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Innocent turns to naughty
My name is samantha.. i am a girl that has to be innocent around my family.. they are christain and believe in god, they dont want me to go on dates alot.. or dress to impress my dates.. i do my dirty work behind closed doors.. which gets very boreing after ultimate fantasy is to get a big strong.. kind.. gentle.. and of course.. the naughty side too.. i want him to dominate me in bed..i want him to be very rough..and i want a huge big black cock ;] thats very senceative to the tip... my body..i have large set of dd boobs.. i have a big ass..but i love to wear thongs ;].. i have blue eyes and alburn hair.. i am a bit pale too..
i wish i were like other girls.. they get all the attention from other guys.. i wish i had that kind of attention too..
but here is what of my dirty mind contains.. :) i hope you enjoy..

I slowly lookout for my parents to make sure they werent around.. and i quicky sneak off to visit my loving boyfriend to "play" with him.. :) he lives in a small neighborhood containing alot of gang members.. i heard they are very powerful people around the city..this will be scary.. i approached the beginning of the houses.. noone was around yet i hurried to my boyfriends house when all of a sudden.. for very tall buff black men came up behind me and grabbed my arms..i couldnt move.. Look at this white bitch guys.. what is a lil girl doin here in our neighborhood??? the biggest black man said i--i-i..i was going to visit my boyfriend.. please let me go..i replied with fear.. HAHAHA how sweet.. this white slut is going to visit her boo.. maybe we should have a little fun with you first.. said the skinny one in the bunch.. oh please.. no dont.. i dont want to do this.. im loyal to my boyfriend!! i dont do anything else with anyone! i replied with confendence.. Guys grab her.. bring her back to our crib.. were going to teach her not to talk to us like dat.. said the bigger one..

The biggest black guy grabbed me and took me to their house.. inside there were alot of others looking and stareing at me.. Oh looky here we got ourselves a white girl... said a strange black boy.. DAMN LOOK AT THAT ASS!! I WUNNA POUND DAT SHIT!! said a dickhead... they put me in this large was very humid.. and i was in fear.. and worried..

Now.. take off your clothes.. or were gunna pop a cap in your ass... said the biggest black man..-shakeing in fear- OK OK OK OK... i will... i started to pull off my shirt.. and my pants.. and reaveled sexy suit i was going to wear for my boyfriend.... dam girl.. you look mighty fine in that outfit.. mmm.. i wunna fuck you up right now.. open your mouth!! a tall black dude said.. i did as he told me i opened my mouth and he injected me with his long black dick.. my face started to get red... rushs filled my body.. i couldnt contain myself any longer.. my fantasy was coming true.. a black guys dick in my mouth.... girl.. your starting to like this are you... -moan-.. yes.. i am.. -gulp-.. oh i love it.. please dont stop.. -gulp-..i started to get in control of him.. i grabbed his sides and forcefully sucked his dick.. -pant-.. damn.. oh yeah.. do that more.. im about to cum all in dat mouth... he started to shoot his load in my mouth.. the delicious semon filled my mouth and ran down my throat.. -gasp-.. oh god.. that was so good.. -pant -pant-.. mmmm i want more of this white girl..i wunna fuck her in her pussy..said another black man standing in the room..YEAH I WUNNA FUCK HER IN THE ASS!! I BET ITS TIGHT AS FUCK!! said a black boy.. i slowly bent over revealing my sacred teasure to them... you like this? i said.. you want to fuck me in both holes? come on i can show you a real women.. now come and fuck me now!!!

The two men grabbed me and sucked on my tits.. and started to move towards my pussy.. damn shes wet.. mmm.. ima put my dick inside... the dick filled my tight one inside.. AHHH... that-- feels so good.. uugghh.. oh come on boy.. dont be afraid come here and fuck a white girls ass.. i know those other women arent this good now come on fuck me now.. i want your big black cock to fill me up soon as i said that he jumped up to the bed and jammed his pulseing hard dick inside of my tight lil hole.. -pant-.. oh.. that fills so good.. the two dick were deep inside me jabbing me with double team in my holes..nasty noices you could hear.. my pussy.. was dripping with cum all over the thick cock.. dam already came... said the man.. oh please hold me tight.. and fuck me hard..

he did as i told him and started to do so.. he held me tight in his strong arms and jammed his package in faster and harder..i could tell he was about to cum.. hey boy.. hows my ass doing for you? i said.. damn.. its the tightest i ever had.. your the best white girl.. i want you..more..they both came inside my two holes.. my cum all over there dicks.. it was a sure mess...

but.. like i said before.. im loyal to my man.. under my suit was a machine gun and i killed all those bastards for fucking up my body and i took all the money i could find :) i was a very rich girl now!!!
when i finally reached my boyfriends house.. oh baby! i missed you..and whats this? a sexy outfit just for me? your so sweet hun :) come here to my bedroom i wunna fuck you up right now.. in my mind.. now this is real man that i get my real pleasure from....

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2014-10-20 06:37:10
This story SUCKS!!!

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2013-09-16 17:05:12
that was total bullshit, even by my standards, I mean where the fuck did you get a machine gun from? Wtf

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2011-06-27 07:31:12
fake? sounds fake? get a grip of life you stupid cunt

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2011-06-27 07:31:05
fake? sounds fake? get a grip of life you stupid cunt

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2011-06-26 21:28:52
Wtf that was bull shit

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