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Part XV: New Old Experiences

The night at the bar, Holly had her own conversations. I would later learn that she met a girl named Lindsey. The next day back at our hotel room, a day of rest, she filled me in on the details. Lindsey, a five foot tall brunette, with, as Holly described, small pokey tits. Holly and Lindsey really hit it off. So I wasn’t surprised that when Lindsey called our hotel phone, Holly was out the door to meet her. This meant I had a whole day to myself, in LA, and nothing to do.

I walked into the studio, and went to Jerry Spencer’s Office. “John, wasn’t expecting you today”
“I got nothing to do, do you think I could do an interview or two?” I asked.
“Uh sure why not, just go down there and tell them to send the next girl to you.”

I went down to the interview section. Before I had been in the filming interview room, but there was several other rooms that had no cameras, and thus the girls signed no releases, and thus didn’t know what to expect. I told the secretary to send the next girl to my room, which was Interview Room #3. I sat down, in front of a wooden desk, pulled out the paperwork associated with the interview. Believe it or not there was paper records for every ‘interview’.

A nearly six foot tall black woman stepped into the room. She was wearing a pink skirt that didn’t go to halfway down her thighs, high heels, and a very tight white shirt, with her large DD breasts almost perfectly visible through the thin tight fabric. “Hi, my name is Vanessa”. I glanced up at her then put my head down into paperwork. Filling out the necessary boxes, name, race, gender. “Have a seat” I said looking up. “Vanessa, how much do you weigh?” I asked. “125 lbs” was her response, I think it was more like 135, she was skinny but for six foot, she wasn’t that skinny. “Height?” “6”1’”. “Cup size?” I asked returning to my paperwork. “38 DD” was her response. “And you are interested in doing what..exactly?” I asked. “Well I wanted to do some nude modeling, maybe a movie or two?” “So Porn…okay…and…Age?” I asked. “21”. “Well Vanessa, we don’t have any opening for models right now, we might have an opening for porn, but this says we are looking for a blonde, so you can see that doesn’t seem to be helpful to you.” “Can I demonstrate my talents?” she asked. “What kind of talents are those exactly?”. “I love to give blowjobs, im really good at that.” “I don’t know…there isn’t much I can do.” “You can fuck me too.” “Vanessa, I don’t think this is working out.” I stood up, holding the folder and started to walk out of the room, which took me past her sitting in her seat. “Please, I’ll do anything you want” she said, grabbing my sleeve as I walked past her. I stopped. I set the folder back on the desk, standing to her side as she sat. I unzipped my pants, pulling out my semi hard cock. I pushed it at her face, and she immediately took my cock into her mouth, sucking on me, and taking my limp cock all the way balls deep. My cock grew inside of her mouth, going down her throat, as she licked my balls. I pulled back away from her, walking back to my seat and sitting back down, pants still unzipped. “Okay Vanessa, you have my attention, show me your breast.” Vanessa stood up, pulling her tight t-shirt off, and removing her bra, releasing her mammoth black tits. “Now show me your pussy.” She turned around, pulled her skirt down slowly, revealing a white thong, and her round black ass. She then peeled her thong from her hips, dropping them to the floor as well, in a sexy striptease. “Okay, let’s take a walk” I said, standing up, zipping up my pants, and having her follow me, naked. She walked next to me, and I led her out of the interview area, the halls were empty. We came to the dressing room area. There was the men’s dressing room and women’s dressing room on opposite sides of the hallway. There were no movies being filmed right now, but I knew that they had finished one up less than fifteen minutes ago. I led her and her jiggling tits and ass into the men’s dressing room. There were three guys in the dressing room, all of them white and around six feet tall, all of them looked about ready to leave after a day of ‘hard’ work. I led Vanessa into the shower room, and catching the eye of two of the guys in the process. The shower room was tiled, and consisted of twelve shower heads, six on each side. I took Vanessa to the end of the shower, which was a relatively dark, and damp area. Now standing there I shed my clothes, leaving myself naked in front of this black beauty. “Put this on” I said, handing her a condom, which she unrolled and placed on the end of my cock, and applied it with her mouth. “Suck me bitch” I said. Obediently Vanessa, who is several inches taller than me, dropped to her knees, jiggling her DD tits as her knees hit the floor, leaned forward taking my now erect cock down her throat. Bobbing her head up and down on my cock, I held her head with my hands, pushing and pulling her faster. I pulled myself away from her, turning her around, on her knees, onto all fours. I knelt down behind her, doggystyle, and pressed my cock at the entrance of her tight pussy. Pushing my cock in to the hilt in one swift motion, I pounded her so hard so fast it was brutal, that slapping of our flesh echoed in the shower. At this time I realized we had an audience. All three guys were standing at the other end of the shower, I turned saw them, then with my hand motioned for them to come over. They all shed their clothes and walked over. Vanessa, taking my cock pounding on her pussy, suddenly found an eight inch cock in her face, and four hands on her tits. We repositioned, so that I was laying on my back, Vanessa was sitting upright on my cock, moving up and down, one guy stood at my feet, getting his cock sucked, and each guy stood to the side, getting their cocks stroked, as they massaged her tits. I could feel I was close to coming. She continued the pounding, sucking and stroking. I blasted my load inside of her, but with a barrier. She sat up, allowing me to slip free, as she returned to all fours, sucking and fucking. I put my clothes back on, watching the show, and left, returning to the interview area. I walked into the interview room, going to get the paperwork I left behind, to fill in a few new developments, but I found another girl sitting and waiting. “Hello?” I said. “Hi I’m Ashley” she said. She was about five foot tall, blonde shoulder length hair, and about C cup, round nice tits. “Hi, I’m John” I said, caught off guard, I wasn’t expecting another one. I walked back to my chair, and opened the folder, to fill out some of the paperwork. “Is this a stressful job?” Ashley asked. I just nodded. “I bet you could use some relief from it all” she said, as she walked around to my side, getting on her knees, looking in my eyes, her blue eyes staring into mine. She unzipped my pants and pulled out my still semi-hard, and semen smeared cock. “Ohh looks like you already have had some stress relief.” She said, as she licked up and down on my cock. “tastes good” she said shoving my cock into her mouth. She went into a rhythmic motion of her head, on her knees, blowing me. She continued this for some time. I just leaned back, put my hands behind my head, and moaned. Her sloppy blowjob was slurping saliva all over my crotch, as she quickened her neck motion, shoving my cock to the back of her throat. “Ohhh suck me bitch.” I said. She continued sucking and stroking. I soon was feeling that old feeling again. I decided not to say anything. I came in her mouth, but it wasn’t very much, and she swallowed it all without hesitation. She stood back up. I decided to take her down to the showers. I led her down to the showers where the three guys were still taking turns on Vanessa. “Hey guys here’s another one.” I said. She ran down to the end of the shower, and went right to work sucking off one of the guys.

