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Harry Potter and the power of the Peverells.
Chapter 2 The power in a picture
Harry lay in his bed with his new book resting on his knees thinking of Rebecca, and Rebecca's body. In fact he could just imagine her being in the same room, on top of him. Getting up, Harry locked the door and prepared to summon his spirit, when he had a thought - what if she really was some kind of fire spirit. He looked around, and decided that this was possibly not the best place to unleash another column of flames, so instead he opened the book to a message 'hello fellow Peverell'
"Who are these bloody Peverells?" he murmured. There was only one person he knew whose bookish knowledge could possibly extend to ancient families, "Hermione!"
Harry only realised that calling his bushy haired friend was possibly a bad idea when she tried to walk through the locked door. He quickly opened the door to see Hermione lying on her back with her head in her hands, and more importantly, her legs wide open. Harry could clearly see the outline of her pussy through her panties, and unfortunately, he felt his penis stand to attention. He pulled Hermione up from the floor, and grasping her in his arms, worried more about copping a feel of her breasts than the state of her head.
Having sat her down on his bed, he checked that she was ok before asking,
"Have you ever heard of the Peverells?"
"No, why?"
"That fire spirit was convinced that me and my dad are both members of the ancient house of the Peverells"
"Well, for all we know, you could be! Most families have changed or lost their surnames - through marriage or as a disguise. In fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised - your father was after all, a pure blood."
"Umm do you know of any books that might tell me about them?"
"Well, your history of magic textbook should! Look there it is!"
Hermione lent over the edge of the bed to reach the book, but still a little dizzy from her earlier mistake, she succeeded only in falling over, and giving Harry another great view of her ass. As far as he could tell she was unconscious, so he prepared to lift her onto the bed. However, his penis chose that moment to jump up again, and seeing as this was a perfect opportunity, Harry's hand dove down to meet it.
As he stroked himself, he noticed his book had opened and floated over in front of Hermione's heart shaped ass. Harry tried to move the book out of the way, so that he wouldn't miss such a glorious sight, but the text just expanded off the page. As he had no other choice, Harry read the passage.
"If a witch is not taken by your natural charms, and you desperately need to ease your loins, don't masturbate! Simply power up an object with your symbol of power, which is by the way, on the front of this book. Then, tap it with your wand and say 'Vespera'. Hand the trinket to your target and simply touch to activate the spell, and again to deactivate it. She will not remember a thing! Even better still, this charm can only be activated by you, and has an unlimited number of uses."
Harry immediately got to work, finding a cheap golden necklace that he’d originally bought for Ginny’s birthday and working the 'Vespera' charm. Then he lifted Hermione to the bed and cast 'enervate' on the sexy witch in front of him. As she sat up, she was clearly confused as to why she was not still on the floor, and also, why the book had not moved. With a shrug she got to her knees and picked up the textbook.
Together they researched the Peverells for hours until finally Harry was happy. It turned out, his ancestors were unnaturally powerful in magic, and much to Hermione's apparent disgust, powerful in bed.
"How can a family base all their power in /sex?"
"Well Dumbledore is still convinced that I am powered by love, and as far as I know, sex is just very strong love!
Anyway, I want you to have this for your help," he said, handing her the necklace.
The moment she slipped it round her neck, Harry locked the door and then whilst she was still confused, touched the necklace. Instantly, her demeanour changed. She tore off her clothes revealing her perfect teenage body. Her perky breasts were easily a C cup, if not larger. Harry realised that they had grown a lot over the last year, and was beginning to wonder why he hadn’t noticed it before. Looking down, he realised that her pussy was completely bald. This sight caused Harry to immediately become rock solid and Hermione decided to act on this new development by pulling down Harry's jeans, revealing his six inch cock.
"Mmmmm. Can't wait for a go on that..."
Harry nearly fainted at the thought of Hermione sitting on his organ and was forced to sit down momentarily. His brunette goddess then began to lick the very tip of his penis eliciting a long moan from Harry. He quickly realised that this wasn't going to be quiet, so he cast an imperturbable charm on the door.
