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Part XVII: 417 Jefferson

Stephanie was waiting for me at the airport. “Fun trip?” she asked. “Interesting.” I said, as we walked to her car. “Make lots of cash?” she asked. “Yeah, I would say we are set for a while” I said. “How’s she doin?” Stephanie asked. “She’s doing great, she’s got herself a companion, that’s why she stayed back.” I said. “What’s her name?” steph asked. “Lindsey, and she’s seventeen” I said. “Holly needs to bring her back with her” steph said.

We stepped into the apartment. “You guys are really moving out of here?” steph asked. “Yeah, we’ll technically Holly never lived here, besides we can afford a much nicer place now” I said. “How nice?” steph asked. I sat on my couch, flipping on the tv to espn. “Now that I think about it, you are wanting out of the dorms too.” I said, trailing off. “We could find a nice three bedroom” steph said. “Why three, Holly and I can share one” I said. “Ya, and then there’s me, and one of my friends” she said. “You been busy while we were away?” I asked, smiling. “You know me” she said, guilty as charged. “What’s her name?” I asked. “What makes you think it’s a girl?” steph said. “I know you” I said matter-of-factly. “hmmmm” she sighed, defeated in her ruse, “Sandy” she said. I chuckled a little bit. “What’s funny?” she asked. “Like Sandra Dee?” I said, joking. Holly was a huge fan of that movie so we had watched it together a few times. “Shut up”steph said. “So who is this Sandy?” I asked. “She’s twenty one, going into her senior year.” I interrupted her “oh so she’s the booze connection then”, you see although we may have made our own pornos, gone to Hollywood and made some more, but the three of us were all nineteen, and we lacked older friends. “How do you think she got me? She liquored me up in a bar and claimed me as hers” Stephanie said joking. “So you two serious or..” I said. “I think it might be something” steph said. I was happy for her, she had so much trouble with guys, and she was too horny to be alone. I know she and Holly sort of had a thing going, but they weren’t right for each other that way, they were just friends. “Well I have to get on the hunt for a new place, the lease runs out in two weeks here.” I said.

“This is it” the real estate agent said, her name was Laura, short, brown hair, small tits, older, typical business type. “Ohh I like it” steph said. “It’s not much less than fifteen hundred square feet, Master bedroom is to the right, with full bathroom. Then we have the guest bedroom next to it. Then we have the second bedroom to the left, with bathroom, shower only. Kitchen is in the back, and this is the living room” She went through her spiel. She led the two of us to the master bedroom. “As you can see it is quite spacious, you can easily put a king size in here and have plenty of room” she said. She led us on the full tour. “Here is the second bedroom, it’s not quite as big as the master, but it’s close.” She said. “I’m getting horny just at looking at where I’ll be doing some fucking later on” steph whispered. “Excuse me?” Laura said, as though she misunderstood. “Oh nothing” steph said. “Are you two expecting” she said with a questioned look on her face. I think that she thought we were together, and the whisper was something to do with the baby’s room, or our child’s room. “Oh no, we aren’t together” I said. “Oh, I’m sorry to pry like that.” Laura continued to lead the way. “Do I look pregnant to you?” steph whispered to me. I just shook my head side to side. Stephanie was as skinny as ever. We were in the second bathroom. “There is only a shower no tub in here” Laura said. “Man I think I will be doing some fucking in here” steph said rather loudly, wanting to mess with this lady. Laura just went on with her spiel. As she finished up she asked if we had any questions. “Yeah, could we just try it out for a few minutes, we’ll go in the bedroom and just have a quick fuck” steph said. I was getting embarrassed. “You seem to be quite the sex addict” Laura said, surprising the both of us “Here call this number sometime” she said, pulling out her business card, and stopping to write a number on the back. “What is it?” steph asked. “It’s a swingers club” Laura said. “Are you a swinger?” I asked. Her face turned rather red. “Yes, from time to time.” I turned to Stephanie. “So you want to go have a quick fuck” I said, trying to take her up on her offer earlier, she was kidding earlier. “He’s a pornstar” Steph said. “Shut up” I said. “Really?” Laura asked. “Well I wouldn’t say star, and it’s mainly my girlfriend.” I said. “In that case you should really call that number” she said. “When can we move in?” I asked her. “Well today if you want” she said. “We’ll let’s get moving then.” I said

