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My very first story, helpful comments and criticism very much welcome, thanks guys!

My name is destiny. I'm 4' 8" 90 lbs. I have dark blonde hair, very light blue eyes, and I wear a B cup bra. I live in Iowa, in a small house with me and my adoptive father, Robert. Robert is 5' 6" 150 lbs. I have always wanted Robert, since before my parents died and he adopted me. I am 12, he is 18. And I know, your probably wondering why an 18 year old would adopt a 12 years old, and it is weird. Thing is, he was my godfather, even way back when I was born. He has always taken care of me. Even when I was almost raped, Robby was there to save the day. Anyway, my story begins 2 weeks after I moved in with him. I was 12, and I had barely settled in before Robby had a babysitter come and watch me (super embarrassing). He came home completely drunk, and so I helped him into bed. He was having a bit of trouble staying in the bed, so I put on my pajamas, which was a bra and panties, and laid with him to keep him from falling. After he fell asleep, I stayed in his room but I didn't want to go to sleep. I started daydreaming about robby turning over and kissing me, telling me he couldn't stop himself anymore, and that he wanted me. The familiar feeling came between my legs, and I had to do something about it. Normally, I would have went to my room and played with myself until I finished, but for some reason I decided to stay in robby's room. Boy am I glad I did now! I checked to make sure he was asleep, then I laid on top of the blanket. I pulled my panties down to my knees, and slowly started to rub against the outside of my pussy. Then the idea popped into my head. I don't know why I did it, but I reached over and grabbed Robby's hand. Carefully so as not to wake him up, I moved his hand onto my pussy and rubbed it across the outside. Then I did something I had never done, even with y own fingers. I grabbed Robby's middle finger, and I pushed down on it. Instead of stopping like my fingers always did, it just kept going. It felt amazing having Robby inside of me where no one else had ever been, and I'm surprised I didn't finish right then. Robby mumbled and then squeezed his hands closed, pushing his finger deeper into me. I moaned a bit and froze as Robby rolled onto his side, making his stiffened hand pull against my pussy. It felt good, but I pulled his hand out of me. I had to finish now, I was so wet I wouldn't sleep if I didn't. So I went over to Robby's dresser, opened the top drawer, and began looking for the box I had seen him buy last week. I found it, in the box was a small silver vibrator he had intended for his ex girlfriend Emily. I would just use it quick, and then I would clean it and put it back and they would never know. I lay back down on his bed, and began rubbing the cold piece of plastic against my wet pussy. I looked over and though he was facing me, it looked like Robby was still sound asleep. I looked down and I saw it. When Robby had laid down, he had taken his pants off, leaving only his boxers. When he had rolled onto his other side, he had pushed his penis through the rip in the front of his boxers. In the light of the lamp, I saw his partially erect cock pointing at me. I looked at his face again to make sure he was still sound asleep. He was, and had begun snoring, a sure sign that a bomb going off wouldn't wake him up. He was a big guy, not fully erect but still sticking out a good amount. I moved so I was at eye level with his cock. I touched the tip of it and it was the most amazing thing I had ever felt. I had never seen a real cock, only pictures, but judging from those pictures, Robby was very large. I poked it, listening to him snore to make sure he wasn't waking up. a gently put y hand around it, and started stroking like one of his ex girlfriends had told me boys like. Robb must have liked it, because his cock grew. It got really stiff, and then it started to ooze this clear looking liquid. I was feeling adventurous that night or something, because I lifted my head and licked the liquid off the tip of his cock. It tasted sweet, but had a salty aftertaste. All I knew was I liked the taste. I started licking him like I had seen in the porn videos, and then I put just the tip into my mouth and started to suck on it. After several minutes, Robby's cock started to shoot something into my mouth in thick globs. They tasted great, so I gladly sucked up every drop. His cock started to deflate almost immediately after he finished, so I brought my head back up to his, being careful not to spill my mouthful. Then I got yet another idea. I spit some of the stuff into my hand, and rubbed it on my pussy. The feeling of it, so warm and sticky, on top of the idea of something that came from Robby's cock being massaged onto my pussy was so intense, I had to do something. I stuck my finger into my mouth getting a good glob onto it, and used my other hand to spread my pussy. I very gently pushed the stuff into me, making sure to get all of it off of my finger and into the warm hole I had found with Robby's fingers. I then started to wiggle my finger, and after about 3 minutes, I accidentally swallowed what I had in my mouth. At first I was disgusted, because I thought it was his pee. But I convinced myself that it couldn't be. I grabbed the silvery vibrator, and turned it on medium. I started to rub it against my pussy, and after about 5 more minutes I finished, and it was the best I had ever had. It felt like about 2 minutes before I could do anything but moan. Then I rolled onto my side and started to fall asleep, but I realized I had to clean up the mess I had made. Unfortunately I couldn't. I had wet the bed a little, and Robby would definitely notice. I had to figure out a way to fix this, but I couldn't think of a way. I decided to go on Robby's computer and check some stuff out. I didn't bother putting clothes on, all I had removed was my panties. I searches what happens when a boys penis is rubbed for too log, and found out that this stuff called cum comes out, and I found out that when a girl finishes it's called an orgasm. Now I have to figure out a way to clean up my cum off of Robby's bed and I have to figure out how to convince him he had sex with some girl before he came home if he figured out that he had cum. Then an idea occurred to me. Maybe I could convince him HE had started it with ME. I turned off the computer and laid down next to him. I decided it would seem more real if he was naked, so I began pulling down his boxers. Unfortunately this put me in an awkward position were his penis was right in front of my face, and I couldn't help but lick it a few times. After what seemed like forever, I had his boxers off. I threw them off to the side, thought for a moment, and threw h
My panties and my bra onto his boxers. Then I pulled the blanket over us. Now I had to figure out something to do with the vibrator to make it look like Robby had used it on me. I runner it against my pussy, which was still considerably wet. After I had enough of that, I went back to his dresser, opened the top drawer again, and got out the bottle of KY jelly. I put a very large amount of it onto the vibrator, then looked at it and thought about where I could put it to make it look ligit. I referred to the porn I had seen, deciding it would be best to put it into my butt. Again using the Internet, I looked up the most painless way to pr a vibrator into your butt. I put some jelly on my hand, and began to massage my butthole, pushing my finger into the very small and tight hole. After I managed to get my. Whole pointer finger into my butt, I re lubed the vibrator and laid next to Robby again. Biting the pillow to keep from crying, I pushed the vibrator into my butt. It really stung at first, but I thought about Robby taking me, and managed to forget about the pain. Robby started to groan, and rolled onto his back, which was perfect. I carefully laid on top of him, with my legs on either side of him, pressing his cock against the opening of my pussy. I very gently kissed him, savoring the feeling. Then I pulled his hand up onto my butt, and laid it so his hand was pressed against my inner thigh, and was just barely touching the vibrator. Then I closed my eyes, and fell asleep.

