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Written by Slippery Saddle Bum

This is my first time writing a story like this one. I’m doing it because a lady that I know had something similar happen to her, starting when she was a young nine year old girl until she was nearly thirteen. She told me about it years after it happened and said that I’m the only person she’s ever told about it. At the time it was happening, she knew and is still in touch with a couple of the other girls (now women) that he was making do the same things. She asked me to write a story depicting what she described. It deals with rape and bestiality on bound and hopelessly defenseless young girls who then become willing participants. If that’s a turn off for you, stop here. The story is mine. The action is not exactly but is basically what she said happened to her… Specifically, after he fucked her, she was made to fuck his five dogs. Once she let her guard down and opened up to me, she really got into telling me about it. Her words were… “I fucking loved it. I liked fucking them ten times more than him. He knew it, too. He was so fucking jealous.” At that, she laughed… a bitter, derisive laugh.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ SSB ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Though you wouldn’t see it by looking at me, in my mind I’m fucking wild with excitement. At the weather beaten age of twenty five, after spending four years in college and then three years of dealing with assholes at every turn while trying to make a decent living, I’ve hit it lucky and won the State Lottery… ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY THREE MILLION DOLLARS!!! before taxes, over twenty six years. So, now, all the things I’ve ever dreamed of or wanted to do are possible. What has me the most excited of all is the one thing in particular that I can now act on and afford to indulge myself in… my secret fantasy… full penetration sex with young virgin girls… captive virgins, to be precise. I’ve already quit my computer security job and begun work on making my fantasy come true.

By nature and training, I’m a detail oriented man who always tries to think of and anticipate every possibility. I know that as long as I’m extremely careful and follow my plan, I’ll never have to worry about getting caught. (yeah.. I’ve had this plan in my mind forever… ever improving on it as I mentally lived in my fantasy) NOW… I have the rest of my life and lots of tight young cunt to look forward to… especially seeing the looks on their faces when they know that my cock is about to go up into their tight little hole and then the look of surprise and then pain, as their hymen is torn and they’re fully penetrated. Over the last seven years, I’ve taken and fucked eight young girls but that wasn’t nearly enough for my appetite and with my previously limited resources and location it was just too damned dangerous to continue because today’s police technology is too good. But now I can do what I want to do and, at the same time, I’ll be able to add spice to my pleasure. After my little girls take my fairly thick just over eight and a half inch cock, they’ll immediately be fucked by dogs that have been pre-trained to fuck human females … big, strong, cunt dominating dogs with nice big cocks… dogs that will never slip and make a dumb statement that will give us all away … So now I guess you can see why my mind is in such a high state of euphoric excitement.

First things first…. I consciously fight to keep my cool. I have to make sure that I avoid making errors. I immediately hooked up with an out of state real estate agent to start looking for the perfect estate type location. I specified that it had to be secluded, very private and reasonably easy to keep secure from intrusion. (after all, I’m a wealthy man) When I found what I was looking for, I’d make sure it was equipped with the latest and best security equipment available. No one would or could ever know about what was going on inside of my new digs. I have no immediate family and I’m breaking all ties… moving away from anyone who ever fucked with me or knew the old me.

My luck is still running good. A week after I connected with the Realtor, she found exactly what I was looking for… though she didn’t know it… nor did I until I saw it. I had six places to look at when I flew out and this one was the second one that she took me to see. I knew that this was the one, the instant after we pulled through the electronically gated entrance, up its winding, densely tree lined private roadway where it suddenly opened into the yard and I saw the solid old mansion sitting in the middle of a large and not particularly well groomed or cared for lawn area… as if that had never mattered much to its owner. I saw that the home was completely surrounded by a dense stand of trees (confirmed by aerial photos) that were heavily grown in with berry bushes and lots of brush… making it obvious to me that whoever had previously owned it had wanted their privacy, too. ‘PERFECT’, I thought. I didn’t really care what it cost but I’m not stupid with money and I didn’t want to appear eager so I didn’t.

After looking at all six properties and pretending interest in another one, I got the price down by over two hundred thousand on the one that I really wanted. It’d sat empty for over two years and I knew that it had cost its owner or owners a considerable amount of money for taxes, yard and building maintenance and to maintain minimum heat in winter to avoid frozen and ruptured plumbing.

As soon as the paperwork was signed, I hired a top notch surveillance and security firm to design and, when ready, install whatever visual and sensing equipment would be needed to secure the exterior of the premises, as well as an interior surveillance and recording control center. While they were working, I was already busy on setting up what I wanted for myself… but the final set up wouldn’t be assembled until everyone else was done and gone. Anything ‘special’ was purchased cash and carry. All identifying markings and serial numbers were removed because of the high resolution cameras I’d be using…. even the model identifiers of the old used barber chair that I’d bought and adapted to a better purpose had been covered over and made unrecognizable. No camera would pick up and show another camera, microphone or display screen so there’d be no specific products or models of them providing leads to contractors who sell and install them.

I’d asked the Security firm to recommend a contractor to build a heated dog kennel that would be attached to the house… a project that was nearly completed. The only thing left was the installation of chain link fencing for the two separated concrete dog runs I’d ordered… The construction crew left at noon telling me that the fencing was scheduled for the next day.

The contractor who was making the major interior renovations that I wanted done in one large area of the basement told me that they’d be finished by next weekend. They included four fourteen by sixteen foot windowless rooms, each with a windowless steel exterior door hinged to swing out into the basement room, a full bathroom with a tub and walk-in shower. The drop down indoor/outdoor carpeted ramp from the new dog kennel was already completed. The entire basement’s concrete floor had been smoothed over, sealed and painted as soon as the under the floor plumbing was done for the bathrooms, prior to the other construction. The rooms would have carpeting but the rest would stay painted concrete. (easy to mop up piss from scared little girls and all the cum that gushes from their pussies after they’ve been fucked by the dogs.)

Finally!! Everything is done… The contractors have been gone for a month and a half and I have everything set up just the way I want it to be. A well lighted ‘work area’ with strategically mounted ceiling cameras and more that are mounted on stand-offs on each side of and aimed toward the play area. I’ve checked everything through the control room… recorded multiple test runs (while training the dogs) and it works perfectly. I’d purchased four three year old princely looking German Sheppard males and four three year old statuesque male Dobermans and gotten them all acquainted with me and living with each other. Each breed is limited to separate dog runs to avoid fighting among themselves. When I bought them, I found out where to buy the specific supplies ‘that I’d be needing, if I decided to use my dogs as stud breeders’. I’d also gone online and ordered a lifelike woman fuck doll and had used the sex pheromones on it to train the dogs to fuck it. In their training, I’d start playing different recordings of the screaming tight cunted young girls that I’d previously captured and first time fucked so the dogs quickly learned to ignore the screaming and mercilessly drove their cocks into the artificially bucking and ‘resisting’ rubber woman’s cunt. Each dog had an electronic command collar and controller. That and my voice command was the only way to make them stop fucking the doll… an emergency failsafe backup. I’d used the cameras to film the rubber woman’s fucking and had gotten spectacular shots of her cunt being fucked and filled with dog cum… and now I’m ready… I’m at fever pitch. I can hardly believe that I’m actually going to be able to realize my hottest fantasy… but now I know, with rock solid certainty, that I AM… I really am. Not just once but, for as long as I’m careful and cautious, many, many, many times.

(If I’m lucky, tonight’s capture is going to be the first of many wonderful times in my playroom. (though I’ve already determined that there’ll be early morning school bus stop and daytime captures, too) If she’s there to be captured, tonight’ll be her first time with a man and then with two dogs… but, after one or two weeks of constant fucking, she might well look back on tonight as lucky for her, too.)
I’d already done considerable scouting but I knew where I’d find my first young pussy. It was just getting dark and was time for a very pretty little girl to come home from her friend’s house. I’d witnessed her do it on three separate occasions and if I was lucky and if she was at her friend’s house again, tonight, I knew where I was going to make the move. It’d be over and we’d be on our way in less than ten seconds. One of the nice things about a wealthy neighborhood is how spread out it is. I was driving a decent looking nonde van with bogus plates that would be switched within minutes and buried in a hedge off to the side of a back road before I stashed the van, removed the second magnetically attached plates and transferred my securely tied and gagged cargo to the trunk of my Mercedes and headed for the security of hers’ and my newly set up pleasure enjoyment area. If I get the target that I have in mind or one as good, the first half hour or so of tonight’s action will be for my physical pleasure… as it will be on all other such nights. (the pack leader cums first) After which, I’d become a keenly excited observer of the further action that will be recorded for the girl to take home with her for her family to view and then decide whether or not they want the publicity that would surely come if additional copies were to be sold or simply released. (which would be threatened in the clipped and pasted words making up the note that would accompany the hours of extremely explicit, high resolution videos of their beautiful young daughters, showing each of them clearly enjoying being fucked by eight large, well hung dogs… seeing their daughters, on several occasions, taking position and beckoning the dogs, helping them make entry to their vaginas and then seeing the expression on their faces as they have violent orgasms while the dogs pound their cocks into them… especially when the dogs are tied to and cumming in them. Their daddies will have a solid boner for sure. Their Mommies might even be excited and feel some jealousy.)

Just as I turned the corner, I saw her coming. I could tell by the brisk way she was walking that it was her… the quick, short, tight little pussy steps. I pulled my wide brimmed hat down till it was firmly set at the top of my ears and tightened the chin strap. (didn’t want to lose time having to retrieve it) I double checked to make sure that the Velcro straps were in the pouch on my tool belt and that the handle holding the spool of three inch wide wrapping plastic was clipped to my belt.
Just as I was coming even with her, I stopped the van, stepped out and quickly went around behind it to intercept her.

She was totally surprised by my appearance and before she could react I’d spun her facing away, put my hand over her mouth and had the spool of plastic film up by her head, even with her mouth. Holding the loose end of the plastic, I made one quick wrap around her head with the spool, removing my hand from her mouth as the first wrap went across the end of the plastic and then three more quick tight wraps before I stretched it tight and the strong plastic film snapped off. I let go of the dispenser, knowing that it was still attached to my belt by the plastic stretch coil and immediately grabbed her hands to keep her from pulling the plastic from her mouth and being able to sound the alarm. Holding both wrists in one hand, I reached into the other pouch for the two inch wide Velcro strap and secured her wrists with it. The three foot strap was easily long enough to wrap around her body and tightly secure her hands behind her.

