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A gift I would never forget
It was my seventeenth birthday when my cousin gave me a gift I would never forget. I woke up that morning to my family singing happy birthday to me. Then my cousin came in with a huge cake. She then said make a wish but little did I know my wish was going to come true. I was seventeen and still a virgin so I wished that I would lose my virginity, by the end of the night. Then I got up and went to take a shower before my party. While I was in the shower all I could think of, was the outfit my cousin was wearing. All she slept in that night was a pushup bra and her panties. No one said anything to her because the thoughts that were going, threw my mind are wrong and they knew I knew that. Still all I could think of were her c breasts bouncing in her pushup bra, and the way her hips swayed when she walked. I then felt an indescribable urge to explore with her. Then there was a knock on my bathroom door, that’s when I recognized her sweet angelic voice. She then said with a joking tone are you going to spend all day, in the shower or come down to the party. I thought to my self damn how long have I been in here fantasizing about her. I then replied ill be out in a minute and I heard her leave. I then got out of the shower and got dressed and went down stairs. I had a great time at the party and was quite pleased with the gifts I had received. Then all of the sudden my grandma had to be rushed to the hospital. There was no room in the car for me and Jessica so we were asked to stay at the house so we did. While we waited for some news we sat around and listened to music. Finally we got a phone call with an update on how our grandma was doing. They said she was stable and would have to spend the night there. My mom said that they were going to spend the night there as well, so we were on our own for dinner. I then looked at Jessica and said what do you want for dinner. She replied I don’t know so we sat there for about an hour until we, finally decided to order pizza. We ate our food in relative silence until she said she was going to go up to her room if I needed her. I said okay and continued to eat my pizza. Then I started to think about what we could do tonight since we had the house to our selves. I got up and walked to her room to ask her a question. When I got to her room I noticed that her door was open slightly. I called her name and she did not answer. I then knocked twice on her door and entered to my surprise she was not in her bedroom, so I figured that she was in her bathroom. I then crept up to the door and heard her moaning and wondered what she was doing. I got up and quickly walked to my room but as I was leaving I knocked over a picture. I guess she heard it because within ten minutes she was knocking at my door. I asked what she needed and she asked if she could come in. I hesitated at first and then said come in threw gritted teeth. She was wearing a long night shirt no bra and a thong. She came in and sat on the foot of my bed and just looked at me. Ben she said were you just in my room? No I responded why do you ask if I was in your room. She said because while I was in the bathroom I heard a picture drop. Yes I was in your room while you were in the bathroom. She asked me if I heard or saw something. Like what I asked as if I didn’t know what she was talking about? You know what I’m talking about. I then asked what she was doing that was making her moan. She said do you want the truth about what I was doing in there. I just was able to nod. She said I was looking at pictures I took of you when you weren’t looking. She then asked what I wished for and I told her to lose my virginity by the end of the night. She then walked up to me and said would you like me to make your wish come true. Yes was all I could utter out. She said I thought you might like that idea. She closed my bedroom door and pushed me onto my bed and pulled down my pants. Then she pulled down my boxers and started to suck my dick. She went faster and faster until I had a full erection. Soon enough I knew I was about to cum so I told her and she said go ahead I want you to. Squirt after squirt I heard a gulp and then I decided to stand up. Then proceeded to remove her shirt to expose her perfectly shaped breasts. I then proceeded to remove her thong. Then I told her to switch places with me and she did. She spread her legs wide open exposing her cleanly shaven pussy. I began to eat her out and with each lick her moans grew louder and longer. The she came all over my face and my floor she just laid on the bed trembling while trying to catch her breath. After we caught our breaths we moved onto the bed. She then proceeded to sit and ride my cock she was bucking her hips so fast that she began to moan again. After we fucked for about an hour I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. Then I felt it coming so I tried to pull out but she pushed me onto my bed and rode my cock until I came inside her. After we laid there for a bit I said oh shit I didn’t use a condom what if I got you pregnant. She said to me that’s why I held you down until you came, because I wanted to give you the full experience. Don’t worry about getting me pregnant I’m on the pill. Whew I said and after she said that we just made out and went to sleep together.


2012-11-20 21:54:52
it was a good story but hard to read. you should use paragraphs to make it easier to read and people will think it is longer that way

anonymous readerReport

2012-03-15 16:09:20
negative rating for no paragraphs and being to short with no begining or end. this was the middle third of a story delete and start at the begining.

anonymous readerReport

2011-07-06 23:50:50
who gives a fuck about punctuation and paragraphs. it's a good story so there.

anonymous readerReport

2011-07-04 23:53:36
its a really good story and made me so horny i started jerking off

anonymous readerReport

2011-07-03 09:28:41
sad attempt at writing a story try puntuation and defining between what's being said and what's being done instead of craming it all into one paragaph

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