"destiny, n
Babygirl, I need you to wake up." Robby says. I look up to see him lying underneath me, with fear in his eyes. "destiny, what happened last night? Did I do this to you?" Robby said, almost silently. He looked like he was about to cry. "yes, you did, don't you remember? You told me you wanted to make me feel like a woman because I had suffered a lot and you wanted me to have something special. I will admit I was kinda worried when you started to push that thing into my butt, but it felt amazing. You said that I could have that every night from now on, and you would treat me like your girlfriend from now on. You remember don't you?" I put on my best innocent look and started to tear up to make it look real. Now just to see if he takes the bait. I looked at me, thought for a minute, and then said "tell me everything I did to you last night baby, so I know okay?" he half heartedly smiled, in an attempt to make me feel better. "okay.... But some of it's kinda..... Dirty..." I said, blushing a bit. "it's okay, we did it, so it's okay to talk about it baby." Robby said. He moved his hand to my butt and gently massaged my cheeks. Which was greatly appreciated. "mmmmmm..... Keep doing that. You told me o lay down, and then you started to take off all your clothes. After you finished, u pulled odd all of my clothes, but since we were both already ready for bed, all we had on was our underwear, and you piled it up over there so we could find it." I said, pointing to the pile of clothes. I wiggled my butt to get the vibrator which had hurried itself in my butthole to a more comfortable position, and accidentally turned it on. I moaned loudly at the feeling, and then said "then you started to lick all over my legs, and then you kissed my vagina a bunch of times, then you stuck your tongue into it." I put my hand on the back of his head and tried to look as sexy as I could "you called it eating my pussy, and you can have a meal any time you want" I say with a smile on my face. I know he didn't, but the thought had me getting wet, and by the pressure I was beginning to feel on my pussy, he was getting hard. "then, you went over to your dresser and got a bunch of stuff, and came back and rubbed a bunch of this cd stuff on my butt, and stuck this vibrating thing into my butt. I cried at first, so you made out with me and that was the best part by the way." I said. I licked my lips, and kissed him hard on the lips, and he kissed back. "what else did I do to you baby" Robby said. He was half crying, tears gong down his face. "then you asked me if I wanted to suck on your penis, and I said yes so you taught me how to give you a... A blow job I think. It was really fun, especially when you started shooting this stuff y called cum into my mouth. It tasted good...." I said as I looked away trying to look like I wanted more, which I did. "then you pulled me onto you and started rubbing your penis against my vagina, or pussy as you called it, and you asked me if it was okay for you to go inside me, and I couldn't say no to you. So you pushed in, and it hurt bad, so you held me tight and kissed me, and told me it wouldn't hurt anymore and that was the only time getting fucked in the pussy would hurt. Then you started lifting me up and dropping me down onto you and your penis was going in and out and it only took me 5 minutes to finish, but you took a lot longer. When you were ready you rolled on-top of me and started To play with yourself, and you got cum all over my pussy. Then you laid me back down, and you started to um... Fuck... Me in the but with the vibrator, and you told me I need to leave it in for a week and you would them fuck me in the butt for real. And then you kissed me and I fell asleep to the feeling of it going in and out over and over.... Mmmm I want more.... Robby please?" I look at him and grind on his hips, hoping he will do it. "baby, I think I used you last night. I molested you, your way to young for someone my age to be having sex with. Im so sorry baby can you ever forgive me?" he said, crying. I didn't know it would hurt him, or I wouldn't have done it. I started to cry myself and burrows my head in between his shoulder and his head and started to spill everything. "Robby I'm sorry, you didn't take advantage of me, you were the one that was drunk, I used you. Im so sorry robby please don't be mad at me. I just always wanted you and you finally wanted me so I did everything you asked me to so that you would have sex with me. I'm sorry I used you please don't go and don't ever stop