My older brothers friend: Part 2 and 3 This is the second and third part of my first story, although the events in parts 1 and 2 are not directly connected parts 2 and 3 are for character development I do recommend you read part one first. I need to combine these parts for extra length. So rather than fill the needed space with useless fluff or by "padding" the events I decided to combine both parts. I do enjoy writing these stories about my past activities and plan to continue these as I grew up and joined the navy and afterward. Please feel free to comment either positively or negatively at the bottom. If you have negative comments please be as specific as possible so I can improve my writing.
Part 2: The Lake

For the reader to realize how frequently Adam and I were able to
get together ,he/she will have to understand the type of friendship
he had my brother had. Adam was always welcome at our house even if

Allen was not there, he was invited to family events and Allen was
also invited to events with Adams family.

Lake Logan was about 3-4 miles from where we lived, easily within
range of a young boy on his bicycle. One day I was getting ready to
go to the lake and swim for a bit and Allen said he would be going
over about an hour after me if I wanted to wait and get a ride with

I told him I was going to go ahead and take my bike over, later I
would find out that he was called into work for someone that had
went home sick. I took off on my bike and was at the lake about 30
minutes later, I was suprised to see Adam and his little brother

Mike there. As I stood there talking to Adam Mike took off to play
in the water, I told Adam that I was hoping we could get together
again soon. He said he had an idea we could try when there wasn't so
many people around. I wanted to know what his idea was but he
wouldn't tell me, he said I had to wait and see.

We went our seperate ways after that and a few hours later I was
playing with Mike and a few other kids our age. When Adam came over
and told Mike his parents were there to pick him up and he had to
leave. Mike didn't like leaving when Adam was allowed to stay. Allen
just said I can stay because I am older.

Mike went and picked up his towel and took off towards the parking
lot. Adam and I started walking along the beach and just talking
about the things we had been doing for the last few weeks. I told
him how much I enjoyed sucking his dick and swallowing when he shot
in my mouth, he said he liked it too.

We had ended up at the far end of the beach away from most of the
people when he looked at me and said it was time to try his idea if
I wanted to. I quickly said yes and looked around for a secluded
place for us to go, looking at him I asked him where do you want to
go? He replied in the water, he told me that once he was in water
deep enough he would pull his shorts down and I could go under water
and suck him. I said ok and we both started going into the water, we
horsed around for a little while splashing each other, and seeing
who could swim underwater the longest without coming up for air.

I was standing next to Adam rubbing his cock thru his cutoff's when
he reached down and unfastened them, pushing them down. At that
point I went under the water and opened my mouth to take his cock
inside. I didn't saty down very long because I had gotten lake water
in my mouth when I opene it uu to take his cock in.

When I came up for air I asked Adam how he liked it, he said it was
ok but not as good as when we were alone someplace. I agreed but
told him it would work for now. Then I went back under the water.

This time I waited until my lips were against the head of his cock
before I opened my mouth, and even then I just opened it big enough
to allow his cock inside.

I started bobbing my head up and down on his cock, I could feel his
hands on my head holding me there and guiding me up and down. I
tried to pull off but his hands held me tight, reaching up I grabbed
his hands and pulled them off my head so I could cume up for some

While I was catching my breath I told him I wanted him to shoot in
my mouth, he said that what I was doing felt good but I had to come
up for air before he was ready. I told him I would try to stay down
longer but he had to let go of my head when I grabbed his hands. I
took a couple of really deep breath's and then went back under the

Right away I went to his cock, just opening my mouth enough to let
it inside without the water. As soon as I had the head in my mouth I
started going up and down as fast as I could, sucking the whole
time. I brought my right hand up and started playing with his balls.

I could feel his cock starting to twitch and swell in my mouth, I
knew he was getting close. Too soon I had to come up for air again,
when I surfaced Adam said that he had almost shot that time. I told
him I knew because I could feel it getting bigger while I sucked
him. after catching my breath I went back down and attacked his cock
with my mouth, determined to make him shoot off this time.
Soon after I took him in my mouth I could feel his cock swelling in
my mouth, I started going up and down faster and sucking harder.

This time I was going to make him shoot off in my mouth under the
water. I grabbed his hands and put them on my head, trying to let
him know I wanted him to hold me in place. His cock kept swelling
and twitching in my mouth over and over, all I needed to do was stay
under a few more seconds. Suddenly he started shooting in my mouth,
I had to swallow fast to catch it all. As soon as he stopped
shooting in my mouth I surfaced as fast as I could.

Adam's face was red and he was breathing hard I wondered what was
wrong and he said that was incredible. Looking around there were
several families starting to set up at this end of the beach so Adam
pulled his cutoff's up and we left.

We rode our bikes towards home, but as we got to the top of the hill
where Chieftain Drive and Enterprise Isle road split off we stopped
at the fort for a little while. We always kept the fort stocked with
cans of Pepsi and Moutain Dew raided for our parents fridge. There
were always empty cans laying around in and outside of the fort. You
could even see rust starting to form on some of them.

