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A young boy discovers the wonders of sex
It all started with a call.

"Hello?" I answered

"Hi John, It's your grandma, I just thought i'd remind you know that your cousins Jack and Mia will be coming over in a while, and they'll be sleeping over."

I silently swore, and put on a false smile "Sure, grandma, thanks for the reminder."

I hung up the phone and frowned as I looked around my room. I grabbed a shirt, underwear, and some shorts as I walked across the hall into my bathroom. I turned the shower on and stripped down, but before i got in, i looked at myself in the mirror. I didnt look bad for fourteen, I was tall, about 5 foot 9, roughly 130, fairly muscular from my years of football, with dirty blond short hair. I got in and out of the shower in a few minutes, got dressed, and cleaned my room.

I walked across the hall, smiling to myself due to the awareness that, besides my mom, i was home alone for now. Both my sisters were away at camps for the week, and my dad lived a few hours away. My mom's boyfriend was at work and would be back in an hour or so.

I sat down on a chair and slid my way to the computer on my desk in my room. I began to play some games online before i heard the doorbell about 30 minutes later. I walked downstairs to answer the door, and saw my 2 cousins smiling at me through the doorframe. My cousins Jack and Mia were here to stay the night, and i had no idea at the time what it would lead to.

My cousin Jack was special. He had trouble fitting in socially, and sometimes he got on my nerves, but otherwise i thought he was nice. He had a bad temper, and wasn't very good at knowing when he was angering people, but i dealt with him. He was a bit taller then me, probably because he was 15, around 5 foot 11, a fair build, light skinned, short brown hair, and brown eyes like me.

On the other hand, my cousin Mia was cute. She was about 10 years old, just starting to develop, and a great personality. I could tell that she would be quite the eye opener as she got older. She was still short, around 4 foot 11, she had long, light hair, blue eyes, and the body of an undeveloped girl.

Jack and Mia brought their bags up to my room. They set them down, but i soon realized that my bedroom could only support two people. We decided to sort it out later. Jack and I began to play videogames on my TV, and Mia sat on my bed and watched. After about 2 hours, Jack and I got into an argument about whether i cheated or not, and he stormed downstairs.

It was about 9:30 PM and I suggested Mia and I should get ready for bed. I brough Jack's bag downstairs and set it on the bottom step, and I went upstairs and into the bathroom to shower once again. I emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later in a towel, hair still wet. I went into my room where i saw Mia watching TV. I sat down next to her and suggested she shower, but she said she already had before she came here.

While still in my towel, i walked over to my drawers and pulled out underwear, a shirt, and some flannel pants to sleep in. I realized, suddenly, that i was naked under my towel.

I told Mia "Close your eyes, i have to change."

She responded "Okay! I wont look, i promise." and covered her eyes with her hands.

Mia and I had been pretty close, and for her being as shy as she is, that was good. We talked about a lot of things, her crushes, my crushes, and other simple things. I was comfortable around her, but I wasnt sure about changing around her. Reluctantly, i pulled down my towel and quickly put on my clothes. I told Mia it was all clear, and she took her hands away. I pulled out the trundel bed from under mine, and we both layed down in our seperate beds while i turned off the lights.

About two minutes later, out of the dark i hear Mia's voice. "John, what was that hair you had, um, down there?"

I opened my eyes, surprised at the question, and knowing it will take a long response, i turn a lamp on.

I respond "Oh, Mia, thats called pubic hair. You'll get it as you grow older."

Mia began asking many questions, and i responded to each one awkwardly, before she asked "John, can I see your... penis?"

"Sure Mia, why not." I said as i took my pants and underwear off.

"Woah" Mia said, admiring it.

"It gets bigger, actually" i said while she looked at it closer.

To my surprise, Mia grabbed my penis, and began moving her hand up and down my shaft. I was going to object before I had an odd feeling, I was getting hard. I let her continue until i was fully erect, and she stopped.

"Wow. it got hard! and long!" she said, staring at my 6 1/2 in cock.

"Yeah, it did." I said, starting to put my pants back on.

"Wait!" She said, "I want to show you my area!" she said, pulling her pants off, and then underwear.

I saw her vagina, tight, and untouched between her legs. She was hairless, not because she shaved, but because she had barely begun to grow. I felt my cock tingle between my legs, and she looked at me, smiling.

"Do you like it?" she asked

"Oh, uhh, yeah, Mia, i do." I stammered.

"Do you want to touch it? I do all the time. It feels good!" She said

Caught up in the heat of the moment, i moved my hand down to her vagina lips and rubbed around. She threw her head back in pleasure while i rubbed for a bit longer. I stopped and said "I can make it feel even better. It might hurt at first, but i know you'll like it."

She nodded at me and told me "Okay, do it."

I slid my finger into her pussy, slowly, pushing deeper until my whole finger was in her. She moaned, but to my surprise didnt yelp or feel too much pain. I ignored it as i slide out and back in, over and over until she started moaning loudly. I stopped, and she was breathing a bit heavily.

"John, that was amazing. Please, do it again." She gasped

"Mia, i think i know something better for both of us." I whispered into her ear as i took the rest of our clothes off.

I rolled on top of her and used my arms to push my upper body up so i was staring down at her, and, without warning, i pushed my hard cock into her. she moaned as i pushed more and more until i was fully into her. i pulled out and began to stuff her again and again, harder and harder as she moaned louder and louder.

"Mmm. John! Ugh harderr." She moaned as she shook from my cock inside her.

I pushed deep into her, fucking her tight little virgin cunt, and we both began moaning as my body rocked, hips thrusting, into her.

"Mia! Oh fuck mia. I'm gonna cum" I said between grunts

"What does that mean?" she stammered between moans

"Ohh miaaa. Nothing. just fuck me harder!" I whispered, wondering if she heard me.

I felt the orgasm rushing into me, while i began to speed up my thrusts, she rocked with me as i shot into her. Spurt after spurt of cum into her tight pussy, until i was empty, and i collapsed next to her.

"Mia, you need to sleep over more." I said, breathing loudly.

"I will John, but next time, lets do it on the upper bed." She smiled at me as we got dressed and drifted off into sleep, clutching eachother.


This is my first story, ever! Rating and comments appreciated. I'm not sure if i'm going to continue writing, but tell me what you think!

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2014-04-08 10:00:58
I love the story. More

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2014-04-08 09:55:21
I love the story. More

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2013-09-30 11:06:03
Yer good storie keep writing I likeemyoun#2

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2012-06-12 14:11:03
Not very realistic but okay

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2012-03-30 04:28:05
the was a great story to read........just keep writing your stories i love incest ....cause i was a yougester myself when it happen to me and boy did i love it...........the love making was great to but the feeling was just to match for me thats why i had sex whenever i had the chance keep writing please don't ever stop...........thank you

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