I picked her up, carried her to the van, opened the side door and laid her inside on the van floor, where a stack of old blankets had been eagerly waiting to welcome her. Grabbing another strap, I quickly strapped her legs together; just I’d done to her hands. I put a sleep mask blindfold on her and tightened the strap. Then I checked to make sure that she could breathe and saw that I needed to clear her nose so I stretched the plastic away from it, folded it down under and tucked it under where the plastic over her mouth was still tightly wrapped. As I did, she sucked in a deep breath and then squealed through her nose. Knowing what was in store for her, I knew that it wouldn’t be very long before she’d be squealing a whole lot louder and with gut wrenching sincerity. In less than an hour, we’d be back at the house and she’d be a candidate for having her picture on a milk carton. I drew an old bedspread over her, rolled the door closed and briskly walked around to the driver’s door. As I walked, I scanned the area and saw no one. I got in, put the van in gear and my very pretty little girl was destined to have her sweet little pussy fucked by three large cocks, tonight… two of them belonging to big horny dogs that were trained to ignore a girl’s screams and fuck a human cunt. For the next two weeks and possibly longer, her pussy is going to be getting lots and lots and LOTS of penile attention. When she gets home, she’ll be the neighborhood’s ten or eleven year old expert at taking a cock in her cunt and fucking the cum out of it. If the parents decide to keep their mouths shut, her Daddy will probably be getting some fine fucking because she’ll definitely be hooked on it. He may even have to buy her a dog, just to keep her at home.

I’d switched the plates and buried the first set, in case they’d been picked up on a neighborhood traffic camera, and had just pulled into one of the small metal buildings of the scrap salvage yard that I’d bought. (locked and off limits to the employees) I got out, removed the plates and stuck them in an old refrigerator that was backed up to the fence that ran behind the shed and then removed my gloves… no prints. I closed and padlocked the shed door before walking around to the side door, which I’d already opened. I went to the van, opened its door and uncovered my prize. What a fine ass on this girl… round bubble butt cheeks, strong thighs, pretty as hell, athletic looking and very fuckable. I rolled her onto her back and, holding her in place, I pushed my hand down between her legs, cupped my hand over her pussy and started massaging it. She squealed through her nose and tried to struggle but it was hopeless. Caressing her cunt, I said, “This pussy is mine, honey. In a few minutes, I’m going to put my cock in your pussy… all the way up in your belly and fuck you. I just thought you’d like to know.” Then I picked her up.. maybe ninety pounds of prime young pussy and laid her over my shoulder. She grunted a little and made a little whining sound but the surroundings were very quiet so I think she knew she was doomed.

I thought, ‘If she knows what sex is, she probably knows that she’s going to be fucked.’ Then I thought… ‘Why not ask her??’ So I did. “Do you know what fucking means?” She gave a little squeal that sounded like “uuummm!!” I said, “I guess that squeal means you know what it means. That’s good. In a few minutes, I’m going to take all your clothes off and I’m going to push my cock way up in your pussy and, when it’s all the way in, I’m going stop and wait till your pussy stops hurting too bad and then I’m going to fuck you. After that, you’re going to be fucked several more times. For the next few days, you’re going to be fucked every day… a lot. Your little pussy is going to have lots of cocks taking turns fucking it for hours and hours. It’s going to hurt, at first, but then you’ll get used to it and pretty quick you’ll notice that it’s starting to feel good. That’s natural. Your pussy is supposed to like being fucked. Pretty soon, you’ll notice that you want to be fucked all the time. There’s nothing you can do about it so don’t fight it. Just let it happen. The sooner you get used to it, the sooner you’ll start liking it. When you go home, maybe your daddy will fuck you when you want to fuck. Just don’t let your mommy know and don’t tell anybody and get him in trouble. Before I let you go, I’ll explain everything so you can keep fucking and not get a bad reputation. Pick just one person… even if it’s an Uncle that you like. Don’t be foolish and mess with the boys in your neighborhood or at school because they’ll brag and tell everybody. Then you’ll get a bad reputation. If you have a brother who’s around your age or a little older, maybe you can get him to fuck you. I’ll teach you how to talk to him and get him to do it… but you have to make him promise to never tell anybody or you’ll never ever let him fuck you again. If you’re careful, nobody will ever know and you’ll be the happiest little girl in your neighborhood. You’ll be getting fucked but only one other person will know it and they’ll never tell anybody so you’ll always have a good reputation.”

While she was hearing her fate and being advised on how to live her future, I’d carried her through the side door, padlocked it and carried her to the next shed, where my Mercedes was parked. I unlocked the door, carried her in and relocked it. Hitting the automatic trunk release I laid her in the large trunk, on a furniture moving blanket. I checked her bindings to make sure that they were tight, folded her legs up and secured their bindings to her waist strap to prevent her from kicking out a tail lamp and then put my hand over her pussy and rubbed it for a few seconds, to get her used to knowing that it belongs to me now, before I drew a light blanket over her and told her to relax because we were going for a ride. Then I lowered the trunk lid and snapped it shut. I started the car and hit the automatic door operator. As soon as the door was clear, I pulled out and hit the door button again. I watched in the mirror as the door reversed direction thinking ‘We’re on our way. It won’t be long now, my pretty little pussy.’ (I’m going to install a two way sound system to my trunk so I can talk to my girls while we travel so they won’t feel so all alone, as my pretty little pussy must feel right now.) My cock was starting to swell in anticipation of the young tender cunt that it would soon be stretching, fucking and cumming into.

About forty minutes later, I pulled into the clearing at the end of my private roadway, into the four car garage and killed the Mercedes engine. The dogs were sounding the alarm. I popped the trunk lid release and hit the button for the sixteen foot overhead door closer. As I stepped out of the car, I watched the door smoothly moved into place. Standing by the bumper, I lifted the trunk lid and said, “We’re here, honey. My pretty little girl and her pussy are about to have the experience of a lifetime.”

I reached in and pulled the blanket off of her, made sure the blindfold was still in place and lifted her out. Letting her down onto her feet, I removed the plastic covering her mouth. I said, “It’s just you and me, honey, so if you’re thinking of yelling or screaming, go ahead but you’ll be wasting your breath. You’d better save your energy, though. You’re going to need it when I put my cock in your puss and start fucking you. It’s only going to just a few minutes, now. What’s your name and how old are you, honey?” …… In a piteous voice, she wailed, “Pleease.. don…” I cut her off… “That’s not your name and if you’re begging to not be fucked, you can forget it.” Cupping my hand over her pussy to remind her that it belongs to me, I continued, “You ARE going to be fucked. Now what’s your name and how old are you?”

She started to cry. Still holding her cunt, I said, “Crying isn’t going to stop you from being fucked, either, so stop it or I’ll put the plastic back over your mouth.” She forced her mouth to close but she was still whimpering. I said, “What is your name and how old are you, pretty girl?!!” “M-mandy… I- I’m eleven.” she got out. I said, “That’s a really pretty name for a really pretty girl. I like fucking pretty eleven year old girls named Mandy. Let’s go take your clothes off, Mandy. I can’t wait to get my cock inside of you to find out how tight your little pussy is. I’m going to teach you how to fuck me back and use your pussy to make me squirt cum in you. You don’t know what cum is, now, but you’ll know a lot about it by morning because your pussy is going to have a lot of it squirted inside of it before tomorrow morning. You’re going to find out that cocks are your pussy’s best friend. Long before you go home, you’ll love looking at them, kissing them, sucking them and having them fuck you. You’ll see.”

I drew one of the tailor made masks that I’d had made from white cotton t-shirt material over my head, picked her up, carried her to the basement stairwell, down its fourteen steps and punched in the lock code on the door that opened into the basement. The door is mounted on spring loaded hinges so it closed automatically behind me. It has a key pad on the inside too, because the door has to be unlocked from either side, to be opened. I set her down and untied her legs, petted her pussy and then led her across the concrete basement floor to the door that goes through new partition. I punched in the code for that lock, opened the door and led her over to stand in front of an old barber chair that I’d customized for this purpose… tonight’s festivities, which Mandy is now guest of honor to and about to be full participant in.

The chair still goes up and down, pivots and leans forward and back but the footrest is gone. Instead, I’d attached a pair of pivoting, adjustable and locking gynecologist’s stirrups to the front of each arm with numerous leather straps to hold the seated and strapped in cock recipient in place to receive her first two initially unwelcome full penetrations. Maybe the third will be unwelcome as well but she’ll still take all of it. Because of the angle of attack, and her position, she’ll be able to see her cunt. When it’s time, she’ll see the cock coming at her cunt and watch as it fucks into her and then as it fucks in and out of her. When she starts liking it, she’ll get a thrill out of watching herself being fucked by it… be it mine or one of her canine lovers. (which she doesn’t yet know they will be)

I said, “Mandy… I’m going to untie your hands but I’m warning you now, do NOT take the blindfold off or even try to. When I want it off, I’ll take it off or I’ll tell you to take it off but don’t take it off on your own. Understood?” “Y-yeahh.” “If you disobey me, I’ll punish you very, very harshly. Have you ever been burned or touched something that’s really hot?” “Y-yeahhh.” she said… fear in her voice. “Good. Do you know what a clothes iron is?” “Yeahh.” “They get really hot when you turn them way up so, if you disobey me, I’ll get the iron really hot and burn you with it. Now turn around so I can untie your hands.” She turned, I pulled the Velcro strap loose from around her body and released her wrists. I said, “OK, Mandy, I expect you to do exactly what I tell you to do or I’ll burn you. You said you understood so now I want you to pull your shirt off over your head and take it off but be very careful to NOT make the blindfold come off or I’ll have to heat the iron and burn you with it. I’m turning it on, now, just in case.”… which I did and made sure that she heard the switch.

