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a girlfriend pleasures her all star stud
As u were working a late shift at night at the major football team, you were a all star and all the ladies wanted you.. i was a bit jealous from all the attention you have gotten so i decided to go to a sex toy shop, i gotten lingerie with two dildos in it for my ass and pussy.. it was a smooth fit for my both holes.. they both slide in very easily ;] i gotten a black suit with a pink bow it was a very comfy black suit lace outfit.. with the sexy leggings.. and high heel boots to go with it.. i hurried and rushed off to our big house.. before you got home about 10 minutes later you showed up at the door smelling of cheap perfume from the attention you had gotten.. with a naughty look in my eye i slowly crawled towards you.. looking you stright in the eye..
B-b-b-aby... you look AMAZING!!! you said.. oh i know baby and thats not all you will get.. you see i am a jealous person and i dont like my men hanging around other women.. it makes me very jealous.. and horny.. But but but but.. im sorry... No no no no.. you be quiet.. you need to get punished.. now get over to the sofa.. and spread out your legs.. your punishment will soon begin...

I slowly unzipped your flie.. reavelling your massive large dick.. i gasped and already seen it was as hard as stone.. ah... your already hard.. you bad boy... i said.. oh baby i only get hard for you.. please do whatever you want to me.. you said.. oh i wil you lil man whore.. i replied.. :)

I slowly wrapp my lips around the tip of your cock and start with my tounge in a circular motion around the tip.. you start to groan in pleasure... i give you a evil look and start going deeper to your shaft... oh baby your amazing.. please dont stop.. i continued to go faster and faster.. gulping your big black cock down my throat..before i knew it.. every bit of your dick was in my mouth.. i was gasping for air..i let go of it.. and it was covered in my drool.. DAM!!!!! baby.. oh my god that was fantasic!!! you said.. oh hehe i know ;] i got another surprize for you.. i bent over showing the two dildos that were in my two lovely holes... you lil naughty girl.. oh im gunna fuck you up hard.... as soon as u said that.. a rush went through my body.. oh baby hurry.. oh please.. fuck me now!!!! i want it please oh please.. i want your big hard black cock.. i want it so badly.. please!!!!!

a smirk went on your face.. you slowly took off my sexy dildoed panties.. as u took them out.. my juices were sticking onto the dildo.. already my pussy was soaked from the sucking..
mmmm... a wet pussy.. im gunna eat you all up... you said.. you smashed your face into my vaj.. with your tounge twisting inside hitting every right slowly take your tounge out and attack my clit.. OH BABY!! THATS SO SENCEATIVE!!! OH MY GOD... I CANT TAKE IT.. i start to tingle all throughout my wrap your arms around me to keep me still i start to moan loadly as your tounge is tearing up my soft clit..Baby.. are you ready for my hard black cock? you said.. oh yes harold.. please give it to me.. i cant wait any longer.. please dont tease me anymore.. i want it now.. please oh please... you slowly pick me up and sat me on the sofa.. and spread my legs out far apart to assume the doggeystyle position.. you got in close to me and starting to inject me with your throbbing dick.. your hands rubbing my sides as your thrusting in and out... -moan- oh baby your amazing.. your cock is so huge.. i cant believe your this good... mmmmm... oh.... Samantha.. your amazing too your pussy is so tight and wait my cock cant take it... to started to thrust faster and faster.. then i start to moan loader and loader.. until a shoot my cum all over your dick... -pant- -pant- ... oh my god that felt great!! i said.. oh baby.. im still hard...

I give you a dirty look.. then dont forget my favorite.. my ass ;].. i said.. oh havent.. i want to fuck that so badly baby.. come here.. get on top of me now! you said..
I assume my position with my legs spread apart ontop of you.. and you start to rub your cock on my drenched pussy.. getting your thick nice dick ready.. you slowly inject my ass with your dick... AHHHHHHH!! BABY!!! that feels so good!! oh... mmmmm... your cock starts to really throbb as my moans continue to get louder.. your cock is already in my rosebud.. and you start to wrap your strong arms around me and start poundin my ass.. -pant- oh baby,.. i love you.. mmmmm.... you said.. oh harold i love you too.. your so amazing.... i yelled.. your cock starts to get harder.. and you went even faster.. i can already tell you reached your limit..
you ready for my nice hot cum baby? its all for you... your cock starts squirting white steams of cum deep in my ass... i start to pant and groan as it fills me up... theres still more.. open your mouth!! i do as you say and open wide.. your cock quickly fills my mouth as you start mouthfucking me... i gulp down your massiveness.. as more of your delicious seed fills up my mouth... -gulp- -gulp-.. that was delicous baby!! :) i hoped you like your punishment


2012-09-28 01:42:36
I don't understand why people are complaining. You can choose to read it or not. Ya there are some things that are a little odd but over all it served it's perpose. I liked it and I think that she should write more.
It's ment to turn you in, and it did just that.
Screw all the people that tell you "you can't", "you suck" or the ones that tell you to "just stop".


anonymous readerReport

2011-06-29 01:14:41
i dont like it. i could never tell who was talking i stopped half way. Horrible!!

anonymous readerReport

2011-06-27 22:29:53
Wow. You suck. Please don't write anymore, you would be doing everyone a favor if you just quit.

anonymous readerReport

2011-06-27 07:02:25
I dont care if its her first or 100th. It does not take that long to proofread a fucking story. Or at the least just spell check it. A few grammar errors, I can understand, but this shit is embarrassing to writers.

anonymous readerReport

2011-06-26 18:51:23
dont be such a dick, its her first one noones perfect

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