Adam walked over to the far corner of the fort and moved the 5
gallon bucket we used for a stool and then lifted up the edge of the
rug we had over the dirt floor. He pulled out several magazines and
said I had to see what was inside them as he sat back down on the
bucket. I walked over and sat down on the rug next to him, leaning
on his leg.

He dropped the magazines on the floor into a pile and picked up the
one on top. Opening the magazine there were several pictures of
naked women laying in different poses. As we went further and
further there were some pictures of naked men as well, all with hard
on's. Towards the middle there were some men and women together,
with the women holding the guy's cock or him squeezing her breasts.

Adams favorite section started with this woman sucking a guys cock
when we got to those picturse he reached down and started moving his
cock around inside his cut off's.

Taking this as a hint I took my hand and started stroking him while
looking at the magazine.

He said this is what he really wanted me to see. The woman was on
her hands and knees and the guy was behind her, his cock was pressed
up against her butthole and in the other pics it showed him further
and further inside her butt. Adam said he wanted to try that with me
sometime soon. I said I was scared it would hurt but that I would
try it.

Part 3: The Drive in

Adam and I had been getting together as frequently as possible, if
my brother was home he would visit with Allen for a while and then
as he left he would find a way to let me know he wanted me to follow
him. On these days we would crawl under my house we didn't have a
basement, just a crawl space for access to the water pump, etc. Or
we would go into the corn field behind my house. There was also an
old fort up on the hill we would use sometimes.

One Friday during the same summer my brother and his girlfriend were
going to the drive in to see a double feature, some of my brothers
friends were going to go as well. My brother and his girlfriend were
going to be witting up front and Adam was going to be in the back
seat. I asked my brother if I could go too and he told me no it was
for him and his friends. During supper Allen was telling mom and dad
about his plans and I spoke up and said it wasn't fair that I
couldn't go too. Mom and dad told him to go ahead and take me along
as long as I promised to behave and listen to him.

Tim called Allen and said something came up and he wouldn't be able
to go so that left me and Adam in the back seat of Allen's 1966
Mustang. When we pulled into our parking place my brother told me
that no matter what happened I wasn't to tell mom and dad or he
would bever take me anywhere ever again.

We went to the concession stand and picked up some soda's, popcorn,
and some candy bars. At first the snacks Adam and I picked out were
between us in the middle. We quickly finished off the popcorn just
as the movie started, and I moved over to the middle so I could see
the screen better. After I had been sitting there for a few minutes
I started moving my hand up Adams legs until I could feel the bottom
of is shorts, they were loose around the leg so there was plenty of
room to slide my hand up and grab his cock.

For some reason I was glad to find him already hard. My brother was
starting to make out with his girlfriend in the front seat so he
wasn't paying attention to Adam and I.

I wanted to suck him so much but I was scared of getting caught, as
the first movie was wrapping up I told my brother I was getting
tired and was gonna lay down. Adam said "you'll be more comfortabe
if you put your head on my leg. When I started to lay down he reaced
over and pulled the leg of his shorts up high enough that his cock
was all the way out. I turned my body so I was facing him and
started to gently lick his cock and balls. Then I took him in my
mouth and started sucking him off, we both had to be really quiet
and I couldn't move that much because of the people in the front

After about 15 minutes Adam came in my mouth and as usual I
swallowed his cum. I waited about 10 minutes later and sat up
announcing that I was feeling beter. Not believing what I had gotten
away with when other people were so close by.

The next day Adam came over while Allen was gone and we talked about
how incredible me sucking hm off was during the movie. I agreed with
him, and after that we took so many chsances it was only blind luck
that we didn't get caught. There were so many close calls both with
my brother and his brother as well Mike as well who was my age.

Adams parents had a small camper they used during for short weekend
trips to the river during the summer, after one of thier weekend
trips he was cleaning up the camper as I rode by on my bicycle. He
yelled at me to come over and then asked if I would help him with
the inside. We weren't inside for much longer than it took him to
close and lock the door before I was on my knees in front of him
sucking his cock. After he came in my mouth he pulled his jeans back
up and unlocked the door. About 10 minutes later Mike came out
asking if he was almost done, he didn't seem suprised to see me in
there either.

About a week after that Mike and I were out by Pony's pond riding
our bikes and he asked me if I knew what a blow job was. I told him
I did and he asked me a few more questions about how I knew so I
told him I had seen some pictures in some of my brothers magazines.
He was pretty curious about it so I showed them to him. Soon we were
under the house and I was sucking his cock. He wasn't as big as his
brother, and I was just happy to have found another cock I could

Looking back I wonder if Mike really did see me sucking his brothers
cock that day.

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Good story - gave me a boner at least.
Mikey might not have seen you sucking your big brother's cock - but, no matter --- He definitely picked up the scent as to what was going on.
Sometime I think horney, hungry eager young cocksuckers must give off a scent (kinda like bitch dogs in heat) -- because they seem to be a natural magnet for drawing in horney dudes with throbing cocks and sperm loaded nuts.
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