Whimpering, she carefully pulled the shirt up over her head and stretched it around and over the blindfold until it was off. Her little boobies were becoming a mouthful. She was scared. Their nipples were swollen and sticking out to little points. I took the shirt and said, “Good girl, Mandy. Now take the shorts and panties off.” She started whining and I said, “Don’t disobey me, Mandy! The iron is getting hot. Can you hear it heating up and smell it? Take the rest of your clothes off. RIGHT NOW!… your sneakers, too, and hand them all to me.” Her shaking hands unfastened the button on her shorts and she unzipped them. Putting her thumbs in the waistband of her panties, she pushed the shorts and panties down off her hips to her thighs and then let them drop to the floor. My eyes locked onto her pussy like NASA’S most powerful missile tracking radar… What a fucking beautiful little cunt!!!! There’s a heavy coating of peach fuzz on it!! It’s mine … I’m going to part its puffy lips, bury my cock in it and be fucking it in a minute!!!! My eight and a half inch cock was as hard as billion year old granite… all ready to sink into and deflower this little beauty. My boys are just going to be fucking a cunt but I sincerely appreciate looking at a beautiful cunt and right now, I’m looking at a truly beautiful one. I quietly began taking my clothes off, preparing myself for her.

I had the mask on and knew that she couldn’t see my face but the idea of the blindfold was to keep her totally in the dark and off balance… under control and co-operative. “Take the sneakers off, Mandy and then hand me the clothes.” She toed the sneakers off, stepped out of them and then squatted down to pick them up. Without realizing what she was doing, she opened her legs when she squatted. I was standing directly in front of her. Her little cunt lips parted and I could see the petals of the lovely little flower that was about to be kissing the sides of my cock as it slid in and out between them. They were damp… almost wet. ‘That’s probably from me holding and rubbing her pussy. So she’s responsive.’ I thought and smiled.

When she stood, I took the clothes from her hands and I laid them aside. She wasn’t going to need them for a few days. I looked at her sweet little titties… very suckable. I stepped close to her and put an arm around her back and pinned her arms. She felt my naked body against hers… my thick hard cock against her belly… she stiffened and whimpered. Holding her firmly in place, I reached between her legs and cupped my hand over her cunt. She stiffened…. “NOOOO, DON’T!” she squealed. I instantly reacted by pulling her tightly against me and continued to hold her cunt in my hand and roll its lips back and forth against each other. “Stop fighting, Mandy.” I said, in a reasonable voice. “I told you I’m going to fuck you, didn’t I? … And I have to touch your pussy if I’m going to fuck you don’t I? Now behave yourself so you won’t have to get burned with the iron, too. I’m going to fuck you and that’s all there is to it. I just wanted to feel your pretty little pussy with my hand for a minute before I put my cock inside of you and start fucking you.” I let go of her and stepped back.

I said, “You’ve got a very pretty pussy, Mandy. I like looking at it and I like how it feels in my hand. I can’t wait to feel what it’s like to have my cock inside of you. I’m really going to like fucking you… especially after we do it a few times and you get used to having my cock inside of you. I’m going to teach you how to fuck, Mandy. When you go home, you’re going to be the best eleven year old fuck in your neighborhood because you’ll know how to use your pussy to make a man’s cock feel good. Your daddy will like that.

I took her shoulders, steadied her and firmly said, “OK, I’m going to pick you up and sit you down in a big chair, Mandy. When I do, just sit still. I’ll put you where I want you to be.” I had one of those thick on one side wedge shaped vinyl couch cushions in the back of the chair, with the thick side down, so that her pussy would be held at the front edge of the chair, right where I could get at it and into it. Putting my hands around her waist, I lifted her onto the chair and said, “Lean back and sit still.” I took her right arm, placed it on the arm of the chair and brought the padded inch and a half wide leather strap at her elbow over it, fed it through the slip buckle on outside of the chair arm and fastened it snugly. Then I did another one at her wrist. She could twist her arm a little but couldn’t lift it or pull back to free it from the straps. I stepped around and repeated the process on her left arm. When I was finished, I leaned down in front of her and sucked her left tittie into my mouth. “Ahhhhhhhh… Nooooo!! Don’t!!” she screeched out. I let go of her tit for a second, shoved my hand down between her legs, cupped it over her cunt and began firmly massaging it as I said, Mandy, I’m going to push my cock into your pussy and fuck you in a minute so I don’t think sucking your titties a little bit first is a such bad thing, do you?” and, still massaging her cunt, I sucked her tittie back into my mouth.

As if she knew there was nothing she could do to prevent what I was doing or what she knew I was going to do to her, she stopped struggling against the arm restraints, lay back and whimpered as I sucked lightly and ran my tongue back and forth over her puffy little nipple and continued to massage her cunt. Damn, those little points were hard. I leaned further over and sucked on her other tittie the same way, while making “MMM-MMM Good” sounds. When I stood up, I said, “You’re going to be a very beautiful woman when you grow up, Mandy. Pay attention to everything that happens while you’re with us and don’t forget what I’m going to start teaching you, tonight. You’ll be glad you did, I promise. You’ll have the next two weeks, at least, to practice and learn to enjoy what you’ll be learning… and maybe more, if you decide you want to stay longer. Having your titties sucked and teased before you get fucked is one of them. Did you notice that funny, kind of ticklish feeling in your pussy while I was sucking them?” I was still massaging her pussy as I continued, “Your pussy and your titties are connected by nerves. Here, I’ll show you again. I leaned over and sucked her left tit into my mouth again and started running my tongue all around and over its nipple. She let out a little whimpering moan. After several seconds, I lifted my mouth off of her and said, “See? You can feel it in your pussy, can’t you?” and then I sucked her right tit again, basting it with my tongue for just as long as I’d just treated her left one. I felt her begin to push her tit to my mouth and her cunt forward in the chair. I stood and said, “That feels nice, doesn’t it, Mandy? Everything you feel will be feeling better than nice in a day or two. Wait and see.

I gently pulled my hand from between her legs, patted the puffy Mons of her pussy and moved in front of her. “Raise your left leg, honey. I’m going to set your foot in this stirrup and strap your leg into it. She raised her leg and I moved it over to her left, which opened her legs and exposed her sex. I saw that she was wet and I knew the camera saw it, too. While I was fastening the two straps, one at her ankle and one high on her shin I said, “You have a very pretty pussy, Mandy. I’m going to enjoy licking it and fucking you sooooo much. I can’t wait to get my cock inside of you. Your little pussy looks like it was made for my cock. And just wait until you meet your new boyfriends, after I fuck you the first time. They’ll fuck you a lot faster and harder than I ever can. You’re going to learn to love having them fuck you. You’ll be begging them to put their cocks in you and fuck you. Wait and see.

I took her right leg, set her foot into the other stirrup and fastened her in. Then I adjusted the chair’s height, brought her pussy forward another inch and pushed a shim behind the wedged cushion that was behind her ass to keep her pussy hanging out over the edge of the chair where it’ll take the deepest penetration. After the stirrups were set and her pussy was where I wanted it, I was just about ready to fuck my beautiful little girl. She still had some freedom of body movement but I can control that. With the dogs, once they start fucking her, they’ll be in total control of her. For her first dog fuck, she’ll be sitting facing them… seeing their cocks pounding into her little pussy until their knot goes into her hole, swells up and seals her opening while she feels their cum gushing into her. I can’t wait to get it on record when that part makes her cum and cum and cum. Her parents will love that… especially her daddy. When he sees those shots, he’ll wish he’d been that dog and want to fuck her brains out. I’m going to coach her to look into the camera and ask him “Please, Daddy. Put your cock in my pussy and fuck me. I’m used to fucking, now. I love doing it. I need to be fucked sooo bad. Please, Daddy? Fuck meee?” I’ll coach her to do it while she’s in the throes of passion so that, when he sees the video, he’ll see the lust in her eyes and hear the passion in her voice… and SO will her mother. Then Mommy’s eyes will go straight to Daddy’s cock to see if it’s hard… and it Will Be.

I stepped in between her legs and said, “This is almost it, Mandy. I’m going to lick your pretty little pussy and get it all nice and wet for my cock go in you. When I stand back up, you’ll know that the next thing I’m going to do is push my cock all the way into your little hole and start fucking you. Do you have any questions?” … “Nooooooo.” she said, in a high pitched, plaintive wail.” “Ok, Mandy, I just thought of something… I’m going to put a white mask over my head so you can’t see my face and then I’ll take the blind fold off so you can get used to the light while I’m licking your pussy. Remember, Mandy, when you see me stand up, the next thing I’m going to do is put my cock inside of you, so watch my cock real close. I’ll rub it against your pussy a little, first, so you can see it and feel what I’m going to put in you. Then I’ll tell you I’m going to put it in and I’ll put it in, ok?” “Okaaaay” she answered, in another plaintive wail. I continued, “Then you can look at my cock and watch it go in. You can keep watching and see me fuck you after it’s in your pussy. I don’t want to put it in slow because that’d hurt too long so pay close attention because I’m going to put it in quick and get it over with faster, like taking a Band-Aid off real fast so it doesn’t hurt so much. You’ll feel it inside but you’ll be able to look down and see your pussy and what I’m doing to it, too. If you see some blood on my cock, while it’s sliding in and out of you, don’t be scared. That usually happens the first time a girl gets fucked. It stops bleeding pretty quick. This is your first time, isn’t it?” In a tight, squeaking voice, she answered, “Y-yes.” “Good girl, Mandy. I’m your first man. In a minute, you’re going to be a woman with a cock in your pussy and you’ll feel a man fucking his cock inside of your woman pussy. It’s going to hurt bad, at first, but try to relax as much as you can. You’ll be surprised at how fast it stops hurting and starts feeling good. I don’t know why it has to hurt the first time a girl does it but that’s how nature made it be. I promise it won’t be very long and you’ll start liking it. Lots of times a girl starts liking it during their first time. With all the fucking you’re going to get tonight, I’ll bet by morning you’re going to be loving it.