As he looked down into a pair of beautiful hazel eyes, Harry realised that he needed to have a record of this even if it was purely for wanking to later. He reached over towards his bag, and in between moans, he managed to pull his magical camera out, and activate it with his wand. It rose into the air and swirled around taking hundreds of pictures.
Harry had other things to worry about however, as Hermione ran her skilled mouth up and down his cock. It was quite clear that he was not going to last much longer at all, so he tried desperately to remember the incantation for a virility charm. Thankfully his book found the answer for him, but only after, watching?, him pull his penis from her mouth and cover her face in his warm seed.
As Hermione scooped the cum off her face and into her mouth, Harry cast the simple charm on his penis, "Phallus dur" causing it to rise harder than ever before, and apparently longer. Harry looked at the passage under the spell and realised that he probably should have read it first.
"This handy charm will permanently increase your virility, and also the length of your penis by around two inches. Be warned, after it has been cast, no woman will ever outlast you, no matter how experienced."
Harry felt Hermione's soft touch at his groin again but pushed her gently away and onto the bed. He undressed himself, and then as he lowered his face towards her pubic mound he said,
"Your turn baby!"
As he began to lick her delicate folds, a strong musky aroma began to appear and, her nether lips visibly moistened. He began to work his tongue in circles, slowly working his way into her tight snatch, accompanied by gently moaning sounds from above.
His Tongue then hit her clitoris by accident causing her to start gyrating her hips into his face and squealing in delight. Hearing these encouraging sounds, Harry began to work more on the tiny nub causing Hermione to start rocking all over the place before suddenly pushing her snatch onto his face and gushing all over him.
Harry began to clean himself off when he noticed that Hermione had bent over the chest of draws, and was now wiggling that perfect ass enticingly. He had no choice but to postpone his actions till later. Practically sprinting the two metres between them, Harry rushed over to comply with the brunette's obvious intentions. As he slowly tried to force his penis into her snatch, he felt Hermione shudder. Worried he may be hurting her, he stopped, causing Hermione to turn around and say,
"Lost interest already Potter? I suppose you must be more interested in men. Maybe I should call RonUUUGGHHH!"
Her speech had caused Harry to lose his temper, so to get back at her; he had tried to force the whole of his newly lengthened eight inch dick into her slick tunnel. However, Hermione had been, up to that point, a virgin, and thus, her snatch was not quite ready to accommodate all of that meat at once.
As Harry shoved inwards, he felt his progress blocked by a flexible barrier. He withdrew all but the head of his cock and then slammed it all in, straight through her hymen causing her to scream numerous expletives until after a few minutes she calmed down again.
To Harry, this seemed like his cue, so he started to move in and out slowly, resulting in many heartfelt moans from both halves. As Harry began to pick up the pace, Hermione's moans got louder, and she began to rock backwards onto his cock, reducing the effort, and increasing the pleasure.
After about five minutes, Hermione came all over Harry's organ finally wearing away at his increased stamina.
"Hermione I'm gonna cum!"
"Do it on my tits Harry!" she screamed amidst pants and moans. As Harry flipped Hermione over, the sight of her gorgeous melons caused Harry to explode, shooting five massive streams of cum, completely covering Hermione's sweet body. He lay down next to her for a few minutes, exhausted. But soon he realised that they had both been missing for quite a long time, so he cleaned them both up before reattaching their clothing and unlocking the door. Finally he touched Hermione's necklace and watched as she pulled a face,
"Salty taste in my mouth?" she murmured. Trying not to snigger, Harry shrugged his shoulders and then watched her ass swing side to side out of the door.
Once he was sure that she had gone downstairs, he pulled her panties from his pocket and pressed them up to his face, taking in a deep breath of Hermione's wonderful musky aroma. This immediately made him hard again so he found his camera and began to use the pictures as a stimulus to remember the feeling of being embedded in the hot witches snatch. After a few minutes and a lot of panting, Harry exploded into Hermione’s panties. He cleaned himself, and then walked downstairs. Looking out the windows, it became obvious that his earlier escapades had taken a little longer than he’d previously thought. Everyone was sitting around the table eating tea when Mrs Weasley said,
“Do you know what happened to Hermione Harry? She can barely walk at all! It’s almost as if... no... Come on then – we’ve got to find a portkey in the morning, and that will take a lot of effort!”

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