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Makayla, a sixteen year old virgin, is sexually abused by an invisible alien life form.
alien, reluctance, rape, teen, pregnancy


The Darkness is Calling


Makayla glanced back and forth outside of her house on the sidewalk, scanning for any chance she might have been followed. Her dark brown hair swung to and fro as her head turned. A shadow appeared in her periphery and disappeared through the front door of her house without so much as ruffling the curtains.

"It's probably nothing." She reassured herself and proceeded to the entrance, closing and double locking the door.

Something pressed her against the heavy wood and slowly touched her ankles. It inched upward, caressing her bare shins then stopped at Makayla's knees. She knew they were ticklish and felt him rubbing behind them, dipping the very tips of his fingers into the hollowed valley. The sixteen year old struggled to keep herself upright throughout the assault.

The form continued and drew his hands up the inner and outer sides of one leg, down it and switched to the other. 'His' palm seemed to be rough, strong but calloused and it almost hurt to feel him approaching the already saturated velvety panties she wore, beneath her pink cotton dress. 'His' thumb lovingly caressed her clit through the fabric in a strict, focused, laborious motion, working his wrist and hand to stimulate her.

The smoothness of her sluttiest panties and the underlying sandpaper feel of his solitary finger excited and scared her. Every breath caused her plentiful chest to heave, as if it was inflating. 'He' seemed to be licking the outside of the fabric now which triggered an outpouring of juices down the insides of her thighs. It matted with the salivated patch sticking to her vulnerable slit. She suddenly trembled as a warm mouth tongued her skin and collected the creamy girl cum before it accumulated on the floor beneath them.

'His' agile appendage swirled around her clit, a muted effort but since her teenage libido was already uncontrollable he could have been several feet away. The mere suggestion of being pleasured left her open to his charms. She sucked in a breath and made an effort to push him away. There wasn't anything to push. Her hand swam through an ocean of air in its attempt to negate the smoldering tingle that emanated from her toes and crept upward.

There was nothing she could do except enjoy it while it persisted. Makayla saw movement in the kitchen directly across from her and went silent.

"I can't let them see me. Nooo. Not like this!" Her voice trembled and a couple of tears fell down her cheek.

'He' reached behind her back and tangled his fingers in the elastic waist, tugging them sensuously down to the floor. Instinctively, she stepped out of them and trained her beautiful brown eyes on the kitchen. A finger smoothed over her untouched slit and eased inside, into her inner sanctum. They both sensed her barrier would block penetration. 'He' pawed at her fat, pert ass and massaged its squinting asshole.

'His' tongue returned and slurped her clit soundlessly. She shuddered and a scream caught in her throat. Slowly, her holes were poked digitally. Makayla whimpered once and stopped herself. The form in the kitchen came around, gazed at her and stood in the middle of the living room.

"Mommy?" she asked nervously, tears formed in the corners of her eyes and keeping eye contact became a struggle as she approached her orgasm.

Her mother stripped down, took a seat on the couch and placed her feet flat on the cushion beneath her. She was masturbating, her fingers slipped inside a noticeably slimy cunt and rubbed its clit like her daughter had on many a night to herself.

The mouth that busily pleasured Makayla now was accompanied by hands that pulled her down to the floor. She obeyed its wordless instructions and positioned herself on all fours, with her face on the hardwood floor and both palms flat. The sixteen year old sensed something round and leaking pressed against her virginal labia, prying them apart as it inched further. Again, her hymen was bumped and prodded by this careless form as he pounded himself roughly into the blockage. Her asshole clenched and clamped itself shut, unsure as to what else 'he' might have in mind.

The membrane split and a trickle of heat escaped down the inside of her thigh. She whimpered loudly and glanced up at her mother one last time, completely helpless.

"Mommy? Mommy?"

'His' prick slipped all the way inside her expanding pouch and came millimeters short of banging her cervix. It pulled back and stroked deep, pulled nearly out then rammed deeply. She reluctantly came hard. Her creamy cum served as a lubricant, dribbled down his shaft and tempted his huge wrinkled balls to unleash their fertile load. Her mother diddled herself furiously, watching her daughter being defiled by an other worldly life-form.

"I hope he...he doesn't!" her murmurs, though feeble tried to emote themselves.

"Go on, honey! Tell him what you don't want done. I'm sure he'll take it into consideration." Her mom pinched at her own clit and massaged the insides of her tunnel using two manicured fingers.

"Please don't cum in me, Sir! I don't wanna make babies with you!"

'His' pace increased, pulling her inner labia outward with every motion of his hips. She sensed his fingers were toying with her clit as he barreled himself inside. Makayla whimpered uncomfortably and tensed around him. 'He' twitched several dozen times, her insides were smeared by his hot waxy seed. It burned to feel it pelting but there was nothing she could do to stop him. Her sixteen year old pussy ached, and was scalded endlessly for five minutes after he not only finished but moved on to the other fertile woman in the room.

Her daughter rose, grabbed her clothes and fled upstairs.

anonymous readerReport

2011-12-30 12:24:53
i get the rape but it was entirely confusing you said it was an invisible being . then how would she know it's body parts and the surrounding of the story was a bit confusing

anonymous readerReport

2011-07-22 13:36:09
maybe just more to the story would be good there was a lot of confusion

anonymous readerReport

2011-06-29 15:51:56
it's a good start. the beginning is really confusing.

anonymous readerReport

2011-06-27 01:21:01
Yeah not everything the tags suggested. Could have been a good story, but it really just sucked.

anonymous readerReport

2011-06-26 17:25:53

If you read the story it's pretty clear the girl was raped. The pregnancy tag might be entirely correct, but it's hinted at that she gets pregnant from it.

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