I’d hit the recording remote before I’d had her start getting undressed so the sound was on and the cameras were running. Everything was being recorded. I said, “OK, Mandy, I’m going to take your mask off and start licking your pussy, now.” I took the mask off, tossed it aside and said, “Hold your pussy out for me and push it against my tongue, OK?” (a strangled moan, definitely loud enough to be recorded) I knelt and feasted my eyes on her lovely little cunt. It was a genuine floral masterpiece… one of the prettiest pussies I’ve ever seen. I moved to about a half inch away, opened my mouth and exhaled warm air onto her cunt. Mandy quivered and moaned. I glanced up and saw her trying to get her eyes used to the light and to focus on her pussy and what was about to happen to it. Just then I pushed my tongue out and took a slow, broad tongued swipe all the way from the bottom of her cunt to the top of her crack. “nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh” She bucked back and then tilted her pussy forward, as my tongue swept over where her little clit was already beginning to pop out from under its hood. I put my hands around her hips, with my thumbs latched over her waist, to hold her in place and did it again and then again… and then four or five more times. Mandy’s legs were trembling. She knew that as soon as I stopped licking her and stood up, she was going to be fucked. I looked up and saw her watching my tongue swiping all over her cunt… probing her vaginal opening… lashing her clitoris. Her eyes were adjusting… Her little love button was starting to swell and stand up. I parked on it and gently ran the tip of my tongue back and forth across and around it, just as I’d done to her nipples, earlier. There was another definitely loud enough to be recorded moan as she involuntarily pushed her pussy up for more. I knew the camera had picked up the movement. Daddy is going to pop his nuts when he sees the video of it… and we’re only just getting started. He’s going to see that his little girl is a hot one. (but wait till he sees what’s to come and how hot she really is) I wrapped my lips around her little clit and began gently sucking on it and humming between my lips at the same time as I brushed the end of my tongue over it. Mandy started vibrating. Her legs began to tremble… her stomach muscles quivered, her head came forward and she strained to give her pussy to my mouth. I looked and her little cunt was secreting plenty of fuck me juice. I moved my head back to make sure that the cameras picked it up before I took a long wide tongued swipe up her cunt and swept her juice into my mouth. I backed off to let the cameras see that the juice is gone. Now one more move before I put my cock in her cunt and start fucking her. I took her clit between my lips again and began humming again and brushing it with the end of my tongue again. Mandy lifted her pussy to me and groaned. After a few seconds, I backed away and let the cameras see the fresh coating of please fuck me juice coating her cunt lips and then I stood up.

I said, “It’s time, Mandy. Your man is going to make you a woman, now. Are you ready?” I was rubbing the head of my cock up and down between the lips of her slippery cunt, making sure to go back and forth over her deep rose colored little clit. She was looking up at me with a mixture of fear and want in her eyes. I asked again, “Mandy?” “Yeeees, I think so.” She answered in a meek, scared and trembling voice. With the head of my cock already loosely seated in her socket, I picked up the opened bottle of Astroglide and drizzled it down the center of her cunt, so the liquid would go into her opening and then back about half the length of my cock. While I was doing it, I said, “Remember, honey, I’m going to put it in fast so watch my cock so you can see it go in. OK?” “OK.” (tense and scared but almost sounding ready, too)

I thought to myself ‘My lifelong fantasy is about to come true. I’m going to fuck this beautiful little cunt and cum in her and then she’s going to get her little cunt reamed and pumped full of cum a dozen times a day for the next couple of weeks.’ With the head of my cock now firmly seated in the socket to her little cunt opening, I reached behind her, took a firm grip on each of her eleven year old ass globes and lovingly said, “That’s my pretty little woman.” Her eyes were wide open and glued to my cock, as I said, “Keep watching my cock, Mandy.” A half second after the word Mandy left my mouth, I pulled her toward me and thrust my pelvis forward at the same time, driving the head of my cock through her little cunt opening. A half second later, at least five inches of my cock was inside of Mandy’s cunt. I’d felt the split second of resistance as her hymen resisted and lost. Now, thanks to the only man who’ll be the first man who ever fucked her, she doesn’t have one. Her ass came up off the chair as if it’d been spring loaded and launched. Her cunt was tight as all hell. The loud scream of pain that she let out made the dogs start sounding off. I pulled back a couple of inches and hit her again, burying all eight inches to my balls. She screamed again, which encouraged the dogs to continue. After I’d thoroughly seated my cock in her beautifully snug little cunt and had her firmly under control, I said, “Look down and see, Mandy. My cock is all inside of you. You’re a woman now. Just take some deep breaths and try to relax. It’ll stop hurting in a minute. I won’t move until you say it’s not hurting too much. Then we’ll start fucking each other. In a couple of minutes, you’re going see how good having a cock in your pussy really feels.”

She was still gritting her teeth and there were tears streaming down her face. It was several seconds before my little woman squeaked out, in absolute misery, “It hurts. Ohhhhhh … It hurts bad.” In a sympathetic voice, I said, “I know, honey. I’m sorry but it had to be done. It’ll never hurt like that again, I promise. It’s only the first time that happens. I know it’s awful but the worst part is already over. It’ll start getting better in a few seconds. Just breathe deep and try to make yourself relax. As soon as it stops hurting really, really bad, tell me and I’ll help you make it stop hurting faster. Then you’ll see how good it feels. OK?” “OK… but I wish it’d stop now.” she said, in a tight, now sounding very young little girl’s voice. (strange… until just now, she hadn’t sounded so much like a little girl) “It will in a minute, honey. Breathe real deep and let it out slow. Make your pussy and your belly muscles relax.” I watched and felt her draw in a deep breath and then slowly expel it. I could feel the muscles in her pussy flutter… but not quite let go. I said, “Again, honey… another deep breath. Do it again.” She sucked in another deep breath and let it out of her lungs. I felt her pussy begin to relax. I said, “Good, honey. I felt you start to relax a little. Take another deep breath and do it again.” She breathed deep again and let it out slowly. When I felt her relaxing more, I took a short fuck stroke. She tensed up again… I said “Relax, honey. What I’m doing now will help the pain go away…. Just relax and let me do it. I fucked her with slow, gentle half inch strokes.

After about ten seconds, I felt her pussy begin to let go and I began to take slightly longer strokes. After another ten seconds, I was fucking her with about two inch strokes when I let her see me smile through my mask, as I said “It’s not hurting as bad and starting to feel better, isn’t it Mandy?” “Yeah, a little.” She answered… though still strained and whimpering a little. I kept fucking her. What a sweet cunt this girl has. I’m glad I’ve always had a killer’s instinct when it comes to sex and women. I love fucking their brains out. I get as much pleasure from that as I do from cumming in them… probably more. I’ve heard too many of them complain about guys being quickie artists and I never wanted to be known for that so I learned early to control my cum reflex. Pretty little Mandy is going to get at least a good half hour of fucking from me, before she reaches into the hat and draws the name of the next of her other two fuck partners for the evening. I’ll step in and fuck her two or three more times, too, so she’s going to get a lot fucking and take a lot of cum in her cunt before her first day of experiencing sexual intercourse comes to an end.

After about five minutes, she said, “It’s not hurting as bad as it was.” I smiled and said “I can tell, Mandy. You’re kind of fucking me back, like you were when I was licking your pussy. Try moving your pussy around more and try to use it to fuck my cock while I’m fucking your pussy. The sooner you learn to give back, the better you’ll be as a sex partner and the more you’ll enjoy it, too. That’s what’s nice about learning how to have good sex and how to do it right. The first rule to remember is… the more you give, the more you get from it. Come on, honey, try using your pussy fuck me, while I’m fucking you. It’s ok to ask me questions, honey. I’ll teach you how. As I began fucking her a little harder, I said, “Look down at your pussy, Mandy. See my cock sliding in and out of you? I’m fucking you. Make your pussy go back and forth on my cock. You try to make me feel good and I’ll try to make you feel good. OK?” “OK.” She started fucking me. She was moving her ass up and down on my cock as I fucked into her. I said, “Beautiful, Mandy. I like that. It feels good. Keep doing that and try to rock it forward and back at the same time. Ok?” “OK.” and she started fucking me better. She was taking my cock without pain and focusing on fucking me to please me. I fucked her deep and steady for a minute or so and then said, “It’s starting to feel really good in your pussy, isn’t it, Mandy?” She smiled a little and said, “Yeahhhh.” and fucked me a little harder. I fucked her a little harder. “I like fucking. Your co … your cock feels good in my pussy.” “That’s right, honey. It’s my cock and it’s going to start feeling a lot better, sweetheart. Wait until you start having orgasms like I have when I shoot my cum in you. You’ll be seeing stars and feel so good it’ll be like you’re whole body is exploding.

Her little ass was seriously fucking me, now. She was coming after my cock. I started fucking her like I meant business… fucking it into her hard, fast and deep. “Ohhhhh … Ohhhhh that feel … feelsss gooood.’ she said. “Keep fucking me, Mandy. You’re doing beautiful. Your pussy feels good, too.” I fucked her and kept fucking her. We were both beginning to sweat. I had that damn mask over my head so I wasn’t getting the air flow to cool my head. I’d been fucking her for over half an hour when I said, “Mandy?” “Huh?” “Look down and tell me what I’m doing.” She looked down at my cock slamming into her cunt. She was taking the full strokes, now, and giving them back. She said, “You’re fucking my pussy.” I said, “That’s right, Mandy. I’m fucking your beautiful pussy and you’re fucking my cock. Do you like having my cock in your pussy?” “Yeeessssss. I like it.” “Mandy?” She was fucking hard as she answered, “Huh?” “You’re fucking me so good I’m going to cum in you, honey.” She took her eyes off her pussy and my cock for a second, looked up at me and said, “OK.” My cock was throbbing. My cum had snuck up on me while I was putting it to her tight little pussy and being amazed that she was fucking me back so damned good….. just hitting me all of a sudden. I felt my cock swelling up in her cunt and knew I was going to cum. Still fucking her hard, my voice tension went up as I said, “Fuck me really good, Mandy. I’m cumming in you now!!” Then I pulled her tight against me, buried my cock in her cunt, groaned from my soul and exploded. It felt as if I was blowing the guts out of my cock and making it several calibers larger. My huge load of cum just blasted out of my cock and into Mandy’s tight little cunt. Just as I was saying ARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH … Mandy’s cunt tightened down on my cock as she pushed herself up at me and let out a loud surprised squealing groan “NNNNNNNNHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH” that almost sounded as if it started with a question mark and ended with an agonized exclamation point. I think my little woman just came with me.