having sex with me. I loved it Robby I love having you in me I love sucking on tour penis and I love you!" I cried, soaking the pillow. "do you mean it babygirl, did you really want it?" Robby said. I took this chance. "yes! I wanted to give you my virginity, I wanted to swallow your cum, and I want you right now!" I pulled my head out and held it over his, closed my eyes and said, "if you want me, kiss me, I'd you want to forget about all of this, push me off of you. I will respect your decision." I puckered my lips and hoped he would kiss me. I waited there, and just as I was losing hope, Robby pushed me onto my back, rolled onto me, and kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth. I sucked on his tongue, as he lifted me into the air. He held me there, kissing me and massaging my butt. Then he grabbed the vibrator and started to pump it in and out of me. I instantly started to moan into his mouth, which just made him pump faster. "oh my god that's so good, don't stop" I managed to say before he laid me back down. "no please don't stop Robby please" I begged. "shhh I'm just changing positions baby. "Robby laid down across my chest, and resumed pumping the vibrator. "oh baby" I moaned as I started to orgasm. I grabbed Robby's hair and began to pull. Robby stopped, pulling the vibrator out of me and pouring more lube onto it. "I want to do something to you baby" Robby said. "anything you want, my love" I said. He pulled my
Arms above my head, and tied them to the headboard. Then he spread my legs, stretching them out, and tied my feet to the bedposts. "My love, be gentle with me" I said softly. "don't worry my wonderful baby, I will be very gentle with you, and I will make sure that I don't hurt you when I take your virginity. By the way, did you expect ms to believe that?" Robby said with a smile on his face. "what the, how did you know? I said. "I don't eat pussy babygirl. But I do want you, I'd you still want me." Robby said. "my love, that doesn't change anything. I love you and I want you to have my most valued possession, my virginity. Will you take it gently?" I said. Robby didn't talk, instead he began rubbing my pussy and kissing me passionately. After I orgasmed, he prought his penis up to my pussy. "are you ready?" he said, then forcefully pushed his cock deep into me, shattering my virginity, and causing me to scream out in pain. "ow my love that ready hurt" I sobbed. "please be gentle..." I mumbled. Robby began kissing me again, and after I had stopped crying, he began pumping in and out. After a few seconds I tried to grab his butt to pull him closer, but my arms were well secured. "my love, please, I need you to go harder and deeper and faster. Don't go to hard please..." I said. "I know what you want. Just lay back and enjoy the fuckin your about to get." Robby kisses me one more time before untying my let's and putting them over his shoulders. He pushed the vibrator deep into my butt, turned it up to high, and started to pound into my pussy. His enormous cock stretched me until it almost hurt, but I was in exstacy. After about 3 minutes of the best sex of all time, I started to moan, and then I began talking, but it was all gibberish. I looked up to see Robby's eyes closed, him also moaning in ecstasy. Then he tenses up, and yelled. Lbaby, is it okay if I cum in you?" I almost screamed, "oh fuck baby fuck your cum deep into me, I want it so deep it can't leak out!" Robby looted me at th hips, resulting in him fucking up into me, which gave me a whole new feeling. "oh god baby yes like that, oh my godddddd baby harder, harder please harder!" I moaned. "yea baby that's my spot, oh god like that!" I screamed as I hit a new high, my orgasm flooding my body, as I finally came down off my orgasmic high, Robby bent over me and started kissing me again, with my legs pinned between us, this position givin a whole new set of feelings. "oh god my pussy feels so good, don't stop baby please don't stop, duck me until my pussy rips!" I yell. After 10 more minutes, Robby yells, "oh ya baby here it comes, I'm gonna cum!" I moan back, "oh yesssss, fuck your cum deep inside me, I'm gonna cum too baby" Robby starts pounding into me as hard and fast as he can, as I start cumming he starts to release the first of many huge bursts of cum. After what seems like decades of orgasm, he rolls off of me, releasing my legs. I roll over, putting one leg on him, wrappin my arm around him. We cuddle for awhile, then I kiss his cheek and look at him and say, "baby, can I stay home from school today?"

