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This is my first story so tell me what you think
Harry potter and the power of the Peverells

Chapter 1 Fire at the Burrow

Harry was sitting in Ron's room in his pyjamas when he heard a crash outside.  Waking Ron, he ran outside to see  what had happened and to his horror, all he could see was fire.  Something had set fire to all of the fields surrounding the house.  Harry ran out into the flames leaving a whimpering Ron behind and nearly crashed straight into a beautiful young girl.  She looked about fifteen with a perfect body. Perky supple breasts topped with pink rosy nipples, a luscious perfectly shaped ass and a tight pink pussy with a small trimmed triangle pointing straight towards it.

Harry took a step back mumbling apologies and trying to avert his eyes, but the girl simply placed a finger on his lips and then slid it down his body towards his growing bulge.  She slowly took off his clothes and then took hold of his growing member.  She licked the tip of his cock causing him to shiver and let out a small moan before engulfing the whole of his six inches without a second thought.

Harry was having the time of his life as the girl infront of him began to give him head without any warning. It seemed far too good to be true so he intended to make as much as possible out of it. He was just beginning to fuck her throat when suddenly the Weasley family began to call for him and move into the flames. The girl stood up ignoring Harry's protests  and drew a massive wall of flame around them manipulating the fire like clay. She then created a bed of sorts and levitated Harry onto it. She then floated up and attempted to sit on his cock. 

Outside of the cylinder of fire, Ron, Hermione and Ginny were frantically blasting curse after curse at the tower whilst Ron's parents put out all of the surrounding fires. Ginny suddenly fainted out of exhaustion causing everyone to abandon their current conquests to run to her aid.  Reluctant to leave Harry, Ron was the last to turn around and as he did he got a perfect view of Hermione's luscious ass.  Even better was the of her pussy lips, just slipping outside of her panties. Ron was immediately hard, and blowing caution to the wind he ran towards the girls and leant over Ginny supporting himself by placing his hand on Hermione's ass. Under normal circumstances, Hermione would have cursed him to oblivion, but luckily for him, she was far too concerned with Ginny's health. 

Oblivious to the chaos outside, Harry was fully embedded inside the strangers snatch. As she rode him, she explained why she was there. 

"I have been sent by my master to test your talents in order to check whether you are yet worthy of your inheritance."

"My inheritance?"

"Every male in the house of the Peverells receives a book revealing the secrets of the family and also the spells your ancestors have created over the years"

"Really... My dad was a Potter - not a Peverell"

"He said the same when I tested him. Now are we going to finish the test or are you going to keep arguing?"

"I suppose I have no choice" sighed Harry. 

He remounted her and began to slam in and out of her slick snatch without relent. She began to moan in time with each of his thrusts, and for the first time in any of her many tests, she felt a warm feeling building up deep inside her. She hadn't felt so good since she was first attached to the book by Ignotus himself. 

"Uuugghh" she groaned as her pussy exploded over Harry's cock, coating him in her sweet smelling juices. 

"God your cock feels good!" she screamed as Harry began to speed up his pace.

"I'm about to blow!" he shouted.

"Cum inside me!" she screamed, "I want to feel your hot seed inside me!"

"If you're sure... Uuugggghh"

As Harry exploded, he felt the mysterious girl explode all over his cock again, clearly loving the feel of his manhood. 

He withdrew, lay back and shut his eyes basking in the sensations flying through his body, replaying those final moments when he had filled the girl to the brim. Suddenly he felt a hot slick mouth on his dick. He looked up to see the girl cleaning their juices from his body and so he lay back to continue enjoying the wonderful feeling of her skilled mouth. 

The others were having no such fun. Having moved Ginny to her bedroom, Hermione and Ron had run back downstairs to resume their assault on the flaming prison. Although they were beginning to worry that it was too late. Whatever had brought the fire knew magic stronger than they had ever seen before. 

Ron took a step back as Hermione tried another assault noticing that her panties were still askew. He put his hand inside his trousers and began to rub himself as his 'secret' love revealed her pussy to him over and over again. It didn't take long before he came in his pants and was just casting scourgify when Hermione turned around exhausted to see him with his wand down his pants. 

"What the hell are you doing?" she shouted.  "Harry could be in serious trouble in there and you're jerking off to me?"

She pointed her wand at his crotch and screamed "phallus klein!"

"What did you do?" Ron growled feeling particularly worried. Hermione gave him an evil grin and said,

"let's just say you won't be doing anything with your penis until I want you to!"

As Ron ran inside to hide his rage, Hermione fell to the floor sobbing. 

As the girl got off Harry, she gave him a large book with a coat of arms on the front. 

"This is yours now so look after it. You are the only one who can see it, so don't read it incront of anyone else, and finally, if you... Want me... summon me from the book - my name is Rebecca"

With that she redressed Harry and vanished, taking the fire with her. 

"Harry! You're OK!"

"I'm fine Hermione, just a pesky spirit!"

In fact, Harry was better than fine. He had a sexual slave, a book with extreme power, and he had just got a brilliant feel of Hermione's tits and ass as she had hugged him to the floor. 

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2011-09-26 08:05:55
Love it but it could be longer maybe some anal too.

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2011-08-07 14:09:51
great story hey where is part 3 i would like to read it please

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2011-07-15 03:00:01
The story had no flow and no elaboration. No real purpose. No characters and no proper dialogue. My opinion is that you're just trying to stand on the shoulders of better writers than yourself. Actually put some effort into your next piece.


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2011-07-04 17:07:34
I think it could be a bit longer but overall it was pretty good. Now where is chapter 2 where Harry gets a bigger cock and summons isabella again?

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2011-06-26 21:56:07
Normally, I would like Harry to fuck anyone, but now I see that the very last movie is coming out. I've decided to read any Harry Potter story on this site that has Harry fucking anyone except Hermione. I'd rather Ron and Hermione stay together.

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