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2060 a.d. - The Beginning of the End. The Supreme Court makes a decision that society will never recover from...
“In the top news this hour – A landmark Supreme Court decision to reverse underground performer Vince Doesmore’s conviction in the widely publicized Brandy Wine murder case.

“As most of you already know, Brandy Wine Tasting Productions and Vince Doesmore were charged and convicted of the premeditated murder of its executive producer and former underground performer, Miss Brandy Wine, who produced and actually directed her own death scene.”

In a rounded section of the Tri-d display, a beautiful, naked, large-breasted woman was lying, facing upward, on a man who obviously had his dick up her ass. His arms were wrapped around her and his hands were clenching her ample breasts, holding her tightly against him. Another man, who was fucking her from the front, had his hands so tightly clenched around her throat that his muscles stood out and his arms shook. There was no sound because the newscaster was speaking, but it was obvious the woman was being viciously strangled.

“As you can see in this brief scene from her world-renown Tri-d recording, she is not resisting and actually has her arms around the underground actor, Vince Doesmore, embracing him as he does, indeed, murder her.

“This was the main line of defense in the death of the underground star – he ‘had her permission’ to kill her, therefore it wasn’t murder. And, that was the ruling of the Supreme Court in a six-to-three decision just an hour ago.

“It was just a year ago when Miss Wine was diagnosed with an inoperable cancer. With only a few months left to live, she recorded this private interview, which, now that the Supreme Court has made this unprecedented, watershed decision, can be shown.”

Miss Brandy Wine appeared above the view-plate, replacing the image of the newscaster. She was barely dressed, and seemed to look right at the viewer. She opened her luscious, painted mouth and spoke:

( ‘****’ represents a network produced censorship chime.)

“I want to go out in a big way. It terrifies me to think about taking months to die, wasting away as this horrible disease consumes my body until it can no longer function. I am in the process of writing the greatest erotic scene I’ll ever perform. I’ve spent my life giving people what they really want to see, and I feel I know my fans very well. I want them to watch me die as I’ve lived – being ****** to death. I want them to **** off while they watch my naked body convulse in its death throes. This will probably be the greatest underground production I’ll ever produce and star in.”

“Set off!” Katie snapped the words into the air around her. The image vanished and the room was silent. Katie sighed in frustration, then pulled out of the embracing arms of her producer-boyfriend, Zeus Kelly. Well, not exactly her boyfriend anymore – they were married in a civil ceremony just last night. He wasn’t about to let this one get away. She was going to make him very, very rich.

“What’s wrong, Babe?” he asked, trying to pander to her moodiness. “Don’t you realize what an opportunity this is? The public will pay tons to watch people get snuffed! We could do your own weekly show! I’ll call it, ‘The Perils of Katie Kelly – Stunt Girl!’ I’ll end each episode with you getting blown away, then start the next show with what ‘really’ happened. It’ll be a big hit!”

“You mean like that old flatscreen porn film you made of me being tortured by ripping my nipple rings out?” Katie asked indignantly, staring down her nose at him. “I can just imagine what my father thought of that one…”

“Who gives a shit?” Zeus said, smiling and reaching a hand out to her. “We made millions off that! Besides, you liked it! And people want to see blood! Even the Supreme Court understands that, Baby. Do you realize how that one decision will change the entire industry?”

“Yeah!” Katie exclaimed angrily. “A girl’s life won’t be worth the snot on the end of your dick! ‘She said it was okay, it’s right here in her contract!’ will be the excuse of the future! There’s already been five girls died imitating that sick bitch’s performance. Society will become a… God! I can’t even imagine how bad it will get!”

“I can,” Zeus said quietly, a strange light reflecting in his eyes. “It will be like Rome in it’s most decadent time, butchering people for the pleasure of watching the blood flow. It will be like sacrificing the female form to the blood-lust of the people!” His voice rose gleefully as he spoke.

“God! You’re fucking sick!” Katie spat at her new husband. “Get away from me! Why the hell did I marry you? I don’t even like men!”

“Because I’m making you a star, you sweet, immortal slut!” Zeus grinned at her. “You carve up really good, Babe. I’ve already had you starring in three underground snuff films! Your special abilities are making us a frigging’ fortune, so shut up!”

He angrily reached out and jerked her belly-button pin straight out of her tummy. Gritting her teeth against the sudden pain, Katie glared down at him. She knew better than to resist him the way he was, now – the last time she tried to best him, physically, he beat the living crap out of her.