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2012-08-28 20:37:06
contact the webmasters and have the story deleted then rewrite it properly using a good editor and PARAGRAPHS.

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2011-08-29 13:11:17
Paragraphs, 2 spaces after the period at the end of a sentence......

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2011-06-25 08:08:34
You NEED to use spacing too hard to read


2011-06-24 20:51:45
Thanks, much appreciated. I already have most of the second done, it's about 1.5x as long, and sorry about the ages, I will def/ fix that and the genre its under. For some reason it put it as true story when it was supposed to be fiction. My apologies.

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2011-06-24 19:32:01
I think she is a little young. I would perfer 14, that said i really did like this story it was fun to read. She seems to be a bright girl and if she does not know what she is doing she knowswhere to look it up.

I like 14 because of some of the legal issues as in being old enough to say yes. 18 is a little young to raise a teenager, 22 would have been better, she can be the Girl Friend or what ever else she needs to be. In a few years reinvent as Robby's Wife and Mother of his kids.

I hope Robby both has a job and stops drinking. Or at least getting drunk. Plus she has to go to school. Maybe Not that day in the story but most everyday. it is the emotional aspects of the age rather then anything else. The Women may be fucking her brains out but the child is still there. Good Story Good Job, XNXX is not short of space so please space, makes it easyier to read and understand. Good Job lets see part 2.

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