We were both trembling for several long seconds after the convulsions stopped… my still half hard cock up inside of her quivering, milking cunt. When I felt capable to talk coherently, I looked at her and asked, “Was that nice, honey?” “Y-yes.” she whispered, still trembling… her voice shaky and unsure. “Did you just get a really good feeling?” “Yeahhh. It was really good. What was it?” It was the same thing I had, Mandy. I came in you and you came while I was cumming in you. Your pussy likes fucking, doesn’t it? “Yes… and I like it, too.” “Did you feel my cum shooting up inside your pussy?” “I felt something going in me and then I felt… that feeling. Now I feel all… mushy inside… but it feels good. I like it. Can we do it again?” I smiled and then laughed. “I told you you’d like it.” She smiled. “You made me like it.” “Are you glad I did?” Yeah but my pussy’s a little sore. Your cock is really big and you had it all inside of me.” “I’m sorry, honey, but you’ll get used to it fast. The sore will go away but the feel good will just keep on feeling good. You’re a great little fuck, Mandy… really great. You’re two other boyfriends are in for a treat when they fuck you tonight and so are you. Don’t worry, I’ll fuck you a couple more times tonight, too. I promise. Your pussy is perfect for fucking. I knew you’d like doing it.”

I stepped back a little and my cock slurped out of her cum filled little pussy. I reached for the hat and put it under her hand. Here, baby. Pick out one piece of paper from the hat. Let’s find out who your next lucky fuck partner is, then you can pick the next one. You pick ‘em and I’ll show you their pictures on the big screen up here behind me. She reached her fingers down into the hat and pulled up a folded strip of paper. I took it, held the hat back to her hand and said, “Now who’s the other lucky boy?” She reached down and came up with another slip. “Thank you, Sweetheart. They won’t be able to say thank you but I’ll bet you’ll be thanking them. Let’s take a look and see who else you picked to fuck you tonight.”

I watched the look on her face. She’d had no choice about me fucking her and had ended up enjoying it so, by the expression on her face, she appeared to be more open minded about seeing if she’d like fucking whoever else was going to fuck her, since she wasn’t going to have a choice about that, either. I opened the two folded pieces of paper and saw the names on them. “Ohhhhhh, Baby. You’re little pussy’s going to get some good fucking tonight. These two boys love fucking a nice tight cunt… especially one that’s as tight as yours is. Are you ready to see their pictures? They’ll be here shortly and the first one you picked is going to be fucking you in about five minutes, I promise. And as soon as he finishes fucking you and pulls his cock out of you, maybe we’ll let the other one jump right on and fuck you just as good. You’re going to have cum running out of your ears when these two guys get done with you. And just wait till you look down and see how fast they fuck their cocks in and out of you. Your sweet little pussy is going to feel soooooo good.” I went to the computer and punched in the two file folders and brought them up on the sixty inch split screen. Mandy’s eyes instantly bugged open and she looked at me as if it must be a mistake. I smiled and said, “Honey, that handsome prince there on the left is your first fuck. His name is Rambo. He’s a pure bred German Sheppard from Champion breeding stock. You’re going to love having his cock in your pussy. He’s a horny devil… just loves to fuck. He’s going to fuck the living daylights out of you, Mandy. You picked his name first so he’ll be your next partner. Now the other guy, Diablo, he’s a pure bred Doberman. He’s a hard fucker, too. Just wait until he gets his cock buried in your tight little pussy and starts putting it to you. You’ll think his cock is going to come up your throat and out of your mouth. They both cum a lot so your pretty little pussy is going to be pumped full of it. Any questions, Mandy?” …… “N-nnoo.” There were tears in her eyes and they started to run down her cheeks. I said, “Don’t cry, honey. I promise you’re going to love it. I told you you’d like what I did, didn’t I? And you did. Now you’re going to like what these two boys do.” … “But they…they’re doooogs.” she cried. “Yes… and tonight, they’re your dogs, Mandy. They’re dogs and you’re going to have sex with them, just like you had sex with me. They’re both going to fuck your pussy and cum in you. After tonight you’ll want both of them to fuck you again. I promise you will. It’s a good thing you like to fuck because you have six other boyfriends waiting to fuck you, too. You’re going to be a busy little girl for the next few days, honey.
Her eyes went back and forth between the pictures of the dogs and then I saw them fix on the picture of Rambo. In a low voice, I murmured in her ear, “He’s handsome, isn’t he, Mandy? He’s going to fuck you sooooooo good. Wait till you feel his cock swell up in your pussy after he starts fucking you. And make sure you watch his cock when he puts it in your pussy. It’s real thin at the end and then it gets thicker but after he’s inside of you and starts really fucking you hard? His whole cock swells up inside of you. You’ll feel it and you’re going to love how it feels. He’ll be here in a minute. I have to adjust this chair so his cock will go in you all the way and then I’ll have him come down so you can meet each other. He’s really friendly so don’t be surprised when he starts licking your pussy and shoving his tongue up inside of you to lick my cum out of you. Then he’ll jump up, put his cock in your pussy and start fucking you. He’ll know that you’re his pussy so it’s ok for him to fuck you. You two are going to be good lovers. When you find out how good it feels, I’ll bet he makes you cum, too.

While I was talking I’d adjusted the chair lower for Rambo’s shorter legs and placed a thick traction type rubber mat under the front of the chair that extended four feet beyond its front and two feet beyond each side of it. When the dogs get to fucking her, they’ll have good traction to drive their cocks to the hilt. I have another set up where she’ll be bent over and take it doggie style but for the first time, I wanted her to see it coming… see their cocks fucking her pussy and then see their cum douching out of her after their knots pop out. She is one fine little fuck. I’m looking forward to fucking her again. I’m also looking forward to watching her fuck them and seeing her cum for each of the dogs. I knelt down and slid my cock up into her tight little cunt. That’s because you’re such a beautiful little fuck, Mandy. I really liked fucking you. I knew she had to be sore but she lifted her pussy up as if she wanted me to keep fucking her. I sort of wondered if she was just trying to get me to change my mind about letting the dogs fuck her. I fucked a few long strokes into her and pulled out. “Very nice, sweetheart. I’ll fuck you again, later, I promise, but it’s Rambo’s and your time, now. Her cunt was hanging out in the open and it was going to be royally fucked and then filled with Rambo’s hot dog cum. “One word of warning, Mandy, when he jumps up on you, that means he’s going to put his cock in your pussy and fuck you. When he does, remember… Don’t lift your pussy up from the seat and try to get away from him because then he might accidentally shove his cock in your ass. Ok?” She looked at me and I saw her scrunch her ass down to the seat… definitely making sure that she was only presenting her pussy to be fucked. “OK.” she whimpered. I said, “Good girl. Hold it right there for him. You’ll like it, I promise.”

I pulled the ramp from the kennel down to the floor and said, “Here comes your next sex partner, Mandy. I pushed the button that opened his coup and called, “RAMBO! HERE!” A second later, I heard dog nails digging for traction as he skidded around the corner and raced down the ramp. “Here, boy. We need to put your boots on so you don’t hurt Mandy. She’s your new girlfriend. She’s over there, looking at you now, waiting for you to come over and fuck her. Here! Sit!” I put the heavy wool boot on and secured it. Taking his other foot, I did the same with it. “OK Rambo. Let’s go have you meet Mandy. She can’t wait to feel you fucking your big cock in her tight little pussy. Right, Mandy?” I had Rambo by the collar. He’s a strong fucking dog but well trained and behaved. Before I let him go, I said, “Mandy? This is Rambo, the boy you picked to be your next sex partner for the evening. He’s going to fuck you and cum in you. Say Hi to Rambo.” She was trembling like a leaf. Rambo’s a big fucking 128# dog, weighing close to forty pounds more than she does. I repeated myself. “Mandy? I said say Hi to Rambo. Do it now. Don’t be rude to a boy when you know you’re going to take his cock in your pussy and fuck him. Show your manners. Be polite and say hi.” Letting out a trembling whisper, she said ‘Hi Rambo…” I said, “Good Girl. Enjoy your fuck, Mandy. It’s going to be a good one.”

Mandy’s eyes were wide and fixed on Rambo as I leaned down next to his head and clearly said, “Go kiss her pussy, Rambo. You can start fucking her anytime you’re ready. Go!” and let go of his collar. Rambo’s tongue was instantly swabbing Mandy’s delicious little cunt. Her head was pushed back against the chair’s headrest and every muscle in her body was straining as her eyes watched every move the dog was making. She was bucking and twisting but she didn’t lift her ass off that chair… not one centimeter. With his tongue buried in her cunt, her pussy was at Rambo’s command… just as it’d been at mine, when I fucked her. His tongue was slurping way up into her little cunt. He’d never had a warm, live, responsive cunt before. He was twisting his head back and forth to reach deep into her and draw the lumps of cum that I’d pumped into her out, along with her own sweet cum. His cock had been steadily moving out of its sheath and now it was nearly all out in the open. I said, “Get ready, Mandy. His cock is almost all hard so he’s getting ready to mount you and start fucking you. Make sure you watch his cock when he’s putting it in. It’ll slide right in and then all of a sudden he’ll be fucking you like crazy. You’re going to love it, honey. When he takes his tongue out of your pussy, that means he’s going to start fucking you. Oh, oh… Here he comes, Mandy. Get ready.