Pulling his suddenly submissive wife close, Zeus licked the little trickle of blood off her abdomen as the tiny wound closed. In a moment, it was completely healed.

Katie was standing with her eyes closed, breathing heavily, betrayed by her trembling, aroused body as she let her sadistic husband caress her now bare belly button with his tongue.

“You’re just using me…” she tried to argue.

“Yeah, I suppose I am,” Zeus replied, his voice smooth and oily. “But you like the way I use you… and abuse you…” He kissed her smooth, tight stomach between sentences.

He shoved two fingers up between her legs. Katie forced her body to relax and spread her legs wider to allow him access, gasping quietly as he forced his fingers deeper inside her.

“Use the goddamned pin, damn you!” she growled, her breath quickening as she became more aroused. She still wanted to be angry, but she wanted to be tortured, more.

Knowing he’d won again, Zeus took her belly-button pin in his fingers and scratched a bloody design on her stomach. Katie’s pussy clenched on his fingers as she orgasmed.

Six months earlier, when Zeus Kelly had first met the wayward little bit-player, he was fascinated by Katie’s excessive body jewelry. When he had talked her into bed that first night with promises of stardom, he’d cruelly ripped a ring right out of her flesh at the same instant he was coming inside her. The sudden tearing sensation had caused her to orgasm as well, and she was too disoriented to prevent him from discovering her special little talent.

After he discovered that she couldn’t be permanently scarred, Zeus experimented on her and recorded a lot of it. He knew better than to release the recordings of her healing abilities, but the Tri-d recordings of her various tortures had made, and were still making, a lot of money.

And besides that, Katie loved having someone who would carve on her after forty years of hiding her private yearnings from everyone. Despite the fact that she was fifty-six years old, she still looked (and often acted) like an eighteen-year-old child.

“You want to kill me, don’t you,” Katie whispered, her body trembling with uncontrolled desire. “I’ve known it since that first night, but now it’s legal, you’ll actually go through with it!”

“It’s not legal until you give me permission, Babe,” Zeus whispered, moving his lips against her blood slicked, trembling stomach as he fingered her.

Moving back slightly, he removed his slippery hands from inside her pussy and gently pulled the little hood back, uncovering her hard little clit. Katie watched as her sadistic husband raised her belly-button pin up toward her widespread, quivering legs.

“Yesss,” Katie hissed, her voice shaking with desire. “Do it!”

She grabbed two handfuls of hair on Zeus’ head to keep from falling and braced for that intense pinprick of pain that would drive her into ecstasy and orgasm. God, she loved him! He knew exactly how much to hurt her to make her come.

Zeus blinked as a spot of blood struck his eyebrow and grimaced as he felt hair being pulled out of his head. Katie was gurgling through clenched teeth and trembling violently. He reached out and grabbed her hips to help her stay standing while he watched the little pin move up and down as her freshly pierced and bleeding clit physically throbbed with her orgasm.

Katie sank down into Zeus’ waiting arms, her shaking legs no longer able to hold her up. The tiny recorder embedded in the corner of Zeus’ left eye got it all. This was another million-dollar recording. He would have to edit out the healing of her belly button. After all, he didn’t want some biotech company to kidnap and dissect his meal ticket trying to find out how she worked. Basic ‘rights’ to personal freedom end when they interfere with business and profits.

He knew that when he edited this little flatscreen preview for her next Tri-d performance, he wouldn’t have to worry about the bloody scratches he’d made on her torso with the pin – the clotted blood concealed the fact that her skin had healed underneath its dark residue. But there was something else much more important about this particular recording.

He had proof.

The recorder couldn’t see what Katie was looking at when she said, ‘Do it!’ The horny, witless little Goth slut had simply wanted him to pierce her clit so she could come. But, if one listened to the conversation, it could be construed much differently.

She’d just instructed him to kill her. The royalties would set him up for a life of sadistic luxury. But, he would have to make Katie Kelly a household name, first. He wanted everyone to buy the recording of her death scene. He already knew how she was going to die. In order to make sure she was dead, it would have to be brutal, wonderfully violent, bloody… and permanent!

A dildo filled with C4 and a heat sensor would be perfect…


2005-04-13 16:57:50
yo we dont use missles or guns
in my contry we use bevers (lol)
no but really your stories are great!


2004-09-12 02:51:49
Well i have read all of the stores you have put out so far, and what can i say they are great. I hope you keep them coming.


2004-09-11 23:21:34
Interesting dank, very interesting.

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