A week later I had moved all of my stuff in, and the King sized bed had been delivered. Steph had just started to bring her stuff over. I had still yet to meet Sandra Dee. Holly would be here in less than a week, and I hadn’t told her yet, and I wanted to keep it a surprise. The living room was almost to where it would be, two couches reclining chair, tv, and the computer was in the corner. Since I was the only one living in the apartment, steph wasn’t moved in yet, I returned to my usual routine living alone. That meant I was naked ninety percent of the time, if I don’t have to go anywhere, why should I put clothes on? I had gone a week now without sex, which was unusual, but it seemed like a welcome break from the fast pace of before. I was sitting naked in my chair at my computer. I was on the website checking out the videos that were just posted. The first one we did in LA was just put up, so I was watching it. It is weird to watch yourself in a real porno. I heard a knock on the door through the noises of sex on my computer. I walked to the door, looked through the peephole, and didn’t recognize the person. She was dark skinned, like Mexican or Cuban or something, she was about five two, and her breasts looked to be quite large. I suddenly realized that I was indeed naked, and my cock was at attention. Then I saw Stephanie enter the view, she had a key, thinking I wasn’t there, she opened the door. I panicked and tried to run for cover in the bedroom, but clearly didn’t move fast enough. The two girls had opened the door to see my ass running away from them. I knew the deal was up and so I stopped, and walked to them. “Hi I’m John” I said, reaching my hand out. No response. Stephanie was giggling. “Sandy I presume?”. “Hi John” she said, laughing and reaching to shake my hand. Stephanie just burst into laughter. “Oh are we a bit lonely” Stephanie said, walking in to see the porn still playing on the computer. “Well you might recognize two people on that screen.” I said. Sandy, in a black skirt, and blue shirt, that hugged her large tits, and Stephanie, in jeans and a white t-shirt, sat down on my chair, Stephanie on Sandy’s lap. “I see you” steph said. “oh look at that slut go” steph said when Holly was on screen, giving me head. “Sandy meet Holly, Holly Sandy” Stephanie said, motioning to the screen. I stood behind them, embarrassed. “When does she get here?” Sandy asked. “Week from today” I said. “Oh so you could probably use some attention” Steph said. Steph stood from Sandy’s lap, walked to me, placing her hands on my shoulders, and pushing me to the couch, sitting me down.

Stephanie and Sandy stood in front of me. “You first” Steph said. “Why me?” Sandy asked. Steph rolled her eyes, and grabbed Sandy’s shirt and pulled it down releasing her tits. Sandy tried to intervene but she just let it happen. Stephanie stood there in front of me undressing Sandy. She had very large breasts, they hung on her chest, her very large dark nipples poking the air. She wasn’t overly skinny, she did have a little cushion for the pushin. Stephanie walked behind her, and pulled her skirt down, revealing pink panties. She pulled those over her hips and down to her ankles. She had a clean shaven pussy. “Now suck” Stephanie said, pointing to my cock. “What?” sandy said, eyes wide. “Fine” Stephanie said, stripping her own clothes off. Revealing her freshly shaven pussy, and her small tits. Sandy had a nice round ass. Stephanie encouraged Sandy and they both knelt down between my knees. “Have you ever been with a guy before?” Stephanie asked her. “No” she said, in disbelief. Stephanie gripped my semi rigid cock with one hand. “This is a dick” Stephanie said. “Lick it” she commanded. Sandy slowly reluctantly obliged. She gently licked the very tip of my cock. “Now shove it down your throat” she said. “What” Sandy said objecting. “Fine” Steph said. Stephanie somewhat pushed her aside, as she started to quickly stroke my cock, and bob her head up and down on my head. Her quick motions slobbering all over my crotch. Sandy watched in amazement as Stephanie gave me a blowjob. She was almost deepthroating me. “You try” steph said pulling off. Sandy took me in her hand, and put her mouth on the head of my cock, sucking on the tip. Stephanie started playing with Sandy’s large tits. “Oh you can do better than that” Steph said. Sandy pushed her head a little bit farther down, still sucking, and licking the tip slowly with her tongue. “You’re an amateur” Steph said. Stephanie pushed her aside, and went back to work on my cock. Stroke after stroke of her mouth and hand. “I’m close” I said, breathing heavily. “okay” Stephanie said, pulling off. Steph stood me up, and postioned so that the two of them were side by side in front of me. Stephanie stroked my cock hard and fast, waiting for me to explode, she knew what to expect, and she aimed me at Sandy’s large tits. I shot my first stream of thick jizz on Sandy’s right breast, just above the nipple. Her mouth went wide when she saw that, which wasn’t a good thing, because Stephanie aimed me at Sandy’s face now, and my second blast was almost as big as the first, hitting Sandy in the mouth, which sent her beck in reflex. Stephanie was laughing, and lost her concentration as my next shot hit sandy in the neck, and the rest of my creamy sperm ended up on Sandy’s tits. She sat there in stunned silence, as Stephanie started licking and making out with her.

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