Rambo must have gotten all the juice out of her. He sniffed her cunt made two long licks over its surface and stepped forward. Mandy saw the move and made a squealing sound as her body tensed up for the dog fuck that she knew was about to hit her cunt. Rambo hopped up and brought his ten inch spear to Mandy’s cunt. She saw it coming and there wasn’t a God damned thing that she could do about it. His long red cock hit her dead center with his first forward thrust. Mandy watched in fascination… Rambo’s long red cock was going into her cunt and she was going be fucked by a dog. The sound that came from her mouth might have started out to be “Mommy” but was cut short and ended up being a long, loud EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! as Rambo’s cock found the other end of her opening and lifted her off the chair. Wrapping his paws behind her ass, as I’d done, he pulled her forward and began fucking her with long machine gun strokes. He was dancing on his hind legs and repeatedly lifting her ass right off of the chair with his powerful fuck thrusts. He’d never had his cock inside of a cunt that was warm and that squeezed his cock before and he was responding to fucking Mandy’s luscious little cunt like a fuck crazed animal. It was easy to see that Mandy was getting one hell of a dog fucking and it was an incredible turn on to watch. As she bounced on his cock, I said, “Look down at your pussy, Mandy. Look at his cock. That’s your pussy and he’s fucking it. Doesn’t it feel good? Come on, baby. Fuck him back, like you fucked me back. If you do, you’ll enjoy it more. It always feels better when you’re doing it, too. Thatagirl. Fuck him good, baby. Move your pussy and fuck him. Make your pussy suck his cum out, like you did for me. Doesn’t that cock look nice going in and out of your pussy? … Doesn’t it feel good going in and out of you. … Fuck him, Mandy. Fuck him good. … Look down at your pussy, Mandy. He’s a dog and his cock is in your pussy. He’s fucking you and you’re fucking him. Make him cum in you, Mandy. Fuck him good. Use your pussy to make him cum in you.

Rambo’s fuck lust had lessened as his initial edge wore off but he was still fucking her at a fast, hard pace. He’d had been putting it to Mandy for ten minutes or more, now. At first, Mandy was reacting to just the physical factor of being fucked but hearing my banter… telling her to fuck her lover.. telling her to look down at her pussy and see the big dog cock fucking into it.. reminding her that he’s a dog … that he’s her dog lover and to use her pussy to make him cum. She was fucking him, now. She couldn’t match his speed but she was getting more out of the fuck because she was putting something into it. I saw when her body began to twitch and jerk and I encouraged her. “That’s it. You’re doing it, now, Mandy. Keep fucking him. Fuck him good, Mandy. Make him cum in your pussy. He’s your lover. See his cock? He’s fucking you soooo good, isn’t he? Mandy’s eyes rolled back into her head and she CAME… and then she came again and again. Each time, Rambo felt it, too. I saw a change in his fuck stride, like she’d gripped his cock with her cunt and slowed him down a little. Finally his knot pushed through Mandy’s tight cunt opening and he was stuck in her. Her eyes flew open as the knot expanded and sealed their union. His fuck strokes greatly limited, now that he was knotted inside of her, Rambo fucked her for another minute and then I saw his eyes getting all glassy. I said, “That big thing you feel is his knot. It’s full of his cum. That’s what he’s going to squirt in you. Look at his eyes, Mandy. See how they’re getting all glassy? He’s getting ready to cum in you, Mandy. Can you feel his cock swelling up in your pussy?” …… Then he released. Mandy started cumming and cumming and cumming… her head thrashing back and forth… forward and back against the chair… drool running out of her mouth, dropping down onto her titties and running down her body. “Cum for him, Sweetheart. He’s cumming for you.” I encouraged her but I doubt if she heard a word because, at that moment, she was in another world that only included her and Rambo… her pussy and Rambo’s cock.

As Rambo’s orgasm waned, I stepped forward and took hold of his collar to keep him from trying to get down and pull away because his knot was stuck inside of her. I turned him around, lifted his leg over his cock, held him back against her and ordered, “Stay.” I’d practiced this with all of them when they’d fucked the rubber cunt woman so he did as commanded. Mandy’s cunt was distorted. Rambo’s knot had her hole plugged and her belly was swollen as if he’d pumped a quart of liquid into it. She was slowly regaining her faculties. I could see that freshly and totally fucked look on her face and the camera couldn’t possibly miss picking up the look of deep satisfaction that her parents would see on their daughter’s face when they see the video of their daughter’s first dog fuck.

I used Handi-wipes to clean her up. After I got the drool cleaned off, I softly said, “That was good, wasn’t it, Mandy?” She gave me a goofy grin and her pussy twitched two or three times before she kind of giggled and answered, “Yeahhhh.” It took fifteen minutes before the knot went down and Rambo slipped out of her cunt. He moved off to lie down and lick the baby girl cum off of his Mandy fucked cock. As soon as his knot came out, a massive gush of Rambo the dog and Mandy the eleven year old girl cum ran out of her cunt and spattered onto the rubber mat. She sat/lay there looking at her cunt as the juices kept pouring out of her. I said, “He really fucked you good, didn’t he, Mandy?” “Yeahhhhh. He fucked me gooood.” she breathed. “He’ll be ready to fuck you again in a few minutes. He’s just resting and making more cum for you. Do you want him to give it to you?” Her eyes had hardly left Rambo, since he’d dismounted her. Still looking over at where he was lying she answered with a positive, “Yeah.” I said, “He’ll have to wait his turn, Mandy. Diablo has to have his turn, first. Are you ready to meet him or do you want to rest a few minutes?” She swallowed and said, “Can I have something to drink? I’m thirsty.” I said, “Sure, honey. I’ll pour you some Gator-aid. It’ll recharge you so you can fuck Diablo the way you were fucking Rambo. Hold on a minute. I’ll go get it.”

I tied a leash on Rambo and secured him where he was (the after fuck bed) and then walked over to the fridge and got the Gator-aid jug. I filled a twelve ounce glass and carried it back over to Mandy. I held it to her mouth and said, “Here, Sweetheart. Drink it. You’re probably a lot more thirsty than you think. You came a lot, too. I saw a lot of your cum mixed in with Rambo’s when it ran out of you.” She drank it all and then said, “I have to pee.” I said, “OK, honey.” I unfastened her from the chair and helped her onto her feet. She was pretty unsteady… still a bit dizzy from being so thoroughly fucked. I led her to one of the bedrooms, flipped on the lights and took her into the bathroom. “There you go, Mandy. This is home, while you’re here. The bed is where you’ll sleep and we’ll fuck on it, too. Go ahead and pee. When you’re done, come to bed. I want to fuck you again before we bring Diablo in. OK?” “OK.” I said, “Why don’t you take a quick shower, first? If you need more towels, there are lots in the closet. You see that green hose? After you adjust the water temperature, turn the water on low and push the hose up in your pussy so you can wash yourself out a little. I’ve got some stuff I’ll put inside of you to make you slippery, afterward. OK?” “OK” … She was pissing as I left the bathroom. I’m sure there was plenty of Rambo’s dog cum running out of her, too.

I walked over to the bed and pulled the covers down. My cock was throbbing. What a hell of a show I’d just witnessed. The girl loves to fuck. She’d learned something tonight that she would probably never have learned in her entire life, if it hadn’t been for me. She’d just stated, point blank, that she wanted Rambo to fuck her again and her actions show that she’s ready to let Diablo, another dog, fuck her when she’s only seen a picture of him. The shower came on. She’s going to come out and fuck me before she fucks Diablo but she knows she’s going to fuck him. I knew that she wouldn’t need to be strapped down, this time. She wanted it. The Camera has already shown her willingness to be fucked…. just as it’s going to show her willingness for the fuck I’m about to give her because there are high resolution cameras here, too. …. love that digital shit.

It was seven or eight minutes later when I heard the shower turn off. A couple of minutes later, she came out of the bathroom. She had a towel wrapped around her head and was drying hair as she walked to the bed. I was lying on my back with my eight plus inch hard on pointed at the ceiling. She stood there looking at it for a few seconds and then said, “It’s really big.” I said, “Does it feel good in your pussy?” She giggled, “Yeahhh.” “Do you want me to put it back inside of you, Mandy?” “Yeahhh.” “OK, honey. Drop the towel and come here. You’re learning how to fuck really good. Now, I’m going to teach you how to make love and be a lover, too. OK?” She was already on the bed, as she answered, “OK.” Then I said, “Lie back, honey. I’m going to squirt some slippery stuff in your pussy because you probably washed most of it out, then I’ll show you other stuff but you’ll be ready when we’re ready to fuck.” When she was lying down, I put my hand under her ass and lifted her, saying, “Spread your legs a little honey.” When she did, I aimed the nozzle on the bottle of Astroglide into her and squeezed it once, hard, held her there for a few seconds and then let her back down. I said, “There, honey. That’ll relubricate you inside. Now… have you ever kissed a boy?” She got a shy look on her face and blushed. I smiled and said, “Mandy. Don’t be shy. You fucked me and you just fucked a dog didn’t you?” “Yeah” “And you liked doing it, didn’t you?” “Yeah.” “Well, we liked fucking you, too, Sweetheart. You’ve got a very nice pussy and you fucked us really good. Did you like it when I was licking your pussy?” “Yeah. That felt good.” “Do you want me to do it some more?” “Yeah.” “OK, I will, but you have to do it for me, too. Do you want to learn how?” “Yeah. I want you to teach me everything.” “Good. I’ll teach you all kinds of things, sweetheart. First, though, you have to stop being shy. Have you ever kissed a boy?” “Just one.” “Who?” …… “My cousin Jimmy. He’s twelve.” “Did he do anything else to you?” “He tried to touch my pussy but I didn’t let him.” “If he was here now, would you let him touch your pussy?” She thought for a couple of seconds and then said, “No.” I asked, “Why not?” “I only want you and Rambo to touch my pussy.” “What about Diablo, Mandy?” “He can touch my pussy, too.” “Can he fuck you?” “Yeah.” “Good girl, Mandy. When he fucks you, I’ll tell him to fuck you extra good, OK?” “OK.” Her nervous giggle was laced with anticipation.

“Mandy… When you go home, only let one boy who is always nice to you touch you and fuck you… a boy you can always trust to never, ever tell anybody. Just pick one to let touch your pussy. Don’t pick just anybody. It might be smart to let it be your daddy, instead of a boy. He’s going to see movies of you doing it with me and Rambo all your other dog friends. He’s going to see the movie of you fucking Rambo a few minutes ago and when he does, you watch the front of his pants. I’ll bet he gets a hard on, like mine. That’ll mean he wishes he’d been the one fucking you and that he wants to, now that he knows you like to do it. Your daddy will be somebody that you can trust to fuck you and not make you get a bad reputation because he’ll never tell anybody else but you can’t let your mommy know he’s doing it to you. You have to be very careful so she never finds out or they might get divorced and he might go to jail. She’s going to see the movies too, so she’ll know that you like to fuck and she’ll be watching you. OK” “OK.” “Maybe you can make them let you get your own dog and you can teach him to fuck you like I taught all your boyfriends to fuck you.” “Yeahhhh.” she said. “And our neighbors have a big black dog. He likes me.” (‘that little clip will play well to Mom and Dad.’ I thought to myself. Daddy’s likely to take her straight to bed and Mommy might just feed him the Viagras.)

