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My sister Laura who is 27 and me, Dan 26 moved out of our parents home at the turn of the year into a 2 bedroom flat in a small town. The only thing to do was really go to the gym across the road from us which we done every night after work.

Any way as we stayed together it meant I had a lot of time to perv on her as she was a good looking girl, she was about 5 10 and a size 12 with 34C tits ( i knew because i done her washing) short brown hair and blue eyes. Sometimes i used to wank into her thongs and put them back in her drawers, i think she knew and didnt say as i found a pair i had wanked into in the dirty laundry basket meaning she had wore them!!

After the gym one night we both headed to our respective changing rooms, it was always quiet in the gym and always had the place to ourselves. I was in the shower and heard the males changing room door open.

"dan, the girls showers dont work, i am going to use the mens"
"sure sis"
my cock sprang to life and i had to start having a pull as i heard her clothes come off, i could also make her out through the curtain.
"well well," she said pulling back the curtain, she was totally naked, her nipples were rock hard and i saw my sisters pussy for the first time, it was sexy as hell with a small black landing strip of pubes.
"arent you a big boy bro" she said as she came into my shower cubical.

we started kissing and my hands ran all over her body, under the high pressure of the shower jets we both were in ecstasy, she wanked my cock as i sucked on her nipples.

"you know, dan, i know all about you wanking into my thongs"
"you dont seem to care much" we both laughed
" sitting at work with my brothers cum all over my pussy was hot although its risky as i am not on the pill"

i entered my sisters pussy and started to slowly fuck her doggy style
"stop" my sister slid off my dick and went to her bag on got a condom
she rolled it on and bent over again, inviting me in which i obliged of course, i was ball deep inside my own sister when she stopped me again.
"this is wrong"

she left the shower and got dressed we walked home silently.

A few days passed and we never really spoke of the shower incident.

It changed again when i walked into the bathroom when she was in the bath shaving her legs

"dan, can we talk?"
"sure sis,"
i sat on the edge of the bath desperatly trying to hide my hardon from view while watching my sexy sister in the bath.
"you can look if you want or even help me" she handed me the razor
"shave me"
i very gingerly started shaving my sisters pussy to make her totally bald.
"there i said, you look 100% times hotter"
"join me" she said
i didnt want to try and push my luck and say i will get a condom, i was just happy being naked beside my big sister again, she let me get into the bath and sat back on my chest.

"i thought you had gone off me" i said, we both giggled a bit
"no, just had to think"
"what about?"
"us, what we did you know just stuff"
"well....." i said impatiently
" i loved having my brothers cock inside me, it was amazing, for the short few seconds it was the best sexual experience of my life, but i got scared about getting pregnant and then thats why i got the condom, then i got scared about getting caught, thats why i left"

i noticed my sisters nipples had started to swell and get hard
" in the privacy of our own flat, i can be a totally different person sexually dan"
" i know Laura, do you want to finish what we started in the gym?
"yes, on one condition, if we do this, we agree to become monogomous, with each other, no other sexual partners.......ever"
"sure, but dont you ever want a baby with a husband?"
"what about with you?" as she said it, she stood up and bent over in the bath, holding on to the handles, my cock was bursting it was that hard.

My big sister wanted me to get her pregnant, wow what a mind fuck. The view infront of me helped me on my road to the decision.

My sister's pussy and ass was presented right in front of me, i moved my tongue up to started licking her pussy and probing her labia with my tongue, she started moaning and moving around i stuck my tongue as far as it could go inside her pussy and moved in around.

"lick my ass"

i started to move my tongue alround her ass hole as i stuck a finger into her pussy, then two, then three.
" i am so wet for you Dan"
"Laura, my cock is like solid steel waiting to fuck you, can i put it in?"
"not in here, the cum will escape in the bath tub!!!"
we both laughed and got out of the tub and moved through to her bedroom, she lay on her bed and spread her legs for me.
"now brother, you can fill me with your babies"
i slid my cock up and down the length on my sisters wet pussy, and gently slid it in, as i did, i moved down so i could suck her nipples as i rammed my dick in her fertile pussy.

"i am cumming i said"
"me too, do it fucking cum inside your sister, get me pregnant"
my cock erupted like a volcano coating her cervix with my cum

i went to get up.
"dont, keep your cock in me so the cum doesnt leak out!!"

"i hope you got me pregnant bro, if not we will have to keep fucking!!"

i creampied my sister everyday for the next month in the effort to get her pregnant.

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2013-12-05 01:49:27
In some hotel spa have privacy curtains etc

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2013-01-30 10:43:07
I had a similar experience with my sisters friend when we were 15 we had great sex but had to keep it a secret, as I used to go to school with her brother, we had to fuck in the playing fields or down by the river, I filled her with so much cum, I cannot beleive she never got pregnant.

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2013-01-30 10:38:44
I enjoyed wanking to this story

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2012-03-17 13:23:30
very poor writing to many wrong words etc. this needs a total rewrite and a good editor you wasted your time, our time and the sites space. either do it right or not at all SHOW SOME PRIDE IN YOUR WORK AND A WHOLE LOT OF RESPECT FOR THE READERS AND ALWAYS DO IT RIGHT AND USE A GOOD EDITOR BEFORE POSTING

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2011-11-14 21:32:35
gym showers don't have curtains they are one big room i guess the writer has never been in a gym shower before

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