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Found this online. Wanted to share it here.

My family went to spend some time every summer with my uncle Rick, my dad's
twin brother, on his farm. I loved going because I got to go around the
farm with Uncle Rick and even help with some chores. Also I really admired
my uncle for his hunky good looks just like I did my dad. I'd known since
I was ten that I liked to look ay guys' bodies better than girls' bodies.
I also knew from studying the bulge in his overalls and seeing my dad naked
sometimes that they had a really big cock and balls.

One day Rick and I were out in the watermelon patch checking out their
readiness for sale when Rick said he needed to piss and headed for the
nearby woods. When we were well into the trees, Rick stopped facing me,
let down the front of his coveralls and grasped his penis. The sight of
his muscular, hairy chest really turned me on I was astonished that he wore
no underwear so that I could see his thick bush, long limp cock and big
hanging balls which turned me on even more. He pulled his thick foreskin
back off the shiny purple head of his cock and began to piss a thick stream
of yellow piss. I said that I needed to piss too, unzipped my jeans and
pulled out my swelling cock. Luckily I was able to begin pissing before my
cock got hard. As we stood there pissing, I commented, "Golly, Uncle Rick.
You have a really huge cock."

He replied, "So you like it? You've got a pretty big one for a fourteen
year old, Davy."

"Oh, yeah. Yours is incredible," I answered as my own stiffening cock cut
off my piss stream. "Of course it looks just like my dad's."

"Yeah, I know," Rick said as his piss stream came to an end and he began to
shake off the last drops. "How long is that monster of yours?" he asked as
he began to stroke his cock, pulling the foreskin on and off the swelling

"S-s-seven inches," I nervously stuttered.

"That's just about how big mine and your dad's were when we were fourteen,"
Rick told me.

As Rick's cock reached it's full throbbing size, I asked, "How b-b-big is
yours, Uncle Rick?"

"Eight and three-quarters inches," my uncle informed me. "Do you want to
feel of it?"

"God, yes," I replied in a voice trembling with passion, and stepped over
in front of him. Reaching and grasping his stiff cock with my left hand, I
began to stroke it. It was so thick that my fingers didn't quite reach my
thumb and it felt so hot and hard yet soft, I had to stop stroking my own
cock for fear of cumming too soon.

"Can I feel of yours?" Rick asked.

"Yeah, but be really careful," I answered, "I feel like I'm about to cum.

My uncle very gently folded his big, muscular hand around my cock and held
it still. "Yeah, I know what you mean," he told me. "I'm getting real
close too, Let me know if you're about to cum," and he began to gently
squeeze my cock as I slowly stroked his monster.

Very soon I was gasping, "I'm gonna cum!"

Rick bent at the waist and slurped my hardon into his mouth as I began to
shoot the biggest load ever. I could feel him swallowing my cum, which
only made me shoot even more cum. It was the most exquisite feeling I had
ever experienced as I gazed down at my uncle's curly, black hair and ran my
fingers through it. When I was finally through cumming, my legs felt so
weak, I thought I would fall. Rick must have known this because he wrapped
his strong arms around my waist and held me up. Rick let my cock slip from
his mouth, stood up and grinned at me asking, "How was it?"

"The greatest feeling ever," I told him. Then seeing Rick's still hard,
throbbing cock, I said, "You haven't gotten off yet. Let me finish you."
Squatting in front of him, I enclosed his big cock in my fist, opened my
mouth and slurped the fat head of his cock in. I loved the feel of the hot
head of his cock against my tongue as I ran it around the spongy head.
Then I began taking more and more of his monster cock into my mouth.

Running his fingers into my blond hair, Rick gasped, "That feels so good,
Davy," as I began to take more and more of his big cock into my mouth. I
ran my tongue around and around his cock as it went. When it reached the
back of my throat, I gagged and pulled back slightly. Rick said simply,
"Swallow," so I did and found that his cock was able to slip into my throat
until my lips were nestled in his bush. Pulling my mouth about halfway off
his cock, I ran my tongue around it, took a breath and plunged back down
all the way. The third time I did this, Rick said in a strangled voice,
"I'm gonna cum!" Noting that Rick's cock swelled even bigger and stiffer
in my mouth, I pulled back just as the first massive squirt of cum jetted
into my mouth. It was instant love for the slippery feel and musky taste
of my uncle's cum. I swallowed as jet after jet rocketed into my mouth.
Finally his stream dribbled to a stop and he pulled his cock out of my
mouth saying, "Too sensitive."

Rick was panting like he'd run the four minute mile. When he finally
caught his breath, he said, "Wow Davy! You did a great job. Was that your
first time?"

"Yup," I told him proudly. "I've always wanted to do it, though. I'm
glad my first time was with you, Rick."

Rick pulled me up against him and threw his muscular arms around me,
saying, "Me too Davy," as he bent down and placed his lips on mine. When
his tongue came out and pressed against my lips, I knew what he wanted. Me
and my buddies had talked about french kissing, so I opened my mouth and
accepted his tongue inside. His tongue snaked everywhere and I knew what
he was doing: he was trying to extract all of his cum left in my mouth.
That was so hot. Rick lifted his lips from mine and said, "let's get

We released each other and began shucking off our clothes. When he was
totally naked, Rick stepped over to a hollow tree, reached inside and
pulled out a large plastic bag from which he extracted a blanket. Putting
the bag back into the hollow he unfolded the blanket and spread it on the
ground. Just as we were about to lie down on it, I heard footsteps
approaching from behind me. I was scared we were about to get caught, so
it was really weird that Rick was grinning ear to ear. Swinging around to
see who was approaching, I was shocked to see my dad walking toward us
totally naked and stroking the duplicate of Rick's monster cock. Grinning
like Rick, my dad said, "I see you guys have been having fun without
inviting me." With his arms outstretched, he walked up to me and embraced
me in a bear hug. I nearly fainted from relief and the feel of Dad's
hairy, muscular chest against mine and his big, stiff cock against my
equally hard cock.

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2013-08-09 09:25:25
they should do it without the father. My rate is 75%

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2013-01-04 02:41:45
this is fucking incest. you should stop dude,

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2012-05-23 04:40:56
What alod of gay shit.

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2012-03-12 13:32:41
nice story, want more

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2012-03-09 13:42:00
Great story. Are you gonna make a part 2? Have the Uncle and Dad double fuck the boy. That would be HOT to read.

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