“Ok, honey. The next thing I’m going to teach you is how to kiss. Come here and start kissing me the way you were kissing Jimmy and then I’ll start showing you nicer ways to do it.” … “Well, I was laying on my back, like I am now and he was laying on me a little bit, with his leg between my legs.” “Like this?” “Yeah but we had clothes on.” “But we’re going to fuck, Mandy. I’m just teaching you how to kiss before we do it.” I lowered my mouth to hers and gently kissed her small pouty lips. I still had her pussy juice on my mask so she had to smell herself. I said, “Open your mouth just a little bit, honey, so I can taste your tongue and you can taste mine, while we’re kissing. Remember when we were fucking? You were fucking me back and it felt better for you, didn’t it?” “Yeah.” she answered… I continued, ”Kissing is the same way. Kiss me back. Make love to me with your mouth like you made love to me with your pussy.” I kissed her again and she started getting into it. Her arms came up around my shoulders and she began kissing me like she meant it. I kissed her back and I meant it, too. I was caressing her face with my hand… guiding her mouth to different positions as I kissed her. The fuck fever was welling up in her. I could feel it building. I was in for another incredible eleven year old pussy fuck. I kissed to her ears and down the side of her neck. She began to moan and writhe under me… pushing her pussy up against my leg. I kissed around to the front of her throat and then down her chest to her left tittie until I captured it in my mouth. She uttered a deep groan and shoved it up into my mouth. I sucked her tit and I mean I SUCKED it… drawing its nipple a good inch and a half away from her chest before it came loose from my mouth and sprang back. Then I sucked it again and ran my tongue all over it. In a trembling and pleading voice, she moaned, “I want you to fuck me. Put your cock in my pussy and fuck me. Please.” I sucked her other tittie into my mouth and repeated what I’d just done to the left one. She was fucking my leg and trying to pull me over onto her. “Please” she moaned… desperation in her plea. I lifted myself and she moved under me… centering herself to receive my cock in her cunt. I said, “Reach down and take my cock in your hand, Mandy. Rub it around your pussy and get it nice and slippery and then put it in your pussy.” Five seconds later, my cock was sliding up into her tight, swollen cunt. She was grunting and fucking me to get it into herself. She was swollen inside, which made her cunt all that much hotter as nature tried to heal its wound. She wanted to fuck so she struggled to get it in and when she knew it was all in, she sighed and savored the sensations that were delighting her little cunt. As I lay there, doing my own share of enjoying, she said, “I wish I knew what your name is, too. I know Rambo’s name and I know Diablo’s name.” Diablo hadn’t fucked her yet. She’d only seen his picture but she knew who was going to fuck her and his name. I said, “I can’t tell you my real name, Mandy. What name would you like for me?” “Can I call you Daddy?”

‘WHAT???!! WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT come from’, I thought. … So Mandy is getting a thing for Daddy already?… or did she already have it? This might work out good for everybody… except mommy. I said, “OK, honey. I’m Daddy.” She hugged me and pushed her pussy up against me. “Your voice kinda sounds like my daddy’s does when you talk.” “Mandy?” “What, Daddy?” In a soft, loving voice, I said, “Daddy’s going to fuck you, now, sweetheart.” She giggled and said, “Ok, Daddy. Fuck me. I want you to and I’m going to fuck you back, just like you taught me to.” WE… not ‘I started fucking her’… WE started fucking each other and it was beautiful. How in all hell could an eleven year old girl who’d been a virgin just over an hour ago be fucking me like Mandy is fucking me now? She was lifting and lowering her cunt and rocking her hips to stroke my cock with it as I fucked in and out of her.

We’d been fucking for three or four minutes when she said, “Daddy, it feels good how you’re fucking me. Rambo feels good, too, and makes me go crazy like but this feels like….“ “Like love, honey?” “Yes, Daddy. This feels like love. Rambo just fucks me.” “Both kinds of fucking are good, honey. I can’t fuck you like any of the boys can but I can fuck you hard sometimes, too. Right now, we’re making love fucking.” “I like making love fucking, Daddy.” “I do, too, Mandy. Your pussy feels so good.” “So does your cock, Daddy. Keep fucking me and make me cum. I liked when you made me cum, the first time you did.” “Kiss me while we’re fucking, Mandy.” Her titties were rubbing against my chest. I could feel their hard little nipples brushing through my chest hairs. As sensitive as her little nipples are, it had to be stimulating the hell out of her. That, with the kissing and fucking would have her cumming all over the bed in a few minutes and I intended to fuck her sweet little ass off… ending with a high speed power fuck when I blew my cum into her quivering little cunt. I couldn’t believe that she hadn’t really complained about her pussy being sore, other than mentioning it before coming in to use the bathroom. Between me and Rambo, it’d sure taken one hell of a pounding.

With no more talking, we just kissed and fucked. It was ten or fifteen minutes later when Mandy started fucking me faster and more urgently. I knew that she was about to pop so I picked up the pace and started plowing into her little cunt with long, deep strokes. My cock was hitting bottom in her and she was fucking up at me like she wanted… needed more. Her movements suddenly became jerky and I knew she was there. I said, “Cum for me, baby. Daddy’s fucking you.” “Ohhhhhhhh Daaaadddddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!” I felt the heat in her cunt as she released a flood of woman cum. It started at the top of my cock, about half way inside of her and flooded down to her cunt opening and then out onto my balls. This beautiful little eleven year old pussy was soaking my balls with cum that most full grown women never produce. Her cunt was squeezing down on my cock so hard that it actually hurt. I fucked her harder. I wanted this to be an experience of a lifetime for her, too. She groaned and started cumming again. I felt another flush of her hot cum flood out onto me. I kissed her passionately, completely forgot myself for a few seconds and then it was too late to recover. I came into her with the most violent orgasm I’ve ever had in my entire fucking life. I had snot running out of my nose and slobbers falling out of my mouth. Unfortunately, half of it all was going into Mandy’s mouth while she was cumming for me. I broke the kiss and moved my head over next to hers. It was the best I could do. The orgasm was fucking INCREDIBLE… like it wasn’t ever going to stop. In my ear, I heard, “I love you, Daddy. You love fuck me so good.” Her cunt was still quivering and milking the cum out of me. I kept feeling little squirts travel up and shoot out … eruptions of juice wanting to be in her cunt, instead of inside of me. So far, that’s the only time in my life that’s happened. To say it’s rememberable is several levels below an understatement.

Finally, it stopped. I moved over and off of her. Fell off is more like it. She cuddled against me, shivered and whispered, “Daddeeee.” I put my arm around her and pulled her close. I thought she was crying. I lifted her face and when I kissed her, I tasted her tears. I said, “What’s wrong, Mandy?” “N-nothing, Daddy. I-I just love you.” I said, “I love you, too, Sweetheart.” She snuggled tighter against me and clung to me. I felt our cum running out of her pussy onto my leg.

After a while, when the emotions had passed and for something to say to avoid falling sleep I asked, “What grade are you in, in school, honey?” “Eighth Grade” she answered, with a proud note in her voice. “Eighth grade? You’re only eleven and you’re in the eighth grade?” She said, “I’m smart. They call it gifted so they moved me up two grades. I think they’re going to move me up another grade. I heard my councilor talking to my mom about it.” I kissed her and said, “You really are gifted, sweetheart. I’ve never had anybody have sex with me as good as you do. This time you made love to me better than any woman ever has.” “You were making love to me, too, Daddy. I could tell. I could feel it.” “Yes I was, Mandy. I was making love to a beautiful girl who was making love to me. I could feel it, too. Are you glad you’re here, Mandy?” She squirmed against me and said, “Yes, Daddy. I’m really glad and I want to stay. Can I?” “I don’t know how we can do that, honey. I’m sure there are a lot of people looking for you, right now and they’re going to keep looking for a long time.” “We don’t go anywhere, Daddy. We’ll just stay here and nobody’ll know where I am or where to find me.” “Honey, what about school? What about if you get sick or get hurt and need to see a doctor? There are a lot of things you have to think about… that I have to think about.” “I know. . . . You’d get in a lot of trouble. I don’t want that. I just want to be here with you and ….” “and Rambo and the boys?” … “Yeah, I guess, yeah.” “Alright, Sweetheart, we’ll think about it and see if we can think of something. In the meantime, are you hungry? It’s about time for you to meet Diablo so let’s go see what’s in the refrigerator. OK?” “OK.” “I love you, Mandy.” “I love you, too, Daddy. I love your cock, too. … and Rambo’s cock.” she added “You’re going to love Diablo’s cock in a few minute’s honey.” “Yeahhh and his, too.” she giggled. (all on tape… much will be edited of course but definitely not any of this last exchange)

After we’d each made and eaten a tuna sandwich with a tall glass of milk, I sat Mandy on the counter and sucked her tits for several minutes and then fucked her for a few more while she hugged herself against me, with her young legs spread and pulled up to accommodate my penetration. When I pulled out, she said, “You fuck me nice, Daddy. You make my pussy feel good and I feel good all over.” You make me feel good, too, sweetheart. Let’s go let you make Diablo feel good, now. He’s going to make you feel good, too.” “Yeah, I know.” Do you want to sit in the chair so you can see his cock, like you saw Rambo’s or do you want to lean over a cushioned bench and let him fuck you from behind, like dogs do it?” “I want to sit in the chair, this time, Daddy. I want to see his cock go in my pussy and see him fucking me. OK?” “Sure, honey. I think I’d better strap you in though because you’ll get excited when he starts fucking you hard and might hurt yourself if I don’t.” “Ok, Daddy.” She hopped down from the counter and headed straight for the chair, climbed into it and placed her feet in the stirrups. I strapped her in while she looked up at the picture of Diablo. I could see her pussy getting wetter by the second. I pumped the chair elevation higher because Diablo has a much longer body and legs than Rambo does… and a two inch longer twelve inch cock that’s just as thick. I put some treats down for Rambo, who saw his bitch in the chair and was whining for her. I patted his massive head and told him to stay. I walked back to Mandy, sucked her tits for several seconds, caressed her pussy, kissed her and said, “Happy fucking, honey.” and walked over to the panel. I hit the button that opened Diablo’s coup and called, “Diablo! Here!”

