released a mix of a moan and shriek from the movement, but after the second and third time, she calmed down. I took my usual rhythm, using my arms to bob her up and down on the shaft of my cock. Jenny had let go of my neck and had her back against the wall of the shower, moaning like an opera singer as I drove my manhood up into her asshole over and over again.
At last, after five minutes, Jenny and I had a simultaneous orgasm. I emptied the last of my semen reserves in her asshole, filling her up until she was overflowing. Pussy juice and semen from my first orgasm flowed from Jenny’s cunt from her climax, with our juices running down our legs. We stood in the shower for several minutes, letting the hot water wash it all away.
I turned off the shower and lowered Jenny to her feet, but she fell before she could even stand up. I crouched down, holding her hands.
“Jenny, are you ok?” I asked with worry. Jenny just gave a sleepy smile.
“Don’t worry, I’m fine. My whole body just feels like jelly. Could you grab me a robe?” She laughed softly. I smiled and nodded.
I opened up the shower door and stepped out into the steam-filled bathroom. I walked over to the towel closet and opened it, finding two guest robes. I put one on and brought the other to Jenny, helping her put it on. With her unable to walk, I put one arm under her back and the other under her knees and picked her up.
With her hand on the center of my chest and her face buried in the side of my neck, Jenny was almost purring as I carried her to the bedroom. I gently laid her down on the bed and wrapped her in blankets, then climbed into the bed from the other side. I moved over to her and wrapped my arms around her, holding her close. Jenny rolled over and looked into my eyes, with her own eyes filled with love.
“Adrian, this has been the greatest year of my life. The night we first made love was the greatest day of my life, and every day after it has been better than the one before it. I’ve had so much fun traveling with you, fighting with you, and living with you as the center of my world. I love you Adrian, and words can’t describe how happy you have made me.” She whispered.
“I love you too. Before I met you, I didn’t know what it meant to be happy, I didn’t know what love meant, and I didn’t know what it meant to not be alone. I was just existing, but now I can actually live. You have brought me more happiness and peace than any enlightenment or strength could. You saved me from the darkness of my own mind.” I murmured.
“I love you.” We both said simultaneously. Then Jenny pressed herself against me, I held her close, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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