I returned to the Hotel, to find two girls passed out in the bathtub. Maybe passed out isn’t right, they were asleep, in each others arms, Holly and Lindsey. I decided to take a shower, across from the tub in the bathroom. I must have woke up the duo, because I could hear muffled voices, and could see shadows through the cloudy shower door. Then suddenly the shower door slid open, I expected Holly, but instead met Lindsey. “Hi I’m Lindsey” she said, reaching her hand out as to shake hands, but my right hand was holding a bottle of shampoo, and at my hesitation, the naked Lindsey, reached to my limp cock and shook it. “John” I said. “You about done… John” she said. “Ya I’ll be done in a second.” I finished shampooing my short hair, under a watchful eye, then stepped out of the shower, leaving Lindsey to herself. I stepped into the bedroom, where Holly, naked, was sitting waiting for me. “Isn’t she great” Holly said, in a whisper. “I guess…how old is she?” I asked. “Seventeen” was the response. “She’s still in high school?” I asked astonished. “Ya…she’s great, we just get along so well” Holly said. “Sounds like a crush” I said.

The next day was spent doing goofy tourist things, with Lindsey as our guide through LA, as she was a local. The following day was to be spent in the studio. “Can I come watch?” Lindsey asked. “Why don’t you buy the tape later” I said, joking. “No really” Lindsey persisted. “Yeah sure babe why not” Holly replied, using my favorite cute name for Holly, babe. We were doing a movie which had a and director, we were just planted into the roles. Holly and I did a standard Blowjob scene, then later in the day we did a sixty nine. It was just two small parts of a larger movie, which we didn’t care to stay to watch, or even read those parts in the . After the shooting, Lindsey joined Holly in the Women’s dressing room, I finished dressing much quicker than Holly, for more reasons than I knew at the time. I went to Jerry’s office. “Jerry”
“Hi John”
“How much money do we have coming our way”
“Well John that’s tough to say, It depends on the sales.”
“I would estimate that you two will have about thirty thousand coming your way when you figure in the percentages on the sales, that’s if you stop right now though.”
“We don’t plan to stay here much longer”
“Well, I’d be sorry to lose you guys”
“We have school to go back to in a just a few weeks”
“I understand, Well John, if you two decide to shoot anymore home movies, feel free to send them in to us, well compensate you, and if you ever want to come back later, the door is open”
“Thanks Jerry”

I waited outside the Women’s dressing room for another five minutes. Finally giving up I entered the Dressing room, which was by no means against the rules, these girls didn’t mind an audience. I looked for Holly, but found three pornstars, doing their makeup for an upcoming session. I found Holly and Lindsey in the Shower room, which was identical to the mens. They were locked in a sixty nine, on the shower floor, with two shower heads raining on them steamy water, that glistened and splashed on both of their bodies. Holly was on top, I walked over, shedding my clothes in the process, stroking myself to get ready, and then got down to my knees and placed my cock at the entrance to Holly’s now cleanshaven pussy. Lindsey continued licking and lapping at Holly pussy and clit. I shoved my cock into her pussy, which was wet with juices and saliva. Lindsey continued her licking, which now included the shaft of my cock as it penetrated Holly hot wet dripping pussy. I continued to fuck her as she moaned into Lindsey’s pussy. Lindsey came with some short fast screams. “oh oh oh” she repeated rapidly, and after her orgasm subsided, she went back to work on Holly’s pussy which I was still fucking. Holly orgasmed next, which sent juices down to Lindsey’s tongue. “You girls ready to go now?” I asked. The only response I received was some panting.

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