Mandy and I heard the click of dog nails digging for traction and then saw the black streak come down the ramp. “Here boy.” I called. Instantly, he was seated in front of me. I squatted and as I put his booty on, I said, You’ve got a fine young pussy to fuck, tonight, you lucky dog. I promised her you’d fuck her extra good and make her cum hard. I put the other boot on and when it was secured, I took his collar to point him in Mandy’s direction. He saw her and picked up the scent of her cunt instantly. His cock came out like a flash of red. Mandy had to see its long shaft from where she was sitting… shiny, wet and bright Red against his jet black coat. I sensed the eager tension in his body. “See his nice big red cock, Mandy? He wants to fuck you with it. Do you want it?” “Yes.” (quiet and choked) “Do you want to fuck her, Diablo?” He lurched forward but I had his collar. “Say hi to Diablo, Mandy.” “Hi, Diablo.” (just as choked) She was shivering in anticipation. I said, “You can see how eager he is to fuck you, Mandy. Are you ready?” “Ye-e-s-s.” her voice trilled, quivered and broke. Releasing the collar, I said, “Go fuck her, Diablo.” He was on her in a split second. He sniffed her cunt, mounted her without a lick and buried his cock, all in under three seconds. Mandy cried out.. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and Diablo was fucking the living shit out of her. fucking her brains out… scrambling them. Ohhh oh oh ohhhhh ahhhhhhh ohhhhh god oh oh oh god ohgodohgodohgodohhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh She was going insane. She started cumming. AAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and Diablo fucked Mandy and fucked her and fucked her some more. The sound and camera was picking up pure unadulterated sexual fuck lust. Beautiful, smart eleven year old gifted Mandy in the eighth grade was getting her little cunt fucked good, hard and deep and she was obviously loving it. Long minutes went by as the gifted child was being given a gift that kept on giving and giving and giving… and she was happily, joyously, ecstatically taking it. Slobbers were coming out of her mouth, snot running out of her nose… her head was flopping around like a rag doll’s and she was USING HER CUNT TO FUCK DIABLO’S COCK. The camera was getting it all… the sound system picking up her cries of utter joy. Then his knot went in and they were locked. She felt it and screamed in pure animal ecstasy as his cum started spraying into her womb. Diablo’s head went back and he howled. Rambo sat up and howled too. Then Mandy howled, “CUUUUMMM IN MEEEEEEEEEE”… and passed out. It’s too bad that she passed out because she was out for five or six minutes and missed a lot of cumming.

When she stirred and woke up, her belly was distended. Diablo had unloaded at least as much cum into her as Rambo had. I’d caught him as he turned to dismount her and ordered him to stay. I’d wiped her snot and slobbers from her face, chest and groin with Handi-wipes. Then as she woke, I kissed her and caressed one of her tits until her wits gradually returned when she looked up at me dazedly and, in a voice barely more than a whisper, said “Thank you, Daddy. I love youuuuu.” I kissed her again… for several seconds… my hand on her tit … my thumb gently gliding back and forth over its nipple.

I said, “As soon as his knot goes down and he comes out, I’ll let Rambo come over and fuck you again, honey.” “Ohhhhhhhhhh, Daddeeee.” Her pussy twitched and she shivered in anticipation. I moved down in front to watch her beautifully fucked little cunt. I saw that Diablo’s knot was shrinking. I said, “He’s almost ready to come out of you, honey.” She said, “I knooow. I cn feel’im gettin’ smaller’n meee.” A few seconds later, his knot plopped out and a river of dog cum mixed with Mandy cum poured out of her cunt. I sent Diablo to the after fuck bed, lowered the chair for Rambo and grabbed the mop to swab up the mess in front of the chair. When it was pretty much cleaned up, I said, “Here comes Rambo for more of your sweet pussy, honey.” I went over and released him saying, “Go fuck her, Rambo.” Rambo bounded over to her… happy to see her and have his cock in her cunt again. He licked her cunt and mounted her again. Mandy was in seven times seventh heaven. Rambo was fucking her like a high speed jack hammer and she was grinning like a fool and cumming. She kept saying “Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me…” over and over. Rambo did just that. He fucked her for somewhere around ten minutes before his knot went into her again. As it swelled, sealing them together and Rambo’s cum jetted into her, Mandy screamed, “YEESSSSSSSS!!! FUCK Y’RE CUM’N MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” Then she passed out again… cum overload.

As soon as his knot came out, I sent him to the after fuck bed and before Mandy had a chance to recover enough realize he was gone, I said, “Diablo! Fuck her!” and he was. “O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH DADDY!! HE’S FUK’IN ME SO GOOD. I’M CUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!! DAAAAAAAAAAADDDYYYEEEEE… I CAN’T STOP CUUUUMMMMIIINNGGGGG… DAADDDYYY…… OOOHHHHHHHHHHH. FUCK MY PUSSY! Their fuck went on for another eight to ten minutes. This time, Mandy didn’t pass out. She fucked and fucked and fucked… came and came and came… and drooled all over herself but she didn’t pass out. When Diablo knotted in her she went insane… HE’S CUMMING IN ME…!!!! DADDEEEEEEEEE!!! HE’S CUMMING IN MEEEEE!! IT’S SO HOT!! OHHHH DAAAADDDEEEEE!!! HIS CUM IS SO HOOOOOTTT IN MY PUSSY!!! OHHHHH!!! This time, as soon as Diablo dismounted her, his knot slipped right out. I sent him to the after fuck bed. Mandy watched him go and sat in the chair with a silly ‘I just got the fuck of my life’ grin on her face. I was mopping up the cum that was still running out of her when she noticed me there and said, “I fucked him good, that time, didn’t I, Daddy?” she asked. “You sure did, Sweetheart. Was it good?” “Ohhhhhh, Daddy, Yessss. It was really good. It’s like he fucks me mean but I like it. Rambo fucks me hard… Diablo fucks me mean… You love fuck me. I like fucking all of you. You all fuck me good.”

I figured it was time to show her another side of me. I finished mopping the mat, jacked the chair up, stepped into her saddle and drove my cock into her cunt. Grabbing onto her bubble cheeked ass, I yanked her against me. I fucked her deep and hard for a full hour… demanding that she fuck my cock and cum on it. At first, she had a surprised look on her face and then she started to smile and then started grinning as she began fucking my cock. The minutes went by as I hammered into her mercilessly and she fucked me back. Sweat poured off of me as I reamed her deep and hard. She knew that this was no simple love fuck. She was being FUCKED and she loved it. “Oh, Daddy. Fuck me. I love how you’re fucking me. You’re fucking me hard and mean but I know you love me, too.” I smiled at her perceptiveness, kissed her and firmly said, “You’re right, Mandy, I do. Now shut up and keep fucking me.” “OK, Daddy.” and she smiled happily. When I finally came in her, I emptied everything I had into her and she had a massive orgasm that flushed out over my balls and left a puddle of her woman cum by my feet. I was in awe. I couldn’t help it. Eleven years old… a virgin, just hours ago… royally fucked by me and two strong healthy dogs and, for the second time tonight, she’d just fucked me far better than I’ve ever been fucked in my life. Mandy is a keeper. … somehow… possibly she can… maybe I can… but I don’t know how it can be.

One thing’s for sure… now that I’ve finally started living my fantasy I have no intention of giving it up. There are too many other pretty young girls like Mandy who love to fuck but still need to be shown that they do… well maybe not quite like Mandy but…

There’s a budding young beauty who’s about thirteen years old that lives a few miles from here whose parents leave her alone on Tuesday evenings and tomorrow is Monday. They have no security system, no dogs and I just happen to be good at picking locks. I’ll be in the house and have her before she knows I’m there. When we’re back, I’ll let Mandy watch everything on the big screen in her room, where she’ll be locked in until her new neighbor is broken in. Afterward, she’ll have company and someone to share the female experience with… a comrade who takes dog cock and mine. She’ll go home in two weeks and Mandy may stay … I don’t know that part yet. But every girl who comes here will leave happy… trained to be fucked by me and my dogs… and hungry… hungry for more.
Tomorrow night, I’ll tell Mandy that on Tuesday night she’ll probably be watching a special live show on TV and to watch it closely. If she wants to, we can discuss the program on Wednesday while she’s mating with me and her next two partners and maybe one or two of her old new friends.

Hope you liked it.
I have some twists and turns if you’d like to read more…

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2015-10-06 07:47:12
I orgazimed like 5 times fucking awesome

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2015-03-10 18:04:05
i have a some fantasies i would love to write? How would i do that? loved the story. had me hard all the way through.

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2013-10-07 15:36:46
When I was 19, our neighbor asked me if I'd mind watching her 9 yr. old daughter for the weekend while she went camping with some friends. She knew her daughter hung out at my place a lot, anyway, and that I didn't mind. - - She was a very pretty girl, with a firm bubble butt and meaty thighs who kept telling me that she was going to marry me when she grew up. - -
As soon as her mother was gone, she said, ''Can we pretend we're married to each other this weekend?'' I just laughed and said, ''Sure.'' She surprised the shit out of me when she said, ''I want to go to bed early tonight so you can make a baby inside of me.''
After getting her sworn secrecy, we DID go to bed early. It took some time and a lot of lube to get into her but I couldn't believe that I was able to get my entire 8'' cock into her tight little pussy. It felt so good that I think I came in her on the 4th stroke. The next time and the rest of the weekend was beautiful.
She's 23 now and we ARE married.

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2013-05-22 04:47:53
That's a sikllful answer to a difficult question

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2011-08-01 23:00:51
came 5 times that grls lucky *wink,wink* ; ) ; )

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